Microsoft Edge Dev jumps to version 90 with several new features

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Dev just got an update to version 90.0.782.0.
  • The build is the first to arrive in the Dev Channel of major version 90.
  • It includes several major additions and new features, including an improved downloads experience.

Microsoft recently rolled out Microsoft Edge build 90.0.782.0. It's the first build of major version 90 to arrive in the Dev Channel, and it includes several new features and improvements. Among the new improvements are the improved downloads menu we recently highlighted and improvements to Collections.

Microsoft outlines the changes in a Tech Community post:

  • First, we've made a major update to the What's Next page on the Insider website: it now contains a feature roadmap for all browser features! This is similar to our existing Enterprise roadmap, and you can read more about it here:
  • Next, as some of you have already seen, we've been rolling out a new Downloads experience that mirrors the improvements we've made to the Favorites and History menus. Today, we've bumped up that rollout so that everybody should see it soon! More details are here:
  • Finally, right alongside Downloads, we're also finishing the rollout of a new popup menu for Collections as well! Those details are here:
  • Improved on smoothness and latency when inking PDFs. For more details, click here:
  • Added the Collections item to the … menu in InPrivate windows since Collections are now supported in InPrivate.
  • Improved the Cookies In Use dialog to show more information about a given cookie.
  • Added a management policy to manage the Smart Actions Block List, which prevents certain context menu actions from being available, and for Windows Hello For HTTP Auth Enabled to control whether or not the basic credential prompt appears for NTLM or Negotiate. Note that updates to administrative templates or documentation may not be available yet.
  • Enabled support for the management policy from Chromium to configure the Managed Configuration Per Origin for websites installed as apps.

The update also includes several fixes and changed behaviors, which you can read about in the full release notes alongside its known issues.

Microsoft also shared that its releasing version 89 of Edge to the Beta Channel this week.

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