Microsoft's 'Create Together' program lets Windows Insiders build their dream smartphones

After the continued success of the Windows Insider program, Microsoft is looking to expand its functionality to include hardware design. The Redmond giant is currently sending out emails to select Windows Insiders around the world, soliciting their collaboration on the hardware front. Dubbed "Create Together", the program will let Insiders suggest color choices and design ideas that will "empower" them to do more:

Let's do the amazing. Let's create something empowering. It's time to 'Create Together'.Imagine being a part of the making of a device of your choices, your colours, your design, your wishes.A device created with your vision, built by a Microsoft partner a device that will empower you to do more and tell your story, your way.A device made from thoughtful choices of a select few like you.So, let's begin this journey.

Gabe Aul commented that he would be interested in the idea earlier this month, and it looks like the email that's going out to Insiders is the first step in that direction. We'll share additional details as we receive them.

What design ideas would you guys suggest if you were included in the program? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Twitter (Aditya Ghode)

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • 3D touch, that would be awesome!
  • Gimmicky name for 'touch and hold'
  • Only Insiders in India are getting the Create Together mail?
    Anybody outside India got the mail?
  • I have no idea, I'd like to know how they are selecting these users because I've been an insider since day one with over a thousand feedback (PC, Phone and Xbox) and haven't seen a single email.
  • My profile with Microsoft says I'm a software engineer, because of that I think they will never select me, after all software engineers are usually the worst designers in the world haha, I should have put UX Designer in my profile might have a better chance!
  • It's about idea's that can be used & will work.
  • Only when Apple invents it.
  • Its actually different than touch and hold though. I get you hate apple, but there is different tech involved. Denying it makes u look ignorant
  • Overkill tech for something that works the same.
  • From watching demos, it looks like touch and hold. Does it actually sense pressure? I think it uses pressure for fast-forward and rewind in videos, but does it use pressure anywhere else, or just touch-and-hold normally?
  • It's similar to touch and hold, but fundamentally different. Owning a 6S (not by complete choice) I can say that the 3D touch is alot cooler and presents new uses. For instance, touch and hold on the keyboard just shows alternative characters for the character I touched, but 3D touch allows me to drag left and right on the keyboard to move the text cursor quite speedily (and easier over tap-n-hold on the text box followed by dragging to the deired position). Same thing on the home screen, where tap and hold just starts app management, while exerting pressure will open up sub menus for supported apps. I will say though that 3D touch will feel like touch & hold without something akin to Apple's "Taptic Engine" (a suped up vibration motor) that allows it to create different "levels" of vibration and at varying lengths and intensities (3D vibration?); 3D touching an incompatible app on the homescreen feels like I'm clicking on a touchpad for instance, and even when it's a compatible application or function it still feels quite different from your standard vibration. I think you can imagine the uses on a Windows device (Continuum clickpad anyone?).
  • It's an ok addition (although wasn't it Apple who was the most against hiding UX-elements?), but largely replaced by touch-and-hold.
  • Agree 100% i tried an iPhone the other day and it's quite similar to the touch and hold feature!!couldnt see the differences and only apple apps worked with it, i don't think developers are taking it into account that much for their apps either
  • It's actually pressure based. I have a 6S and iOS retains 'touch and hold' features as well as the new 3D touch features. I think it could be a neat addition to any phone.
  • Indeed! For some reason alot of people confused to this or claim that this just a gimmick name for Touch-and-Hold interaction but this is actually little more than that. It uses the pressure to evoke more actions depending on the API and the developers wanted. So let's say normal touch-hold will show context-menu while harder touch-hold will show 2nd action like showing Interactive Live Tiles let's say.
  • Lol sounds like the nds original slogan touching is good but feeling is better
  • Traditional touch and hold is different from the 3D/Force Touch. It enables more actions, though this requires new API on Windows and they should really thought this out to be good UX.
  • It's not touch and hold. You can touch, touch-and-hold and force-touch. Three different things. And no, I don't like 3D touch. It is shit as a user interface component due to zero discoverability.
  • Slow down steps.....lets start with a phone that works on Verizon.....we'll work our way back up to gimicky input methods after that, mmmmkay?
  • A phone working on Verizon would need to dance to Verizon demands.. Unless it's an iPhone.
  • I don't live in the US, and even I understand that the issue is not Microsoft, it is the stupid way Verizon works! The only reason why the bands needed for the 950/XL to work on Verizon's network were removed, is because stupid Verizon won't accept the phones in their network!
  • That's actually not really true.  Yes,  phone needs to be certified for it's CDMA portion of the network, but Verizon can not deny any device on it's LTE.  Because of this, a 3rd party actually does certification for Verizon.  All Microsoft had to do was pay to have that certification done and for some reason they didn't do it.  Some suggest they didn't want to pay for the radios for Verizon's bands, but reports show that Microsoft used the universal modem chips that have the bands for ALL US carriers.  So really, the fact that the 950 and 950XL doesn't work on Verizon really is on Microsoft. "...The problem is Verizon can't really do that. As one of the conditions for being able to operate in the 700MHz frequency band, Verizon's network (or at least parts of it) are subject to open access requirements. In short, any phone that's compatible and FCC certified must be authenticated by Verizon. There are constraints here; unlike the Carterfone decision in 1968 that opened up AT&T's wired phone network to any device that was safe and compatible, Verizon can, and does, still require that phones pass through a certification process before allowing them on the network. But that authentication process, conducted not by Verizon itself but by third-party testing services, is open to anyone willing to pay the fee. It takes a few weeks, but once a phone passes the tests, Verizon has no option but to authenticate..."
  • well it is verizon cause ms plays by the rules, if the 950 has verizon bands why would ms remove them? except they ask them to cause verizon isnt the only cdma guys out there so keeping band could work for them I bet its verizon.
  • Ask Microsoft.  I plainly linked you about how, if they wanted to, Microsoft could pay the third party certification and Verizon could not refuse to allow the phone on their network.
  • You plainly linked to an article who specifically underlines the fact that Verizon are assholes. And, as we all know, not only are they assholes, but they more or less hate Windows phones for some reason. Microsoft did the right thing by not getting involved with them again.
  • And you plainly didn't read it.   Microsoft does not have to have Verizon sell their phones.  But Verizon has 43% of all US cell phone subscribers... Verizon - 102 million AT&T - 76 million Sprint - 30 million T-Mobile - 27 million That's 235 total cell phone subscribers of which Verizon had 102 million and that comes to 43%.  That's a huge portion of the market for Microsoft to ignore.  And because Verizon's LTE network covers 98% of the US population, more than any of the others, and has the best spectrum, the C block of 700MHz, they also have a huge percentage of the enterprise market. Has Verizon treated Microsoft badly?  Yes, no question.  But as you clearly missed it, Verizon can NOT turn down any phone that passes certification and Verizon does NOT handle certification, a third party does.  All Microsoft has to do is reenable the Verizon bands on that already exist on the 950 and 950XL, have it certified, and sell them through their own store.  They don't have to have Verizon's say so whatsoever.  They don't have to have Verizon apps on it, they don't need Verizon's permission for updates, nothing. So explain to me how the right thing is to ignore 43% of all US subscribers.
  • Now if Microsoft did that, and said they work on Verizon, but then they only have very very limited functionality on verizon, what do you think people would say? They'd be really upset with Microsoft and they'd blame it all on Microsoft. And what if they did what Verizon wants, get the phone working completely, give them an exclusive, and then Verizon doesn't allow the updates that are necessary for these phones, as the OS isn't perfect and even Hello is in beta? Then Verizon users would be upset with Microsoft, and the blame would go to MS. I think MS went with AT&T for the same reason Apple did with the first iPhone. Verizon is horrible to its partners and customers.
  • There wouldn't be limited functionality, that's just it.  Microsoft could go and pay for the certification.  It's a third party that handles it, not Verizon.  If it passes certification Verizon would HAVE to allow the phones to work on their network. Also, Microsoft wouldn't have to work with Verizon, they wouldn't have to make some Verizon exclusive.  They could simply sell the 950 and 950XL through their own store and not even have Verizon involved in sales at all.  Verizon does not sale every model of the Nexus phones that can work on their network, yet they still work.  It may hurt sales from the standpoint of people who would rather buy it on Edge and spread out the payments over 24 months instead of paying $650 upfront, but at least Microsoft wouldn't have just cut itself off from over 100 million US cell phone users.
  • Unfirtunate for you Verizon is not present in India. This invite is only for the Insiders in India atleast for now. ;)
  • I gave up on Verizon, I'm now a 950 owner on ATT, I gave up my unlimited data to do it too. I wasn't using any more than 3-4 GB per month, so I'm now on a 5 Gb plan with all unlimited, and can use tethering, and it's like 40$ cheaper per month than my Verizon
  • That's awesome. Good for you actually taking action.
  • It will fade out soon.. N ppl will forget just like how live wallpapers in android (windows dreamscene in vista), air view in Sammy.
    Ppl hardly bother of any feature/apps than WhatsApp fb snap chat or basic calling, people n texts.
    Also whn I tried the 3D touch in one store, it just seem not to work well or may be I still not veteran to it. Again how many times will do we bother about pressing lightly or hard and wait for response, just to get work done which otherwise is just additional tap away.
    Few features like previewing picture or msgs r already present in Samsung devices n similar picture previewer could be added to windows via picaview or similar name (I remember it in win98 days when I could right click a image and get its preview).
  • If an only if it is only a gimmick and not useful in our day to day life. If the 3D touch is useful in everyday life, people will never forget.
  • My dream phone should have the following:
    1- 5.2" - 5.7 ".
    2- More built in storage options (32 GB is not enough, even including SD cards).
    3- Lessen the bezels to a bare minimum (think Sharp Aquos Crystal).
    4- Capacitive buttons to be back!
    5- Front-firing speakers.
    6- Metal to be included. I prefer if it was of magnesium alloys like Surface, but more scratch resistant.
    7- I am not a fanatic about thinness, but I would rather have a larger battery than the phone getting thinner.
    8- 3D touch feature is a good idea, if coupled with the right software additions, like interactive live tiles.
    9- Front-facing camera flash.
    10- Xenon back flash (enough with the 3 LED thing, it's never going to be a Xenon flash!)
    11- To make your upgrade circle for phones in regards to QUALCOMM, so Fans could get the latest and greatest as soon as it's available. (810 processor has been around for a very long time, and the 820 should be out in a couple of months!).
    12- Maybe try to put an intel processor in their. Win32 apps could be a game changer on continuum.
    13- Display to be super bright, and not a PENTILE OLED :/. Look at Samsung OLEDs and LG's.
    14- Volume buttons and power alignment is weird on the XL. Stick to the roots.
    15- Color options for phones: Cyan, Red, Lime, Yellow, Black and White. They all should be available in Matte and bright color options.
    16- First-Party accessories to be available broadly. Hate the fact that finding a Nokia cover for my 1520 was harder than finding gold.
    17- To improve the quality of the Lens Glass. Every Nokia phone I've used gets scratched heavily, which marks your photos distorted. Use sapphire on lens glass.
    18- Laser-aassisted auto focus for camera.
    19- Improve on Iris Scanning. If it remains limited to keeping the phone close to your face, and it not being faster, then they should think about fingerprint scanning, like everybody else.
    20- Water and dust resistance.
  • If the bezels are getting less n less then they should make the smart phones fly...
  • 13- Display to be super bright, and not a PENTILE OLED :/. Look at Samsung OLEDs and LG's. Well. Look at them. With super bright display, they always keep it low. Reason? Battery drainer. The resolutions are getting insanely higher. Add super brightness to it and even with 5000 mAh battery, your phone will only make it throughout the day barely with medium usage.
  • Just another (24th?) message from Microsoft "we are stuck, no ideas here, please help us understand you, the consumer". Releasing two phones both at a showel size is utterly idiotic. The market is showing clearly it prefers phone size with screen closer to 4.7 but Microsoft is aloof as always. iPhone 6 outsells iPhone 6 Plus 7 to 1, this should be an indication, right? Not to Microsoft. Half of humanity are women and they usually have smaller hands. Of course, this is news to MIcrosotf. Maybe this company is made of people with oversized/overworked big hands?(cough..wankers?) Much better sizes would have been 4.7 and 5.5. It's just unbeleivable how out of contact with the real world these people are. If I had Microsoft stock I would sell it before it's too late. No confidence in this company. Sorry. And the worst of all is they substitute valuable/valid marketing input with these "what do you want us to do?" shitty polls. The answers usually come from teens with much time on their hand but who have little money. 2016 is not 2010. That ship has sailed. In 2016 you will have to come with flagmans at 300$ to impress. Look at OnePlus X at 250$. For your next gig do (at least) a smaller size phone at 400$ and the bigger one at 500$.
