Microsoft Edge 92 is now rolling out with updated password health features

Microsoft Edge Update Dev New
Microsoft Edge Update Dev New (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge version 92 is rolling out to the production channel.
  • It features new password health features and more.
  • Microsoft also highlights other web features with today's release.

Microsoft has today announced that the next version of Edge is now generally available and has begun rolling out to the production channel. Version 92 is the newest release, and Microsoft is highlighting a number of new features and enhancements coming to the browser with this latest update.

First up, Edge 92 features an updated password manager feature that can now tell you when the password you're using isn't strong enough, and whether or not it's a password you're using across multiple websites.

Microsoft also says that Edge 92 can act as a password manager on your phone allowing you to log into your favorite apps and websites if you have login credentials saved in the browser. Pretty nice.

Edge 92 Password Man

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Edge 92 also includes the ability to automatically send web screen captures to collections, useful for those who are researching information for a project at school or work. Plus, the New Tab Page now includes the ability to rate news articles with emoji.

Outside of Edge 92, Microsoft is also highlighting a new shopping and back-to-school hub powered by Bing that aggregates relevant products and shows deals, helping you save time and money when shopping for the new school year.

It's also highlighting the new Outlook Inbox extension for Microsoft Edge, which lets you quickly see your email inbox straight from the address bar without having to load up the Outlook website first.

Microsoft Edge 92 is rolling out in the production channel starting today! What are your thoughts on this newest release? Let us know in the comments.

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  • This is cool and all, but what I really need is dark mode for PDF's. That would be perfect! Hope that's coming soon.
  • That's just been introduced into OneDrive app for android. Agree, hope it comes to desktop Edge too.
  • Does v92 also have removal of top window bar when using vertical tabs? Been waiitng for that one...
  • That screen captures -> collections would become really useful to me IF MS auto-named and saved those for easy attachment to Planner tasks or made the Collection captures available in Planner. I love Planner for its easy of use, but in one of the most bone-headed design decisions, MS has made it so it's impossible to paste web screen shots to Planner (all of its competitors, like Trello, Asana, and Jira support this, even MS Teams chat supports this, just not Planner tasks) -- Planner's comment fields are plain text only, no formatting, no pictures. As a tool often used by software teams, being able to paste screen shots is a must. However, a reasonable work-around would be for Edge to save screen captures to a selected OneDrive location, where they are then available for rapid attachment to a Planner task. MS could add this via this new feature in Edge without having to completely redo how Planner comments work.
  • I keep seeing these update notifications. I literally use none of the so-called "new features". I browse to a page, interact with the content, exit Edge. I use an actual PDF program for those files. I don't use vertical tabs, I don't have a bunch of tabs open in the first place.