Microsoft Garage launches new Tetra Lockscreen for Windows Phone

Microsoft Garage, a division of the company that allows their employees to work on any project they desire, has released a number of new Windows Phone apps and games to the Windows Phone Store, including Tetra Lockscreen, which shows a number of different notifications.

Here's a quick look at what's included in the app, which is exclusive to Windows Phone 8.1:

  • Displays upcoming calendar events
  • Visualizes the pace of your day with a simple timeline
  • Shows your current location on a street map
  • Displays nearby calendar events with identifiable locations
  • Pan and zoom in the top area of the screen, the bottom is reserved for unlocking
  • Displays activity in steps, distance or approximate number of calories burned
  • Compare by hour in the daily view, or by day in the weekly view
  • Keeps time even when your screen is off
  • Lap functionality

It looks like the app is still propagating in the Windows Phone Store and thus may not be immediately available in all regions. What do you think of this new app?

QR: Tetra Lockscreen

Source: Microsoft Garage

John Callaham