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Microsoft finally loses its crown as Chrome becomes number one web browser

Internet Explorer 11 about page
Internet Explorer 11 about page (Image credit: Windows Central)

It has finally happened. Microsoft has been dethroned in the competitive web browser market. Google's Chrome has taken the number one spot, according to latest marketshare figures released by Net Marketshare. Microsoft's own Internet Explorer has gradually been losing shares of the pie as the browser became more unpopular due to lack of innovation and strong competition from the likes of Firefox and Chrome.

Net Marketshare

While the company is clearly reacting to this current trend with the release of Edge, Microsoft still has some way to go before it is able to go head to head against Chrome. Extensions, improved usability and more will need to be packed into Edge to make it the Internet Explorer we always so desperately wanted. As noted by LifeHacker, it's quite the sudden change too, with Chrome only sitting on 27% last year, while IE had a comfortable 54%.

Fast forward to 2016 and Chrome now has 41.66%, just tipping over Microsoft at 41,35%. Sure, there's really nothing between the two web browsers but many still rely on Internet Explorer due to legacy platforms and applications that are still compatible with only specific versions of the software package. Microsoft will be looking to improve Edge in Windows 10 to attract web users back to its own offerings, but as touched on already the company has some way to go.

How are you finding Microsoft Edge, and do you see it going up against Chrome anytime soon?Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I knew this would happen. Google Chrome is just really good. I use Microsoft Edge now since I will never use Internet Explorer again. Internet Explorer was good at the time, but now, between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge in my opinion, I think Edge is better. And Google Chrome.
  • I don't like Google Chrome, I liked it years ago in IE 9 days but switched back for IE 11. And for any complex site I prefer IE to Edge, but for reading articles or just general content consumption Edge rules. Posted from my Lumia 950
  • Edge has the rendering problem with some webs like this windowscentral, try to scroll mouse up and down, chrome performs better.
  • That's why I use IE for those kind of sites, Chrome is a resource hog and I just don't trust Google with my data in the first place, lots of sites will perform better on Firefox and Chrome but usually that's because the site has been designed for those browsers and not for IE / Edge which to me is always a shame.
  • Firefox is the slowest and crash often, still using ie11 as default browser
  • Firefox the slowest? :o
    On what basis is Firefox the slowest? One could agree with that kind of a comment on IE or Chrome.
  • Last time I used Edge (and W10) on my 10+ years old pc the advantage in performance and what it could do with existing HW was crushing for Chrome. Edge could do 5 new tabs opened from the news start page, while Chrome could take more than 15 and still load the one by one. Heavy flash content is the kryptonite for Edge. Also for like a month or so it feels like Chrome was trimmed even more to work better
  • I do love Edge but I'm sad to say that actually on my Surface Pro 4 Core M it's Chrome that is significantly more resource efficient. I have loads of tabs open at any one time and Chrome handles them very significantly faster. Edge is also still so buggy. If I have a lot of web pages open the arrow buttons to navigate to them disappears. It randomly decides to stop being fully maximised. It decides to completely close and not remember any of my open pages. It randomly reopens tabs I have previously closed. It can't reliably show the icons for my favourites. It can't reliably show icons for tiles. Just recently it started flashing on its homepage when first started. Actually Edge just isn't where it should be in terms of reliability on desktop or mobile. This is from my personal experience using consumer releases on a Surface Pro 4, Asus Zen AIO, Lumia 950 XL, and 950. And why on Earth would you want to have to use two different web browsers and switch between them depending on the website?!
  • Yeah, Edge still hace this fundamental problem where some sites rendered not good on Edge while IE and not to mention other browser works fine. Here in Windows Central, I can't and I have to avoid using Edge as it will just freeze and crash the tab. Forget to even do comment as this cause the tab to crash and refresh too. This is my biggest gripe I can't use Edge anytime soon for everyday browsing. Though at least I try to use it when I use the Insider build for testing purposes. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Exactly. IE9 was great and after that I switched to Firefox but never Chrome. Only at times when the page needs a translation I was using Chrome. But Edge is cool, you will see the lines combing again with Edge. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Let me welcome myself self to the pitty party and get 50 thumbs up because edge is so much better instead of saying chrome is better period and getting thumbs down because it not like it clearly a reason chrome is better and if Microsoft made edge better they would get more market share of coarse that's not the reason sweet Microsoft is an angel witch can do nothing wrong according to comment section bias article writers and biased fan or developers....
