What are the benefits of jumping into the Microsoft ecosystem with an Xbox One?

Our forums here at Windows Phone Central can be considered the breath and soul of the site itself; a place where fellow "Microsofties" can talk about the technology they hold dearest. In a post this week, WPCentral Member Dallas Gaston asks whether he should grab an Xbox One to pair with his Windows 8.1 Desktop, Surface 2 Pro, and Nokia Lumia 1520 or grab a PlayStation as he always has in the past.

Dallas states that he is a fan of the PlayStation and wants to know if there are any benefits to picking up an Xbox One. Will jumping into the Xbox One “streamline” the experience across all of his devices? In addition, Dallas is not an “avid gamer” and tells us that he will spend most of his time on Netflix and possibly using the Xbox One’s HDMI pass-through ability.

There are obvious benefits to picking up an Xbox One to match to the rest of his collection such as OneDrive integration, Xbox Music, Xbox Video, and Skype.

If you are a heavy user of any of these services, then an Xbox One will be a great complement to your entertainment setup. With Xbox entertainment across all of your devices – you will always have access to your Music and Video. In addition, having OneDrive integration means you can always bring up those photos or other files you wish upon your big screen television.

Then again, if Dallas is not an avid gamer then other cheaper solutions may work. If Netflix is your primary reason for picking up an Xbox One, then you may want to look at way cheaper solutions such as a Roku (opens in new tab) box (this assumes that you could do without gaming).

What do you think? Should Dallas complete his Microsoft ecosystem and purchase an Xbox One, should he grab a PlayStation as he always had, or is another solution even better?

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  • Why not.  He might find more uses for the complete Microsoft set than he ever even knew about or considered.  
  • I know I love my Xbox. Wish more of my friends felt the same way...
  • Xbox live
  • Watch all your videos and photos you've taken of family, friends, vacation, etc all on your HD tv.
  • He should pick it up to complete his set and use the Microsoft eco system as it should be used.
  • The idea is that can you watch a movie on your smartphone or surface, (pause) that movie and then continue from the same spot on the Xbox One when you get home? If that type of synchronization is there legitimately and consistently then yes go all in.
  • Using Netflix you get that synchronisation regardless of device. Works across my iPad, WP8, PS3 and smart TV.
  • Is it? Would it also not be with Netflix on another system?
  • If it is just Netflix, get a cheaper device. But since he wants to play games too, and likes entertainment, I suggest the Xbox one.
  • I don't like the console being mostly a bookend without live account. For me it works out great, I'm a gamer. If I wasn't I would probably look at other cheaper alternatives.
  • To each there own but if he really wanted one I would think he would of got one by now. Might as well its like having a series your collecting but missing #3.
  • Definitely Xbox One. The media integration is great and will only get better. Plus Cortana may be on Xbox One in the near future and will likely retain its personality across devices.
  • That is interesting isn't it. It should from my understanding also take what it's learned about your interests etc from one system and know that in the other systems.
  • It's also not just about "now", but also about the future. With MS committed to "One Microsoft", the integrated benefits of owning am XBOX ONE to go along with your other MS devices/services will only grow and become more streamlined. Cortana living in the cloud, and recognizing your needs no matter what device you're on is going to be especially awesome.
  • Well said
  • Cool! You sound like Cortana is some kind of cyber-spy... will take care of olllll your needs.... :) or is it a spy for real? :O
  • For games, he might regret the switch purely because he's used to the PS controller.
    For media like Netflix & TV, it's not even close. Get an Xbox.
    And yes, your phone & tablet will work great as a remote and to give a richer experience with further options and information on what you're watching.
  • On Xbox don't you need an Xbox live subscription to get basic multiplayer and on playstation network you don't need a subscription? Thats why I never got an xbox360, not sure if things have changed.
  • Lol dude, Playstation now requires a subscription to play online.
  • On PS4 you need PS+ to play online too. Same as Xbox.
  • On PS4 you now need a paid membership for multiplayer. On XB1 you need a membership for pretty much everything online.
  • PS4 now requires a subscription. as well for multiplayer content, however PS4 does not require a subscription to use Netflix, whereas the Xbox one does, if this is a purely a Netflix/streaming device it may not be worth it to pay for live + netflix to get the same entertainment that you can get with another cheaper alternative such as a roku or a blue ray player. If Online gaming is desired and he was planning on purchasing a gaming console and Xbox has the exclusives he wants then I would make the switch.