  • I'm sorry but you don't speak for me or all other women. I like phablets and I know plenty of other women who do as well. As a general rule, it's a mixed bag and the iPhone is not the end all be all for smartphones as there are plenty of Samsungs and other Androids out in the wild that people are using and many have big screens. Many women like phablets just fine since it lets us shop and browse the web more easily and they are replacing mini tablets in many cases. Personal preferences are fine but you don't speak for everyone and for goodness' sake, please stop asking for flagships at dirt cheap prices. If you can't afford a highend phone, buy one that is cheaper.
  • Hahaha. You are fucking delusional if you actually think people prefer 4.7 in screen size because of comfort. Fact is, 5.0-5.2 in phones are the biggest sellers in the market right now. The only reason why the 4.7 in iPhone sells is because 3/4 of iPhone purchasers are social climbers who don't actually have any money but want to appear like they do. That also explains why the majority of iPhones sold are the bargain basement 16gb variant. By your logic, no one should bother producing phone with larger storage capacity than that. On top of that, new iPhones are heavily discounted 2-3 months after they come out. You people are so full of your own shit and your jealousy at our bigger screened phones is SO transparent you might as well be made of sapphire glass. I'd like to see you change your tune once Apple releases the iPhone 7 with, inevitably, a 5.2 and 5.7 in screen.
  • I was pretty disappointed that both 950s were too big. Hoping they release a 4.7" or ideally a 5.0" with smaller bezels (my 650 is a very large 5" phone compared to the competition)
  • I hear you! :) I use to carry it in my jeans pocket and want to be able to operate my phone with one hand. Sony seems to get the market better than most, they have phones ranging from 4.5 to 6 inches. And they make that Compact series that have great specs, too. Would be really surprised if 950/XL would make any killing in the market and that's a shame, we desperately need some competition to Android. Unfortunately it will not come from MS.
  • Wrong... Size has nothing to do with it as apple continues to increase its size to match competitors... Apple outsells by brand and loyalty. Android outsells by loyalty, volume, and always pushing the bar... Microsoft was just too little too late... But late is not always bad
    .. If Microsoft continues to hang in there, the top ia getting stale. Even loyal apple fans re getting tired of buying every year for more/less the same... Some are so loyal to apple, they refuse to go to android... Problem is WP does not have the apps they want. Seriously, if the developers of certain apps would come to windows, all the people that have tried ot would have stayed... I think there is more the key developers not coming to windows more than preference... More like money from competitors... People are interested in the windows phones... They have always looked fresh and ideas from the modern design have been taken by bother apple and google. Microsoft had to scale back and take some design for navigation from them so transitioners would be ok. Windows 10 is very popular, the surface lineup is very popular and respected... Microsoft hs had nothing but success with user/insider input. This creates loyalty even further... They just cant put surface on any phone... The surface phone when released will be a hit, no doubt. It will ger everyone's attention, it will be are to give a bad review of. I mean they (the verge) will be but hurt trying to negatively review the phone. It will get respect. It will be a hit.
  • Atleast they are not like Apple which copies ideas of other companies. They are asking to people not copying. Posted via the Lenovo K900
  • It's true that 4.7" phones should be present, but 300$ flagship is ridiculous. Since you like mentioning iPhone, ask them to sell at less than 500$ since they take less than 300$ to manufacture
  • 5.7" with capacitive buttons and front facing speakers, that would be a large phone.   I prefer on screen buttons anyway
  • "3D touch" as implemented by Apple is just a long press.
  • I can say without out a doubt that as a reluctant iPhone 6S owner that this statement of yours is completely incorrect; 3D touch is actually pressure sensitive. I can even adjust the sensitivity level to require a lighter or harder touch.
  • No more underpowered devices!
  • This^
  • Above this ^
  • I'd like to see the return of IR on phones, along with a killer IR remote app, one that can be accessed instantly by doing some gesture like sliding in from both sides or something. I'm not too fussed about a camera with Gigapixels or anything, unless the phone comes with a DSLR housing or something. Continuums cool but it needs to work wirelessly. QI charging is a must, at least optional with a backplate or something. Being able to register bank cards to use contactless payments would be awesome. Maybe have some kind of system like PayPal does where you have to have so many confirmed payments before MS will let you use it. But then you can use it, MS charges your card immediately after. Alternatively, you can top-up with MS/Xbox store credit.
  • Continuum can already be used wirelessly. The display dock is only for those whose TVs don't support Miracast, which is still the majority of people, especially in countries like India where most people don't even know Miracast is a thing.
  • I have my LG TV with both Intel Wi-di and Miracast. But have no other Miracast supported devices but I tried Intel widi once. It was stressful setup. Better now I use any media cast to device
  • Continuum is definitely a great use for Miracast over things like showing a video on the TV etc. Miracast is definitely picking up in the UK at least. I have two devices capable of receiving Miracast at the moment, but the cost of dedicated receivers also seem to be coming down.
    I saw the MS Wireless Display Adapter is down to £33 on Amazon.
    My main gripe is with the performance of Miracast. Until recently I was yet to see it actually work well, but was able to successfully use it from my 930 to my Roku Stick with the Netflix app.
    However, from my Surface Pro 3 it doesn't work so we'll. Not sure if it's to do with the receivers, or the resolution of the SP3 (maybe it tries to send the full resolution to the receiver and struggles).
    Tempted to grab the MS Dongle as I have £10 from a Lumia survey, so could be good for a Miracast adapter to keep in my bag everywhere I go
  • "especially in countries like India where most people don't even know Miracast is a thing"....hmmm...I dont know where this came from!! 
  • From logic thinking
  • Ignorance is bliss, isn't it?
  • There are no underpowered devices. To each class of device their own processor. Cannot put a Snapdragon 810 on a 100$ device. But putting Snapdragon 400 on a Lumia 830 and calling it an "affordable flagship" was a dick move.
  • Win32 support.
  • Lol dream on
  • Next year..
  • You musta missed the article... WC reported that there's evidence it's coming....
  • Win32, if provided, with each application totally sandboxed, so we can continue to have phones without antivirus software clogging up the gears and using up battery. Still trying to imagine what Win32 application I would want to run on my phone on a regular basis, whether on a large display or the phone's display. Cool as Win32 on a phone would be, no application really springs to mind. What need does this feature fill besides coolness?
  • I don't think Win32 support on the phone screen is that important, but with Continuum, it would truly make the phone a full PC in your pocket. At that point, it's the same reasoning why the Surface Pro did better than the Surface RT.
  • I think even if MS adds WIN32 app support it must block the app from being used on the phone screen because it would give you a very bad experience. Win32 apps must work only with Continuum. Otherwise TheVerge would get a reason to complain about MS not being good. Posted via the Lenovo K900
  • Somebody got to do the job as they fired everybody.
  • I just hope they've sent one of those emails to Mr. Chen. He produced this concept in Feb 2013 and I'd still give my right arm for one. Ok - so I know the "air holographic display" is a non-starter, but just the form factor alone would be killer. This guy's got more imagination than all the other phone companies combined. Check it:
  • Yea his concept is truly very attractive for sure MS should take a look to guys like these....
  • That's the coolest concept I have ever seen. Love the design, concept, UI and ofcourse the music.
  • Awesome concept and i just love the design :D
  • This is just amazing!
  • dafuq is this? its stupid thats what it is
  • Microsoft should have seen this concept already
  • This would bring me back from the dark side Sent from my HTC One M9
  • Make it so that mid/low hardware could also work with continuum. And a camera that has features dedicated solely for Snapchat. Heh.
  • I feel Nokia/MSFT have been under powering devices.. I am using an 830, the S400 chipset kinda sucks, bringing this phone down on occasion. My L820 used to handle tasks better. The S410/S610 devices were around when the 830 came out. So for continuum to come to all devices, they really need updated chipsets.
  • Still going on about Snapchat? Oh boy....
  • I saw a colleague share a photo of her lunch using it the other day...i thought it was for sending naked Pictures.
  • I bet her food was in various states of undress.
  • I want a phone that has the TARDIS on speed dial
  • Tell that to Steven Moffat..
  • Would be even better with a RETARDIS
  • What, yours doesn't?
  • Qwerty keyboard!
  • They might consider something like what Samsung did with the keyboard case, but I doubt that they would have a hardware keyboard by default. Most people don't care about having one.
  • My first Windows Phone 7 device had one, it was very good for taking notes at the WP Dev Camp that year...but I agree I can't see it coming back. Maybe a case will come out with a Bluetooth keyboard integrated, not sure how well charging would work etc
  • This was my biggest complaint with the Windows 8/8.1 phone choices originally (compared with multiple options with physical keyboards for Windows Phone 7). However, now that we have Swipe included, I finally find that a touchscreen keyboard can keep up with physical keyboard. Still, if there were a Blackberry Priv (slide-out portrait keyboard, also on Palm Pre and the original Dell Venue Pro) form factor Windows Phone, as long as it also had all the other flagship specs, it would be at the top of my must-have list.
  • I still miss my E7, but TOHKBD actually had an interesting take on the keyboard design as well (but execution was frankly lacking). It would necessitate horizontal start screen support though.
  • This is why I believe MS mobiles have a future.. They listen to us.. They engage with us.. They make things for us..
  • True.
  • Except when they take away everyone's OneDrive storage and ignore everyone who asks for it back.
  • The thing which they did with OneDrive was shocking and hilarious. Hilarious bcoz of the reason. They should give 10gb back.
  • Oh get over it. Pay for the space you cheapskate
  • I'm already paying for it (using 100GB of my 1TB), it's not the monetary aspect that's angered us. It's the fact they reduced ALL free storage down to 5GB (removing all bonus storage for old and new customers alike), because a few Office 365 subscribers (read: Paying subscribers) were abusing the unlimited storage. Anyone who can put two and two together knows Microsoft is talking out of their backside here.
  • Microsoft basically made a promise they couldn't keep, as while paying users arguably abused their storage in the upper terabytes range, it was stated to be unlimited, which in fact means what it says: no limits. So I can understand them capping O365 users back to 1TB to put an ease on their systems and make backup and recovery scenarios more smooth, but at the same time understand that they shouldn't of advertised something they couldn't fufill in the first place and am annoyed that they didn't have better foresight (their hindsight on this is probably 20/20 at this point). However, the removal of previously obtained additional free storage and the capping of all free storage to 5GB is overkill, and if anything reaks of the effort to push people to O365 (as anyone needing over the 5GB limit will either have to purchase a storage plan or go with O365). I'm probably going to have to pay for O365 soon (as my laptop came with a free year, which is up at the end of this year.) and I'm pushing 30GB I think it was. Had a free 100GB(?) from Bing Rewards as well as another 100GB bought with rewards points that should of allowed me to coast into next year, but seeing as that's most likely gone (as it's not paid storage) theres not much left that I can do.
  • LoL, yes right there, got that right.
  • And they outsource their R&D to users.
  • Thanks, Steve Jobs. They should just tell us ungrateful morons what we want and we should say thanks and shut the hell up.
  • Lumia colors back (bright orange, yellow, green, cyan, etc.) As recent as a processor as we can get it 3D touch (MixView!!!) That's really it for me on hardware, I really want the software side of things to change more Get things done faster (Think Smoked by WP7. How long does it take to do everyday tasks?) Have a beautiful, elegant, content-first UI Have a bold, daring, and flashy design that isn't afraid to push the envelope (WP7) instead of settling into the norm (W10M) Mainly - animations everywhere need to be smoother or actually be there Explore some new designs instead of the same old same old. Make something that's just as engaging and dazzling as on a PC as it is on a phone Currently the only thing "different" and "daring" in WP is the tiles. Open any universal app and it just looks like Android with a dark skin. Interconnect the ecosystem even more. Give us back our OneDrive space Reach FULL (I mean FULL item by item) feature parity with WP7/8/8.1. (Bing Vision, Music, Local Scout, Me Hub, People Hub, Photo Hub, Lenses, a Cortana that doesn't look awful, wireless syncing,  ... Microsoft CAN do this, they have the design guts and they've done it before. Just need to do it one more time.
  • I don't think you understand what this specific program is asking from the contributors. It is the hardwae they want your advice on, not the software which the manufacturers have no control over anyway.