  • Me neither. Chrome is an intentionally evilly-gimped experience on Windows 2-in-1s/3-in-1s like the Surface Pro. I've long switched to IE 11 as my default browser, now Edge is the default on Windows 10, but I keep Chrome just for it's extensions. I sure can't wait for Edge to gain Chrome extensions, then I won't have any reason to keep this stupidly gimped browser on my Surface Pro 2. Extesnions I mostly want are: - uBlock Origin - Lazarus Form Recovery - Automatic Bookmark Sorter - XMarks (or anything else I can use to sync my Edge bookmarks to my OnePlus One).
  • I like how you got downvoted. I'm guessing it's because you said something good about a company other than MS.
  • Chromes bloody awful :'( always makes my laptop sound like it's about to take off! I think the only reason it won, is partly down to the browser choice Microsoft was forced to introduce, and the fact that it's bundled aggressively with a lot of free software... Oh and the fact there is no more internet explorer!
  • I'm actually bit surprise that Chrome didn't top earlier as almost every people I know use Chrome. IE manage to stay for this position for so long because there are people who doesn't care what browser they use as long as it works enough for them and usually never change the default. As Windows 10 market share grows, so does the Edge, but it won't accelerate to big marketshare that easily as Firefox or Chrome did if we assume to continue the trend. Unless Edge finally reaches 'Completeness' and became rocksolid contender for people to actually want Edge outside from being Microsoft fan base, then massive growth will certainly come. For now, maybe that the Anniversary Update is the "true" first step for Edge to be considered, not just because of Extensions alone, but because hopefully that it will reach the feature-completeness it needs if they achieved that. Eliminating the half-baked aspects of Edge. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Hopefully with RS1 they manage to make Edge rock stable, reliable and the fastest browser on the market, regardless of website. Also, use as few resources as possible. Kind of like Firefox. That would sure be a great starting point.
  • Edge is a complete disaster, very beta feeling, i still use iexplorer, but google is faar faar better. Don't know what msft is doing.
  • Nah chrome hasn't been any good for years.
  • It's because Chrome is the better porn browser/viewer. Just admit
  • It just proves no one wants a minimalist ui
  • What the hell do you think Chrome uses? What is your definition of minimalist?
  • Chrome blows. Open a chrome session and then look at Task Manager. How many freaking chrome sessions are listed sucking memory and bandwidth. It's crazy.
  • Agreed. It's actually going the IE way where there comes a time when it gets super-loaded with a lot of extensions and each of them sucks onto the RAM.
  • Agreed. It's actually going the IE way where there comes a time when it gets super-loaded with a lot of extensions and each of them sucks onto the RAM.
  • Edge does that as well, once I was on my sister's laptop and with a few tabs open I had 75% memory usage. After closing it I had 52%. So you do the math how much 23% of 4GB is and compare it with Chrome
  • 23% of 4GB of RAM is less than 1GB of RAM. Which is pretty decent for "modern" browsers the way they all seem to suck up processes and memory. I'd also suggest upgrading from 4GB of RAM.
  • Edge is actually more demanding than Chrome on both my Surface Pro 4 and Asus Zen AIO!
  • I thought that MS Internet Explorer has been dethroned long time ago.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Chrome has grown because Android has grown. With 85+ % of the mobile market and no Microsoft browser for Android how could this not happen.
  • Edge will dethrone it again...
  • For sure, im using chrome less and less by the day, cause of edge with its multi function tools.
  • I don't see it right now. Maybe in 10 years? Maybe if it goes multi platform? Maybe if it gets some amazing feature that real people see and really want. Right now real people don't know what edge is or the difference with IE. It can't go from 0% market share to 50% market share without some drastic change going forward
  • Finally, a non-fanboy comment. These people just don't want to accept the reality. Edge is nice. But many people don't know that a browser named edge exist. 50% is a very tough task from 0%. For example: WP.
  • Exactly. Even if they just did some simple advertising on popular websites (like YouTube for example. They did it for surface and Win10 so it wouldn't be that difficult for them), then people may start to get to know the branding "Edge" and will know what is different than just "oh it's a new name and a different look to it". Also hopefully they iron out the bugs like trouble rendering certain websites. The amount of times I try to press a link and it doesn't do anything.
