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Microsoft has everything it needs to succeed with consumers, except follow-through

Microsoft Store
Microsoft Store (Image credit: Microsoft)

The contrasting irony to Microsoft's history of failed consumer products is that the company has virtually everything it needs to succeed in the consumer space.

A baker can have a killer cake recipe, but without follow-through, the recipe is nothing more than an unfulfilled plan and promising idea. He may possess and may even proceed to mix the required ingredients in precise accordance with the recipe. He may pour that perfect mixture into an appropriately greased cake dish and may have also preheated the oven to the correct temperature for the exact length of time the recipe requires. But if he fails to follow through putting that pan into the oven, nothing more will come of it. He will forever possess a mixture that has the potential to become a cake.

Microsoft has created a promising mixture of consumer technology throughout its history. Sadly, the company doesn't seem to have the fire for the consumer space its rivals have. Consequently, the company appears to be in a perpetual cycle of talking about its recipes, letting us taste the batter but never applying the heat to make the products a consumer success. For companies to succeed in the consumer space, they must often be innovative, require massive financial resources for marketing, broad distribution channels and partnerships, and a strong and recognized brand. Microsoft has all of this; what it lacks is follow-through.

Microsoft CEO admits repeatedly abandoning consumers was a mistake

Microsoft is innovative

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update expands the Mixed Reality platform to span immersive VR and AR holograms.

Microsoft is a company with a history of pushing boundaries and making early investments in tech before it becomes "conventional wisdom." CEO Satya Nadella made this point in a recent GeekWire interview.

Things look like failures until they're not. They're very binary transitions because of these network effects in technology, so you have to be able to see things that are changing long before they are conventional wisdom. Take bets and then go after them in a strong way.

He admitted the company's investments in AI and mixed reality began under the tenure of his predecessors. Thus, Microsoft's 2015 introduction of its Mixed Reality strategy via the hardware, HoloLens, and platform, Windows Mixed Reality, was based on years of previous investment.

Until recently, the tech media has been more enamored with HoloLens than the holographic computing platform play Microsoft began executing in 2015. Sadly, Microsoft has been equally reserved with its messaging about holographic computing which will potentially affect the consumer and enterprise spaces. Windows Holographic API's are part of Windows 10, but relatively few developers have created WIndows holographic apps. Now with Apple's and Google's smartphone-focused ARKit and ARCore respectively, the stories around Microsoft's AR efforts are more often than not, about how they will be overshadowed by the competition in the consumer space.

Even without a consumer-focused HoloLens, Microsoft must market AR sooner than later

Far too often Microsoft sleeps its lead away

This is a familiar story. Microsoft was present on tablets and smartphones long before Apple and Google entered the fray. The current state of mobile doesn't reflect that head start, however. AI, machine learning, natural language procession and deep neural networks are also areas Microsoft has a strong history.

But other digital assistants built on that, and similar tech have established mindshare in the consumer space that Microsoft, even with 500 million Cortana-equipped Window 10 PCs is still struggling to achieve.

Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Apple's Siri and Samsung's Bixby's (with its leap to consumer appliances via Viv technology) will all likely overshadow Microsoft's Cortana in the consumer space long into the future. The Cortana-powered Harmon Kardon Invoke speaker follows Microsoft's Johnny-come-lately tradition which brought Cortana to smartphones after Siri and Google Now were established and familiar stalwarts on mobile.

Bill Gate's and Steve Ballmer paved the way for Nadella's AI and bots

Marketing, marketing, marketing

As a company valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars, Microsoft has enough capital to push any of its consumer efforts for the long haul. Consistent Windows 10 television ads are encouraging evidence that Microsoft can commit to aggressive marketing akin to what rivals Apple and Samsung execute. The company is more espoused to a marketing strategy that leans on marketing one product via the use of another per Corporate Marketing Officer Chris Capossela, however.

[Marketing] dollars spent around engagement can be effective, but .... product design is far more effective at getting people to be deeply engaged in your products. So... using our amazing innovation engineering resource pool to actually build marketing into our products... so that when you use one of our products it naturally leads you to use another one of our products.

Capossela acknowledges that as one of the world's most recognized brands focusing marketing dollars on acquiring customers is not Microsoft's strategy. He supported this argument with the fact that a simple announcement of the availability of Office for iOS and Android resulted in millions of downloads. That works for a known Microsoft branded product, but what about less visible products like Windows phones, HoloLens and augmented reality (AR) or Mixed Reality headsets?

