Microsoft just acquired Kinvolk GmbH to help with Azure

Builiding (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Recently, Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media and Nuance.
  • Now it has acquired Kinvolk.
  • Kinvolk will help with Azure Kubernetes Service, among other projects.

Microsoft refuses to slow down. After huge cloud gains in its FY21 Q3 earnings report and two massive acquisitions still visible in the rearview mirror, the company is grabbing one more company on its path to world tech domination. This time, the newly acquired business is Kinvolk GmbH.

Kinvolk is a company focused on building open cloud-native stack, which Microsoft cites as an ideal fit for its investments in Kubernetes and its open-source initiatives. Here's some of what Microsoft had to say in the announcement post celebrating the acquisition:

Microsoft is excited to bring the expertise of the Kinvolk team to Azure, where they will be key contributors to the engineering development of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Arc, and future projects that will expand Azure's hybrid container platform capabilities and increase Microsoft's upstream open source contributions in the Kubernetes and container space. Stay tuned for more technical details soon.

Microsoft also says it wants to learn from Kinvolk when it comes to maintaining open source projects. The tech giant claims it will allow Kinvolk to maintain its "open source culture."

As it stands, that's all the news there is right now on Kinvolk's newfound absorption into the Microsoft workforce. If any big news related to either company or Azure develops due to the acquisition, be sure to check back here since we'll be covering it.

Robert Carnevale

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