  • PS4 requires that too. PS3 is the only one that doesn't.
  • For multiplayer you will need subs for ps4 and Xbox one
  • Well on PS3 you didnt but for PS4 you need a PSN premium membership or something like that, its 50$ a year, xbox live is 60$. But xbox live is way more better.
  • Nobody's mentioned the fact that you can play free to play games on the PS4 without a subscription. These include Planetside 2, War Thunder, etc.
  • *rang begin* I'm in the same boat. I got a L928, Surface and 8.1 PC. I currently have a X360 but have owned a PS3 in the past. I'm a gamer but nothing to hardcore, more casual but do enjoy good entertainment features. The way I see it, I'm looking to the long tern. Especially with WP 8.1 coming out soon(ish). Who knows what features all the devices will share a month or year(s) from now!? I sure don't but the chances of my phones, tablet, PC and game console all being connect and working together increase crazy amounts with them all being in the MS family. The PS4 is a good system, but I say if you see yourself being a MS fanboy or fangirl for the next few years then go with the Xbox One. If you are still unsure or might switch to an iPhone/iPad/Mac or Android device for anything then maybe it's not a huge deal which you get. I've always said stay with the games you like. Hope it helps.  *rant over*
  • Didn't feel like you were ranting.
  • I wish that would have happened but that now seems like next generation type integration or at least something that would be available between other platforms. Don't count Sony out yet either, they make window 8 pcs and now windows 8 phones
  • No, I don't think there's any point in buying a $500 console just so you can pay $60 a year to use Microsoft's online services. They're not worth the price. Neither is the HDMI pass-through.
  • Or you can be smart and only buy Xbox live subs when they're on sale from $60 to $~35
  • Yeah, that would be smart, except that's still not worth it. $35 a year so I can watch movies on a service I already pay for and view pictures in the cloud? No thanks.
  • And to add to that, use Bing Rewards to subsidize the cost of the subscription.
  • Cool. You're still paying $500 for a device that would have the same functions as a $200 Blu-ray player.
  • So I can play Titanfall on a $200 Blu-ray player..... wow :/s
  • The article is saying he probably won't be doing much gaming. So sure, if you wanna pay the extra $300 to play games, go ahead. If not the One is a waste.
  • USA only, wish bing rewards were world wide. Another reason why bing is losing.
  • Go easy on wishes there: before that one.. "Wish Bing dictionary was wordwide!" Bing guys are unnecessarily wayy too US-centric.
  • Bing Rewards aren't available everywhere. US only?
  • I agree, if he isn't playing games the xbox one is a waste of money, its media integration is terrible at the moment.
  • Xbox One... simple and if he is using for media this is the best way to go...  
  • While I see as a PS4 and windows phone owner the benefits of this, my friends are on playstation. So I couldn't buy one. The friends who own an Xbox One love it. Killer Instinct is good!
  • If you have the money! Go for it dude, Xbox one will make you wanna play games dude, not only that,you will get a seamless experience on everything...
  • Xbox Music and Video are good reasons to consolidate the experience. I'm a big music lover and having my music available across my Lumia phone, surface 2, and xbox one devices is a big plus with media stored in the cloud.   At work, the surface is plugged into speakers in my office, in the car I use the phone connected to the car stereo and at home the xbox is connected to the surround sound system. It's a big plus to have it all available where ever I am with the familiar and consistent interface that I can just continue to enjoy from where I left off.
  • Can't use it as a media center extender and won't play all the old games. For me, no deal. If they ever add extender support (remote desktop), I'll reconsider. That's all I use my 360 for now!
  • If you have the scratch to own all of those other devices, I say get both a PS4 & an Xbox One. Simple solution.
  • There are none until they stop making it hard for a person to enjoy themselves. Loose the gold subscription....can't a guy just watch Netflix without being a gold member?
  • +2520! that's what has kept me from even thinking about xbone or ps4. I can understand the multiplayer gaming being a part of a subscription, but a payed third party service? I'm staying on my ps3 for now, thanks.
  • I'm not a gamer.. So I would like to have MS release a Chromecast/Google TV equivalent or an ARM based HTPC. This way I will have a complete MS ecosystem at home. I have Win8 PCs, Surface and Windows Phone. Only thing missing is the connectivity to TV.