  • Too many cooks spoil the broth.
  • Too many crooks spoil the brothel
  • They are asking what people want. It's like a poll. Where is common sense these days? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • you never voted before???
  • I would like the candy bar design now found in mi4.. Rectangle design..
  • Bury the hatchet with Google then the other apps will flow in #WishfullThinking
  • Google will never commit suicide like that
  • Remember that YouTube app Microsoft built because Google didn't (wouldn't), and everyone absolutely loved it, and then Google went out of their way to have Microsoft pull the app. Maybe today's Google is less childish, but I lean towards not.
  • If you're going to do plastic cases, bring back those rubbery plastic cases from the HTC 8X, Lumia 520, and the XB1 Media remote (It was functional, as it increased grip).  Make a ton of options for back cases.  BRING BACK PHYSICAL BACK, WINDOWS, AND SEARCH KEYS!!!
  • There were never physical back, windows and search keys in Windows Phone devices starting from 8 or 8.1. Those capacitive buttons offer little advantages over on-screen ones. I would like to see how they would make a phone with actual buttons like a Galaxy S though.
  • They offer huge advantages and don't look like cheap asian engineered phones
  • What advantages do they offer? I hated the fact that I was always accidentally pressing the search button when I had a phone with capacitive buttons and being able to reclaim screen space by swiping away the nav buttons is nice. Plus, capacitive buttons can and do break.
  • I agree.. The capacitive buttons were awful. I couldn't ever hand my phone to anyone without them hitting the buttons.
  • I hope I get an email if I do I create an insane phone this is almost like pc building :D
  • Design like the 920 again, that was the best windows phone design ever Posted via my HTC One M9
  • Yes, that's true. 920 was the best design.
  • Agreed!! I'm still using my launch red at&t one!!
  • Personally I can't stand my old yellow 920 anymore. It's ugly,fat and unwieldy.
  • I'm partial to the 925, and people notice its design. Long after it was no longer available people asked me where I got my great-looking phone. I do wish it had a removable back, for customization and access to the battery and a memory card for additional storage.
  • First idea is for the hardware:
    Snapdragon 810
    41MP pure view camera
    5MP/8MP front camera
    Continuum support
    5.5-inch QHD screen with glance
    SD card support
    Gorilla Glass 4
    Removable back cover
  • I have lots of ideas on design (im a designer) but i don't like to share it in public :p ;)
  • The phone you describes sounds like a 1020 successor Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So basicly you want the 950xl with a 41mp camera?
  • The S4 plus processor in Lumia 1020 supports only 21MP and its also slow. Its would be great if there is a successor of 1020 which does not lags and has actual camera support!
  • Replace the gorilla glass with the flexi glass material.
  • remember that we are designing now, to get a phone after a year or two, i think you should reconsider. 3 years from now those specs will be a joke to remember. thats why people do not design, because they have no idea how to do it.
  • Snapdragon 810 is the only processor i have seen with 55MP camera support! The Snapdragon 808 supports only 21MP camera and Snapdragon 820 supports 25MP camera.
    The real problem with my Lumia 1020 was the processor, the phone lags! If it was fast, I'm sure it would give a huge market share for Windows Phone!
  • No Windows phone lags, not even the 80€ ones. Market share is still low, that's not the problem! Look at how many lagdroids are sold
  • May I remind you of "resuming"? Even when you just hold the back key and get back to the app immediately, man those resuming times are definitely not lag amirite ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hardware that's available on more than one carrier. HTC has done it twice(HTC 8X and One M8 for Windows). Microsoft can do it. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Pump out phones like you were Nokia again. Get them out there, everywhere. At a minimum sell them on your site #WhereIsTMobileLumia640
  • Buy an ATT 640, unlock it and use it on TMo. My friend had an ATT iPhone, he went to their website, unlocked it and used it on TMo. Same thing.
  • I think saturating the market like they've done in the past just adds to consumer confusion. They need OEMS to release more phones, somebody using a Samsung now might be more tempted by a phone running W10M if they've been on Samsung for a long time (maybe)
  • It's not really the hardware that is holding windows phone Posted via my HTC One M9 - an elegant smartphone for a more civilized age
  • One M9 is hardly HTC's hallmark device...
  • It's a amazing phone and gets a lot of undue flack by reviewers mainly for the camera .... I get amazing results with just a few tweaks, yea auto mode straight up sucks but let's learn how to use our devices people Posted via my HTC One M9 - an elegant smartphone from a more civilized age
  • 5.5inch 1440P shattershield display , PMA and Qi Wireless charging , Fingerprint scanner , Iris Scanner , 128GB internal + Upto 2TB expandable , 8K video , 55MP pureview camera with Xenon flasg , HTC One M8's build , Waterproof and Exynos 7420+ Snapdragon 820 combined with 8GB Ram , Continuum , USB TYPE C , Quick Charging 3.0 , 21MP front cam with Triple LED RGB flash
  • That is unrealistic. If u want this kind of phone wait till 2020.
  • Its already 2015 that too going to end. So 4 year, i can wait for that.
  • Indeed. All that hardware will barely be worth it when you consider there is almost nothing in the Windows Store that can utilize all that. Just look at the 950 reviews. The benchmarks are much much worse than similarly specced Android devices like the Nexus 5X. Look like Microsoft did not bother to include the latest graphics drivers.
  • for all that over 2'000+ easy
  • And add the price of Surface Book
  • They sell the phone for $4000 and give you the free Surface Book.
  • Oh and it should be equipped with a laser that can cut through rocks and a battery that can power a town and ability to take pictures from fifty miles away.
  • Don't forget it should come with an inbuilt microwave oven and washing machine too Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But y both fingerprint scanner & iris scanner?!
  • Seems like he/she randomly put high numbers and hardware together.
  • Just say that you want specs of a high end PC in mobile phone.
  • I don't think a tiny screen, a mobile arm processor and 8gb of ram is anything even a low end pc can't destroy
  • Are you from the future where nano technology evolved so much?
  • Nope , am suggesting phone for future
  • Colors!! One thing that might make me think twice before upgrading to 950 from my green 930 would be lack of colors. Bringing out phones in different colors was really good by Nokia in older days. I hate the only black and white options.
  • I think there is a company that is selling special colored backs for the 950/950XL. Not sure much about it but they were at the 950 announcement I think.
  • Mozo I think
  • Attention everyone SNAPCHAT does not run the world even though you think it does!!!! It is irrelevent to millions of users. Only 20 somethings and they don't buy phones out right unless attached to a family plan. I know how millennials roll.
  • Snapchat has around 250 million users. It matters a lot!
    It not only matters because a lot of people wouldn't want to give it up, but also because it gives the idea that something is missing in this platform that isn't missing in others. So why move? What else could be missing?
    Also, it's not only millennials who use it. Even though they're the majority maybe. But a majority that matters.
  • How many of those users are active? Besides, this is an endlessly futile discussion. Microsoft isn't blocking Snapchat, they just refuse to develop for Windows. Period.
  • That's the number of active users. I personally don't use it, so I don't care. But saying it doesn't matter is just lying to ourselves. And yes, the problem comes from Snapchat and not Microsoft I know. Sucks
  • Facebook has over a billion. So first let them fix the damn thing.
  • That's sad. 250 million people whose lives are not completely unless they can sext each other?  What a horrific world.
  • What you just described could be said about almost any company, maybe even Microsoft if you don't care much about enterprise, when you switch the millennials with a different user group.
  • - A great and sleek design on par with the surface line. Thin. Metal and/or Glass. Minimal bezel. Best looking phone in the industry
    - High quality interchangeable back covers, marketed properly as a fashion/not-like-everybody-else/personalized advantage
    - World class camera
    - World class screen
    - World class audio
    - Wireless charging
    - Sd card
    - Small surface-like attachable keyboard that folds as a screen cover too, so that continuum actually becomes practical Instead of having to carry a keyboard and mouse
    - Integrated sleek metal kickstand
    - 2-day battery life
    - Great apps developed by Microsoft and included out-of-the-box in the OS, the same way Apple appealed to many users by including great apps with their Macs - If I was allowed to dream freely... Some sh*t that acts like a projector so continuum doesn't even need a screen, but only a wall haha that device would sell like hotcakes
  • Why only 2 days battery life? What about battery life of 1 year? Or battery that can power even a city?
  • Because reality
  • Lets try putting nuclear fuel cell into that phone, maybe It can last forever if u don't drop it too hard
  • I know most of us are only fantasizing here but comments like yours and most others here really don't help any OEM when you use overly subjective attributes like "world class", "great and sleek". You have to provide more specifics, I think.
  • I don't think they need specifics on hardware, as they'll have to source that and they will have other concerns. I think they want direction, i.e. do users prefer colorful plastic removable backs, or non-removable metal ones? Do people want bigger or smaller screens? Do they want good camera hardware on an unweildy, ugly phone, or a nicer looking thinner phone with a good-enough camera?
  • First, this is just a comment here and not to the OEM, we're just talking
    Second, OEMs don't need specifics from fans, just something to gauge interest and priorities. If I say world class screen, then that means whatever best screen is available in the market whenever the device is being made. As a regular consumer I don't know all the different screen technologies and ppi and resolution, etc. When I go to the store I want a screen that looks amazing, that's it. Same with Audio, camera, what metal to use, etc
    They just want to know what's important to us
  • Under no circumstances do I want a glass phone. Metal is alright as long as it doesn't block the needed signals but glass is a big no-no. No matter how strong they make glass, the inherent flaws with it remain the same.
  • Will this include software? I mean, sure their hardware needs serious work (I'm sorry but thumbrint scanning for PCs and Iris scanning for phones is backwards), but their mobile OS is an aesthetic and functional trainwreck that's almost as bad as Windows Mobile 6. Honestly, I'd be happy with something that built upon their Productivity Future Vision concepts [1] [2] (albeit a bit more down to earth in technological feasability), software design wise. Hardware wise, I hate to say it, but Apple's hardware is pretty good, and I think if one were to marry it with a form like that of the Lumia 920 & 1020, it'd be pretty d*** special.  
  • Iris scan works like magic.
  • From what I've read it's subpar, and even when it works great it's still slower and less reliable than fingerprint scanning. Having it on a device that's stationary and at a fixed difference makes more sense than on a handheld device at varrying distances that moves. It's arguably easier to use thumbprint scanning anyhow (especially for iPhone-esque implementations), as it's already scanned by time i pull the phone from my pocket, as opposed to having to put the phone level with my face and look into it first.
  • Less reliable than something tricked by monkey fingers? Well LOL
  • I didn't know you could do that. I finally have a use for all these monkeys I've been keeping.
  • Proof please? Last I checked they were only fooled by replicas of your own finger(s), and it's not like criminals have your hand on file and a $1K+ 3D high detail 3D printer lying around.
  • No wireless charging and OIS on all top models: fail. So no, no Apple hardware. I would not buy it. Wrong example ;)    
  • From what I've read, OIS is include in the Plus models.
  • Or general use NFC.
  • I didn't mean a true copy of the iPhone hardware. I was talking about the body design more than anything.
  • I totally agree with you Dustin Hoffman. As much as I hate to admit it, iPhones are well-built and so too Sony phones, which are waterproof as well! Their fingerprint sensor is the best because it's in the same place as the Lumia lock button.
  • It's "Hodges", but close enough. :)
  • Where do I join?
  • Let's see... 1 - I'd call Nokia to design the phone and supervise its construction (hey, they said "built by a Microsoft partner"). 2 - I'd call Nokia to put in their camera tech on the phone. 3 - Said camera would include all the bells and whistles but no hump, even if that means a fatter device. I don't care. 4 - The phone would run full Windows 10 and not Windows 10 Mobile or anything that has any resemblance to Windows Phone (which means running PC programs since it's the only way to compensate the lack of apps. Otherwise it would have to run Android with backed in Microsoft services alongside Google's.) 5 - The phone would support wireless charging, be waterproof and be made out of metal and glass (much like Xperias and the new S6 and OnePlusX). Alternatively, it would be built with graphene, assuming Nokia is ready to move on pass research to the production of graphene-based devices. 6 - The phone would have a side mounted fingerprint scanner instead of iris scanners. 7 - The phone would be able to seamlessly connect to a dock and turn into a Surface tablet (think Asus PadFone but with a Surface) or connect to another dock and turn into a portable PC. THIS would be the real materialization of Continuum. 8 - The phone would have 32-64GB of built in storage and support microSD expansion. 9 - The phone would have a xenon flash and a dedicated camera button, of course. 10 - The phone would be bellow the 5" mark in size. 4.7". Alternatively it could come with two sizes but *mine* would not go beyond 4.7" because phones are meant to be used with just one hand. 11 - The phone would use a 1080p AMOLED display and nothing above that. Not only because it's useless but because battery life comes first. 12 - The phone would have the biggest battery possible within its size constraints. Ideally Nokia would be able to add a graphene battery, assuming that too is ready to move past R&D. 13 - The phone would NOT have rear facing speakers. 14 - The phone would include a LED notification light. 15 - The phone would include a small projector on the top of it that would allow to either create holographic projections (a la Star Wars) or to project the screen of the floor onto a surface (thus actually removing the need for an external monitor on continuum). 16 - The phone would include an IR blaster 17 - The phone would not be cheap. But it would justify its price tag, unlike some other phones out there *coughiphonecough* There, Microsoft. I just did all the work for you. Now make it happen and maybe you can get a third chance in the mobile space.
