Microsoft hosting Mixed Reality Dev Days 2020 in May

HoloLens 2 with phone
HoloLens 2 with phone (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Mixed Reality Dev Days take place May 16-17.
  • The event gives developers a chance to learn new skills, attend sessions, and more.
  • Mixed Reality Dev Days will also be held in Japan and Germany this year.

Updated May 7, 2020: Microsoft moved the dates for Mixed Reality Dev Days to May 21-22 and changed the event to a digital event within AltspaceVR. You can read more about the new dates and event here.

Microsoft announced the dates for this year's Mixed Reality Dev Days today. The developer event will take place in Redmond, Washington, on May 16-17. The event is also set to go on tour with dates in Germany and Japan later in 2020.

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Microsoft's Mixed Reality Dev Days give developers a chance to attend sessions, learn new skills, and learn from other developers. It will also be interesting to see if Microsoft has any more news to share on its mixed reality efforts at the event. The company has been relatively quiet on mixed reality recently, apart from the launch of HoloLens 2 last year

The event takes place right before Build 2020, Microsoft's biggest developer event of the year, which will run May 19-21 in Seattle, Washington.

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