  • +1
  • Then get a Netgear PTV3000 to join a Surface2 and presumably WP8.1
  • I just made the jump. Titanfall. New PS controller sucks. PSN no longer free. XBox Live is faster and more reliable.
  • I have a Surface 2, a Lumia 920 and use 8.1 on my desktop, but I'll get a PS4 when it's available in stock over in Germany. I don't care for media features, so it's the better solution for me, because it's the more powerful of the two. To be honest I'd much rather build a kick-ass gaming PC, but I'd have to save up for it for some time.
  • Please show me why the PS4 is more Powerful.  There is more to a system then Raw HorsePower.  Like a car, the Gamebox are a complete system.  A car Factors in Wieght, HP, Torque, Transmission, Rearend and on and on for its total performance. Cloud Computing is another factor.  Microsoft has imbeeded this beautifully. Times are Changing... Please leave the 90's and join us in the 21 Century.
  • I really don't care about anything else than the horsepower. As I said, I have other solutions for the media functionality, the TV functionality is not supported where I live, nor will it be. For either one of the consoles, I couldn't give a bigger f*ck about the sharing capabilities, so, as you see, I really do care only for the horsepower. 
    And finally, I want to play future Naughty Dog games. 
    I thought about it, and I really like both systems, but the PS4 is the one for me.  And please stop using "get out of the 90's ", it makes you look like a child.
  • Pairing an Xbox One with an existing Microsoft ecosystem only makes sense. It supports streaming, Xbox Music and Video, Skype, Internet Explorer, and, of course, games!! I was going to go with the PS4, but I found out that my game, Kingdom Hearts, is launching on both platforms! So I now know the system I want to buy :)
  • I agree. But its so expensive.. I'm not into gaming, why should I vet out 400$? MS should have a non-gaming alternate.. like a media center...
  • Sadly, that was tried with Windows XP Media Center Edition. It flopped...maybe now it would catch on with a different name and marketing strategy.
  • His point being: what does Microsoft has to offer, that is equivalent to Google / Apple TV; with the same price range and dimensions?
  • do you need a subscription for skype on xbone?
  • I bought a One on launch day and... ended up returning it. Before anyone gets worked up read the whole post. I love games but I am not a hard-core gamer. In most FPS's I am easy target practice for the good players. Also, I have a PS2, PS3, Wii, and 360, all of which I play every now and then. I wanted the One for it's media integration, device management, and voice control. The new game capabilities were just a bonus. And I would still have my One if I wasn't for one thing; the voice recognition just wasn't there yet. Yelling over and over at it almost everytime I wanted it to do something got old pretty fast. Otherwise using the One to control my TV, DirectTV, and other media systems was awesome when it worked. So I returned it and bought some games and controllers for my old systems. I plan on getting a One again when a few updates hit, probably in the next few months, or if the TitanFall bundle pushes me over the edge. I also think the new remote will be nice. If MS had included that with the system I would still have my One. Not ideal because I hoped to put away all my remotes when I got the One, but it would have helped me wait for patches. Dallas's reasons sound close to mine, so I would suggest he at least try the One. Get it from WalMart and if you hate it return it - just remember opened games are not returnable.
  • Tech-wise, I live in a Microsoft world. I'm a .Net developer, I have a fantastic Nokia 1020 WP8 phone, I have a Surface RT tablet, I have Windows 8.1 installed on my laptop, I have Windows 8.1 installed on all my desktops, all my servers run Windows server, I have an Xbox 360, and I have an Xbox One - obviously I believe in committing to the ecosystem. ;-) Specific to the question, I really like the XBox One. My only real problem with it is that it doesn't have enough games yet. But what do you really get from the XBOne being part of the MS ecosystem? You can easily see your OneDrive storage, you can use both Xbox Video and Xbox Music and everything syncs to the cloud. Purchases are all through your Microsoft account. If you are a gamer, your gamer info is synced across your XBLive account. You got SmartGlass - which is pretty cool. Both XB360 and XBOne use a Modern interface. In terms of tangibles, at least, that's really about it. Your XBox One settings don't sync to your other devices (most of them don't really apply). Cortana will be cloud-based but, while it may eventually happen, I don't recall any rumors about Cortana being pushed to anything other than WP8 and she certainly doesn't exist anywhere at the moment. You could always do things like watch part of a movie on Netflix or Amazon on one device and pick it back up on another device. You can run Skype but that's certainly not unique to the MS ecosystem. Honestly, I haven't tried it, but I don't believe you can hand-off an open Skype call from one device to another. You can use DNLA to play to other devices but that isn't really unique either. At the end of the day, I would definitely recommend an Xbox One to anyone - especially if they were just looking for the media capabilities. It's great to have everything there all in one place. You can even pin app feeds from Netflix and Amazon (for example) to your OneGuide to make them even more accessible (although not watchlists, which I find odd). I was surprised to see that even my DirecTV STB can be controlled from the XBOne. I'm sure there are intangibles, but I don't necessarily see a lot of tangible advantages from it being part of the MS ecosystem. Being a device in the MS ecosystem is certainly a *part* of the reason to choose an Xbox over a PS4 but I don't think it's necessarily a major decision driver. Unless, of course, like me, you are a believer in committing to an ecosystem regardless. ;-)
  • One drive.
