Microsoft inviting UK fans to private Facebook page for special treatment

If you are a fan of Microsoft and their products, it looks like some of you may have a new avenue to not only share that feeling but help the company too.

Special invites are reportedly going out to UK Facebook members asking them to apply to a new program for fans of Microsoft. The purpose of the program is a little more nuanced, however, as those accepted will get some favorable treatment from the software maker:

"We're looking for people who think of themselves as fans of Microsoft products and services for a new, fan-focused set of activities we've created for the UK. People who are accepted onto this programme will get access to a hidden Facebook group and will get opportunities to work with us more closely, be updated more regularly, and generally given the fan treatment!"

To join the Facebook page users who were invited to apply need to write an email that is "100 words or fewer" about "what you like about Microsoft products or services". If accepted, Microsoft will get back to you in a short time.

The new program seems to be one of many outreach adventures by the company to keep fans and loyalists happy during the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile transition.

In the past, we have seen programs whereby users received a Lumia 950 and Display Docks in exchange for feedback on the phone and OS. All of this appears to be a continuation of the feedback loop philosophy of Windows 10 where the OS itself prompts users for opinions on features and design. All of that crowdsourced data goes back to Redmond with the aim of further refining Microsoft products.

No word if this program will expand to other regions. Note: We're not sharing the email address to apply as not to undermine Microsoft's preselection process.

Thanks, Steve E., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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