  • I like that we both had the projector idea haha
  • It seems a natural step, doesn't it? Projectors are getting smaller and smaller. So eventually they'll be able to fit them into a mobile device. That'd allow you to actually take a larger screen with you, as long as you had some surface in which to project it to. It makes a lot more sense to me to invest in that than to expect someone or some place to have a random display, keyboard and mouse waiting for someone to arrive with a phone to connect to it.
  • Samsung did it a couple years back, it was quite thick. Still, if you could have the full W10 experience with a projector and Continuum, it could be quite useful. Maybe the projector could be integrated into a 3rd party foldable keyboard instead of the phone (then that keyboard-projector could be used with any Continuum-supported device, not just full W10).
  • ...and you're fired. Problem solved. Let's get someone with talent and *not* DJCBS. Ever.
  • Yeah. God forbid Microsoft would actually try to produce a good phone. They'd have to face more than 2% of marketshare and the prospect of not having a failed mobile OS. Can you imagine the amount of work that'd give you? God, no. You're right, they better not follow any of my suggestions. Keep doing what they're doing. It's going great! :D
  • I can imagine our comment section being less if a drag without certain people. That's what I think.
  • Agree. That's what I think too. DJCBS would be complaining anyway.
  • We should respect everyone opinion, including DJCBS.
    His views are interesting. I enjoy reading them.
  • Exactly!! They are different...
    What dumb a$$ would suggest we all agree on everything❓❓❓❓❓❓❓ That would be the most unproductive BS ever..
    I don't agree with a lot that DJCBS says, and sometimes he makes me cringe, but he's got to be one of my favorite because he speaks his mind.... He's a leader, not a follower; that's what scares simple minded people.. Sad, in this day, and age, we still have to discuss this.. SMDH
  • Windows Central would also be less of a drag without certain editors but we can't always get what we want, can we Daniel? No, we can't.
  • I agree with you about a lot of things...
    People that don't want to hear the truth, or discuss the real issues, are what's dragging this community down...
    I'm the biggest Windows everything fan in existence, but that doesn't mean that I'm a blind, unrealistic, sore looser like a ton of the fans here are... This site used to be filled with a lot less egotistical fans; fans who haven't let being on the loosing team for years turn them into defensive, overly confident, over praising, iDroid sheep wannabes... We can't get anywhere because WP/WM fans make up way to many excuses for MS faults, mainly because of their obvious insecurity about WP never being successful....
    Well, if it make you, or anyone else, feel better,,,, I'm still gonna remain a huge fan of the OS, and never stop being super critical of it... I dare someone to argue that fact to me.... Some people here just want a community of hand holders; flower children; and babysitters; so that their day goes better.... Screw the emotional BS.
    Five years, and no success, spells pathetic. There's no time to worry about people "being a drag""" This community needs more wolves, and less sheep.... So does Microsoft.. SMDHIDATES
  • 10%+ please
  • You should send your suggestion to Nokia. I've heard they are doing well in mobile.
  • Lol... Sad, but true.
  • Hey DJ do us a favour by buying ms and Nokia and run them together. /s
  • Nokia should come make a phone like that then file for bankrupcy in a year.
  • Why? It would be paid by Microsoft. Nokia would just build it for them. Furthermore, did you skip the last point? The phone wouldn't be cheap. When I wrote that, it was precisely because I would not put the phone for sale at a loss. It would be a powerful device and so you'd pay a premium price for it. It's not conceived to me a mass market phone, not a phone to emerging markets nor for "the next billion".
    Ever heard of Vertu? Same concept but with actually useful features instead of diamonds, emeralds and concierges.
  • I hope MS does not listen to you. You left already ;)
  • And until they are able to make a phone actually worth buying, I have no intention of returning. Neither me nor all the people that left. And that's their problem.
  • Lol. He's getting a Lumia 950 XL. He told me so in a private message.
  • Some great ideas here... why is everyone hating on you?
  • DJCBS tends to get hate because there have been enough occasions where he has been all around abrasive and generally insulting towards anyone who isn't....well...him.  It's not that all of his ideas are bad, it's just that he's been enough of a jerk around here that it drowns out a lot of what he has to say.  A few of the things on his list are alright but most are impractical and he keeps wanting Microsoft to become like either Sony or Nokia, both of which are nowhere near as successful companies.
  • I've never been abrasive or a jerk to anyone who hasn't provoked me first. The moment you do, then you should not expect me to be nice. I don't expect Microsoft to be anyone else. Specially because they can't. I would expect them to, however, pick up the good ideas others put forward. And they never do. Sony's design language, for example, is so bad that Samsung decided to copy it when they finally addressed the build quality of their devices. If Samsung unsuccessful, too? (we could discuss Nokia's and Sony's success or not on mobile but it happens that both were/are still more successful than Microsoft in that area. And we're talking mobile here. Microsoft's successes don't come from mobile. Neither do Sony's nor Nokia's currently).
  • Actually you have been abrasive to others.  Do I need to bring up every single insulting comment or ignorant sweeping generalization you've ever made about Americans?  Or was that alright because, lol, American's aren't people to you? Putting all of that aside though, I only half agree with you on MS taking cues from Nokia and Sony.  I'm not disagreeing with oyu on hardware or their success/former successes in mobile (though Nokia got caught with their pants down like MS did by the advent of the iPhone).  I'm saying that their mobile goals are still different.  MS is very much growing things across an entire platform whereas both Sony and Nokia were thinking only in terms of mobile.  Yes, MS is succesful on the dektop but I don't think their mobile success will work if they only port Win32 apps to the phone.  Programs have to be usuable on both the small screen and with continuum, not just with one or the other.    
  • Why are some of you fans so emotional? This isn't a site about cats, and dogs; it's about technology..... Screw the emotional BS. Quit getting your feelings hurt.. Who would even bring up being abrasive except someone trying to start a fight... Just respect the opinion of others, and quit your cyber bullying.
  • .......................
    Sometimes I'd like to just tell certain fans to "grow a pair"... But, I can't in fear of being banned.
  • Ignoring all the impractical ideas you listed, I like numbers 8, 9 and 16. 1 and 5. Looking back at their history, Nokia is actually more conservative in terms of design. Going with less exotic materials and overall thicker design but still somehow trying to be their own thing. I wouldn't expect Nokia, if they become a hardwae partner in a fictional world, to bring devices like you are describing. But it is the fictional world, I guess. Plus, looking at their me-too affaris with their recent tablet, I don't trust them to come with a unique design. 11. I feel higher resolution is good for AMOLED screen escpecially considering they use pentile matrix so, a one third less number of subpixels could be countered by an overall higher pixel count. And going for RGB AMOLED might bring longevity and screen burning concerns while IPS LCD would give lackluster contrast ratio. At this point, Samsung really seems to be one of the best display tech suppliers so, it is good Microsoft went with them and the fruits of their partnership can already be seen in the supposedly excellent Surface Pro 4 display.
  • Which of the ideas are impractical? More than once I've read that but no one actually discourses on it.
    (Also, mind you this is what I'd like to see happening. Not everything is ready to exist like the holographic projections but I believe it will someday. Just look at the step HoloLens took). As for n.11 remember I talked about the phone being 4.7". Adding 1080p was already a bonus, honestly. At that size 720p would be more than enough as the Sony Compact line had shown. I don't think there's a point in QHD screens on such small devices like phones. I use a G4 which has a QHD screen and you can't see the difference to the screen of the Nokia 930 for example.
    But yes, I was definitely thinking about Samsung AMOLED screens. They are indeed the best ones currently on the market.
  • Dude, most of your ideas a fine; they're good... I just don't agree with the 4.6" screen deal, and any statement about what a phone is supposed to be, or how it's supposed to be used.. That's just way too objective..... I'd like your phone ideas, but in a 6.2" size.. That's just my opinion.
  • *subjective But yeah, some prefer the ability to use one-handed, some prefer the real-estate of huge phones. We already have huge flagships, but lack moderately sized ones.
  • I'm pretty sure half of what you mentioned are just super-human feats, which is why few have done them. As to working with Nokia, MS already employs a large group of Nokia people, the ones who formerly designed phones for Nokia, and now they do it for MS. So you already got that wish granted with the 950/XL.
  • Just bring back iconic Nokia (730,830,925) design
  • I got the e-mail. Feel like everybody must be getting one.
  • I have a feeling this is in conjunction to Google's Modular Phone project ARA.
  • 1. Ditch the idea of removable back covers. Removable covers means plastic. Plastic means cheap. Give me metal body over plastic any time of day. 2. Give us a mute button/switch (ala iPhone).  
  • So you need a cover. No thanks.
  • So how do you propose we get a removable battery (something that is very important to me in a flagship phone because you can bet I'm going to use the heck outta the device) since you're doing away with removable backs. The removable battery and continuum are the two reasons I'm going gaga for the Lumia 950.
  • Removable battery means you have to take apart a device and reboot it, losing everything you were doing while needing more energy. Also it's dangerous to keep batteries with exposed contacts in pockets or without a case. Way more practical and elegant t just plug an external battery when needed
  • I'm going to disagree about it being way more practical and elegant to just plug in an external battery. For a start, it means cables strewn every which way (trust me, I do this with my 920). It also means your phone is tethered to another power source. Pop off the back, swap battery, put the back on again, and continue. No power source tethering needed. I will however give you the danger aspect, though I never had an issue with my Titan over it. But I guess the same danger could also apply to the external battery. The elegance and practicality are subjective.
  • Metal body means scratch magnet. Means no Qi charging as of now. Also means no colour options. Also means you cannot change one by yourself if it is dented.   But the phone will look good and a little thinner. You like design over functionality?
  • Yes. So do most consumers, which is why the best-selling and most profitable high-end phones don't have removable backs.
  • Is this email an indication that you moved past the first round from the last special email sent to a select few? If so, I didn't make it since I didn't get this email.
  • I don't think I got the first round email. :/
  • U get the mail... Then u register..
  • I got the first one but not this one. Alas.
  • A Smartphone like the 950XL, maybe a litte bigger (6"), qHD Display, with Intel-Processor und NATIVE Windows 10, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB internal + MicroSD Slot, Fastcharge & Wireless Charging and replaceable 4000-4200 mAh battery, 20 MP Camera with 1.8 Aperture, Triple LED Flash, Laser-Autofocus, 8 MP "Selfie_Cam", Windows Hello, Aperture 2.0, USB-C 3.1, USB-OTG, LTE, Surface Pen Support and - a slider  QWERTY/QWERTZ Keyboard, like the good, old Motorola Milestone!! (Landscape, not like the Blackberry Priv...) THIS, and I'm get wet... ;-)
  • Got the email. Looking forward to it!
  • Reintroduce the real 3d touch technology they were working on with McLaren. Now that Microsoft has a flagship they need the wow factor. Sure it's a gimmick but it gets people looking at the phone.
  • Basically the 950xl hardware, but 128Gb on board, 4Gb RAM, and the chassis of the concept at the top of this article. Then iron out the OS bugs, and give us app/feature parity (or at least much closer to) with iOS, and you have a winner.
  • Scrap display sizes below 5.5 inches. Keep the display choices to 5.5 or 6.0 inches. It will fit pockets if you wear a proper pair and not those skinny crap. 128GB internal storage only. Even if it means the removal of the microSD slot. An internal storage is more reliable. Flat sides like the one on the 930. It'll be easier to hold the phone. Removal the camera hump. If the device needs to be thicker then so be it. Anti-glare matte screens. They only look good until you touch it. Removal of anything glossy. I never welcome gloss in tech.