Even without consumer-focused HoloLens, Microsoft must market AR sooner than later

With Mixed Reality is Microsoft changing its ways?

Under the leadership of Elizabeth Hamren, Microsoft has invested in an aggressive marketing strategy to promote its partners Mixed Reality headsets, and the company's mixed reality vision. It will be interesting to see just how aggressive and persistent these marketing efforts will be given Microsoft's history.

Will Microsoft have the stamina to push the products and technology long enough to establish mindshare and demand? Or will it abandon its efforts if results are not as immediate as desired? Sadly, Nadella has confessed to abandoning committed customers to pursue "the new shiny object." Let's hope nothing shines brighter than the still unproven area of Mixed Reality.

Fortunately, Microsoft has the partnership infrastructure to help it succeed. Though different products, like smartphones via carriers, face different distribution challenges, phone hardware requirements, lateness to the consumer space and limited marketing support contributed to Microsoft's failure in phones. Hopefully, Microsoft has learned from its mistakes.

So busy providing tools, Microsoft isn't using its resources

Ambient computing among consumers supported by AI, IoT and smart appliances are the future and Microsoft is virtually absent in that space. The company has failed to apply the required drive to consumer-facing products to establish its brand.

Microsoft's vision to provide the tools others use to create technology may be a double-edged sword severing it from the consumer market. Because the company's focus is "being a platform" it invests insufficient resources in its consumer products.

Sadly the company repeatedly steps into a consumer space with great products that excite core users, like Zune and Groove for music, Microsoft Band for wearables and Windows phone for mobile, but ultimately fails to deliver marketing to truly hit the mainstream. Those who embrace Microsoft products often love them. Microsoft doesn't have the fire, focus or passion for making these products more than a great mix of technology for a niche market, however. As insufficiently supported products they eventually die as self-fulfilling prophecies that achieved little consumer notoriety.

Microsoft can succeed with enterprise and consumers.

Rather than a hyper-focus on providing the tools others use to create technology, Microsoft should lead by example through demonstrating its use of its resources to develop, position, market and deliver on excellent consumer technology.

Microsoft has what it takes to be the platform company it strives to be and the consumer company it needs to be if it would only follow-through.

