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Microsoft is killing PDF Reader on Windows 10 Mobile to get you viewing docs in Edge

We've got some bad news for those who rely on PDF Reader for checking through documents on the go. The app will soon no longer be supported on Windows 10 Mobile. A notification detailing the end of support for PDF Reader has been put on display for app users. Come July 1, all things PDF Reader for mobile will cease to be worked on.

Should you wish to continue viewing PDFs on your Windows 10 Mobile handset post-July 1, you'll need to download a third-party app or – as Microsoft would prefer – fire up Microsoft Edge and view documents in the web browser.

Thanks to Ahmed F. for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • We need to be able to enter data on fillable PDFs. So many forms I've been unable to fill put.
  • There's an app for that.
  • I thought people used Adobe Reader for this, why use 3rd party apps?
  • You meam people still actually use Adobe Reader??? I haven't installed that bloatware on any PC in probably 10 years and have even uninstalled it from work PCs. I quit using it whenever it was that Foxit Reader came out, and have used that and a couple other things since. Currently, I use Foxit Reader on desktop, and Reader on mobile and tablet. I've never liked reading PDFs in-browser.
  • Question! Does Edge automatically recognize PDF files that are stored on your phone, or SD card?.. Or does Edge CURRENTLY only display files that have been downloaded through Edge❓❓❓ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • It opens any PDF you try to open from any app. Tried it a few times at work. Sent from my laptop on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview
  • Yeah, I just tried it from a file downloaded on OneDrive... I didn't know it shows up in that "open with" dialogue box.
  • whne try to open the pdf files, if you have several apps can open pdf, it will ask which app you want to open it, including EDGE. but if you don't have any other apps installed, then it will open in edge by default.
  • I agree, hopefully by pushing people to Edge, it'll improve PDF support on Edge, including fillable forms...
  • They need to improve the functionality first before they push people towards it. Luckily there are a bunch of options for a PDF reader.
  • I loath the way this has happened on the desktop. Edge is far too immature and can't even display in landscape mode without being explicitly told to. Very frustrating when you have to deal with mixed page orientation.
  • I can't even open edge on mobile. Crashes immediately since last update
  • FoxIt Reader is my personal favorite free option, particularly for filling in forms. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Me too. Started using it more than 2 years ago and have no complaints.
  • Yeah it lacks offline use, & would be nice to see it upload to SkyDrive
  • Did you say "SkyDrive"?
  • We should laso be able to draw on and annotate PDFs in Edge. It makes no sense to me that Edge boasts it's "annotate the Web" feature and boasts its "can view PDFs" feature, and the Surface Pro line boasts its included pen, and yet, I cannot open a PDF in Edge and annotate it with the pen...
  • Ahem, hallelujah, asalam aleikum, aboru boye baba Ifa.
  • I want DrawboardPDF for Mobile.......all others are imposters.
  • Hopefully they can focus on adding printing of PDF files from Edge on phones!
  • That is so ******* crazy!! I love that app more than Adobe NOKIA Lumia 630 Windows 10 Mobile
  • foxit is the best pdf viewer! and it's UWP for both desktop/mobile.
  • I will try that one! Edge does not give me an option to save ones I download. NOKIA Lumia 630 Windows 10 Mobile
  • that's for that, downloading now
  • Just long press the screen and there will be the option.
  • You can tap the three dots and there's a "Save" button. But unfortunately we can't print yet.
  • Never even heard of fixit, usually install adobe on mobile. Just goes to show how many apps on win10 mobile there are in specific categories
  • "Foxit", they were one of the best PDF readers for many years on Desktop/W32. I didn't know they had a full-blown UWP app for Mobile/Desktop, good to hear.
  • Fixit was always a much better Win32 app than Adobe Reader, by far. It's even better now with it being an UWP.
  • I'm using Onereader. That works well too. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • One Reader is best, it can invert colours so that you can read white background pdf even in night.
  • Foxit has that. Google Chrome uses foxit as its engine for processing PDFs.
