Microsoft to file lawsuit against tech support scammers to protect consumers

Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit has announced that it will be filing a lawsuit in federal court in California against tech support scammers, a practice that the company says has cost consumers money for unnecessary repairs and security services. In its suit against Omnitech Support, Microsoft alleges that the firm uses Microsoft's marks to appear like a credible tech support service in an effort to mislead consumers.

Microsoft says:

Omnitech Support, a division of Customer Focus Services, is charged with misusing Microsoft's name, registered trademarks and service marks in connection with the provision of phony tech support services. Omnitech utilized the Microsoft trademarks and service marks to enhance their credentials and confuse customers about their affiliation with Microsoft. Omnitech then used their enhanced credibility to convince consumers that their personal computers are infected with malware in order to sell them unnecessary security services to clean their computers.

Microsoft goes even further in its claim saying that Omnitech also installed malicious software, including a password keylogger, to obtain personal logins to access their victim's financial data.

Source: Microsoft

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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