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • That's the one critical weakness. Achilles heels!
  • if Microsoft needs to learn something, they need to learn it from windows phone (from the beginning to the end).  no support, no marketing, failed promises, lies lies and lies and abandoning/stabbing consumers/fans in the back. 
  • it is clear that consumers/developers backed away from Microsoft's services and software. it is clear that support for UWP will decline (they didn't reach the promised windows 10 milestone), the same goes for groove, and windows phone fiasco. Heck, even office, surface and azure might be on the way. There are even companies that pulled their hands from Microsoft like GE, delta airlines and even NYPD. It's the LACK IF TRUST Microsoft that you created.
  • It's the lack of trust MICROSOFT'S CURRENT CEO has created.
    With Ballmer still in office noone would've suspected them to leave core or marquee product. Windows Mobile might have lost them money, but sometimes you gotta lose money to keep a relationship alive. I think it's almost impossible to quantify the loss in trust among consumers and developers Microsoft imbued upon themselves by abandoning Windows Mobile in money. More and more often I read that the current CEO has been pressured to these actions by activist shareholder groups. If that's right, he's an unbelievably weak CEO.
    By the way: This marks the first time I have to agree with Jason Ward. Strange things happen all the time...
  • On the W10M part, Nadella can't even say that MS did their best when they quit after less than 3 years and didn't bring all the features they first planned. It was said before they had the resources to make it good, but did not. Someone needs to seriously question the corporate people there why their big words in presentations are just empty ones and they can never persevere to achieve something
  • The GE deal will be a landmark for the enterprises to start migrating out of the Windows platform.  MS' killing off Windows mobile would threaten all their other business exept Cloud and Office.  Nadella is a Cloud guy.  He has no heart and will on expanding the Windows and devices business, especially the consumer sectors.  He should be replaced soon before it is too late.
  • Agree 100%. The failure to follow through on the promise not to abandon WM could be a deciding blow and keeping him around to unleash more potentially catastrophic blows is weak. If the stock is high but doom seeps into other sectors as indicated by NYPD then Microsoft might wake up to find they lost a lot more than the mobile market.
  • Right!  a few years ago, Nokia was doing so much marketing, that their windows phones were selling better than android or ios in many markets.  Then Microsoft acquired nokia, and ignored all that Nokia learned.  And thus yet another failure in the consumer market.  My prediction:  the Cortana powered speakers will be the next product to be abandoned - they are late to market, over priced, and not as functional as competitor products, and thus won't sell well, wont be supported well, and will die a slow death instead of getting the updates they really need to push them ahead.  
  • unfortunatley they saw windows phone's failure by the numbers (units sold) and didn't see it's success as an ecosystem. I wouldn't say more support but better would be the correct term from devs, more uwp apps more users more store revenue from apps, music, movies, office, onedrive, etc. look at whatsapp for example it's not even a uwp. one more thing is that microsoft didn't see windows phones secceed in the US and look what they are doing. making almost everything US only. good luck with that microsoft. there might be one thing Daniel or Jason or Zac can try to answer. if microsoft wants windows 10 to be one OS one platform. then why do they deal with it seperately (phone alone, pcs alone, xbox alone) when one of the platform categories doesn't succeed?
  • They only had a few commercials in the USA; the wedding one for the 1020 and a camera on on AT&T or Sprint, otherwise the Nokia one were oversees ava techies saw them on the internet. Overall in the Microsoft did nothing to promote the products after Ballmer left; Satya went on a killing spree with the exception of anything cloud!
  • What you said is 100% true. it's like microsoft doesn't have a marketing department anymore. I've only seen Microsoft's NFC ads nothing else. the wold is much bigger thatn NFL and guess what there's no store support from NFL. And OMG! you just reminded me about the funny wedding commercial that was hilarious I'm gonna watch it right now. Here is the link if any one wants to watch it.
  • Yes it´s a very sad story, Microsoft are sliding back out of the dance. They did a big mistake with all the stupid Lumia phones, all lot of cheap garbage. And all these cheap phones was only a extremely bad advertising, showing bad monitors and slow processors.
    All these cheap Lumia phones was a extremely big mistake. Instead they needed two high end devices, devises for enterprise and consumers.
    They only needed these high end devices / a Surface phone /and this way put everything together in ONE. What people want, is a completely system, all in ONE hanging together, Surface all the way.
    Believe me, they will loose a lot of customers, even they try to make the software for Android and Apple. It was a big mistake to kick all consumers away, we are all consumers, also the people in big enterprises.
    The next problem for Microsoft, everything take years, and the high tech train is running fast, but Microsoft can follow the speed.
    Who want buy a device from Microsoft, less and less people, we know they will drop us tomorrow, and we stay alone back with Android or Apple.
    The last thing, these devices starts to be much to expensive, and when you cant trust Microsoft as a partner and stable supplier, you choose different suppliers from beginning - Android or Apple.
    Monday we will order 4 new Samsung 8 Note, as a beginning.
    One of them will buy Microsoft, only because of the software, just wait few years.