  • I didn't know this. +1 for interesting fact
  • Totally agreed, Foxit MobilePDF is the best PDF reader... - Universal app (nice on a large screen with continuum)
    - fast to load
    - nice UI, clear and simple
    - higly capable (form filling, rotate pages, word search, annotation etc)
    - many different views (night mode, single page (swap righ/left), continuous (swap up/down), Thumbnails etc).
    - totally free (no ads) I have been using Foxit MobilePDF for a very long time now... This is way better than edge and MS PDFreader... Give it a try, you won't look back ! Tony  
  • Can Foxit annotate pdfs with the pen on surface devices? And the save it? That is the feature I need the most.
  • It has annotation not sure about the surface pen since I don't have one. You can try it, it's free.
  • Xodo docs might be also worth a try
  • Xodo does
  • Yes it can.  Use it  that way all the time.
  • I highly recommend it. Started using it more than 2 years ago and have no complaints.
  • Thanks I'll check that out. I didn't realise there was a UWP Foxit app - Their desktop app for windows isn't bad at all for a free PDF reader
  • Thanks! I just downloaded. It's really good. It also has the Reflow option. Great!
  • Xodo doc is best PDF reader...
  • You have low expectations. The Adobe app is much better. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • You still can't print a pdf. There is no print command like there is in Office.
  • Foxit reader, can just use that instead. Besides, PDF Reader wasn't all that good on mobile anyway. Though is there any universal app available that syncs your reading progress between devices?
  • Viewing in Edge isn't as good to me. Nearly no options for viewing.
  • viewing pdf in edge is a mess
  • I never installed or used that app. Was kinda useless to me, but glad edge allows docs and pdf viewing. BioResearch & Games.
  • I forgot I didn't reinstall it.
    So my pdfs always opened in edge
  • And I was hoping for its update..
  • Adobe's new and improved Reader app works very well, i stopped using PDF reader in favor of it.
  • Why on earth would I run up a bloated, slow browser to read a simple PDF?  In what universe does THAT make any sense?
  • Anyway I use adobe Reader
  • Sad to see it go... Liked its app just showing document n minimal controls.. Edge just occupied 1/4th of screen. Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • I think they need to make their apps better before forcing people to use it. Even recommending edge on mobile is a crime as of now. Using it because - no alternatives. It still doesn't open links when clicked. Maybe open 3 tabs of it after 30 seconds. That's a bug i haven't even seen on IE5
  • IE5? Do u still use Windows 2000?? Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • 98 was my first OS. The sentence i said never implied that I'm still using it.
  • W98 was your first OS? Blimey, you make me feel old. Please be aware that such comments will often draw a crowd of IT ancients waxing lyrical about the good old days of VMS and going on about the joys of paper tape drives. IT ancients are very difficult to shut up once they get started down the reminiscing path. When I were a lad, the monitors were all green as far as the eye could see...
  • "Using it because - no alternatives." Totally false.
  • i see no problem with a third party app. Just like on other platforms
  • I will never use Edge for pdf reading. Adobe reader and many other apps are available anyway.
  • Third party apps are much better than this app. Even after launching Win 10 they did not add features like print in the app which makes it pretty much useless for me.
  • I've been using Edge for PDF files for a while. It works well.
  • Reading PDFs in Edge is not a solution. It doesn't save your place. You can't closer it and reopen it later to be in the same spot. You can't view it single page. Edge is good for quick viewing of bills and such, but not much else. Microsoft is kidding itself if it thinks Edge is a solution.
  • Microsoft and decisions... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yup! They never stop to do surprisingly stupid things... Another bites the dust...
  • For those looking for a replacement, Foxit is pretty decent.  
  • Onereader FTW.
  • Microsoft should consider letting us set the default apps on mobile too.
  • This is a feature I'd love to see even if it's an obscure power tool like utility.
  • It is silly having two readers. Let's them focus on one.
  • Well this is a goofy move. Maybe make pdf viewing in edge better before putting this app on the chopping block? I have to use Adobe's anyway, cause its the only pdf viewer I've tried that works with password protected pdfs on mobile.
