Microsoft holding Windows Phone event in NYC on Nov 7th--we'll be there

Looks like Microsoft will have a big day on November 7th as a new "invite only" flyer is making the rounds. The invite promises a "backstage" event with Windows Phone celebs Andy Lees, Joe Belfiore and we hear even Brand Watson will be there in addition to a "host of partners".

While we can't share what Microsoft has planned exactly, we can tell you that WPCentral has an invite, meaning what ever happens, we'll be there covering it as only the best Windows Phone site can. But seeing as the focus (pun alert!) is on AT&T devices, perhaps we'll be seeing that carrier announcing some release dates and prices.

What's more, November 7th is also the same night as that NYC Windows Phone party for the public. Coincidence? Certainly not. Of course, we'll be there too covering that event, so if you're attending, make sure you say "hi".

via: Pocketnow

Daniel Rubino

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  • AT&T baby!
  • Invite only worries me a little bit. I think MS is just going to show off their current wares and don't plan on announcing anything new. NOKIA Y U NO SHOW FLAGSHIP AMERICAN PHONE!!!
  • I agree with you, don't expect releasing anything.
  • It's going to be new phone for AT&T! Can't wait to be able to walk into a AT&T store and do some comparisons!
  • SKYPEE???!!!1111!!oneone!Who knows.
  • yup: "we ll looking FORWARD to seeing you there." plus all three devices sport a ffc. could very well happen. On the other hand the tango app was already said to be available starting november 9th.
  • Kinda funny to see the location greyed-out...hmmmm...let's see if we can deduce this......New the middle of...hmmmmmm......One of three places, Sherlock:Central ParkTimes SquareHerald SquareHey - I've got an idea: let's flash mob the event! LOLEverybody bring an iPhone (yours or a friends...doesn't matter) and a hammer...Techiedude
  • It's going to be in Herald Square actually... Not that it's any better. I avoid all three like the plague.
  • That AT&T logo still bothers me!!! I'm getting the Titan next but that darn AT&T logo needs to go. Why can't they put it on the back of the phone like the iPhone or the Nexus S.
  • I had the pleasure of visiting both a Microsoft store and a large AT&T store this past weekend. I asked both, specifically, about the HTC Titan and when that might be available. The gentleman at the Microsoft store gave me a look and let me know that he did not know what the release date would be. He then said, with a wink and a nod, that I should come back in November, if I caught his drift. Drift caught, I headed to the AT&T store. There, a wonderful (and surprisingly knowledgable) saleswoman told me that she, too, could not share an official release date with me before explaining, with a wink and a nod, that AT&T releases new hardware on the second Sunday of every month. These two pieces of data, coupled with the invitation above, make it pretty clear that an event on November 7th would line up very nicely with a November 13th launch date.November 13th. AT&T. HTC Titan. Boom.
  • I love it was a "knowledgable" sales person. AT&T is rumored to be looking at WP as a way to set itself apart from Verizon and Sprint and has been very active in preparing some serious push for thes three (maybe a Mokia makes 4?) devices.And I dig your detective work. Very, very sneaky. Kinda respect that....
  • Also, the invite has the word "big" in a different color, so they might be hinting at the size of the titan as well. Might be a stretch though.
  • GOD DAMN IT. Was seriously hoping it came out next week...
  • Don't care unless Verizon and Sprint are in attendance. Where are the CDMA devices? Seriously...this is getting old
  • Would it be too much of a stretch to suggest that maybe, just maybe, they may announce Nokia's US device then? That would be pretty epic, any way you slice it.
  • I actually scored an invite to the Windows Phone event that night in NYC. They text me a cool QR code for my ticket. Really looking forward to playing with the next generation devices. Also looking forward to meeting @Malatesta77 and the rest of the WPCentral gang. BTW I share the frustration that Verizon has yet to hint a a new second gen device. However, my Trophy is just as solid and even more beautiful than the day I un-boxed it in May. The event should be a blast!!
  • there's an Insider Party on November 8th also.