  • As a 360 die hard and MS eco user, I'm holding out for one thing, one feature that would seal the deal: Streaming games to play on 2ndary device. Steam has this now on Beta. PS4 can do this with the PS Vita... Even the Wii U had this feature for the tablet controller... So where is it for Xbox One? Yes, I'm fully aware that they had tech demo not too long ago of a 360 streaming to a Lumia 920... But I'm patiently waiting for this to be an in-home reality. I have 3 Windows computers in my home. A Lumia 920. And when I get a tablet, it will be Windows. It would seem like a no brainer to have a streaming feature as a selling point for Xbox. How many people already have Windows PCs? Come on MS... Hurry up so I can give you more money!!!
  • Then Xbox one is your choice!!is Great for gaming but it kills play station on home entertainment!!I've been a playstation fan all my life, but after ps3 I wasn't gonna buy any more consoles I'm glad xbox one convinced me to try again because I love it!!
  • I own Surface Pro 2, XBox 360 and Lumia 920. I'm not an avid gamer anymore, but I still use xbox as my main media center to project movies through DLNA. Here's a few things that would make me upgrade my xbox 360 to XBox One: 1) Some of the apps that you bought for win8 is available to xbox one in the future. http://www.theverge.com/2013/6/27/4470658/xbox-one-windows-8-apps-build-2013 However, I really hope that i won't need to pay for the same app again for xbox if this happens. 2) While xbox one may not have miracast, there's a possibility that this functionality can be added through software update. Either that, you can get a miracast dongle, use it through HDMI to project your surface pro to TV. It'll be useful when you have websites that's not IE compatible, Flash/java embedded sites, or to play video formats that XBox One wouldn't take.. e.g mkv's. Or even to play games that you've already bought on PC. 3) if you do own XBox music pass, it'll be seamless among all your devices. However, it's not at a price i'm willing to pay for.
  • I love the Play To capabilities of the XBONE. From both my PC and my 1020. Both audio and video. That and the Smartglass app makes everything so simple. The gaming aspect is ok too.
  • His better of getting a streaming box if his just going to stream mostly and wait for deals or the halo bundle before getting the x1. However as he has been getting playstation previously it may take him awhile to get used to the xbox pad.
  • I have the following setup: windows 8.1 PC, surface pro 2, Lumia 1520 and XB1 and couldn't be happier. I am not a heavy gamer either, but the way the ecosystem integrates all those devices is stunning. All my friends are blown away when they experience it and I frankly do not remember where in the world my remote controls are anymore. Heck, even my DirectTV recordings are being pulled up by an app on my phone... Doesn't get any better than that. I say: just go for it!
  • Get whichever one has the games you want to play. You can always grab an XO later if it matters that much.
  • Go for it Dallas !
  • Xbone all day
  • If all you want is to stream media content, the 360E is a great option. Wireless, plays all major media apps like Netflix, Hulu, And your own media files either over the network or from an attached hard drive--which Xbox One won't do today. Best of all you can pick up the 4GB for $179.99 at target vs. The $499.99 Xbox One. I bought three...and now have an Xbox for every TV. At some point I'll get the Xbox One. Just no compelling reason me me today.
  • I bought an Xbox One the day it was released, and I don't regret a thing. I bought it primarily as a gaming system, because I've always been an Xbox fan and love their exclusives and overall system. Don't get me wrong, I own Nintendo systems and would have a PS4 if I could afford another system, but I just prefer Xbox.