    For our self, we will in the future change everything - Android and Samsung, it works well. Huawei could be another player, but I think Samsung is a good choice, they develop fast and make top devices. Goodbye to all Surface, Xbox and Windows devices from here.
    Nadella was a huge mistake. Let us get Balmer back, quick.
    And with Nadella the shares will soon go to half, it will run like a big fire when it starts, just wait and look at it. People who is a little bit smart will sell all shares - asap.
    His management is on the short terms, not what they need, on the long run.
    Best regards from a very loyal supporter for 20 years, but sometime enough is enough.  
  • "Nadella the shares will soon go to half" Umm. Umm. Umm. Microsoft's share price is going through the roof, not the floor. "very loyal supporter for 20 years" I feel for you. I really do. You've tied your personal identity to a for-profit company run on behalf of share holders. Microsoft made its money on software. That's not a particularly lucrative field to be in anymore. Mobile is where it's at and Apple and Android own mobile's operating systems. Microsoft is naturally going to focus its efforts where it gets the best return for its money--the cloud. You, as a loyal supporter, are not particularly lucrative. Chances are you don't own a host of Surface devices which means your profitability to Microsoft is low. If you're looking for a company who will be loyal to you, look to Apple. Apple customers are profitable to Apple, and, as such Apple works hard to keep them happy. Look at Apple's extremely high retention rates. Apple users are generally happy with Apple's products and services (much more so than Dell, HP, customers etc.), enough so that they're prepared to pay top dollar to access them.
  • I couldn't agree with you more!! (Former Windows phone owner)
  • If MS wants to succeed in the consumer market MS must create a separate division that's sole purpose is to excite, inform, place, promote, and sale the consumer products MS makes.. This would be beyond just a marketing division. This would house the marketing division. This division would not only push MS's products on consumers, this division would push MS to move faster, in the right directions, target every demographic tactfully, and push MS to refresh product ranges more consistently. This division would be at the front of the company. This is the division that would set the tone for consumer perception, and knowledge, about every consumer facing product. This division would be be the face of MS.
  • It isn't that complicated. Microsoft needs to build great products. Period. They have no problems getting product into people's hands. The issue they have is getting people to love and use said products. Word of mouth spreads fast. If Microsoft had a superior product that excited people, it would get noticed and people would adopt it. Microsoft doesn't have many superior products. Most of them are quite mediocre and late to market. That is a recipe for disaster.
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  • I know you can't justify your poor arguments for Microsoft's failure. Every time you post this silly idea that Microsoft products failed because of marketing, I will respond with the truth. People see and try Microsoft's products. Microsoft has no issues getting products into people's hands, they aren't some unknown startup. They just need to make great products. There is a ton of competition these days. Mediocre experiences aren't going to cut it.
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  • You are a complete moron.
  • "Yes, it's like that. The only reason I come here is to talk about MS/Windows related topics.. Your unwanted advances have nothing to do with MS, Windows, or anything most men here care to talk about." I'll bite. What were you doing last night? It seems like it must've been some good stuff :). Or, are you trying (unsuccessfully) to illustrate Microsoft's marketing strategy?
  • No, they have problems getting the product into people's hand. Maybe not in the USA but in other countries we can't get MS products. Most of MS products and services only available in the USA. The first thing they have to do is make every product and service available globally, so they will have a chance to sell their products.
  • @Burhan "No, they have problems getting the product into people's hand." They really don't have a problem getting products into people's hands. They are everywhere there are profits to be made and that's not globally! There's little money to be made "globally". Premium products are where Microsoft's consumer profit margins are at and premium products aren't going to drive major profits outside of the developed markets. If Microsoft can't make its mark in the marketplace of developed countries, how do you think it's going to fare in places where people (by-and-large) cannot afford their products? Consider two "similar" economies like Canada and India. They have the same GDP. They're both geographically quite large (Canada is only 3 times larger). But--and here's the difference--India has 36 times the population at 1.25 billion people vs. Canada's 35 million. In theory, a company could earn a similar amount off both countries since they have the same GDP. However, to Microsoft's bottom line Canada is likely a much more profitable place to be in terms of short and medium term ROI. You have to reach far fewer people in terms of marketing and outreach, and, when you do, those people have orders of magnitude more disposable income. Sure, in 20 years you could start earning more in India, but, 20 years is two lifetimes in the world of tech.
  • Exactly. If they cannot penetrate the US market, where not only disposable income is high but developers also value, then how can they ever convince people in other countries to buy their products? Marketing is important, but it won't make a difference if you don't have a desirable product. Marketing is really easy when you have a great product to sell. It is really have when you don't.