  • 1. So you're basically either completely excluding girls from using the device or forcing them to adapt their clothings to your wish of having a dinner tray in your pocket. Ok...
  • He's also excluding lads like me that prefer a phone they can use with one hand. The Lumia 930 I can barely use with one hand (going back to my Lumia 920 and finding it a lot easier to use with one hand), and that's only 5". Now imagine a 5.5/6"phone. I'm snookered now aren't I?
  • Oh I completely understand you. I moved from a Z3 Compact to a G4 and while I love the G4 I loath the size of it. I'm only putting up with it because of the awesome camera.
    On the other hand whenever I pick up my 930, it's a relief now because it seems smaller. But yeah, I'd be going back to a Compact phone if Sony were serious about their cameras or anyone else produced proper one-hand friendly phones.
  • I disagree with everything you listed except maybe 4 and 5. And the 930 is a brick.
  • A real genius and visionary /s
  • lumia 1520 with spd 805
  • how about a foldable or retractable screen. allow modular applications - entertainment - productivity - enterprise - enhanced communication - social media - Photo/video...ect of course top of the line chipset, screen and hardware        
  • Bring back the design of the 735. Make it bigger with as slim bezels as possible on all four sides. 41 megapixel camera with 1.6 aperture. Gorilla glass 5. Multiple colours. Upto 2 terabyte storage. Huge battery with a processor to match. Don't mind a bit of weight. . Iris scanner . Stereo speakers front & back. Telepathic abilities( a bit too much, i know) But i can dream, can't i? (:-)·
  • That would cost a fortune . That would a be 2k phone at least, because of the storage. 32 gigs are enough tbh.
  • Give best battery....may be 4000-5000 mAh or button, finger print unlocking.
  • Everyone wants a 3cm thick phone!
  • A lumia 950 like ish , 6 inch phone, wich looks like a 1520, and so yellow bright that you can sie it from miles away. Productivity : 0 / sytle points : Uncountable
  • Bring user profiles to phones boom mind blown. Let's your kids or wife use a device as if it were there own. Also put kids corners on tablets and pcs. Oh my battery is dead grab another phone login and my mobile experience is not tied to one device.
  • I agree with user profiles.
  • sandboxed WIN32 full Windows OS. Infrared and night vision cameras. IR blasters to use as a remote for random things. Yeah IR blasters are still a thing. fingerprint reader 3D touch, but not meaning to copycat anyone dedicate camera button that can be mapped to other functions full landscape/portait orientation rotation support in any screen, even lock screen and notifications 3D interactive GUI, not to be confused with 3D touch. The phone UI is immersive like a 3D game foldable and expandable physical display to turn it into as large as a tablet WIFI 802.11AD 5G multi cellular antennae array for better reception/speed multi bluetooth device connectivity for multiple mouse/kb/controllers, maybe up to 10 devices at once flick to close/end an app in task manager USB OTG SD & SIM removal without having to remove the battery wireless quick charging, such as putting in 2-3 charging circuits to use multiple charging stations at once or one really really powerful one kinetic charging circuit. charges when it's being shaken or stirred. multi-lens camera , 16 lens - 3D camera captures, multi-focus, automatic bracketing, auto re focus after capturing, etc. larger CMOS camera sensors  
  • Say what?
  • Wait till 2059
  • Hilarious
  • Suffice it to say, outrageous suggestions like these will get most up votes in the insider hub, and the genuine, more sensible and doable suggestions won't get any.
  • Of course they will. People ruin everything. I hope they take the suggestions as just suggestions. Remember Homer Simpson building his dream car?
  • Most of these are OS-related, you do understand this, do you? And the rest is just not being realistic about hardware.
  • Part of me likes this, but the other part just wants Microsoft to hire a chief design officer and move on. You dont get Metro by committee. Listen to feedback, but create something truly original and stand behind it.
  • An SoC with universal radios that isn't crippled out of the box. Too soon?
  • Wouldn't resolve the problem but make a lot of people lose time trying to make it work
  • Rounded corner square edges like the Lumia 930 were sexy, bin those pillow designs!
  • Lots would disagree ;)
  • Waiting for my email......
  • Yeps...i got this and accepted it today!!! I am looking forward to contributing to this in any way I can...
  • Announce today, Release it worldwide 2 weeks later.
  • I'm more interested to give my suggestions if MSFT decide to build the devices themselves
  • So random people should make WIndows phones for free because they fired all of their employees?
  • This.
  • They'll only get ideas, at best. Designing anything is much more than that.
  • Nokia had something similar back in the days called ideaproject, though it was mainly for apps.
  • force only 3G network mode is required and it is very very needy..
  • Doesn't the "Highest Connection Speed" setting achieve this?
  • Not here in the UK where we have 4G. Could see this being useful if I need to be more conservative with battery.
  • I'm in the UK too, and not sure what Bapon is asking for. I originally assumed he means stopping the phone going up to 4G (Which I wouldn't personally bother doing) which I think the setting I mentioned would achieve - Maybe he's looking for a minimum speed aswell, and would rather have no connection at all if 3G isn't available (for some reason)?
  • i mean to say that the network mode has 2G and 3G but cannot force to 3G only..
    even i had 3G server but the network goes to 2G automaticly..
  • edit option in dialer and call recording features are required for wp fans
  • app list grid view option is required..
  • background downloading from other browser is required..
  • in apps update only the update part is to be downloaded..
  • It already does that.
  • Top 3 hardware features :
    1-Ram should be more than 1 GB .
    2-FLASH light should be available in all lumia budget phones .
    3- The most important feature is to provide STEREO speakers in Lumia phones foe music lovers!!. Best regards
  • Aren't these already there? Though on the subject I don't think Microsoft would release many budget models from now on.
  • umm.. I doubt many music lovers use phone speakers to listen to music anyways. It's not possible to cram good speakers into such a small device.
  • I thought this was an awesome idea, then I read the comments.
  • Not everyone is grounded in reality lol.
  • This is still an awesome idea and may provide some really good device concepts if only they can filter them from the piles of bullshit.
  • Haven't seen a single thing worthwhile yet.  
  • That's because hardware specwise nothing much is needed and we can't post the pictures here.
    I'm pretty sure designers and enthusiasts will send there concepts/designs to Microsoft. I think that's what they are asking for not plane specs.
  • Lol scroll back a little and you'll find good ones. But yeah some people can't be serious here. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Unibody with exchangeable battery... Oh, wait!
  • Haha. It is possible, though. Check the Lumia 735. Looks as unibody as anything, but allows for changing battery
  • I also like exchangeable batteries. I hope they can come up with something that looks like it's unibody or at least provides waterproofing while still allowing us to exchange batteries easily.
  • Since everyone is replying as if this is the place MS will go to source their next phone.... A high end phone with a smartcover that doubles as a physical keyboard. It opens and can flip behind the screen or lock into place for a landscape style physical keyboard. Of course, this is optional and detachable. It would allow fans of "real keys" to have it and yet, it's not a required accessory to work as you still have the touch screen. I think I just created the jump-off point for the beginnings of a Surface Lumia.
  • And those beginners will write off the higher end surfaces saying the one they used have crammed keys.
  • Awesome sauce!!
  • Tastes awesome!
  • a lumia 1320 shell design with 950XL specs and removable battery. Preferably IP68 or higher water and dustproof design. Both amoled and eink screen (amoled for normal use and eink for battery saving mode). And a screen layer for using n-trig or wacom tecnology with the stylus. The important reason for the 1320 shell design is that its a relatively universal bar design. This will make it easier for third party accessories. I'm still waiting for a decent camera case, like the one designed for the lumia 1020, preferably one where we can also mount lenses on the case in front of the the camera phone lens for a good fit. A mophie juicepack case for microsoft phones, rugged cases for the microsoft phones etc. I hope this way a whole new supporting market opens to make more accessory products that are actually tailored for that phone instead of cheap universal accessory that don't work as well. I've used and tried so many universal accessories for windows phone, they're "meh" at best. I think the windows phones/lumia phones are all great. But I think the wow factor for me would be when the phones would finally have more compatible accessories that accent the phones potential. Cases, third party products like gopro, medical equipment and other sensors that can utilize and connect over usb c etc.  
  • Accessories won't come for low market share devices. The best wet can expect are accessories from Microsoft
  • And even Microsoft are starting to become very cheap by not bundling earphones with their handsets.
  • I would do the same, the majority of people don't use them so it's better to launch a product with a lower price
  • Who doesn't use earphones these days? I bet only a minority doesn't. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • well then microsoft should do more with accessories.I mean with 3D printing low market share markets shouldn't be an issue. But it would be nice if microsoft offered the 3D accessory files. I would be happy to pay 30 dollars per accessory if microsoft would only develop them to fit the phone. But since they have the spec bluerprtins and dimensions it would be easier if microsoft offerend a greater portfolio of accessorys, basic and more advanced, from microsoft owners to choose from After all microsoft released a 3D builder app for windows 10. I would be happy to tweak a basic file a little, save it and send it to shapeways. And then perhaps within the windows/microsoft community a whole bunch of us could order that accessory, perhaps with a group discount. Should be too hard to organize.
  • I would suggest sensible midrange phones that are affordable, but do enough to showcase the strengths of the windows ecosystem. The Lumia 735 was the best midrange phone I've used to date, so I would build on that and suggest upgrades that can add to it without pushing the costs
  • Best camera, almost no border around the screen, metal body
  • Cool concept, lets see if anything comes from it.
  • Got it. Signed up. Waiting for what's next...
  • Want a phone to complete with the latest One plus devices both in terms of specs (or performance) and PRICE !!! And bare with me on this, the design of the Lumias (950 and 950XL) dosen't make them look like they are from Microsoft or even Nokia. In my opinion the best loking phones are the Lumia 920, 925 and 1520. I might even go crazy to have a phone that looks like the Surface tablets shrunk down. On the software department though, Microsoft knows what they are doing, its just the matter of developers putting efforts in the development of their apps. Waiting for the mail btw ... I would like to see this in a phone (period) :
    1) 5" 1920x1080 IPS LCD ( or AMOLED) Pixel Sense Clear Black display (with Glance support).
    2) Capacitive keys (don't know why but I like them).
    3) NFC and built in Qi Wireless Charging and fast charging.
    4) 20 MP Pureview camera with OIS, Zeiss optics, support for 4K recording.
    5) Design similar to the Lumia 925.
    6) Battery >= 3000 mAh
    7) Unibody construction and seamless design but with slot for Micro SD card (like the Lumia 720).
    8) USB C type with OTG support, Continum.
    9) Multiple mics for recording audio while capturing video (like Lumia 930).
    10) Phone thickness
  • a freaking xenon flash as default for anything dubbed "pureview" could be a good start
  • Got invitation. Joining.
  • Current gen Pureview version of the 1020s 42mp shooter. Gorilla Glass 3 5.5" front end, high res, Intel Atom powered, 4GB Ram, vapor mg case, with a Surface logo on the back... Basically shrink a Surface 3 to phone size and go from there. It'd certainly get a lot of press and that'd be a nice change for a WP.
  • WMPoweruser says it is only in India. Harish???
  • Honestly, I think I want Microsoft to include IR blasters in their phones. They clearly seem to include some sort of infrared technology for the Windows Hello stuff. Why not include an IR blaster so I can control my TV.
  • Smartphones are for smart people,so I want to see a keyless window phone with a730 design.
  • For hardware, all we need is a god damned battery that can hold charge for more with a lifespan of over 3 years. Like a REAL NOKIA handset. Is that too much to ask for?
