Microsoft enters partnership with Deutsche Telekom to push devices and services

Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom have entered an agreement to push Microsoft's Lumia devices, as well as the company's online services like Office 365. The new marketing push will appear across Europe, in all of Deutsche Telekom's markets, including Austria, Germany, Greece, and Poland.

Deutsche Telekom's Managing Director Niek Jan van Damme had this to say of the agreement:

"Our successful cooperation with Microsoft which we continue to develop for years now, strengthens the position of Deutsche Telekom as the leading provider for connected life. Together with Microsoft's broad portfolio of devices, services and platforms, we reach customers who wish to switch their phone quickly and easily between professional and private use. Thus, we are able to provide a seamless user experience with benefits for both our private and our business customers."

Additionally Deutsche Telekom will offer the recently-announced Lumia 640, and the 640 will be a part of this campaign in certain countries. In addition to phones and services, this new agreement will also include new Microsoft products over time, including Windows 10, for which Deutsche Telekom will be a launch partner.

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Joseph Keller
  • Good
  • Please some marketing in the Netherlands! People over here still think iPhone is the only existing phone in the world....
  • Actually people from all over the world thinks about Iphone only..
  • Then why does it have less than 10% market share outside of America?
  • Its because people don't have so much money to buy an iphone..If they have money they will buy iphone only(am telling about maximum not all the people)..Even the Microsoft employees and also our Windows central team have iphone beside their Windows phone..Apple has set its standard like that only..Iphone might lack many features but still everyone wants it starting from celebrity to a common man..
  • Don't be stupid. Older models and second hand are cheap enough. I even think less iphones will be sold because lots will then think it's cheap. I know lots of people that can buy the most expensive version every month, but still don't buy them. Same with ipads. And the newest version are allready 'cheap'. Only marketing people think like you do. Fail.
  • No Iphone has now past Samsung in market share.
  • Because we Americans are almost always late to the party
  • Yes! My friends don't know what wp is or what android I'd even though they have android. I convinced my best friend to but the Lumia 1020 (I have ativ s) All my friends think wp is really unique and some actually like it. The Netherlands really needs more marketing... I'm the only one in my village with a Wp I think (Twente)
  • I like your village
  • Icon
  • I know how you feel. I've been a WP user ever since WP7 was released here. Every time I see someone else with a WP, I get really excited and want to share my WP knowledge with him\her ;) I live in Amsterdam and past year, I have seen quite a bunch of peeps with WP. But at least 75% still on iphone. psshhh... iphone is zooooooo 2009 ;P
  • Look, Lumia 535 is second popular phone in Netherlands at the moment!
  • ...they need to SMOKE LESS WEED to start learning about other smartphone manufactures!
  • So the Netherlands is Neanderthal when it comes to choice of smartphone
  • Yep.
  • Yes!
  • A good move, this will definitely help Microsoft, looking forward to more partnerships and agreements like this one.
  • But, what about the US❓This is something desperately needed in the US.....
    Marketing is super critical with W10M, and if we don't see marketing up to par with iDroid, and Samsung, then I will be here bitching about marketing forever.. And, nobody wants that...
    Nevertheless, whoever is in charge of Surface marketing needs to take charge of marketing for Lumia devices here in the US.. Period❗
  • Don't...
  • Again❓
  • :(
  • How❓
  • Last night, perhaps. I'll pm you. Ok.
  • You get my PM?
  • Lol
  • I agree Rodney. Also they need to bribe the sales reps to sell the phones by giving them more commission when they sell a Lumia. Let's face it, most people in the USA do zero research when buying something, they go by what's advertised and what everyone has. Also because of this when they go to buy something they go by what the sales rep tells them. So having the rep recommend WP would help increase sales.
  • Yes, yes, yes, yes❗ That's part of marketing... They need to attack marketing at the root of it's problem.... Those pesky store associates.
  • Tmobile associates get no commission on devices sold, only new services, like a new line, adding more data etc.