    Til then it's only fans, techies and/or people on WinCentral who know the difference. Hopefully when anniversary update is released it'll be advertised and polished more. Only time will tell I guess :p +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • It doesn't make sense to advertise edge, at least not now. At the very least, they'd wait until extensions are available and there are numerous to choose from Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I said "hopefully when anniversary update is released". The anniversary update is when extensions will be added to edge for the retail update branch and will likely be polished. I never said they should advertise it *right now* :p
  • I agree! Chrome Sucks ! Lags a lot Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Edge needs extension support and ad blocking before it can even start down that path.
  • I rely on Microsoft Edge. I hardly find IE n Chrome different, just rarely with some sites that were built only with webkit in mind.
    Infact i do witness chrome slowing down system .. Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • I have chrome for google earth. The performance ( probably because my laptop is still warming up when i use it) is just terrible. IE 9 worked better. Firefox and ms edge work great. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah. I used to use Chrome allot (before Windows10 and Edge was introduced) and it was good until after one update I noticed my computer slowing down, and when I checked the task manager I found that chrome had about 6-7 separate processes open. And that was when it wasn't even open but running in the background. Like others say, it is a extremely resource-hungry. Honestly I'd say it's not made properly for Laptops/netbooks. It's more for desktops as they have more available resources. Unless you just use the device for minimal internet browsing etc and no other heavy-resource programs/apps, I just find it to slows everything down. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • edge is too buggy. every time it pops up rabout recomening im like make edge not crash on twitter facebook and windows central and then i can recommend it. . half the time i cant comment with edge it slows to a snale and half the letters dont type as i type them. i hate edge on wc. lol
  • also edge when you go to enter contests to win a phone fails most of the time. i cant enter with this browser.
  • I entered in contest to win Lumia 950 WITH Edge, it seem to work fine. That's another story I couldn't win :P well yes in mobile, WC is slow on edge, even with IE. I even complained once that WC site doesn't works when on Windows Phone??? Hope they improve it, but on desktop its is fine. Well edge is growing, you still have IE for backup :P Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • Windows central app for windows phone can be downloaded Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But I still need website sometimes... like when I want to participate in polls.
    Windows Phone version lacked it... and to choose option in IE is mess...
    I don't know about Windows 10 Mobile version, hope they have it... anyways it is still in BETA form. Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • I know I use the apps more because edge is so bad with the website.
  • I had no idea about IE being the most popular web browser.
  • Me too I thought Internet Explorer was a browser for downloading other browsers/ so when it was leading nobody promoted it but immediately it is dethroned here is the news. Why do they hate Microsoft this much? Hey Chrome, Edge is coming for you!
  • Edge wont do anything to Chrome, dont even think of "coming soon". MS been coming soon on many things but things never arrived, or did it very late. I do agree with you IE was a browser to download another (for me it was Opera for good 10 years till it moved to Chromium engine). And believe IE was on top only because corporations/organizations/companies are using it. They dont need browser with add-ons but something to open website and that's all. Some places are forced to update to W10 because their software is compatible only with that. And now on 10 this big chunk of users are using Edge most likely
  • Actually, I believe Edge has had an adverse effect on IE, which explains the rapid growth in downloads of the Chrome browser. MSFT made a huge mistake when they packaged the "not ready for primetime" Edge as the default browser for the 300m W10 users.
  • They always do that, it is MS hobby now. WM6 to WP7, MSN messenger to Skype. Always killing a mature product and present halfbaked one.
  • Get some sleep, you will be fine. Edge is better than I.E and soon it will be the best option.
  • Full time user of Edge... Apart from the lack of extensions, which will not be an issue in the future, I find it up to the mark.
  • Yeah I use it as my daily browser. Switched when I moved to w10. Have no problems. But then again, I never use extensions. But had no performance or stability issues to speak of. I'm not passionate about Edge or IE, I just use it because it's there. I really don't care what browser I use just as long as it works. And it does. And really, I no longer trust google with my data. I could only imagine what kind of data chrome was collecting about me, my browsing, and interests.
  • IE isn't available by default in Win10. You have to actually go look for it. So ramping up Win10 means a decreasing awareness that IE is even available anymore. Edge it's too new so they immediately download something they know, Chrome.
  • I'm with you.. Edge full time
    Some gaps like webex annoy me but otherwise a solid fast performing browser Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Where does Edge fit in on this chart? I can't believe that with Windows 10 on close to 300,000 machines that it is classed in the 'Other' bracket? Edge is my go to browser, and I'll only revert to IE or chrome if required to by the browser!
