Microsoft Edge gains Collections on mobile and slew of other features

Microsoft Edge on Android
Microsoft Edge on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced several new features for Microsoft Edge as part of Inspire 2020.
  • Collections are now available on the mobile versions of Microsoft Edge.
  • Edge also gained Automatic Profile Switching for work and personal profiles.

Microsoft announced new features for Microsoft Edge, including Collections coming to mobile devices, the ability to listen to PDFs, and several work and enterprise features. The features were announced as part of Microsoft's online Inspire conference (opens in new tab). Microsoft outlines the new features in a recent blog post.

Starting next month, Microsoft Edge is part of the FastTrack Ready Partner program. This gives people more options to deploy and configure the new Microsoft Edge in their organizations. FastTrack has deployment guidance for eligible customers and also helps organizations make sure websites are compatible with the new Edge through App Assure (opens in new tab).

Endpoint Data Loss Protection (DLP) is now available in public preview for Microsoft Edge. Microsoft highlights that Edge is the only browser that natively supports Microsoft Endpoint DLP. The tool mitigates data leakage and risks and also addresses regulation and privacy.

Microsoft Edge now supports Automatic Profile Switching. This features automatically opens work links with your work profile and personal links with your personal profile. With people working from home, the chances of using multiple accounts within a browser a higher than normal. With Automatic Profile Switching, you'll be prompted to switch profiles to make sure you open links with the correct profile.

On the mobile side of things, Microsoft is rolling out Collections to mobile devices. The feature allows you to add webpages, images, and more from across the web into collections that you can organize. The feature has been available on desktops for some time but is now available on the iOS and Android versions of Microsoft Edge.

Collections also gained the ability to attach notes to an item. Even if you rearrange an item within a collection, the note will stick with that item.

Microsoft also announced that Edge can listen to PDF files. Microsoft Edge already has a read aloud feature for websites, but it is now available for PDFs. Editing PDFs is also improved in Microsoft Edge. You can now save edits to a working PDF file instead of having to save a copy.

Lastly, Microsoft announced that Edge can now translate webpages into 54 different languages.

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  • This is great news. The change to Chromium Edge sure seems to be working out overall. I still miss the Open/Run and Inking features, but both are in the list of upcoming additions. In spite of those omissions, the new Edge is much better and getting faster updates than Legacy Edge. One negative with the Profile Switching, at least at present, Edge on Mobile, unlike Edge on Desktop, only supports 1 Work and 1 Personal profile. For those of us with multiple Microsoft 365 Accounts for different clients, this means that it's impossible to properly support that on Edge on mobile.
  • Where do I find the collections on Microsoft Edge mobile ? I just updated it but I can't find it.
  • If on Android there are three dots in the middle bottom of the screen. Collections is under that menu
  • I have had it in the beta for a while now.
  • Do the collections sync?
  • They should, though some people have had issues with syncing on mobile Edge.
  • all I see is web search . home. desktop site . add to favorites . voice search . download page . new tab . new in private tab . image search . add to screen . read aloud . continue on pc . exit browser . view reading list . print . shopping . send feedback .
    and that's all I get right now
  • what version is this delivered with on android? not seeing this option.
  • But the tab list order is still in stupidly reversed mode.
    It can be fixed quickly if users have access to chromium flags but microsoft disables it too.
    No access to flag means I can't enable darken website content feature too.
  • Alright! First the Launcher update and now the Edge feature I use heavily is on my phone! Panos, it is time to release the Duo. All the pieces are in place.
  • I can't get used to the collections feature. I can't ignore it either as it seems that Microsoft has continously decided into putting more resources to update it. Personally I miss investing resources in reading list. I've got used to it since Microsoft's reading list app in windows 8. It has a more natural workflow of searching and managing website articles. I miss search and dome kind of folder management in collections, it just needs more advanced editing functions to manage information, and feel less like an standby appendage to the browsing experience. That is how it is working for me. The experience feels off to the browsing experience. I think Microsoft needs to go back to the drawing board on this feature. It has its merrits but is somehow a bit odd.
    I applaud the further improvements of the pdf document reading and editing. I think Microsoft is under performing on the pen features. Classic Edge is much better, and new Edge is far far behind on productive pen features. Only one color and blue is truly an odd experience compared to what classic Edge offers, Microsoft needs in my view to get serious on this feature, fast, not soon. It shouldn't be hard to do as Microsoft already had a pen api for this, for a couple of years now.
    There is an odd feature that most apps on windows appear as always on top in full screen startmenu tablet mode. Even classic Edge does this. New Edge does not, and requires a task manager action, after starting the app, to get it on top of the open apps stack. Weird.