  • I'm not sure bribing is legal. In Europe at least it isn't. And even if you try it, it will just end up benefiting the consumer that can then terminate any kind of contract far more easily. They need to evangelize (or...brainwash) the store employees to sell WP devices. And let me tell you, it will be hard as hell since not even Android has achieved that with some of them. Little story: I was once at a tech store (the kind we have here in Europe but are MIA in the US, I hear) and a guy was asking the sales rep about a smartphone for him. He was asking about an Android phone and the sales rep was trying really hard to push him to an iPhone. So hard that he was saying "yeah, no one uses bluetooth anymore. And NFC isn't needed for anything really. You're better with the iPhone". Well, needless to say, once the sales rep was dismissed by the customer, I approached him and told him to disregard everything the sales rep told him. I explained him what bluetooth and NFC was used for and that the only reason the iPhone didn't had NFC (this was pre-iPhone 6) was because the tech inside of the iPhone was 2 years late compared to Android and WP and Apple made a habit of telling customers what they want instead of letting them decide for themselves. The guy then asked me a bunch of questions about Windows Phone and Android. Not one about the iPhone in which he wasn't remotely interested. But if it were for the store employee, he would leave the store with an iPhone and not what he wanted or was best for him. 
  • I've heard that Apple and Samsung have done this in the past when the iPhone and galaxy were new products so I thought that Microsoft should use similar tactics to increase sales in the USA, WP does decent in Europe. Also because of sales reps with little to no knowledge of the products that they sell I buy unlocked phones like I use to. I currently have the NOKIA Lumia 930 and I love it.
  • Bribing is illegal everywhere(at least on paper)... What the previous commenter mentioned is something like try and give better percentage for the sales people for each and every windows phone they sell. Better incentive is the word he should have used rather than bribing... But the difference is very slim...
  • That's exactly what I meant, sorry wrong wording
  • Depends on how its used in the case of intel it was to dissuade pc oems to use amd. Commission at the retail level that's a different story sadly there's nothing wrong with it. Bestbuy doesn't have commissioned sales but their cdn. Subsidiary future shop does
  • True, true, true..
  • @DJCBS.
    Lol, actually that will probably account for most clerks working phone stores. The only varying factor is that some really push Android.
  • We did have something similar in the US. Remember when WP7 launched and AT&T was titled the "premier carrier." We all know how well that turned out...
  • Lol..... I was waiting for someone to bring that BS deal up..
  • i cant imagine this partnership will go better when you look for the actual deutsche telekom apps in windows phone store, for example yes thos rating stars are real And if you imagine deutsche telekom has not half the apps in store as they have for android (media center for example or just simple app to show used free speech/text/data)...there is no commitment for wp
  • Don't say this... Already rodneyej is saying something like this for long time :-P even though this is a sensible thing to say, this will get him started about Microsoft's marketing ;-) Oh.. Wait... It's you... Hi Rodneyej ;-)
  • Lol❗❗❗❗ Hey, I want MS to fix it so you won't have to hear me talk about it for the next two years.
    It's a win win situation for all of us❗❗❗
  • Agree. Root level issue. Majority of phones in US are bought from wireless carriers and majority of sales rep are on iPhone and Droid bandwagon.
  • Quite a time ago I worked for 2 weeks in a major phone shop. After 2 weeks of "training" at their H.O. (just purely sales training) I started without been given any technical training. ..... So these reps potentially start work maybe knowing about the os and phone they use. As I too here utter rubbish been told to their customers when I visit a phone shop, I guess things haven't changed. ....... When my contract is coming to an end I always go into the shop and say what's the best phone, the answers can be lol naivety, or bias?
  • I agree. The only difference in this between you and me is that you just say your annoyance out and I don't... Basically, you would have already whined, I mean spoken, what I wanted to say and there is no point in putting the same thing after some 20 or 30 comments...
  • Deutsche Telekom owns T-Mobile, right? I wonder if this will trickle down?
