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Microsoft Insiders being sent Lumia 950s and Display Docks for feedback on Continuum

For the last few weeks we have been reporting on the Insider program for Windows 10 Mobile expanding to hardware and today we have more information about it.

Letters are being sent to those Insiders who have had heavy participation with Insider feedback that they can grab a Lumia 950 (or Lumia 950 XL) along with a Microsoft Display Dock and Actiontec wireless adapter (for wireless Continuum).

The letter goes on to ask for a few sentences on the candidate's "perception of Continuum" and "how you would describe Continuum to a friend." Those who reply with the "You can count on me!" will be sent the hardware about 10-14 days after the response email.

The goal of the program seems to be putting Microsoft's newest hardware in the hands of user's who are the most committed to honest feedback to the company. Microsoft is looking for insights from users on what they like, what they don't like and what they would like to see and that includes how to market Continuum to the masses.

We suppose this is also a good 'thank you' to those Insiders who took the time to respond to the Insider requests offering criticism and praise where warranted.

Interestingly, the program sounds different than the 'Create together' one, which spoke more to creating new Windows Phones:

"Let's do the amazing. Let's create something empowering. It's time to 'Create Together'. Imagine being a part of the making of a device of your choices, your colours, your design, your wishes. A device created with your vision, built by a Microsoft partner a device that will empower you to do more and tell your story, your way. A device made from thoughtful choices of a select few like you."

That program sounds akin to Motorola's where you can customize your phone. Microsoft, however, has been quiet about what that letter meant.

What do think of these ideas? Is Microsoft doing the right thing? Let us know in comments.