    But, the X1 has surprised me with little features I didn't think much of that I can't imagine not having now. The biggest are the Kinect speech and TV pass through. I can be watching TV, when the oven or tea kettle goes off in the kitchen. So I jump up to take care of it without pausing what I was watching, so I quickly just yell Xbox pause and I don't have to go back or anything.
    Sure, you can say it just makes people lazy, but shit, its convinent.
  • I am totally with you there Surreal. I was on the fence about Kinect. Prior to launch, I wasn't sure how much I'd use it, or even if I could in my limited space I have available in my bedroom. But I love how I can say "Xbox On" and it turns on my tv, surround sound, cable box, and the console itself. And I also like how it recognizes me and signs me in to Live automatically. I was playing thief the other week. I was peeking around a corner or something, and my cat came in by my bed. I leaned over to see what he was up to. When I looked up, I was leaning around the corner I was peeking around. I thought I might have moved my joystick, so I tested it again. I leaned in one direction, and sure enough Garret peered also. Voice command has a lot of room for improvement, but it's an excellent start. I like the Kinect. But a lot of people hated the idea of having to have a Kinect. They didn't see how useful it could be, or felt that it was a major invasion of privacy. But these are most likely the same people that post every thought on Twitter or Facebook, or they have no problems taking selfies and posting them for the world to see. People don't realize that a $20 accessory, the Kinect mounting kit, includes a piece of plastic that can be put on and removed from the sensor to block the camera. My Xbox is in my bedroom, and I can't imagine that anyone would want to see my fat a$$ naked. I don't do anything illegal. As it is, the whole concept of privacy is quaint idea from a long lost age. Every search I do, either Microsoft or Google knows about. I already put a great deal of my life out in the public space. Comcast knows exactly what I watch, how I watch it, whether I watch a commercial or not. For the most part, I use a similar id on yahoo, google, and various other sites that I post comments to. I had already given up any semblance of privacy long ago. So I never understood, and still don't, what all the hoopla about the Kinect was about. What irritated me the most though was how Microsoft backtracked on the DRM. I liked the idea of going from my console to a friends and having my games available to play, or sharing my library with my friends or family. If they would have made the digital copy much cheaper, then I don't think the whole thing would have been a big deal. But a very vocal group of people thought it was horrible. And yeah, I guess that I'm lazy. I liked the idea of installing once, and never using the disc again. But now, if you bought the disc, you have to have it in the console to play. That vocal group doesn't understand that we are moving towards the Steam model. Microsoft might have delayed that, but they are still going to end up with the model.
  • I've had both the 360 and ps3. For my use case relative to gaming (very rarely play online or multiplayer) it always frustrated me that I couldn't stream Netflix on live silver. It was a topic of frustration for me to pay another 50 bucks a year on top of the Netflix and Amazon Prime fees so I could watch TV online. Now that Sony no longer offers this as an option, I won't be upgrading to the PS4 either as it still doesnt make sense to me for how I use the device. I also have a roku and Apple TV. Yeah I'd love the ability to unify my MS services via the X-Bone but until they allow the non-online player to do so without going gold,it doesn't make sense to me. I have a ton of friends who play online and swear by XB live and love it.
  • So one cool thing we can do with a Windows Phone and an Xbox One is play our videos and pictures straight from the phone through WiFi.  On your WP open "Nokia Play to" app.  Make sure your Xbox One and WP is on the same WiFi and it will let you play all your pictures and videos on your TV.  There are many more cool things to do like in this video http://youtu.be/zny7iu_hDXU
  • Get both. I've always had playstations and prefer gaming on them but got my got my first xbox last year for kinect
  • He NEEDS to go ALL in with Microsoft's ecosystem.