  • Agree with this. Something sounds fishy here! While I still use chrome on 2 Windows 10 pcs, I still had to download them and set 'em as default, not something the majority would do. I would expect at least a 30-40% default usage of Windows 10 users to be on Edge by now? Something doesn't add up here.
  • I often notice that when you visit a website (more so on W10M) it suggests an app from Google store. To this I'd suggest we're being classed at Chrome.
    Previously (Windows Phone 8.1) it suggested apps from iOS Store... Microsoft need to ensure the tagging is true for tracking and such relevant stats are accurately shared.
  • Edge is included in the numbers of IE. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Where is your proof of that or did you just make it up?  I couldn't find any reference to Edge on that site.  If you look farther back you see that Chrome started spiking right around when Windows 10 first released its insider preview.  Looking at the user agent string of Edge list Chrome.  My guess is that they are reporting Edge as Chrome. 
  • The site that these reports are based upon makes no mention of Edge, but does talk about combining third-party browsers that share rendering engines (i.e. Maxthon and Lunascape use IE's Trident engine, but Edge is a new product). So it could be that lumping Edge with IE in the data is an assumption, unless it's not. Another interpretation of this is that Edge doesn't have enough users to even show up on the list--I've seen that claimed elsewhere but that's really hard to believe.
  • If you notice on the chart above,Chrome has a big increase right after July 2015 (when Windows 10 goes live).  It also had it's initial big climb right after the initial release of the Windows 10 insider preview around November 2014.  Chrome used to hold pretty steady at 20-25% up until that point which is why I think it is being reported as Chrome.  Since Windows 10 has upwards of 300 million users now I doubt it would get stuck in the too-small-to-measure category since it is the default browser.
  • Well wherever they count it (I'm not going to add it all up right now) I found where it can be split by version: Edge 12 and Edge 13 add up to 4%.
  • why the suggestive negative adverb in the title? 
  • Because....
    This is Windows Central.
  • Chrome is so gross. Sucks to hear.
    I use IE out of habit but edge is alright
  • Take off the fanboy glasses, and the only thing conceivably gross about Chrome is how resource intensive it can sometimes be.
    In most other ways, it eclipses IE - and is far ahead of Edge.
  • I love how I am a fanboy because I called it gross and prefer ie/edge. Resource intensive, bundled with programs that most people don't even fully realize when they are downloading it. The fact even if you uninstall it, parts of it remain. I can list quite a few more ways it is crap to me and I haven't even mentioned the google aspect. Sorry I don't conform to the church of google and believe all their products are the best in the world.
  • I am not part of the 'Church of Google'. I am just sufficiently impartial to be able to see that Chrome is better than Edge/IE in a myriad of ways.
  • For you. You'll learn that not everyone agrees with you amd that doesn't make you impartial or me a fanboy. It means you have a different opinion. Learn the difference and stop throwing around pathetic names.
  • Firefox is far worse for resources. I often have 50+ tabs in Chrome, without a hitch. Firefox creaks and groans long before that. IE has always been quite awful and has a knack of losing all of my open tabs.
  • I rarely have much issue out of ie. Edge could use some optimization. Firefox used to be so good but I agree with you. Id use firefox before chrome though. Then again that bs they pulled a few years back with the Firefox for windows rt/8, nah I probably l would skip Firefox and go for opera.
  • If IE crashes, you will often lose all the tabs you had. Firefox is good (I use it for Firebug mainly), but it simply can't handle as many tabs. I don't know how Chrome does it, but it doesn't bring my system to it's knees anywhere near as much as Firefox. I am always disappointed by Opera - I tried it again a couple of years ago, and boy did it love to crash... I had to manually recover my tabs (a simple renaming of files) far too many times, and I doubt I'll ever use it again. I use Edge on my 950, and I've just setup a new W10 tablet for my wife which might be the first PC in my life that I haven't installed a different browser on immediately (I'll let her use Edge for a while, as it does seem good). For my own PC's, I use Chrome as my daily driver, and ALL of the other browsers in my profession as a developer (software & web).
  • why do you have 50 tabs open? You cant use them all at the same time, its just killing your HW resources
  • It's more common than you think.  I often have dozens of tabs open at once as well.  Clearly I'm not reading them all at once, but I might have several open for each topic I'm researching and I might be bouncing between researching several issues.  It's not usually by choice.  It's because I'm working on several things at once and getting interupted with other issues.  Closing those tabs/browser windows every time I have to switch tasks would cause me to have to start over again when I come back to the previous task.  It's not just browser windows though.  It's nearly all the software I use to do my job.