Via: Reddit

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Wild guess: US Only?
  • They sent the survey to Insiders all around the world. In fact, the letter above mentions in the footer which region the user is in, and which language they speak, as per their resposnes on the survey. So my guess is that this is not region specific. 
  • Maybe
  • Probably. :-( We don't seem to have the dock in South Africa yet anways, but at least we have the phones! You never know though, maybe they suprise us and its worldwide :-)  
  • It's based on the survey they sent a select group of Mobile Insiders a few weeks ago. Which to my understanding was recieved by users globally.  Don't worry, there's a shortage on docks in the US, too. Mine is back ordered until January. My guess is that these Insiders are receiving docks from a special reserve, that was previously set aside. 
  • Yea I'm guessing so it's two docks a wireless one too. It says it should be here before Christmas, and the rest are backorder to then at earliest right now
  • My free dock from the 950XL offer just shipped tonight.  I registered for it on 11/27 because it kept erroring out for me on 11/26.
  • yes i recieved the survey in Canada, so not just USA.
  • I still cant get stock of the 950xl in south africa. Carriers like MTN are now saying they will definitely get stock next week
  • MTN always says that they are getting stock the following week. I once kept going weekly because they kept saying this and only got my phone 1¹/₂ months later
  • I'd bet on it. It's Microsoft after all.
  • A reply that sounds like : It's DJCBS after all ;)  
  • Haha
  • Glad I met expectations. Unlike certain companies which shall remain namely nameless, I don't like to have dissatisfied customers ;P
  • Yeah, Nokia and Sony are so disappointing.
  • Dear Lord, I can't imagine the bottomless pit in which Microsoft Mobile is in your chart then...
  • This is hoping you'll never get it. You can switch to NokiaOS, and leave Windows completely. We will never missed you. Whatever happens, live continues. Wailer who hates Microsoft, but can't live a day without Microsoft.
  • He doesn't hate Microsoft, he's disappointed with Windows Mobile. As are many of us. We still own Windows laptops and Xbox consoles which are better products. Posted from my Note 5
  • Don't overreact. And don't try to link technology choices with life.
  • By the time you had replied, others had already replied confirming it's not U.S.-only.
  • sad face
  • Had this feedback for continuum: Windows-Feedback:?contextid=360&feedbackid=d1d00f50-c54e-40c4-863b-f95bb444a5d3&form=2&src=2
  • Thumbs up!!
  • Wow! Amazing! Will these Insiders get to keep the phone and accessories?
  • No mention of renting it says giving us these devices strictly for promoting and testing continuum I'm guessing wirelessly and docked, I'm hoping this means we will be first to test Xbox streaming via dock and 950s
  • That's awesome! Glad MS is doing this for those who have been extremely helpful with feedback.
  • Agreed, its a great way to say thanks and keep fans on their side. I always try to contribute but my efforts are nothing compared to what some of these people put in... Well deserved.
  • I regret not spamming the feedback app now lol I thought it was quality over quantity so only submitted maybe 15 bits of feedback since the insider program launched, to be fair, they were awesome ;) still other than the camera I'm surprised at how happy I am with my new 640. Should last me until July when I can finally get my 950XL
  • You shouldn't because I didn't I think diagnostics might play a part but I was vocal on a few things
  • You shouldn't because I didn't I think diagnostics might play a part but I was vocal on a few things
  • Where do they get the address? Can't remember giving mine.
  • It was in the last survey they sent, they mail u the letter so they already know the address
  • If you received the Mobile Insider survey a few weeks back (only a handful of users did), it requested your address. 
  • It most certainly did I found it strange, but I'm glad I gave it now.
  • only a handful? I got that email and completed the survey but seeing as i have a 950 already i wonder if they take that into account also?   obviously at this point i will not be installing the insiders app on my brand new 950 but will continue to on my older 1020.   I really hope they send me this letter then send me the XL beast! :)
  • Thank you Mohamed
  • I bet some people wish they had actually left feedback instead of swooping onto new builds like a crack-fiending hawk, spamming their grievances across all of WindowsCentral, and generally everywhere except the Insider app.
  • haha, maybe the next beta will have less of that thanks to this :P
  • Yes, but the next round will also have a million ppl bit*4ing about how they left feedback but didn't get a free phone out of it.
  • I tried to use the feedback app, but as anything Microsoft it is region locked. I could see only feedbacks with like two digits votes, nothing in English, and all of them seemingly neglected by Microsoft. and since the 950 is not available here yet, I'm pretty sure I never had a chance.
  • Hahahahah
  • I was too excited when I received my letter, wasn't expecting a phone but hopefully I get the xl
  • when did you receive the letter?
  • Gof mine yesterday
  • do you live in the US? because i'm living in Germany
  • I got mine Monday and I live in the US on the east coast
  • Can you keep it? Or do you have to give it back?
  • Hmmmm....what about those of us that have bought every device Microsoft has made for the past 20 years.
  • This was something "Special", for a select group of Mobile Insiders. The goal seems to be to use these "super Insiders" to further develop certain parts of Windows Mobile. Not really meant as a gift, so much as an oportunity to further provide feedback. 
  • Was more sarcasm.... Gets missed alot in text.
  • Buying their devices isn't as helpful as providing valuable feedback. ;)
  • Yea doubt it happens often but it's the only way to be sure they have the tech to test new features
  • Man, if he's been here that long he's provided over a decade of feedback... If he's on here he's no average consumer... Dude deserves a feedback device.
  • Don't be jelly.
  • No, you're right! We've been here since the beginning, providing major feedback... We helped shape this OS since WinPhone 7.0.. Not counting WinMo, but some of us have been here since then as well....