  • well, maybe that's the point. they want to make edge better, so lets stop development on the other pdf reader and bring those developers to edge. from the sounds of it, they're just saying development is stopping on July 1st, no? you'll probably still be able to download it, you just can't get support for it.
  • If they plan to keep it up on the store after July, then that's a different story entirely, but it sounds like it may be straight up removed. Im all for Edge getting better down the road, but there's just no need to remove the old app before the alternative is at least as good.
  • But the issue is that, time and again, MS does things in reverse order.  They drop support for what works and promise a replacement in the future.  First, develop the replacement.  When it is at feature parity (or better yet, superiority) with your current offering, drop support for that.
  • Is there anyway to print a pdf file on Windows mobile 10?
  • Yeah download perfect pdf from the store.
  • Well thats fine if you are viewing PDFs while you are browsing but its retarded to open PDF in Edge when the files are stored on my phone.
  • I recommend Xodo. It's free and UWP. Great app, can annotate even on mobile, sign with finger or pen. Been using it for a long time over Microsoft's.
  • +1 Xodo for life!! The best app ever..
  • how does Xodo compare to Foxit?
  • The problem with Edge is I get pdfs that are password protected and they won't open in Edge. So I guess I have to download that memory hog Adobe.
  • I preferred Adobe over MS's own PDF app. It was ok, if you just needed to read a PDF. Adobe has more options.
  • Just please enable Edge to hide the address bar. Then I'm good to go even it feels quite wonky right now... MS love making this type of decisions. It does test the customer's trust somehow...
  • One more reason to stay with WP8.1.
  • Yeah, they're done messing around with it, so there won't be any more surprises (hopefully).
  • If they plan on doing this they better make Edge a faster and better browser. Edge is slow slow slow and I hate it on my phone even more than I did IE.
  • Ok, but can I work on PDF in Edge?
  • I thought they had been doing that for a seems to come and go out of the store.
  • Foxit and PerfectPdf do a better job and in continuum mode too
  • Makes sense. Microsoft kills everything that works well and substitutes something that doesn't.
  • I use the Adobe Acrobat app anyway...
  • I had already thought, why Microsoft didn't updated the UI to windows 10, now it's explained.
    I've never used edge, and i prefer Microsoft Pdf reader than the adobe one. Still, I hope EDGE can open link to other files (neither Microsoft's one or Adobe's do it).
  • If you have a modern HP printer, you can print most things straight from the phone. At least I can, I'm 95% sure I've printed pdf's too, but can't check right at this moment.
  • Another desperate attempt to push people onto their unfinished browser. No thanks, Adobe is working here.  
  • I think this is a poor decision on MS part. Let the users decide. Plus, to my knowledge, MS is actually removing functionality (i.e. bookmarks). I'm currently reading a 200+ page PDF right now (in stages). When I'm done reading for the night, I bookmark my page so I can continue where I left off. Can you do this with Edge? I'm guessing not, but I'd be happy if someone could prove me wrong.... I guess I'll be downloading a new app to handle PDFs....
  • Removing functionality seems to be the Microsoft way in the past 5-6 years.
  • Well there's an absolute rubbish decision. Pdf Reader works just that much better than edge. I can't stand edge as a pdf viewer.
    Btw, will this affect Reader on desktop? I use it daily on my tablet and again, edge is useless in comparison.
  • Just let us natively edit PDF's in Edge and save them as Word files and I will be happy.
  • I've been using Adobe Acrobat, but grabbed Foxit also due to the recommendations here.
  • This is one of the things that pushed me to IE on windows 10 rather than Edge. It drives me nuts that Edge ignores my settings for pdfs and opens them in edge. Edge just does not work as an alternative for Adobe at this point. Update it with a better feature set and maybe I'll use it.
  • I never tried reading PDF's in Edge for mobile. Can you even hide the address bar in Edge?