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  • Honestly, I never paid much attention to who made the post. I just look at the content. I guess your content is regularly incorrect and requires some push back.
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  • Great idea! Whether or not they read these boards and use your thoughts is another thing, but excellent idea none the kess. It's sort of like a "Shared Services Division" like some multinational companies do/use to keep the said multinational company on track, moving forward to the collective goal.
  • Well, actually it's more like "Microsoft", and "the company who knows how to run MS"
  • The headline says it all. I think Microsoft gets stuck in the, "this newly released product to consumers, is old news to us." Because they've been developing it for so long, its become old to them. It's a typical creators dilemma. They need to realize that their new products are new to us, and push them with advertising long after they are tired of them. This problem is obvious as they keep saying they are chasing the next bend in the curve, while neglecting the here and now. They need a phone now, with today's technology, even while they are chasing the next best phone technology, that no one has yet. They may actually have a very innovative, forward looking device, that will be copied and reiterated within six months of release. There is no jump in innovation that won't be copied very quickly. Trust that the next device will be better than the current device is what is important. Not, will this device even be viable in a year, and will there be something to replace it that is better? Microsoft has seriously messed up their most important asset. Customer trust. Consumers are people. The enterprise is run by people. Microsoft needs to learn that no matter what demographic they target, they are dealing with people. Humans who go to work in the enterprise, are the same humans who are consumers after work. Why is this so hard to understand? 
  • At this point I think they don't care. They just want to have the patents and profit from others using their ideas. Microsoft makes billions each year from patents alone.
  • @SaschaDr "I think they don't care". That is true. Microsoft is making money hand-over-fist. They're doing things right. Just because they're not a particularly successful consumer goods company doesn't mean they're not a successful computer company.
  • Upvote on the title Jason!
  • No. Follow through does not solve the negative connotation the company has, follow through or not. Example was on Friday night Bill Mahrs show, the 'new rules' included a section about Russian based social media use in 2016 and had a line saying one post could be shared out so 'millions of fb and Twitter users would see it. And one guy on Bing.' Got huge laughs. Microsoft to consumers is a joke. There was also the zune joke at the end of Guardians 2. But it goes back a long way. Has nothing to do with what's happened in last 5 years. The rep was here years before. It was built as an institution with the Mac vs PC campaign. Those forever branded MS as not cool and buy other companies instead. MS is looked on as the joke company that tries to imitate others. Whether true or not doesn't matter. Fans have been gnashing teeth that MS gave up on consumers when the fact is MS just woke up to the fact that when it comes to personal computing the West esp US simply stopped desiring anything with the name MS in front of it when they learned they didn't need it.
  • Microsoft invented Windows Hello before Apple and Google, today the iPhone X's best features is Face authentication also Augmented reality was pioneered by Hololens which is a Microsoft idea, Cortana is much better than Siri or Google or Amazon assistant, unfortunately Microsoft isnt selling a speaker But the technology is there, is just a matter of upper management initiative to think in Microsoft as a consumer first Company
  • There were phones with facial recognition and iris scanners years before Windows Hello.
  • 100 %agree
  • Going back to the Nokia days when here city lens had augmented reality and MSFT took over and the features went. Nokia and carl Zeiss we leading the way in camera tech and again MSFT came and messed that up. As soon as the Nokia was replaced with MSFT on the Lumia devices all good features were stripped off and Satya did everything in his power not to invest in the platform. MSFT wants to blame developers yet they spent all the time developing apps for other platforms. Imagine if they invested half the effort in office, and all other apps on ios and android on their own platform. Do what apple has done make apps for wp and force people to come to you instead of going to them  
  • They tried that for years. It didn't work. They didn't start seriously making apps for Android until 2015. WP was beyond dead by then.
  • The biggest problem really though is that when Microsoft had their most positive public image for the brand, it wasn't to the general public. It was through nerds like me who built our pcs to play games and used DOS 5.0 then moved to windows 3.11 and it blew our minds. And our families used the same pc for house productivity.  But pc's were still largely bought by whoever was the 'tech' person in the house, and it stayed that way for all of their other consumer products. Then the IPod was released, marketed specifically NOT to technical people. And it all went down hill from there. By the time those same people were being shown that the 'Mac' was cool and "PC" was a stodgy nerd several times a night on network tv in the mid 2000s, it was all over. That's what the general public believed going foward. Want proof? The saga of the windows phone retail experience is your proof.  