  • WMExperts represent
  • What's the big deal? They already sent me a 950XL and a dock. All I needed to do was give them $600 :)
  • Lol
  • So, it's a physical snail mail letter. How does MS know Windows Insider physical addresses? I do not remember giving out my physical address. I do not remember them asking for it either. Something sounds phishy.    
  • Well you must didn't fill out the last survery or didn't receive it that's when we provided our addresses
  • From the survey.
  • Don't you know? Because Windows 10 spy on you /s
  • I had to give them my address in the survey as a condition of being part of this program. 
  • Nah, it's not fishy. I got a call from a guy at Microsoft Nigeria, who said there had been a mix up and that my XL & dock had been sent to him by mistake, but he said if I paid for the carriage to Europe he'd happily forward it on... Should get it in about a week's time!
  • they asked for your physical addressn the survey
  • Location
  • Because if I you're you're name in Google, I can find everything about you in about 5 minutes! That's one feature google didn't keep from Microsoft or windows phone : )
  • I think this is pretty cool, giving those who have helped them create what they have now and what a lot of people will have in their hands shortly, very well done to them, I don't know about others but I give Microsoft is maybe the only company which gives out so much stuff to loyal people or people who help them, or **** just because they feel like it!!!!
  • Did I miss the part where MS was giving away free stuff for those poor saps who believed in RT and bought a dead end Surface RT/2/Nokia 2520? Yes, I'm still bitter :P
  • My RT and Surface 2 still run fine as of today, still useful apart from being outdated performance wise.
  • Google sent Google Glass to a few enthusiasts. But this move became quite controversial with people. You can read more about it here. I  (am not sure if they got it for free though. And that one guy (more about him in the link) got banned from Google events for his infamous video of wearing the Glass bare-skinned.
  • They will keep the hardware or send it back to Microsoft
  • Most of us have filled out our profile at some point
  • It's a good way to stop users feeding back to other suet's how bad win10 is. IE here is a new phone to replace the one we have screwed up with shoddy bug ridden OS, but don't worry our next update will screw this one as well. Seems with every update, something breaks that was working.
  • So the OS has a few bugs. Big deal.
  • Lol
  • I guess the Insider Program isn't for you then.
  • It isn't as buggy as you are making it sound but i have to admit, it definitely isn't as polished as 8.1.
  • This has nothing to do with what you said. They sent survey's to a select group of Mobile Insiders who have provided high quality feedback. Those that met the criteria of the survey will now recieve a device to help further test Windows Mobile.  Furthermore, if you install an Insider Build, you lose all riht to ***** if something doesn't work perfectly. This is experimental software. Stuff breaks. If your phone gets messed up, it's technically your own fault, as you did not have to install the Insider Build. Now, if you installed a release build, and it messes up your phone, that's another story.  Lastly, I have had very few issues with Windows 10 Mobile during the last few builds. And even fewer issues (just 1 or 2) with my 950XL. It's not a bug ridden OS, nor is it shoddy. Is it perfect? No. But OS's rarely are. Android is a mess, 24/7. iOS frequently ships with major issues, which they patch later on. 
  • Do not feed the troll, or trolls in general. Internet rule #1
  • They can't even get my order out of processing (XL) but can send out letter letting people know their free phone will arrive in 2 wks... Wow
  • So I get down voted for speaking my mind about the truth? I thought I was on a Microsoft fan site not a Google. Thanks
  • can anyone confirm getting this letter outside the US? they sent me the insider mail weeks ago and I filled the survey, still didn't receive anything yet 
  • I'm in the US, did the survey, and haven't received anything yet. So apparently they are treating US and the rest of the world the same on this. ;)
  • I haven't gotten the letter yet either.
  • It's been a long time coming but they are absolutely on the right track for "Enthusiast" users.  It certainly will take the sting out of an $800.00 purchase if Surface Phone arrives in under 18 months.  These type of programs definitely build support for the ecosystem.  Thanks for the support Microsoft.  
  • Awesome.
  • curious just how much feedback was given by those who got this? I'm in the hundreds but I guess that's not enough, alas!
  • Me too.... They must be sending letters to those who already work for MS.. Lol
  • Yea I think it's other factors, I don't do tons but I have like devices that run the software..
  • It's not just a matter of quantity, but also quality. I recieved the letter yesterday, as well, and only submitted maybe 200 - 300 pieces of feedback to the Mobile Insider app. But, I tend to put in a lot of high level details. Not to mention avoiding angry posts. I also carefully review other feedback, up voting what I agree with (or if it's an issue I've had), and try to avoid posting feedback that is similar/identical to someone elses. I think all of this factors in. Though I'm sure there were other factors. 
  • ^ that. When I submit feedback, I treat it like a bug report with as full of detail as I can, complete with screenshots if possible. I also have Insider builds on both my One & 920 (along with my laptop and Surface Pro 1) and have submitted thousands of diagnostic reports.
  • I can tell them right now, it works great. Plz get us more apps that work on it. And WC, can you give us a water mark or something that you put on your reviews and tests? Like "Works with Continuum" dekal. I am not alone, and I love Continuum!
  • I wonder why they use Actiontec and not the MS one. Rafael Rivera tests out Miracast devices and found the MS to have one of the lowest lag
  • Actiontec's one gets updated more frequently, with updates specifically for Windows 10.  Plus, it has USB input capabilities so that you can plug a keyboard and mouse into the dongle instead of needing a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