  •   I got the mail too. I signed up and i got a dialog box that said wait for the next step or something. I would really like htc to make a windows version of a9. Hardware wise I think ms wont release any phone with older gen Socs anymore. So all that remains is other features and physical appeareance of the devices. When it comes to design no one can satisfy the tastes of all. But what ms or its hardware partners can do is to make the phone with less bezels and offer a wide range of sizes for the same model like the xperia line.Moreover they should implement hey cortana voice activation in all the phones be it flagships or low ends. I think this can be achieved by adding  a  secondary co processor. Sure it wont be cheap but they can cut the costs in other regions like material used in low ends. This wont be a problem in the high end beacause they can charge like 40 - 50 dollars more. Moreover the main focus should be in the design and accessories of the phone. The new flagships look a bit ugly with the stock back cover, but with the mozo back covers they look damn sexy. What ms needs to do is to offer the same choices. They can either produce them or acquire a company like they did with n-trig. Other hardware features that are not a must are IR blaster and fingerprint scanners. Sure we have the fancy new iris scanning. But think of how it would be if windows had two stage authentication. The buissiness people will love it. And when it comes to IR blasters one doesnt need them a lot but I use it a lot on my mi 4.IF they went ahed and added water and dust resistance thet will be great too but its not a must. Software wise all that needs to be done is a few minor changes and bug fixes which im sure the geeks at ms are doing right now. Other than that it would be perfect if ms talked to major oems like samsung, xiaomi, huawei, oneplus and get them on the win 10 mobile custom rom thingy for some of their phones. They can add a small tweak to their customised os that will allow the users to install win 10 via ota or they could atleast provide a flashing service in their service centres. This is highly unlikely but who knows what might happen. These are my personal views and if you disagree there is no need to flame in the comments section. And yeah grammar nazis can keep away.       ​
  • Nope. You need a x86 archihecture CPU and a entire OS overhaul for that to work, a lot of power (x86 CISC need a lot og power, that why arm arhihecture was invented) and a at least 20GB of storage. Why fo you think Windows 10 Mobile needs 3GB and Windows 10 20GB? Windows on PC has all those user controls, resources files... for win32 applications. Windows 10 Mobile has above mentioned files for Silverlight, Universal Apps.... That's why it only needs 3GB of space for system files. If you really want a ultra portable PC for win32 apps, get a PC on a USB stick and a wireless keyboard and mouse. Problem solved.
  • If a friggin Tegra 3 can run Windows well enough then an Atom that's pretty equal to an 808 can run it as well.
  • My phone :- Processor : Snapdragon 620
    Ram : 2GB
    Graphics : Whatever comes with Snapdragon 620
    Internal Memory : 16/32 GB
    MicroSD slot : Yes
    5/5.5" screen 720p/1080p
    Front Facing Camera : 5 MP (Full HD video)
    Back Camera : 16 MP with OIS and Laser Autofocus (4K video (or not))
    Front Firing Speakers or on the bottom of the phone (not on back) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • One of the more realistic expectations here. Bravo! I would love this phone if it also came cheap enough.
  • Thank you! Yes I think it can come in 2 models, one bigger with higher specs, one smaller with tad Lower specs.
    Make it happen please and I'm sold! And almost forgot! Wireless charging (if possible) and PLEASE SHIP WITH DETACHABLE CHARGER BRICK AND BETTER EARPHONES.
  • Take the 950, it's a decent phone but 3 things I would like to see in its successor are: 1) Dedicated buttons, give users a settings option of using the dedicated buttons OR on screen button. 2) Flat back, none of this raised camera ring nonsense, id rather have a slightly thicker device with a flat back then one that wont sit flat on a table. 3) A xenon flash alongside the triple led. Other then that Microsoft is moving in right direction with the hardware.
  • Yea they could use the extra space to put in a bigger battery
  • Ok, we start by designing something that does not depend on Apps. a Cane.
  • Basically I would like a Lumia 950xl with a Lumia 1520 body design and no camera hump. Always liked the look of the 925/1520 design..
  • Printed plenotptic (lightfield capable) sensor hexagonal grid covering the entire back, capable of minor solar charging for just over standby, and featuring IR, b&w, and of course color sensels. The back is reprogrammable/unlockable to increase virtual resolution so that people who don't want a very high resolution shooter don't pay for it, while those that do get a SLR+ quality shooter. I am talking about a grid in the billions of sensels. Similarly integrate sensels inside of the screen the same way MS did with the original Surface IR "pixels", but in groups behind microlenses, thereby allowing you to A) look at someone with your eyes when you are looking at the screen, and B) pefectly follow the user's eyes to determine the exact location of their gaze. The second part is important in both displaying things through the screen as if it were AR, as well as being able to record whatever a person is actually looking at, not necessarily exactly on the axis perpendicular to the back of the phone (assuming the phone is roughly pointed in the right direction). This on top of the normal benefits of using a plenoptic system, but without the expensive Plenoptic 2.0 camera lenses that are common in these sorts of setups. The sticking point is finding printable sensel tech that is both high enough quality (although quantity has a quality all of it's own, and recent error correction techniques could take care of a lot of lower quality sensels, so long as there are a LOT of them). There are serious issues with things like switching speed, perishability, and quality control. Don't know if it's doable anymore now than it was a few years ago when I was looking into it.
  • Sensel? Do you mean sensor?
  • I would like an Xbox phone. Green back. should have a swipe left for a game hub. Double right swipe for xbox app always running. Hold horizontal and it splits with game pad under screen. Left edge of phone should have shoulder buttons. Continuum box should have a groove in it so phone can be held by it fir big screen display or just a holder, when a usb xbox pad is used.
  • Now this is an idea Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This combined with what I posted further down below ! An xbox phone would be awesome. Maybe offering a discount on a couple of xbox games in the store if you get this phone too.
  • Microsoft already have developed very powerful and innovative technologies. But they are reserving for their surface phone brand. Lumia 950/XL are still designed and engineered in the Nokia's lab. Next iteration of their flagship phone will be designed in the Microsoft engineering tables then it would bro the most innovative and definitely with some advanced features. E.g. Surface pro series, surface book, hololens. The company who has hololens like technology then we can definitely expect some serious hardware technology when they will develop the phone which has been crafted by its surface team. Lumia 950/XL was scheduled to launch when Nokia was in the power, so changes couldn't be made to these existing devices Atul they have made some changes in this device, I really appreciate this effort. I'm ready to accept that this is not we can proudly call a flagship for the manufacturers of the surface book or surface pro 4. We definitely expect more from this company.
  • I don't understand why they don't have a gamer phone for the Xbox achievement nuts... And advertise the thing on xbox, closer links with games and a Ms phone.
  • Still we're going to see a lot of crappy low hardware devices.... Doesn't matter what feedbacks people provide, MS won't stop making extreme low budget phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Top of my 920 is empty why can't phone have custom buttons. I would map to music play back buttons, next, previous track, pause etc
  • A powerful Intel processor and 6-7" fullhd screen, 3gb ram, 64gb internal, msd, 20+mp camera on the back, 8+mp camera on the front, HUGE battery, qi, ir for remote control features, possibility to connect an Xbox One controller (wired/wireless) and a dedicated camera button. That's pretty much what I want to see on a phone to be really satisfied.
  • You seem to have forgotten dual NVidia gpus :) Now seriously, IR would be nice.
  • I really would like the inclusion of Camera key, Glance(have a 930) and SDcard support to every lumia phone budget or not.
  • Transparent body. I want to see all of the hardware on Lumia.
  • It's a smart phone. Not a Swiss Made Mechanical Wrist Watch. :-D
  • I have only one wish. Grip. I hate to hold my phone with full hand. I often need to put my little finger below for additional support, because it is slippery.
  • If that's your only wish, go for a nice case bruh Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So the insiders are now doing the Job of Joe Belfiore? TBH, some of those insiders might do it even better....
  • I want faster horses
  • That's a great move and publicity at the same time. I hope that they'll seriously consider user input. On a less serious note: As long as I'm dreaming, I'd like a pony. (Susie Derkins)
  • msft we need a succesor for the 730 and 830.
  • YES!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Don't forget that Microsoft's new strategy is to make only low and high end phones in addition to business targeted phones. Mid range phones aren't part of that plan directly (but the business phones could be somewhere between a low and high end phone).
  • Just two devices, high and mid end only. Should go some way way in resolving OS issues in the long term. Just resolve the app gap issue once and for all, and speed dials that actually dial the number and not bring you to another sub menu.
  • My speed dials actually dial the number...
  • I think they want to make a phone for the Indian market solely. And this is why insiders from India are only getting the emails. So I would want a phone to have similar internals like the One Plus X or the One Plus One for a price of not more than ₹20,000 while the phone should look like the Lumia 920 or 925 or 1520. 5" screen is not off putting to the majority whereas larger and smaller than that may be ... Include glance and pureview. We don't want continum or liquid cooling or anything fancy. Even almost no one here uses NFC for payments so that is also not necessary and neither is wireless charging or iris scanner or fingerprint scanner.
    But a 1080p clear black display, solid processor like a Snapdragon 801, 2 GB RAM, external storage option, DUAL SIM variant (almost 50% or maybe more people in India buying a new phone look for dual sim capability), 13 or more megapixel camera with zeiss optics or the 8.7 MP one from the 920 with ois and pureview. Don't forget the hardware camera key ...
    And yes ... The most important thing : Price. It should be UNDER ₹20,000
    U have a space empty from 20-30k for an 830 successor.
  • Nice one let go unique , with more sensor, let stay in the lead .                          may sound funny but if we can have aphone with memory upgrade like pc it may be amazing                                   3.ability to boot from two different os like 8.1 and windows 10.                                   4.all round alluminum metal,                                   5.lets have alert lights,sometimes I dont need vibration or sound in a meeting or Hospital.                          processor would be grate.                                   7.camouflage casing will blow people mind.
  • Nice one lets go unique , with large sensor, let stay in the lead .                          may sound funny but if we can have aphone with memory upgrade like pc it may be amazing                                   3.ability to boot from two different os like 8.1 and windows 10.                                   4.all round alluminum metal,                                   5.lets have alert lights,sometimes I dont need vibration or sound in a meeting or Hospital.                          processor would be grate.                                   7.camouflage casing will blow people mind.
  • 1. 2GB/3GB RAM memory
    2. Official YouTube app
    3. Gesture controlled video player
    4. Download manager with background download support
    5. Etc.,
  • If I am to imagine, it will be like this: 1) Only 4 devices per year - 1 high end camera phone(5.5 inch), 1 high end(2 sizes), 1 medium range(5.2 inch) and 1 low end(4.5 or 4.7 inch) 2) Low end specs: previous year 4xx series processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, 8MP back camera, 2MP front camera, 720p, 2300mAH battery, limited continuum support 3) Mid range specs: 6xx series processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 13MP back camera, 5MP front camera, 1080p, 2500mAH battery, Qi enabled, LED notifications, limited but a little more continuum support 4) High end specs: (a) 5.2" phone: previous year 8xx processor, 3GB RAM, 32+GB ROM, 20MP+ pureview back camera, 8MP front camera, 1080p, 3300+ mAH battery, full continuum support, capacitive hardware keys, physical camera button, IRIS scanner, IR, LED Notifications, Qi enabled, all network bands supported or at least country variants will support all ranges in that country; (b) 5.7" phone: 8xx processor, 3Gb RAM, 32+GB ROM, 20MP+ pureview camera, 8MP front camera, 1440p, 3500+ mAH battery, full continuum support, capacitive hardware keys, physical camera button, IRIS scanner, IR, LED Notifications, Qi enabled, all network bands as said above 5) Camera phone: Intel Quad core processor, 3GB+ RAM, 32+GB ROM, 41MP+ pureview back camera, Xenon flash(back), 8MP pureview front camera, LED flash(front), 1440p, 3500+ mAH battery, capacitive hardware keys, physical camera button, IRIS scanner, IR, LED, Qi, all bands, Dust and water resistant, non removable back, more space in Onedrive   Except the intel phone, all the others should have removable back. And all the phones should support WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, MicroSD card, dual sim. (1) and (2) only will not have 4G whereas all others support 4G. Camera phone should have all Lumia colours available and for others, official back cover should be available with various colours. A split volume rocker instead of single bigger rocker will be good. For aesthetics, all devices should have USM port at the bottom, Able to pop out memory card/SIM without removing the battery, headphone jack at the top centered, Front facing speaker, LED notifications at top left, front camera at the usual place. Glass to be used should be latest gorilla glass.  
  • Great suggestion! :) very similar to mine Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I want this.
    1. 4" screen.
    2. Great battery life.
    3. 2 GB RAM.
    4. 16 or 32 GB internal memory.
    5. LTE.
    6. Dual Sim.
    7. Windows Hello and Continuum.
    8. Removable battery.
    9. Support microSD.
    10. Excellent camera.
  • A flagship phone with a 4.7" screen.
  • Nice but to be honest, the 950 XL is pretty much my dream device. I guess I'd only add more colors. Probably that amazing light blue the 640 XL comes in. What else? Maybe a 6 inch screen to be on par with that unsung hero, the 1520. In fact, it should also have the same display technology, for what I've seen that screen is awesome in daylight. I would not ask for metallic body though I know everyone here would. MS will probably cave in into this, though I hope they listen more to their engineers than to those blinded by all things shiny.