  • I've been singing that same song and dance for years. Miscrosoft should have fired their in house advertising V.P.'s, as well as their advertising companies years ago. I had a Zune, and absolutely loved it, and today I still use Bing!. Yes, they are a joke when it comes to consumer use, but in no way are they a joke in the enterprise market, although with the recent exodus of companies, they could certainly be headed that way. What they (Microsoft) fails to see, are 1: Cradle to the Grave is very real, 2: What technology you use at work / school greatly influences what technology you use at home. The cloud services that MSFT offers to enterprise, and in part to consumers, are huge profit centers. In the real world, those that hold the data rule, and MSFT seems to, no, is, embracing that at the expense of not only consumer, but to an extent enterprise, as I mentioned above. Products such as Windows, and Office will suffer too in the long run. 
  • Yeah but Bing market share has grown steadily and is now an extremely profitable business for MS in the US. So old fart Bill Maher can make all his corny jokes, but Bing is making bank and Cortana is basically just Bing with a voice. Everyone using the Windows 10 search box/Cortana is already using Bing.   I would agree about just slapping the name MS in front of products like MS Band. People don't associate MS with Fitness category so it makes no sense. However I think the Zune brand and braiding was good. If MS had spent more on marketing, not given up and most importantly identified the specific consumer base they could target that was unique from iTunes then I think Zune might've been successful. The Xbox and Surface are examples of how MS can build successful consumer brands, but it takes commitment, enormous marketing, good branding and understanding who the audience is for the brand.
  • But what 'specific consumer base' are you talking about? That would have been us. The big problem is after Apple converted the non-technical people, they needed MORE than us. They already got us to buy Zune - I had one the first week.  But 'normals' were the real key, and lets face it, looking back at the 2000's to today, MS just never revirbrated with them. Yes, if they had had better marketing back in 2003-2008 they would have been much better positioned, but I'll also submit the co-conspirator here -  Intel. Microsoft had lots of interesting mobile pc/tablet ideas. All flopped with everyone but business because Intel could never figure out the power/battery equation to make the things usable for normal people. They never really cared about anything other than the PC. And now they're hurting almost as much.  
  • The "Zune Joke" at the end of Guardians 2 is not just a joke, it's establishing the story arc of Guardians 3. The soundtrack for Guardians 3 will be a message in a bottle from Yondu to Peter, delivered via Zune.
  • 1. Spoilers aren't cool. 2. Doesn't matter - the impact of the joke is they are using 'ancient' earth technology that no one else wanted. The very fact that they can just float the name out and it becomes the joke is the problem. Once people view your company and its products as a joke, you're not ever getting it back. You can spend billions on ads. Your brand to the general public is tainted.
  • Yep, MS is becoming a laughing stock. Well done Naddy, now you can write a book about how not to run a company. That would be the first honest thing you've come out with.
  • Jason, what about Microsoft being ahead of the curve?
  • Their vision of Mobile is and was ahead of the curve. Poor execution sadly undercut a great vision.
  • Poor LEADERSHIP....there fixed that for you Jason.  It's all about the LEADERSHIP.  
  • Thanks for fixing that, I was just about to hit the auto correct key 😁. It's time for Satya, Terry, and Joe you go! All in favor say I.
  • @OMG65 Did you just not read where Microsoft's worth cloud based vision has propel Microsoft’s market value to $600 billion?  Highest ever!  The board nor investers will be getting rid of Satya anytime soon.  Sadly.  With the departure of Delta and GE this gives credence to me the the Surface brand might go belly-up in two or three years.  I hope not.  But the Surface hardware doesn't have a role in the Cloud so it might be time to file 13 them.
  • There is a window of opportunity here. Both Apple and Google are having a bad time with their phones, among other things.
  • Yea, but MS are having a bad time with their CEO so not much chance of them taking up the baton.
  • Microsoft should create one enterprise company, and one consumer company. Those companys should go to the mother company for engineering tasks, and do their own ads. As long as they try to hit those two markets with the same type of marketing, they are doomed, at least in one of the markets, at present time that is the consumer market. And they should aknowledge that they are a global company, and treat at least the bigger markets in the same way. As an example, Cortana dosen't really work outside the US.
  • Boy, this certainly took some thought to put together this article. Well thought out, well stated and alas, will never be read or seen by the people in MS that could make a difference.
  • They'll see it if they read tube tweets I send them. Check @OMG55
  • Its not too late, Android AOSP is good choice to pick up as a mobile platform, Microsoft needs to setup Windows Android store powered by Azure cloud infrastructure so Developers can push their Apps into this store  Second, we need A Surface Android phablet which supports Windows Ink, Windows Hello on Android, Virtual Reality and supports Continuum applications like Office, OneDrive, Outlook, One Note, etc Third we need a Cortana speaker which serves as a Home hub for Internet of things 
  • I'd rather not have a Win-Droid anything thanks, Microsoft already have an OS they can use so they don't NEED Android.
  • Windows Mobile will never get enough developers support is time to stop wasting Microsoft money and resources on a failed platform 
  • It's not the platform that failed it was the company behind the platform. Just last week another Apple Phone user told me how cool my L650 was and how they wished their phone had a start screen like that.
  • @bebochek,  ANNNNNNDDDDDD here is another.  Unfortunately,  The app situation and wearables destroyed any chance of windows mobile being a viable option for MANY people.  I pic