Microsoft hosting 'Mango' event, will feature ‘wall of live tiles’

We just got word that Microsoft is sending out some invites to developers regarding the Live Tile in their apps. In short, Microsoft is looking to host a 'Mango' event (possibly TechEd 2011) and they want a big 'ol wall of Live Tiles to show off to the crowd. Sounds a bit similar to the 'Developer Wall' at MIX11 recently, though this would obviously be digital with the Live Tiles in action. From the email:

I am reaching out to you to gauge your interest in having your app participate in an upcoming ‘Mango’ event. If you are interested in participating, please reply by Thursday of this week (April 28, 2011); we will need to receive the files by noon PDT on Thursday, May 4.As a Windows Phone developer, you are likely aware that we unveiled the developer platform for the next major release of the Windows Phone, codenamed ‘Mango’. We have an upcoming event where we would like to feature your app as part of a ‘wall of live tiles’ display to highlight the interactivity of the Windows Phone. For this display, we will be using a series of three screens, side-by-side, to create a single logical screen that demonstrates a subset of WP7 app live tile in action. The live tiles on the screens will update at a relatively frequent pace, providing the experience of live tiles in action.If you have an app (or apps) that you want to include in this live tile display, please respond to this email by Thursday (April 28, 2011) just so I know you are interested. Then, upload the ZIP file (described above) no later than noon (PDT) on Thursday, May 4th using the following:I realize this is short notice but this opportunity has just come up and I want to extend the opportunity to you to show off your Live Tile vision at the event.

Sounds like a cool idea and although we probably just ruined Microsoft's plan for a surprise with a cool display (sorry guys!), we're still interested to see what it'll look like. Also, it sounds like there will be more of the 'Mango events' coming up on the road to release, which makes sense--during this time we expect to hear about new features as they become locked in to the milestone builds.

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Daniel Rubino

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