Microsoft Insiders being sent Lumia 950s and Display Docks for feedback on Continuum

For the last few weeks we have been reporting on the Insider program for Windows 10 Mobile expanding to hardware and today we have more information about it.

Letters are being sent to those Insiders who have had heavy participation with Insider feedback that they can grab a Lumia 950 (or Lumia 950 XL) along with a Microsoft Display Dock and Actiontec wireless adapter (for wireless Continuum).

The letter goes on to ask for a few sentences on the candidate's "perception of Continuum" and "how you would describe Continuum to a friend." Those who reply with the "You can count on me!" will be sent the hardware about 10-14 days after the response email.

The goal of the program seems to be putting Microsoft's newest hardware in the hands of user's who are the most committed to honest feedback to the company. Microsoft is looking for insights from users on what they like, what they don't like and what they would like to see and that includes how to market Continuum to the masses.

We suppose this is also a good 'thank you' to those Insiders who took the time to respond to the Insider requests offering criticism and praise where warranted.

Interestingly, the program sounds different than the 'Create together' one, which spoke more to creating new Windows Phones:

"Let's do the amazing. Let's create something empowering. It's time to 'Create Together'. Imagine being a part of the making of a device of your choices, your colours, your design, your wishes. A device created with your vision, built by a Microsoft partner a device that will empower you to do more and tell your story, your way. A device made from thoughtful choices of a select few like you."

That program sounds akin to Motorola's where you can customize your phone. Microsoft, however, has been quiet about what that letter meant.

What do think of these ideas? Is Microsoft doing the right thing? Let us know in comments.

Via: Reddit

Daniel Rubino

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