  • I think, in the end, it's up to the individual. I'd say, "Look, if you like W8 or W8.1 and you like your WP8, or if you love your surface, then you will like how things cross over to all the devices. But, the Xbox One is not quite there yet if you are just a casual gamer." I like having access to my cloud music on the go, but I hate how I can't use my DNLA server at home. I have all my music stored on it, but I had to copy all my music to my PC, and then include it in my music library just so it would back up to the cloud. Yes, I can push a media stream from my devices, and utilize my local network, but my desktop is downstairs, and my xbox is upstairs which is not very practical. I like how I can access that music on any device, but it sucks bandwidth needlessly. With that said, I do like how it integrates across devices. If you are a casual gamer that won't use the Live service for multi-player games, the One might not be a good choice either. Really, I like the design language. I like the modern API, the live updating tiles. The Xbox One has a way to go, it's not as customizable as what you would see on your W8 start screen or WP8 home screen. I'd like to be able to create my own groups on the Xbox One. If you don't really play games, and you want to use APs on a tv screen, then the Xbox One is not the route to go. It would be cheaper to create a media center like PC to control your entertainment. You can connect in an xbox controller and be able to play with a controller if you wish. I love my Xbox One, I love my laptop on W8.1, I love my desktop on W8.1, and I love my Lumia 920 with W8. I love how I can access my one drive items on any device. I pay the Xbox Live fee because I have use for it beyond watching Netflix or browsing the internet. So yeah, I'm all in on the ecosystem. Eventually, there will be ap parity across all devices if they finally merge everything like One Microsoft promises which will make it easier to develop apps for each device. And that will be an awesome day when I can connect a wireless keyboard (on my console) or use a touch screen to access my email, or edit a spreadsheet on my phone, desktop, phone, or game console. While I am floored with DR3, Thief, Ryse, and Titanfall, I see the Xbox One going much much further then it does now. The future does look bright in deed!
    **addendum** I like the direction Xbox is going with tv. However the current implementation is clunky at best. Voice doesn't always work in changing channels (try getting it to go to the Science Channel, not Discover Science, or one of the history channels and you'll see what I mean), and I've pretty much gave up and use my handy remote for my cable box. The guide is pretty useless since it doesn't have all the features like Comcast's X1 guide. But there will be a day when providers like Comcast will go IP based delivery for live TV transmission, and the Xbox could really replace my cable box completely. Especially when Comcast introduces cloud DVR which is in the near future. I just wish Comcast and Microsoft would work together on this.
  • Now, see, I have a bit of a different experience with it.  Let me start by saying I HATE gaming consoles.  To me, they are a joke compared to a well-designed PC.  In fact, I have Titanfall on my PC and NOT on my Xbox One.  There's just no chance the Xbox can touch the speed and graphics of my PC.  Add to that the fact that I consider console controller garbage to play with compared to keyboard & mouse, and you have a guy who has never even considered consoles....until now.  I have a music studio/video netcasting studio at our house, so media is supremely important.  We are completely networked, with all computer & media devices either connected via CAT5 or wireless.  Our home automation & security system is also wireless (although currently that is all on Z-wave technology).  While I understand @lancguy's issue with his DNLA server, I have a regular Win8.1 machine configured to be strictly a server to our network, being the primary storage for all our music & pictures (yet still back things up to the cloud).  Windows 8.1 VERY easily shares music to the Xbox One.  Our Lumia 1020's (my wife and I both have one) easily Play To the Xbox One as well.  The fact that there is a more and more homogenous ecosystem based on Windows 8 means that my nirvana of having ubiquitous access to my data and media is nearly here.  Xbox One is the farthest behind the power curve in some things, but currently is in front in the "Jarvis effect".  I think Cortana will be THE hinge upon which all of this will swing within a year.  It is insanely cool and easy to walk into my house from a tough day at work and simply say, "Xbox On....Xbox watch Fox Business Channel", to quickly be greeted by a "Hi, Robert!".  Being able to instruct the Xbox to pull up my latest YouTube video posts or Bing restaurant options for the evening is awesome.  Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, OneDrive, Skype, all there and a great START.  The quicker the app realm catches up to Windows 8 the better.  As I said, I don't do any gaming on the thing---it does SO much else that's more important, though.  And, the possibility that it will expand to be able to control home automation system is just around the corner (Vivint is entertaining the possibility of some sort of interface or app, for example).  You'll never see that with Playstation 4.  You simply won't.  It's a gaming console that plays at doing other media.  Sure, the Xbox One is $100 more, but IMHO you get far more than $100 extra capability and potential.  It's not perfect out of the gate, but for the very first console I actually wanted to buy, I'm not disappointed a bit...and I'm excited for what's coming very shortly.