  • I got mine, same happened for xbox one in the early days of preview :) then again, I get most Microsoft devices for free
  • And its possible to keep the phone?
  • Can't say I ever expect to get one of these surveys myself.  I've got 850 submissions with 20500 upvotes, but I've been far too critical to ever expect something like this, lol.  It's all very specific feedback about design mistakes they're making, areas that are being completely neglected, bugs they haven't fixed in months, the individual and very specific ways they have destroyed tablet mode on PC, etc... but I'm pretty sure they're not looking for someone to rip them apart like I'm certain I would.  :D Though, I'd love to be proven wrong, that's for sure.
  • As long as your feedback was constructive and well spelled out, it sounds like they are choosing people that made plenty of negative posts. So your probably as likely to be picked as anyone else. Don't jump to conclusions just because you didn't hit the jackpot yet.
  • Oh I'm not upset by it at all, just I don't ever expect it to happen.  If I was a Microsoft employee, I certainly wouldn't want to deal with me, that's for sure. :D
  • Man if you could see the feedback I've left, I've ripped them a new one a couple of times, so I don't think negativity would stop you from being one of us lucky ones.
  •   I just wish they would respond back.Now I wish microsoft would reply back to my email. I got an email from them for my review of the att 950 I posted on the microsoft store website. I posted about my poor battery life and gave the att 950 3 stars. I got an email from somebody on the phone system health team. Told me to email back and they will email me instructions to get them the info that they need.  
  • My feedback doesn't seem to have even been worth a Microsoft Bean RT
  • Got a Kinect among other things. Hope I get in this. I have many opinions.
  • I got the survey - didn't get the letter. I guess I filled out the survey wrong. Boo!
  • It's simple: It's a dual monitor PC where one monitor is your phone.
  • The strugle of Using wp as Main Phone and not willing To lose content on your Phone because of wp10 and Always givinh Your opinion on the software/harware = get rekt son, You get nothing
  • I loved continuum when my phone worked.  Now all it does it restart.  I want my XL to work.  up to 27 reboots in a day.  What gives?
  • Return your phone for a new one for free. Likely a faulty device
  • 27 reboots a day and you haven't done anything about it? Either return it or try using the recover tool.
  • (claps) sir. You know something, very special happend to you! Guess what!? You are oficially ******!!!
  • wow - great news :) Congrats to those that get these - really happy for them. Something really positive from Microsoft and some really nice "payback" for the windows insiders... Nice...
  • 10-14 days after the email? Really? Cause win I win stuff on Bing they take like 3 months to get the reward to me... Still, good on them. For continuing with the insider feedback stuff. I think it's going a long way to make our products better.
  • Now even more people will be ******, for the fact that they can't receive their free continuum, lol.
  • MS doesn't care about Windows Phone.  /s
  • Darn, I guess I wasn't involved enough :(
  • Wow, that's THE mail to get!! I'm guessing its US only too... But I'll keep giving feedback and live the Canadian dream.
  • It's based on a Survey which was sent to select Mobile Insiders all over the globe. Also, the letter notes in the footer which country your in, and which language you speak (based on your input in the survey). So I'm guessing it's not US only. Though it may take longer for non-US survey takers to begin recieving their "golden ticket" (so to speak). 
  • Re: Marcos Rodrigues Carvalho,
    Where is "here"? Just curious.
  • those would be very happy insiders in 10-14 days
  • *Sudden increase in feedback*
  • Lol, that's probably gonna to happen XD
  • Man now I wanna be an insider lol. Free hardware.
  • does this have anything to do with the "Microsoft Devices Consumer Panel?" I got an email to join after i sent feedback from my 950 at the beginning of the month...
  • No. A select group of Mobile Insiders received a survey a few weeks back. Based on that data, a sub-set of those Mobile Insiders are receiving these letters. It's basically an opportunity for these Mobile Insiders to provide further feedback on certain things. This first round is specifically about Continuum. 
  • Nice to know. What was the survey about? (What kind of words did it have?) I received an email a few weeks ago from the Insider Program about devices and "opted-in". It did not ask for my address, however.
  • Cool
  • Wow! Wish I continued till today. But my only Lumia was begging for mercy. So anyways was it going to happen in India?? I would kill myself if it really was happening.
  • I've given them plenty of feedbacks. Yet nothing from them? How rude!!!
  • Must be nice. Tried to win a 950 today on LumiaUS Twitter giveaway but no luck. Maybe I'll buy the XL when it's $300 in a few months. My L830 is currently running W10M like a champ so I'm good to go for a while.
  • I want it :P nyone who got it and not interested :D m happy to take it ;)
  • Daniel - Might want to blur some of the details on that letter otherwise MS is going to be getting allot of emails!
  • They should give one to all there insiders, I am 1 ,but I have an HTC 8XT and unable to test the new features for windows 10 mobile. I would love to try it for myself.
  • Has anyone recieved any further information on create together campaign as there has been no email lately regarding its status
  • It motivates we insiders and show how Microsoft believe in us,through giving hands on experience feedback.
  • Come on... What about Windows Insiders on desktop? I swear I miss all the promotions. Good for them I guess
  • I sent this tip in on Monday. Just waiting for my package to show up! I guess it paid to submit all that feedback and diagnostic reporting from my One!
  • Did u get a confirmation email when u replied back I sent the email but nothing back I guess I'll know in 14 days
  • I never seem to get anything free :-(
  • Just in time to put on eBay.
  • Very good
  • Wonder why no Wireless Display Adapter instead...
  • Probably to build partnerships with other manufacturers. The WDA is great, I've been using it for over a year now. I'll compare it to the one in this article when I get the new one.