Microsoft has lots of ideas for the name of its new 2015 IT conference

Microsoft reportedly has a lot of ideas for the name of its revamped IT conference, which will be held in Chicago from May 4-8, and is reportedly sending a list of those ideas to a select number of customers and partners to get their input.

ZDNet, via unnamed sources, got a hold of the short list of names that could be used for the conference, which will merge the content from Microsoft's TechEd, Microsoft Management Summit, SharePoint, Project, Lync and Exchange events. Here is the list:

  • Microsoft Current
  • Microsoft Co:
  • Microsoft Forsee
  • Microsoft 4C
  • Microsoft GO
  • Microsoft Tomorrow
  • Microsoft Spark
  • Microsoft Unity

This event might also take over from Microsoft's TechEd Europe conference in 2015, but the company has yet to confirm if that will indeed happen. Microsoft previously indicated that more information on the new IT event will be revealed in September. Microsoft still plans to hold its Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, Florida in July 2015 and the company will also hold a BUILD conference for developers next year, but a specific data and location have yet to be revealed.

Which name on Microsoft's short list do you prefer for the new IT conference?

Source: ZDNet

  • MS Go!
  • All the names suck pretty much. I still find "Build" much better. They should explore more names.
  • Just stick with TechEd...
  • I think MS-Unity and MS-Spark are good names and one of them should be used by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Softcon
  • Like Gamescon
  • It's actually GamescoM.
  • Microsoft Unity
  • Unity3D :D
  • Anime conference?
  • Microsoft GO
  • Microsoft One IT :D
  • Ms go.
  • Microsoft tomorrow
  • Microsoft Soon
  • Microsoft Yesterday :P
  • Mcrosoft The Day After Tomorrow! :)
  • Micosoft Catch Up
  • Microsoft Ketchup is much better
  • With mayonnaise :P
  • LOL
  • Microsoft Faster :P
  • Microsoft Beta
  • Microsoft The More The Merrier
  • Microsoftly please
  • Microsoft Macrohard
  • One Microsoft Annual IT Conference BETA.
  • ONE MS
  • OneSoft
  • Surely its just One Microsoft or Microsoft One
  • Microsoft SparkEd.....
  • Give me windows 9!
  • Go to hell it's available there as beta for Windows9
  • Microsoft DO IT
  • Microsoft tomorrow! Most inspiring in my opinion.
  • The Microsoft E-Merge Conference.
  • Yeah too bad they dont have lots of ideas to increase WP market share or stop the decline.   Lol we are going the way of Blackberry. 2014 is the year of decline 2015 is the extinction   MS Extinction
  • All terrible. I'd name it "Microsoft Soon..."
  • MS Unity!
  • Microsoft Tomorrow
    or Microsoft Forsee
    or Microsoft Current Microsoft GO, Spark, 4C and Co are awful or I don't understand something (like is GO an abbreviation of something?) Disclaimer: I'm not a native speaker :)
  • Micronokia
  • You can't use the name of an independent company.
  • Microsoft unity :D
  • Microsoft Keep Trying?
  • Wouldn't use any of these names...
  • Exactly, keep trying.
  • OneConference.
  • None of the names are appealing..... no wonder their marketing isn't upto scratch for most of their products lol. Having said that, If I had to choose from that list I would shortlist Microsoft Tomorrow / Microsoft Spark. Personaly I would say leave it at TechEd however if it had to be renamed perhaps Microsoft Foresight.
  • Microsoft tomorrow
  • What is it with Microsoft lately and focusing so much on the name of things, who actually cares about that?
  • Microsoft Unicorn
    Microsoft Open Sesame
    Microsoft Nextt
  • MS's effort would be much better applied to naming it's products, branding and marketing than a conference.
  • MS Tomorrowland
  • Build is better
  • This has nothing to do with BUILD.  BUILD is for developers and will still happen.  This is to merge all the IT-focused conferences.
  • Ms Go.
  • Just use Microsoft... Simple and clean
  • They already use Convergence, which is really nice, for the Dynamics products convention (am awesome event if you're in that market, by the way).
  • Yeah I like convergence. Tech ed was cool but jumped around alot
  • They should call it One Microsoft.
  • That's a good idea.
  • >too soon
    to be thinking about changing the name again. I had taken a fancy calling it BUILD.
  • BUILD is for developers. This is for IT and it combines multiple summits / conferences into one. They are more IT related. Whatever they call it, it will be a riot.
  • i feel this would be better <code>
  • This conference has nothing to do with coding. The fewer developers that show up, the better.
  • Microsoft unity
  • Microsoft betability
  • From that list, considering that it is a combination of multiple conferences, Unity is the stand out.
  • Microsoft Unity!
  • MS spark conference
  • Not sure if Canonical would appreciate Microsoft using the Unity name for a conference.
  • I hope I get cyan for my icon before then :P
  • Microsoft Spark
  • I like it as //BUILD/
  • This is not replacing BUILD.   BUILD is for developers.  This is only for IT Professionals (sys admins, IT managers, etc.)..  I like GO the best, though I'm sure there are better options not listed here.
  • Microsoft One (BETA)
  • How about something without the name Microsoft in it.
  • MS Go!
  • Microsoft Unity
  • Microsoft: 4th Quarter, Next Year
  • OneTech!
  • silly sounding. Like a damn sailor. So, what can we really expect.
  • OneDirtyDouchbag...ftw
  • Microsoft One.
  • MS Touch
  • Microsoft Ignite
  • Microsoft Universe
  • They will all be improved with this regular expression: s/^Microsoft //