Microsoft Edge for Android now lets you see your book annotations

Microsoft Edge on Android
Microsoft Edge on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

One of Microsoft Edge's features that frequently flies under the radar is its ability to read ebooks. But that's precisely where Microsoft is placing its focus with the latest update to Edge for Android, adding the option to see annotations you've made in books.

Viewing book annotations, unfortunately, doesn't include any you've made using free-form inking in PDFs, but it's still a handy addition nonetheless. It also comes alongside a new shortcut in the Settings menu to see what's new in the latest version of the app. Of course, there's the usual smattering of performance improvements tagging along as well.

Here's a look at the full release notes:

  • Quickly get to the What's new and tips web page from the Settings and more menu
  • See annotations you made in books (note: doesn't apply to PDF free-form inking)
  • Improved performance

The feature has been in testing with the beta version of Edge for Android since August, but it's now rolling out more broadly to the stable version of the app. The update comes soon after the same feature hit the iPhone and iPad version of Edge as well.

If you frequently read books via Edge, you can pick up the annotations feature with the latest update, available on Google play, now.

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  • Maybe if MSFT would invest the same amount of drive, money, and effort into their loyal WINDOWS customers, they'd do damn well and we - THE LOYAL WINDOWS CONSUMERS - would be happy.
  • I honestly don’t get the gripes, never have real issues with my machines.
  • If MS want me to use Edge as my ebook reader, then they should allow me to add my existing ebooks to the library in Edge and not limit it only to books purchased from the Windows Store. Sure, I can open any book in Edge, but I want to have a comprehensive library of all the books on my system or device accessible from Edge. Until this is done, it's a non starter for me.
  • Can't you just sync your local ebooks via OneDrive?