  • Great point, there❗
  • Not happy about MS committing to marketing?  I do agree that the US needs deals like this too, but this seems like a good story.
  • Microsoft needs to do this everywhere, especially when Windows 10 launches.
  • Guess we'll see if this is a real partnership and borne out in the sales experience in their stores or whether its just lip service to get a few dollars from Microsoft.
  • @theefman:
    Don't worry. Just the second option. They pulled that one before with Nokia.
  • In fairness, Deutsche Telekom has carried all the WP flagships so far (my 920, 1020 and 930 are all from Deutsche Telekom) and some mid-range ones. So this isn't really a surprise.   So it's not like they never pushed WP devices. But perhaps Microsoft had to forge a new partnership with them since the last one was with Nokia.
  • Well now you just need to tell the store representitives to sell a windows phone rather than other devices. they tend to not offer windows phone because the return rate with windows phone 7 was to high
  • Yeah I know. See my rely above. Regarding sales reps, I'm not sure this new partnership will change that.
  • @DJCBS: No, they have not.
    They didn't offer the Lumia 1520 and with the Lumia 1020 they didn't let customers choose a colour (which they usually do), but only picked the white variant, which ABSOLUTELY NOBODY wanted. Accordingly sales of the Lumia 1020 were a pre-programmed failure, that might have even been deliberate on their side, so that they could carry on claiming Windows Phone's demise.
  • So are you saying they really advertised WP in television ads and the sales people in the stores really suggested devices based on the buyers needs and knowledge level??? Our did they just have then in the rear of the stores like here in America??
  • @OMG55:
    I don't remember about tv ads to be honest. There had been a few poster ads in subways, but nothing comparable to their Galaxy-campaigning.
  • Hehe his name is van damme....
  • @sayemchi:
    Yes. He loves to split... the money Microsoft will pay them, so he can bolster Telekom's sales of iPhones and Androids and give a rat's ass about Windows Phones.
  • Is this another one of those partnerships where the carrier is allegedly going to push Windows Phone devices, but all of the employees at the stores will still be incompetent and ignorant on the matter, making any such partnership irrelevant? That seems to be how it went for both AT&T and Verizon, when they got their exclusive WP devices. No one at either carrier (I'm on AT&T, sister is on Verizon) knew anything about the devices.
  • Yes
  • Well if they keep on doing what they do now.. than yes.
  • @Keith Wallace:
    Exactly. They promised to push Windows Phone when Nokia entered the market with the Lumia 800.
    And withdrew suddenly afterwards, claiming Windows Phone's failure, but didn't try any serious attempts to rise consumer interest.
    They only had Windows Phones on a small display at the wall, where the customers overlooked them.
    Then they even in all seriousness changed that placement to the wall behind the employees' counter, so customers didn't know if they could approach the phones to have a closer look...
  • This is a waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars by Microsoft. They just need to advertise WP on more Microsoft store commercials.
  • No XL?
  • Hopefully DT does better with pushing devices and services than AT&T did and does with being "The Premier Windows Phone Carrier" in the USA. I am sick of not seeing WP devices in AT&T stores and when they are, they are in a back corner, maybe only 2 devices, no marketing and the reps admit that they are not trained on the Windows Phone OS or devices and openly don't recommend WP devices AND when people bring them back for help, they don't know how to help them. Great job AT&T....not. This is from 2013 and the lead video explains it all. The in store situation hasn't changed much since then. Sure, AT&T gets the devices but only current WP users go in and walk out with a WP device as anyone else isn't looking for a WP device and AT&T sure isn't telling them that they should buy one. Oh well...    
  • So true
  • You nailed it. When Verizon launched the ICON not a single poster in the store and each store was allocated 2 phones per store.
  • not true in kansas city ... icon had it's own big graphics and it's own display ... which the sales people steered customers away from quickly if they stopped to look
  • About the same in the UK from my numerous experiences.
  • This makes me change to Telekom next year...this and the superior network quality in comparison to O2...
  • @sirozan:
    Couldn't recommend that.