  • Scuba, I really don't have the option of setting up a W8 server right now. The NAS was the more affordable solution. The way I see it, not supporting DNLA is really a money grab. Microsoft can make a lot more money forcing us to use Xbox Music and Video all unified with the OneDrive. But everything you said is spot on. I think the best route Microsoft could take would be to team up with Comcast. They already have a good relationship with the Roberts family. In fact, I believe Microsoft loaned a considerable amount of money to Comcast to make the ATT Broadband transaction possible. Anyway, I'd love to see the two team up to provide a true all in one solution for in home entertainment, communication, and security. I'm amazed that we still have a minimal Xfinity ap for WP8, nothing for W8/8.1 and Xbox One. Verizon and TimeWarner have already embraced the Xbox One. I work for Comcast and really need to find out who I need to talk to about this issue.
  • How does he get to be front page article is what I'm wondering?
  • "Xbox, on" (turns on Xbox One, TV, cable/sat box, AVR). "Xbox, watch Comedy Central" (goes to TV and changes the channel to Comedy Central). "Xbox, go to Netflix...profile 1" (Netflix starts and you select the profile you want to use). "Xbox, snap Skype" (now you can call someone while watching something else on the box. "Xbox, turn off...yes" (turns off TV, cable/sat box, AVR, and then finally the Xbox One itself). And this just the beginning. From the voice interaction, to the Smartglass functionality, to the integration with Xbox Music, Xbox Video, OneDrive, bjng etc., I really don't know how it's possible to go wrong with an Xbox One.
  • Yes & yes... And that's just the beginning. With the Xbox one smart glass app on your phone (any phone), you can control nearly everything on your tv screen. With nokia's play to on ur phone, you can instantly watch videos on ur phone right to ur tv...same with pictures & music. You can send videos & music from ur computer 2 play on ur xbox/tv... Its just one hugh synced world.. Love it.. And yeah, the games look & play amazingly..
  • Integration, Integration, Integration! With a Surface, WP, and Windows 8.1 that is exactly what you get. You also get one account across all these devices. You can use your phone or tablet as a keyboard. Get Xbox live messages across all three, Skype across all three, and rake your music and movies on the go, not only with Netflix but with rented movies on Xbox video or music with Xbox music. You can play music, pictures, or video through the cloud or directly from a device. So hook up your phone and show those 1020 vacation pics and vids! How much value this brings is up to you but you know you won't have to buy a smart tv with Skype, or a keyboard. When you watch tv series like Game of thrones you get those interactive displays on your phone and tablet. So you can know the cast and crew if you see a familiar face in your favorite Netflix, Xbox Movie, or HBOgo show! Not to mention the new content with the Xbone hooked up via passthrough HDMI to your subscription TV service! PS4 just falls way short!
  • Can't believe no one brought this feature up... I work downtown, and during my lunch hour, I like to head out and take pictures with my Lumia 920. The Lumia is set up to automatically send these new pictures to my OneDrive (Camera Roll) and l then view these images when I get home in the evening on my HDTV via the XBox One. Or for that matter, view these images on my Win8.1 PC. I love this type of synergy.
  • I currently own a Win 8.1 PC, a win RT tablet, A WP8, and an XBox One. It is very nice and I love how they all work together. I would like a cheap solution such as an Xbox Video App for my Roku player, or ever an Xbox branded device to connect to each of ny tv's (that my One isn't connected to) to watch my movies in any room of the house.
  • I am definitely planning on picking up an XboxOne. As soon as I either convince or trick my wife into it.
  • Seamless integration of Music, Movies, video media of all types, Skype and apps to every device you own. Those are the benefits. We have Surfaces, Windows 8.1 on desktop and laptop, Windows phone and a combo of Xbox one and 360. It is so cool how they all work together. What I think is so strange is that MS does not seem to be able to market all this stuff in a way that people get it. When I tell friends about Xbox music, video, one drive..... they have no idea what I'm talking about. All they understand is I-Tunes. I say "Xbox music is so much more cool"... Deer in headlights.
  • As a guy invested in the platform myself, I think I can confidently say that the One doesn't really integrate all that well. Smartglass is cool-ish I guess? Viewing photos from my camera thru Onedrive on the One is neat for the zero times I actually need it... Other than that it feels like it's a bit separate from the rest of the ecosystem. I hope it becomes more integrated in the future, in ways that we can't even see yet. But for now, One or PS4, pick it on the usual criteria-- games. And where your friends are at. That's my advice, at least.
  • Does nothing without gold. No Netflix, no apps, no skype. Has no option to browse usb drives etc for media files, very disappointed. So much so its been turned off 4 months gathering dust. Everything else Ms is good. Treat this as a games device and separate eco system to anything else Ms.