  • I really liked the idea someone mentioned almost a year and a half ago. Make a big windows symbol on the rear of the device....and make it light up via led etc. Also if there was a capacitive windows symbol on the front that could light up as a notification light that would be great. ie. Blinks for new texts etc
  • Microsoft is already on the right track as far as smart phones are concerned if they really build the "Surface" smartphone using Intel's new Atom smartphone CPU's and a special version of full Windows 10 Desktop operating system that can access control and use a smartphones transciever. the Surface smart phone would then be a true Windows 10 device totally compatable and able to use most Windows 32 desktop software, MS Universal Apps and Windows 10 store Apps. Also Microsoft has to be strick and from now only allow Windows Universal Apps to be submitted the Windows 10 apps store because properly made they can run on all Windows 10 Desktop, Laptop, Ultrabook, Tablets and Windows 10 Smart phones. At first some developers would get angry and resist making  MS Universal Apps but would change their mind and do it because Window 10 is on 120 Million computers and more people are putting it on their computers everyday and 85 to 90 percent of all  NEW PC desk, laptop,  and Ultrabook computers  are running Windows 10 and have a store for Developers to sell their apps in  
  • My wish list; 1. Intel with x84 software support using continuum
    2. Memory Options, 2Gb, 4Gb
    3. Storage Options, 32Gb, 64Gb and 128Gb
    4. Camera Options, 20MP, 41MP
    5. 8MP Front Camera with Flash
    6. Iris Scanner
    7. 3D Touch
    8. Replaceable Battery
    9. SD Card Support
    10. Screen Options, 5" and 6"
    11. Magnesium Body
    12. SnapChat (Just to shut everyone else up)
    13. Extra large battery support, I.e. Replace the back cover with an extended one and be able to fit 5000+ battery inside, makes the phone thicker and adds weight but for people like me that's really not a problem, but it needs to be first party so the design, quality and support is top grade.
  • Well id keep the physical camera button. I miss it :(
  • The biggest possible screen that could fit in my pocket. Probably something closer to the 7" range. An intel chip for access to the legacy programs that I know will never be ported. Other than that everything that we already have going for us is good for me. Now its time to move onto a full blown smartwatch or at the very least expand on the existing band :)
  • Oooo how about release the phones when there announced? Don't wait for months after.
  • Windows Phone issues is all about the Windows app and lack there of.
  • Hot-swappable device upgrade (excluding graphics, storage, RAM, and processor). That would be awesome!
  • Pen support!
  • I definitely hope I see an invite email to this! Being one of the rare few who actually LOVE the look of the 950XL (and the 950 nearly as much), I don't know that I'd want to change a whole lot in terms of raw aesthetics. I'm torn on whether I'd want to move up to more premium materials at the expense of the removable battery/SD card/SIM in back or whether to keep those features and keep some kind of plastic. I know you can put sd and SIM card slots along the side, but then you have card slots along the side breaking up the design symmetry. I also know that Motorola proves that you can have a closed back phone, and still have tons of customization options, with premium materials to boot, you can still only deaign it once, where with a removable back and numerous customization options, you can "redesign" the phone on a whim. Also, if you drop a glass phone....uh oh. Even a metal phone or wood backed or leather backed phone can be ugly damaged, and there's usually no in-damaging it. If a plastic back gets too messed up, replace it. Done. Now, options for the backs of the current flagships is one are where MS has DECIDEDLY fallen down. Beyond salt and pepper you have NO 1st party options whatsoever! This is a must fix. At a bare minimum we need to have first party back options in a number o attractive colors, but why not go for the more premium looking custom options? Oh well, there's always 3rd party backs I guess, but MS needs to let them include the silver Windows Logo to complete the look. Now, in a day where MS seriously needs to do everything it can to make people take Windows Phone as seriously as they can, if the removable plastic back model is impeding that, then maybe we need to ditch it despite my almost preference for it and the reasons for that I listed above. Otherwise, I'm not sure just how quick I am to want to change. And, for what little it's worth, though I know this will be highly controversial, though I know the Galaxy Note 5 is a much better phone than the Galaxy Note 3, and does feel better in the hand, I actually like the look of the older one better. I know the plastic faux stitched leather back nor the ridged faux chrome sides are fooling nobody, I still think they looked better than the shimmering icon that lacks all other feature, and is all too reminiscent of the monolith from 2001 - A Space Odyssey - and I loved that brushed aluminum look underneath the glass on the front. I also think the iPhone 6/6s series, tough I'm using one to type this is one of the most boring looking phones out there...There, I said it! :-) However, far more important to me than the looks of the phone are the "works" of the phone. I REALLY want an Intel powered device beefy enough to enable the continuum feature to become a TRUE, 100% complete Windows 10 desktop experience! That would be KILLER! In fact, that would be so killer that since I'm in the market for a low/mid-range phone for not a fortune, I'd buy such a thing and use it as that computer, whether Verizon would let me also use it as a phone or not. With a docked connection at my main desk, and a wireless connection for the rest of the house and another dongle for while I'm traveling or while on the north side visiting my parents. Anywhere there's wifi, I'd have my computer. Like I said, that'd be worth it to me, phone or no phone!! Lastly, I'd suggest "Continuum kiosks" in highly visible places. Not only is it a huge convenience for Windkws users, it's possible a jealousy generator for non-Windows users. Anyway, these are the kinds of hints I'd recommend if I receive that invite. If I don't, hen may someone who did take hem and run with them as well! :-) Cheers!!!
  • They should release two phones as they and the other leaders currently do. I'd suggest one 5.0 inch and one 5.7 inch. They should all have a design like the Nokia 930, with metal accents around the edges. The bezel should be minimum that they are comfortable with for strength. phone system/software in its own software space/VM/sandboxed, so that it cannot crash, lose signal, refuse the make or receive calls or disconnect from carrier like some current phones sometimes do. Making and receiving calls is the primary objective of any phone. quad core processor with better power gating features like intel processors to turn off various things that are not in use, down clock and reduce voltage as needed USB 3.1, type C, OTG capable like 950 et al   The differences are: 5.0 inch 1080p or 1440p screen AMOLED with super sentitive touch 3,000 mah battery or higher buttons in the same location as other flagship Nokia phones, removable back, different colours, with or without wireless charging SD card 2/3GB RAM 32/64 GB storage 5MP/20-25MP camera with true tone/multi colour LED for accurate colour. ZEIS, single LED front flash, laser assit focus 4k record, dolby audio mono speaker at bottom or front Notification LED Glance voice activated power on/off voice operated/Cortana double tap to wake     5.7 inch flagship phone 1440p or higher screen AMOLED with super sentitive touch 4,000 mah battery or higher buttons in the same location as other flagship Nokia phones, different colours, wireless charging, undecided about the removal back SD card 3/4GB highspeed RAM 64/128 GB storage 5MP/>20MP camera with true tone/multi colour LED for accurate colour. ZEIS, single LED front flash, laser assit focus, 4k record, dolby or better record front stereo speakers (design like surface tablets) on top and bottom (holding vertically) miracast micro hdmi/display port would be nice i think (not buying a dock and I dont have a miracast device handy) latest wifi and bluetooth, miracast. intel wirless chipset if possible Notification LED Glance voice activated power on/off voice operated/Cortana fingerprint reader/ better iris scanner double tap to wake 3D touchless operation/Kinect - ideas all perforned while holding the phone in one hand and moving the other infront of it; but not touching  - wave from right to left to switch to opened apps - hold your other hand palm down and move it from the top of the phone to midway to glace at the action center, doing it from bottom should show all opened apps (animated like blackberry) - flick our middle finger towards the phone to close an app (your kind off flicking the app away, like you would if there was something on your finger) - move your hand really fast from bottom to top or top to bottom would scroll quickly - get it to do things by forming a V, or O or some other letter with your hand     I think thats all I'd want    
  • Everyone will dream at the top of their lungs for a Surface phone
  • Wouldn't it be cool to have infrared/night-time on the camera? :) A lot of the features mentioned here are great. I think the key is, get a style that's yours. Apple has their 'style' of phone, then they put the latest guts in it. I think Pen support, some sort of casting (Miracast, etc.) then latest wireless, bluetooth, processor (Intel based?), lots of storage, lots of battery. Mm.... maybe sensors? Just get a good style for the body, then pack it to the gills with the latest tech.
  • This sounds like an invitation for Surface Phone. In which case, here is what I'd like to see: 1) A proper successor to the 1520. 2) That means 6.0 to 6.4 in Pixelsense screen with minimal side bezels. I hope MS uses the same tech found in the Surface Book and Pro 4. Now realistically, considering how slow MS is to screen tech that allows bezel reduction, a max of 2-3 mm on the sides and 1 cm top and bottom (or less). I can't imagine the requisite Iris scanning camera is at a point where it is compact enough to fit behind any bezel smaller. Sapphire glass for the screen and camera lens would also be a bonus but not a necessity. 3) It is imperative that, like the 1520, the top and bottom bezel ratios are symmetrical. Symmetry looks more premium. 4) Body construction MUST be VaporMag. The 950 and 950XL are nice and serviceable flagships as they are but, with the next flagship phone, MS must trump the iPhone in every way imaginable. It has to be a genuine iPhone killer. The current 950 series already has a magnesium chassis. It is VITAL that material appears on the outside -the surface, so to speak - as most people are that shallow and the simple fact is metal screams premium. Magnesium more so than any aeronautical grade Aluminum. Polycarbonate, by any other name, screams cheap plastic no matter how high their quality is and I really think MS shot themselves in the foot by insisting on using this material for SO long. Not only will such a phone make iPhone buyers reconsider but it is important Android manufacturers have a new standard to copy and imitate in design than the iPhone. I believe MS has the capability to be that standard. 5) As far as the actual industrial design of the phone, we could start with the Continuum dock. Does anyone else find it crazy the dock is better looking and appears better made than the 950 itself? It wouldn't have taken MS much effort to produce backplates mimicking the dock for the 950s. Or they could just go full metal and create the phone equivalent of the Pro 4. 6) That leads us to the next criteria. No bright and shiny colors. They are no longer unique and they look cheap. On top of that MS's implementation of colors has been pretty monochromatic which gets old, tacky and cheap quickly. Please let us rid ourselves of this "brilliant" Ballmer idea. Like alot of things he did, it was so bad. If WP users really insist on having colors I'd suggest deeper, darker colors like the ones used in the Surface keyboard cover. Those look tasteful and stylish and, most importantly, won't grow old very quickly with changes in fads. Another material I'd really like to see in Windows Phones is wood. Not wood with heavy complicated grain patterns like Burled Walnut but light and simple woods like Teak and Bamboo. I'd also like to see Zembrano and Wenge options. If they go wood, I hope MS doesn't make the mistake of making the phones appear plasticky by overzealous application of gloss varnish. Keep it matte. Let us enjoy texture. 7) Keep the metal Windows logo on the back. I'd also like to see it slightly larger and centered. Any WP fan would like their phone to shout that it is an MS product. More importantly, I believe the MS name actually has cache. People here talk about how people lost interest in WP after Nokia left but I think this assessment is incorrect. Nokia was the cellphone standard back in the late 90s and early 00s but by the mid 00s and post iPhone, Nokia lost the plot and began earning a reputation for cheap looking and feeling substandard plastic phones. Nokia became a byword for cheap and that is the general feeling around the world. I can attest to this as someone who lives in a third world country: the Philippines. A lot of people here came to the conclusion "why buy a cheap shoddy Nokia when you can get a better built Samsung for little more?" I was appalled when MS partnered with Nokia and kept me from switching from Android to MS for so long. Glad I did though. But I digress, everyone knows of the MS/Apple rivalry and the fact MS is even spoken of in the same breathe as Apple gives the name some weight ( At least out here in SE Asia). The Surface Pros were a dream come true because it was MS finally realizing and capitalizing on the prestige their name carries. I feel in the US, that feeling is becoming true as well. 8) Custom Intel X86 processor. I think it's time to ditch ARM for the high end. It beggars belief that in spite of the long history of partnership between Intel and MS that they haven't actually tapped each other's resources to create a world beating phone that can outstrip and outclass Apple's A series chips. Seriously. Such a processor would also make Continuum a serious feature rather than a novelty. At the very least, Intel should make a dedicated coprocessor for Continuum or for Windows Hello. Either that or MS should create a miniature version of the coprocessor for they built for the Surface Book and put it in a phone. 9) That leads us to cooling. MS should retain the water cooling system they employ in the 950XL but improve upon it. They could also complement it by employing the same perimeter venting seen on the Surface tablets. I honestly think the perimeter vents have the potential to be a signature design element that Android makers might copy it. 10) Front facing speakers. The shame of WP partnering with Dolby Surround is that they use it to the fullest by placing the speaker on the back where it is easily obscured. Put it on the front. HTC's Boomsound is the benchmark MS needs to exceed. 11) 4GB of RAM. I don't need to explain why. 12) Minimum storage of 64gb or 128gb + MicroSDXC expandability of up to 2TB. Make the iPhone buyers regret ever having to put up with Apple's 16GB bullshit. Even if Apple moves up to 32GB in the next iPhone, their customers would still be feeling cheated. That's a good thing. 13) Return of the 41 MP camera. At this point, MS needs to go all the way. A 20 MP camera might be fine for the 950/XL but a true flagship phone needs a true flagship camera and no camera has ever matched the cache of that ludicrous Pureview. As usual, give it Zeiss lens but upgrade the OIS so it is laser assisted. A cool differentiator would be for Pureview to get a Hasselblad certified Medium Format feature. That'll give the pretentious artsy types currently on iPhones something to think about the next time they get a phone. MS should lock Hasselblad in an exclusive contract that would exclude any partnership with Apple. There you have my wishlist. I hope it's not asking too much of MS.