    O₂ has caught up technically quite nicely in the last years and their mother company (Telefónica) has been more serious about pushing Windows Phone (they convinced Nokia to develop an exclusive 64GB-version of the Lumia 1020 for them) than Telekom.
  • Yes!
  • I just want my phone to be better than an android device in terms of apps! So I can shut up my friends
  • I hope they do not than EE in the UK ever did!
  • Oh, poor Microsoft. You will be betrayed by Telekom (again; like they did with Nokia before). They will just grab all the money you throw at them for coordinated marketing campaigns and subsidize iPhone and Android customers.
    I remember how they promised to push Windows Phone when Nokia brought the Lumia 800 to market, but ditched Windows Phone right after it, citing the usual low consumer interest, instead of actively trying to increase consumer demand.
    Although a subsidized Surface along a nice data plan would be tempting...
  • Dammit, meanwhile over here in the States, American arm of Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, continues to push Apple's devices and services.
  • @Spectral Entity:
    Don't worry. Since this is all talk and no action (on Telekom's side), nothing will change in their other markets.
    Telekom is all hot about the Fire Phone right now [pun intended]. I think this should tell everyone how serious they are about their marketing partnerships.
    In all fairness: They were the first local carrier selling the iPhone (when Apple played the carrier-exclusive game) and back then nobody would have known HOW huge this was to become.
    But come on: Fire phone, really? Absolutely everybody knew this would blow, still they made a deal with Amazon to carry it.
  • Wont make a bit of difference unless they act on all the reps who sell for them. Hopefully there reps aren't up Google's butt.
  • Will this include T-Mobile in the US (since it's the same company)?
  • @Frozenecho:
    Good question. I would say it's at least unlikely since Telekom headquarters seem to have granted Legere a jester's licence...
    Which so far has been a good thing for T-Mo, when I compare his crazy PR-stunts to Telekom's unbelievably awful marketing in other markets...
  • nope, this is not the same company and no it wont include t-mobile us T-Mobile US belongs to Deutsche Telekom but no, this is not the same company and no this deal doesnt include T-Mobile US...this affects only countries where Deutsche Telekom is directly the mobile provider and this only affects some countries in europe like germany
  • Needs to do the same for tmobile in the usa
  • This can only be good news. Carrier partnerships and education are the push Microsoft needs to be making. 8.1 established WP as the viable third OS option, but in terms of mindshare there's still a ways to go. Partnering with carriers (I would argue especially outside of the US) can only establish WP more solidly. Of course, that's assuming this is a real partnership that will reap real benefits for Microsoft, but hopefully they've ensured it will in the terms. I'm also curious if it will have any effect on T-Mobile USA, but my understanding is that TMO is pretty independent, at least for deals like this.
  • Romania it is Deutsche Telekom's markets too, right?
  • Wow that's a surprise considering Tmobile has been one of the worst WP carriers.
  • Nice. I REALLY hope Microsoft starts focusing on Europe. We actually appriciate their products.
  • rofl deutsche telekom doesnt care about windows phone plattform, no mediacenter app, no app for the contract, no app for the used contingent and so on - on other plattforms all this is present. And the only "feature app" mobiletv has catastrophic ratings, sum up nope. Microsoft, open your eyes, search for partners which actual WANT to support your plattforms.
  • Oh, poor Microsoft. You will be betrayed by Telekom (again; like they did with Nokia before). They will just grab all the money you throw at them for coordinated marketing campaigns and subsidize iPhone and Android customers.
    I remember how they promised to push Windows Phone when Nokia brought the Lumia 800 to market, but ditched Windows Phone right after it, citing the usual low consumer interest, instead of actively trying to increase consumer demand.
    Although a subsidized Surface along a nice data plan would be tempting...
  • Wondering how they will manage. Here (currently in Macedonia) Telekom (owns by Telekom Hungary, which is fully subsidiary of Deutsch Telekom (you follow? :) ) is advertising a lot for Samsung and Huawei... Don't remember how it is in Germany though.