Microsoft got Shadow kicked off Apple's App Store at one point

App-Store (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • The Epic Games v. Apple trial is revealing loads of insider info about the tech industry.
  • One bit of information revealed was that Microsoft was struggling to get xCloud to iPads and iPhones.
  • In its efforts to get xCloud on the App Store, it accidentally got Shadow kicked off it.

Ever had a situation where you wanted to do something, and you weren't allowed to, but a peer was, so you tattled and ended up not only remaining locked out but also getting your peer's privileges revoked as well? Well, it looks like Microsoft did just that in 2020 by accidentally getting Shadow, the cloud computing service, booted from the App Store. This knowledge comes from the latest batch of secrets uncovered as a byproduct of the bonkers Epic Games v. Apple trial.

As spotted by The Verge, new revelations from the trial today reveal that in 2020, Microsoft was making efforts to get xCloud on the App Store but kept getting shut down. So, in response, it pointed to other streaming apps on the App Store, including Shadow's, essentially saying, "they can do it, so why can't we?"

Microsoft's head of business development for Xbox, Lori Wright, commented on the fallout of Microsoft's actions during the Epic v. Apple trial today. "I believe [Apple] ended up pulling Shadow out of the App Store based off this email we sent until they submitted changes. That was not our intention, of course, it was a byproduct."

For those not in the know, Shadow's app store hiccup is far from the biggest roadblock the cloud computing service has had to deal with in recent memory. Its parent company, Blade, recently underwent bankruptcy and now has a new owner in Octave Klaba's Jezby Ventures.

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  • Its hard to pick the funniest out of this stupid case. - Microsoft representative trying to explain what Xbox is. (this one was funny as hell)
    - Microsoft representative trying to explain what an AAA game is.
    - Sweeney trying to describe what Fortnite is, but unable to define what a game is or tries to. (LOL)
    - Epic pays Sony for cross-play.
    - Rock for Brains Phil trying push Mixer (shutdown now) on Epic.
    - Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein: "Yeah horribly overselling AR in a way that poisons the well for the industry. They [Microsoft] did this same **** with HoloLens." LOL
    - Epic admitting they have user and license agreements the same as Apple.
    - NVIDIA is able to get game streaming working thru safari browser iOS, xCloud runs like ****.
    - Microsoft representative saying Sony and Nintendo are their competition, but only a few months ago... Rock for Brains said Google and Amazon. LOL
  • Dang, why you hate Phil? 👀
  • LOL Actually, I don't hate him at all. How he is been in technology and gaming at a high level for 20-30 years and doesn't understand the industry is beyond me. Heck, I hope he stays on as long as Satya is willing to pour money down the drain.... quite entertaining. He is the gift that keeps giving.
  • He thinks game streaming or cloud gaming is a myth and will never take off because people don't want it... yeah the entire tech industry has been moving to that model for more than a decade and all other media entertainment shifted this way and he still thinks gaming will stay old school... he has some good points and knows quite a bit about the industry but he completely avoids some other (on purpose?) And has a ginormous bias... he is not totally wrong but far from right...
    One thing for sure cloud is here to stay and grow exponentially and it will take gaming with the question is more when/how fast, not if or if not...
    The only mistake MS could be doing would be to be too early but it's not like MS cloud infrastructure sole purpose was gaming so I ain't worried...
    He also forgets that some countries have widespread fiber optic home connections with no data caps at less that half a carton of cigarette a month... those same countries have phone plans for 4g soon to be 5g with unlimited data for less than 2 packs of cigarettes a month.... so foock yeah i'm using xCloud and my kids will before they get any handheld console and i'm far from the only one and it's not like the trend is going streaming will happen there is absolutely no doubt about that... nada none....