  • Addendum: To power it all, MS needs a battery much larger than what they are using now. Even my 1520's 3400mah battery with only a 1080p screen to power feels average. Now I am acutely aware that I was spoiled by the 1320's phenomenal battery life which was only powering a 720p screen. Nevertheless, that sort of stamina should be the goalpost for MS. I see that happening with a 4000-6000mah battery. I may be wrong though since my calculations with a 1440p screen is far from scientific.
  • Hot-swappable device upgrade (excluding graphics, storage, RAM, and processor). That would be awesome!
  • Microsoft will realise some day that asking people for ideas is not very good thing after all. Very few ideas that come out of the public pool is actually usable. Rest is just combination of all the things a person has ever liked/seen on many devices.
  • "just combination of all the things a person has ever liked/seen on many devices" Isn't that the original iPhone in a nutshell?
  • Get popular apps on the platform.  Also, MAINTAIN THE SAME FUNCTIONALITY when you get them.  FB app isn't even close.  FB Messenger is cheap and boring.  The list goes on
  • Oh, good grief.  Crowd-sourcing the hardware will turn out just as disgusting as this crowd-sourced Windows 10.
  • What's wrong with windows 10?
  • Does anyone else see The Homer coming out of this program?
  • LMAO
  • I lost faith in Microsoft because they keep asking stuff and when we answer back they hardly do anything about it, nd anyways why should we waste our time to help them out without getting anything in return. So this is why I'm shifting to Android next month RIP Microsoft so slow in this fast paced world , look at one plus smartphones such a small company yet they are famous.
  • What do you mean by getting nothing in return? If everything works out you have a chance of getting your dream device when you are allowed to contribute
  • The basic idea is to involve the consumers. That way, the probability of it being rejected by people is greatly reduced. Good move!
  • I am waiting for the invitation. Kindly send me one.
  • Bring back WP7?
  • Miniature Surface Pro running x64 Windows Pro that can join my network and access local file shares. With LTE radios and functional phone app. The 950XL will suffice until then.
  • The funny thing is that everybody here comes with hardware specs that should beat the iPhone and Samsung flagship by a ridiculous margin... not thinking that they are picturing a piece of hardware that would cost the same as a Surface Pro 4. "Intel Xeon proccessor with 99 hexabytes of RAM, 8TB of SSD with a slot for memory card... oh, and a cammera of 578 megapixels made by Nikkon that surpasses any professional cammera. Body made of tungsten and seethrough screen so that it looks like an Avengers screen. All packed in a body no thicker than 3mm and able to fold so that you don't break it like the iphone har har" I would like to see a decent midrange phone with a cool looking body. Quality build with a metal frame. Something that while not an unbeatable monster in the hardware specs, everyone could say "Hey, nice specs and is not that expensive!" and a look that everyone could say "You know, it REALLY looks cool! even if is not a <brand>" or even "That looks awesome, I will get one once my carrier allows me to change phone!" Look is not everything, but is the entry point. Hardware is not everything but it makes you decide if you should invest, and price is not everything, but in the end is what makes you say Yes or No. 
  • I'd like to have hardware buttons where the windows key dubs as notification led! And a sharp square design :)
  • My dream phone:
    Display:5.7" 4k.
    Software: X86 apps compatible.
    Hardware: Intel chipset..4GB ram.
    Camera:40MP rear. 13M front
    Design: Front bezel less and Rear solar charge efficiency cover and middle transparent glass design with cooling liquid.
  • A rectangular design,bezel less, 20mp camera with rich software. Features, a version of surface pen which is suitably fit for the phone dimensions. Metal frame with a very,solid build quality, navigation buttons should be like 1520. A QHD display.And I think this project,though good, is a reaction against the Lumia 950 family which is not earthshattering in terms of design
  • Seriously would have been 100% happy if only the 950XL included a pen with support in OneNote.  Though ideally, I'd also want a larger camera sensor.  Not that the 950XL seems to be a slouch in that department, but still.
  • People can name specs all day, but those are obvious things.  I'll give it some more thought, but here's one list: 1-When you buy it, you should be able to customize the phone with different battery capacities, shells with varying materials/colors/textures, the amount of built-in RAM, the quality of the camera.  People love to make a phone their own. 2-Ability to have it ship with an SD card (choose the size) and SIM card already installed.  The box I got from AT&T had a SIM card, but no instructions on what to do with it, which is a problem for some people. 3-Start a new open standard for phone camera lense attachments, so you can attach a nice lens with optical zoom.  Maybe the phone comes with one. 4-Have an optional Xbox branded accessory, where you put in your phone, and you then have a handheld game device that has a controller and buttons.  This has been done before, but I have confidence you can make it shine.  What if you did the same thing you did with the Surface Book... you pop it in, and the accessory itself has a high-powered GPU, which allows you to get awesome graphics.  If you don't want to do that, how about just a new Xbox controller that lets you put in your Surface phone to get a whole other display you can use.  If you can partner with Nintendo, and get exlusive licenses for their old/new games, then your phone will be like gold (can you just buy Nintendo? haha). 5-Have an option when you buy in the Microsoft store so the more MSFT services you buy or own, the cheaper you can get the phone. 6-Do what Google is doing with their phone... my coworker has some Google phone that can switch between two of the carriers automatically (Sprint/T-Mobile?), and he pays Google...never has to deal with a carrier, which is a major plus to me. 7-Make the iris scanning work from further away, be more accurate, and be faster, or replace it with a fingerprint reader.  It's cool to show people...when it works. 8-Do whatever it takes to get these key missing apps into your store that some people complain about.  I'm talking even paying these companies to fully fund the development.  You have cash...maybe just buy out a few of them. 9-You HAVE to have a payment solution.  I don't know what Samsung did to pull of their phone working with any device that lets you slide a card, but it looks damn cool. 10-Include a good selection of premium apps/games FREE when you buy a new phone. 11-Move the speaker to the front of the phone, and make it sound better. 12-We need an "app standard", so any app can run on any phone.  You're moving that way with the latest .net framework being able to run on other platforms (and is open source).  It would be nice if devs can truly write an app once, and it work on all mobile platforms.  Platform lock-in is good for individual companies, but horrible for consumers and the future of computing.
  • Got the invitation,already register for it
  • I like the idea.
  • What after register
  • A 720p 4.5" 950 would be fine with me. But a more "outlandish", though not unique, option would be to make a flexible phone that doubled as a large watch / wristlet. Just wrap it around you wrist and you are good to go, could even use Glance to actually show time (no idea how to work around different wrist sizes). A bit like Nokia's Morph-concept.
  • I also got the register invitation.
    It was kind a surprise for me as right now i only have a windows laptop and 520 just got bricked.
    I never got any response to feedbacks i provided, nor did i get the thumbs up from other insiders.
    Didn't got what is the criteria for being a "select few". One more thing i find suspicious is the quality of the webpage i got registerd, it was looking damn cheap, high contrasting fonts and page, really didn't like it. Their must be some other stages to the qualification to be "select few". Right now i think being a die hard windows fan has paid of.
  • 64 bit processing Metal (incl. Magnesium) body inbuilt storage options of 64 GB and above. Complete waterproofing and dust proofing Supersized battery options Audio DAC XBox One Bluetooth phone integration 4K XBOX One or add on device if possible supporting 4K output from Blu Ray/Streaming. Complete wireless chat option for XBOX One.      
  • We want a surface phone!
  • I am one of those
  • Microsoft needs to bring new design for Lumia Smartphones with component restructuring for no overheating and put front stereo speakers, Metallic Frames in all Lumias, with Best in Class Latest High clocked Snapdragon Processors( Look at all the old and lower clocked processors in Low and Mid Range Smartphones) and bring camera innovations in Low and Mid-range Lumias too, not only in high end Lumias having Latest Snapdragon processors and best cameras.
  • 6 Devices per year I can guess from 2016 Lumia 5**, 6**, 7**, 8**, 9** and their some XL variants and the Surface Phone, maybe the naming could change but per price range and specifications this would be entire Microsoft First Party Windows 10 Mobile Devices.
  • I hope they fix the MIC issue of their Lumia 930 first
  • This program have already happened in Brazil.
  • I have great ideas for window phone, now I m able to share it to them.
  •    Cool. Today, Windows Insider. Tomorrow, Panos Panay.
  • Nice try Microsoft.  This is the worst "empowerment" campaign EVER. We all know that this is a cloaked rehash of what you did with Nokia and Windows Phone 7.  During the inital anouncement, you make it sound as Nokia would put the best of their design team and you would put the best of your operating system. After HTC released almost identical copies of the Lumia phones, most of us, saw the light and realized that Nokia and HTC were acting as mere fronts for your whole ODM relation managemente operations.  All design decisions appear to be coming from Redmond.  Only Samsung was having any liberty and suddenly updates on their phones started failing. With Windows Phone 8, things got worse.  Almost all Lumias looked alike and the spec fell behind even compared to Nokia phones released 3 years earlier.   Then we saw Surface RT appear and we realized that the same people who design it, were also behind every WP8 phone released.  The OEM were just ODMs sticking their nameplace on Microsoft design stuff. Since this was deemed for failure, both Lumia and Surface RT imploded.  Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 exploded after just meager market share. Although you decided to scrub the first, the second ligered along until it was time to release WP 8.1.  It took ages for that to appear.  Then you announced the "acquisition" of Nokia, which was basically the abosrbtion of the sales team from Nokia.  They got a big fat check, laidoff most of the remaining team and released a Nokia tablet after 1 year.  You basically shut down the whole operation and sticked the Microsoft nameplate on Lumia phones.   Windows 10 Mobile was delayed several times, until you basically "wrote-off" a billion of the supposed acquisition. Today you want a crowdsourced Nokia-like design team, which can give limited feedback on your already taken decisions.  You're naming them Windows Insiders, but you know they won't impact the overall strategy that will limit Lumia to enterprises, hobbists and IoT betas. "Fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, shame on me"                
  • 1- notification led for the messages ou missed phone calls, 2- 5.2'' or bigger screen 3- Amoled or better screen but with a good direct sunlight view 4- capacitive buttons for the home, back and search 5- plastic ou similiar material because it's resistant, and warmer on the hands than metal 6- docking station 7- more native apps 8- an excelent camera 9- xenon flash 10- bigger and more powerfull soundspeakers
  • 1. 5-5.2" screen, 2K resolution
    2. Minimal bezels. No hardware buttons. Stereo speakers on top and bottom edge
    3. 1"-1/1.5" camera sensor (like Nokia PureView 808) 10-15MP. Laser assisted autofocus, Xenon flash. Dedicated camera button
    4. Zoom lens in (relatively) slim body (like Asus ZenFone Zoom). Big aperture (f/2.8-3.2 fixed)
    5. SD card + 32,64,128 Gb of storage
    6. Top Intel Atom (well Snapdragon 820 would be ok too), 4 GB RAM
    7. Infrared port
    8. One-piece metal body (like HTC One)
    9. Removable large battery instead of too slim body (3200mAh+)
    10. High quality DAC (like LG V10)
    11. 3D touch
    12. Wireless charging
    13. Fingerprint scanner
    14. Waterproof + dustproof
    15. LED notification light
    16. Good antenna and mic.