  • @Cleavitt76 - exactly right. I'm a software & web developer so my browser is the #1 tool I use each day. I might have 6 windows, with 10-15 tabs open in each one covering a wide variety of topics. i.e. a current problem I'm working on, a problem I was working on yesterday but a higher priority issue came through, daily news, general research (holidays, things to buy), different email accounts, azure portals etc etc.  I was actually being conservative when I said 50 tabs... quite often I'll have so many open that I can't even see an icon for the tab - multiplied by 6 or 7 individual windows (each with as many tabs). It'll easily chew through 10-16 GB of RAM until I start going through them all and closing them off.  It's just the nature of having a lot of interests and a lot of different things to work on... with fluctuating interest and/or time to commit to them.
  • Because if I am shopping I want to be able to compare prices without needing to constantly close and open. Just like android. Why do I need to constantly close apps because the os can't handle it.
  • I use Edge. And only Edge, since I switched from Opera. And it's good, simple and fast.
    I used Chrome for a short time too back in the days, but I'll never use it again :D Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • I mostly use Edge now too, mainly because I like the Ask Cortana feature. Otherwise, I think IE 11 is better in a lot of other ways: the UI (I hate the 'tabs on top of the address bar in Edge and how buried the favorites section is), the fact that I can right-click on the back button on IE 11 and jump back multiple pages (unlike Edge), how the URL bar is always present (unlike Edge), that I can pin IE 11's icon to the taskbar and use jump lists to bring up a list of websites (unlike Edge), that IE 11 always remembers the exact position and window size from the previous state and automatically repoens to that (unlike Edge, which always opens on the main monitor, and never in the previous size, making me manually move it and resize it every fricken time), etc. I don't get the hate for IE 11. I think it's far better than Chrome, Firefox, and even Edge, in a lot of ways.
  • No worries. Edge will be feature complete with IE as soon as 2017. Mastermind.
  • I use Edge on, unless I know I am coming on here, then I use IE or Firefox. It can't be a surprise as on all new PC's shipped with 10 you have to actually look hard to find IE.  
  • I had hard times focusing on the letters displayed on Krom.
  • I use Firefox and Edge. Edge has improved recently but without extension etc. is not quite good enough for me to finally ditch Firefox. I never liked IE or Chrome. I think that in the near future Edge will be feature rich and polished.
  • Edge keeps gotta go chrome
  • The lead won't last. MS will be back stronger. Edge is the dopest
  • I really don't like using Chrome for anything other than backing up folders to OneDrive or watching Bing homepage videos (loads a little faster than IE.) I use Firefox for everything else, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with FF47 when they don't support the powerful extension framework it's known for anymore.
  • Firefox is also good
  • they did not even try to defend that crown, they always wake up late to the show
  • They created a whole new browser.
  • While this has been a long time coming, it must be said that this months stats are a little weird. Not so much the rise of Chrome, but the rise of WP (almost doubled to 4% now) and Blackberry (whut?) make you wonder if something weird happened. iOS is down tremendously too, so I'd wait until next month to see if this is merely a strange blip or if it the curve continues.
  • Wait for iOS X with iPhone 7.. might turn the tables even there is rumor that they r planning to introduce surface/ipad pro like keyboard for phone..... Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • Edge is safe and fast, Google Chrome has some Android issues, it gets leggy and overloaded overtime
  • And Chrome on Android doesn't even check for certificate revocation, according to GRC.
  • At work we have Chrome installed but we are talking about getting rid of it when we migrate to Windows 10. Maintenance of Chrome is a pain due to frequent security updates just like IE experiences.
  • EDGE (one browser in mobile, tablet and desktop).
  • have tried edge but it's annoying, refresh issue scrolling issue closing tabs can be a problem, and it's slow compared to chrome unless it gets better soon i'll be back on chrome, I can see why they are losing browser users chrome is just smoother to use
  • Try Edge again once the Anniversary update for Windows 10 comes out. The Edge team are currently working on fixing those issues
  • Coming soon ™
  • Getting so sick of people telling us we have to constantly wait for Microsoft to get their **** together.
  • I will admit the fact of internet explorer loses but edge browser is catching up.
  • First of all we need to consider that the introduction of edge might have caused a drop in the internet explorer percentage and that has caused the overall results to be different with chrome on top. I believe that if microsoft keeps pushing users to switch to windows 10 (with edge being the main browser) this would correct the results. Secondly, chrome is a multiplatform browser while edge and explorer are confined to windows. So its kind of unfair to put them against eachother unless windows decide to give away edge to all other platforms. Edge is an amazing browser with alot of potential. I rarely use chrome ever since i signed up for windows 10 insider program Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's no surprise when Windows 10 doesn't even ship with an easy to find copy of IE anymore, most people who aren't tech savvy probably carried on using Edge just thinking it was the new IE. This was going to happen regardless and has nothing to do with peoples' last straw feelings towards IE, it's to do with MS finally leaving it behind.
  • That would also contribute the fall of marketshare too, not big I think but still contributes to the number. Edge growth is really dependant on Windows 10 adoption, so it will naturally rise as more users get Windows 10. Though I don't think it will be sure that Edge will really rise on big numbers as alot of Windows 10 users use other browsers by choice. So its now the Edge team to convince users that its a worthy web browser to be considered (not counting "forcing" tactic). Sent from Turing Machine
  • Makes sense Chrome becomes the new IE, it's terrible. I mean, it's nice that IE has finally been taken down, but ugh...
  • Does this count just Chrome or also Chrome/Chromium derivatives?
  • That's actually interesting to know. Though Chromium derivatives aren't that big and popular as Chrome though. These days, we have countless of web browsers that might actually fit each's needs and wants, but only few people know about outside the major browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, and maybe even Opera and Safari on Apple devices). Sent from Turing Machine
  • Also realize that the graph is just showing desktop browser use, not mobile browsers. Chrome dominates mobile browser use with almost a 50% share, and use of mobile browsers to view websites is steadily increasing. Microsoft is at less than 4% there.
  • This was easy to see coming. Microsoft pushed edge and dropped ie from mobile, Xbox, Cortana, and hard to find with windows 10 (over 100 million users just there). So, yep. Microsoft divided its own web users.
  • I love how they didn't do anything to IE on Xbox One other than rename it as Edge. It's essentially still IE Metro from Windows 8. Not sure how they can claim that Edge is "written from scratch, entirely new code" when some versions of it clearly were just rebranded IE.
  • I use both Edge and Chrome. Sometimes I find the tabs on Edge become unresponsive especially when I try to close it. Have no idea why.
  • This is related to the unresponsive flash player feature that is built-into Edge. On the anniversary update, all flash content will be disabled by default with the ability to click on flash content to play/show it. This improves responsiveness significantly on sites that heavily use Flash
  • Only reason I use Edge on my XPS13 is because it has full support for Precision Trackpads with waaaay better scrolling and zooming capabilities
  • This is what I mostly find it odd why Firefox and especially Chrome that they seems not using Windows new native scrolling (though they're seems finally adopting native Windows scrolling system in latest version but under Flags). Sent from Turing Machine
  • This is what I mostly find it odd why Firefox and especially Chrome that they seems not using Windows new native scrolling (though they're seems finally adopting native Windows scrolling system in latest version but under Flags). Sent from Turing Machine
  • MS can't even get it's own websites to work with Edge. An example 365 enterprise you still have to use ie for most extra functions as with other sites they have like software center won't work with it. I like Edge but some sites now say they only support Chrome so have to use it even if I don't want to.
  • Microsoft's sites don't work well with Internet Explorer either. I am a Microsoft MCP, and use their Dynamics Businesscenter site. In IE it just loops, constantly refreshing. I can go into it with Chrome, but due to the download tool MS uses, cannot download from Chrome. So, I browse to the download site in Chrome, and then copy and paste the URL in Internet Explorer to download. Without both browsers, it would be impossible to do the job.
  • I've been using Chrome since around version 30 I think, some time ago. I've never had the need to use IE for anything other than sites that won't load in Chrome. Edge is 3-4 years away from being as good as Chrome - it should have launched on day one with at least the same features as IE11 instead of being unfinished and having stuff added that's been in other browsers for years Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • After I started using Edge, I notice ALL adds everywhere say "Try Chrome" and on all Google sites (Like Youtube) there's a banner at the top. Google really has a lot of power sitting on the advertising and search engine game. It's well deserved though - I've been using Chrome for years - Right now I only use Edge due to better battery life, however, I plan on making full switch once extensions are out... However, if I get an Android phone again, I might as well switch back, unless MS puts Edge on Android too.
  • Hopefully not
  • Microsoft's failure in mobile makes it inevitable that they'll have to take Edge cross platform. Otherwise it'll be the browser that only works on desktop PC's. & that kind of browser isn't going to succeed