  • Does this apply to desktop as well??? If so....What App can I use on my surface pro to sign PDF's with my signature and save them as .pdf after the change. Will this be possible in Edge or is it already possible in the current version? 
  • Foxit Reader or Xodo.
  • Well horse crap. I like PDF Reader and frankly im offended at this heavy handed method of forcing the issue. Well there are other apps to choose from. But i liike this one!!
  • Lol.. There ate lot many PDF reader out in store.. Why to rely on this stupid Microsoft pdf reader
  • OneReader, Foxit, Xodo, Adobe... There are so many good alternatives for reading PDFs and the default PDF Reader has always been so-so. Not at all surprised that MS is stopping development, it always seemed like an app that existed just for the sake of existing until a better one could fill the gap
  • Instead of removing features, spend time fixing things like the never ending crashing Cortana.
  • Have been using Edge for viewing PDF's on Windows (Mobile) from start. Works just fine. No need for additional Apps for me!
  • No I don't want to install adobe reader or reinstall windows to open pdf files in edge. This app is a lot better than ***t edge.
  • That's hilarious that they think users will want to use that. I will use Adobe's app instead of Edge.
  • I prefer xodo. As a student. It enable to edit. Underline etc. Many editing features
  • And for people stuck on Windows Phone 8.1? Did they can that too for them? Just like they did with Skype for Windows 8.1 (you lose connected standby with the desktop app)? Why I left MS for other pastures.  Posted from my Surface Pro 3
  • PDFs on edge are so slow and laggy. I hate using it that way. No annotation or fillable form support either.
    It seems Microsoft is getting rid of all their beautiful 8.1 apps that employed seamless semantic zoom. I remember pinching in and out of the start screen and flicking across it with ease. Same with the sports app and PDF to switch between page view and continuous document view.
    Le sigh
  • Since PDF was a proprietary format controlled by Adobe until just a few years ago, isn't Adobe's PDF reader still considered "first party". I've never considered MS PDF reader to be first party.
  • yea because i always wanted to crush my battery and memory with edge, on mobile, instead of using a lightweight pdf reader....dumb decision imo.
  • Microsoft needs to update the Office Lens app. It is still using PDF reader as a default pdf app. Unable to change it to edge or acrobat reader.
  • This sticks around for WP 8.1 though right?
  • Wow, the"Corporate" based phone will now no longer support something the corporate world uses all day, every day.
    Bad move this, offer choices, don't cripple the system by removing basic tools.
  • even AutoCad 360 can open pdf.
  • It's not a good idea.
  • The more they tighten the grip to force me to use their core products, the more I think of leaving Windows. :( MS is starting the old sh?t again - the reason I deliberately avoided them from the 90s on until recently.  
  • Adobe reader works well in Android since it has night reading mode, not sure if edge is better, also does edge shows a list of all your pdfs? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How does this make any sense? Way to bump Edge marketshare?
  • Can't understand why Microsoft is doing this. For PCs the have updated the PDF reader app with .xps support and with "save" option and the app is a Windows 10 app now. Instead of discontinuing tha mobile app, they should make it a UWP app.
  • This is a good chance for my company, because of our app's capability. I have tested many types of PDF available for online testing on Edge. I think a lot of people can not understand this, because PDF file is static and everybody can not  input data into PDF on web. But We can do that. There are many samples for students to test on internet. The samples have been tested by Edge and everything is good. check it out my words. Thank you.
  • Edge is very good viewer than other web browers such as Chrom, Safari and so on. Come and compare with some of image. Edge is good and Edge has some diffent in quality than others.
  • Sad day, should have been part of onenote. I have practical problems such as little markup and annotation tools for pdf in Edge. Also don't like the idea pdf is opened in a browser for security reasons.
  • I don't really care, I switched to Foxit Mobile PDF a little bit after I upgraded to W10M. And some time ago, I switched to it on PC too from Adobe Reader DC, because it was able to open some PDF files, that I really needed, but Adobe Reader said they were corrupted, and they didn't show up correctly in Edge either. So now I'm a happy Foxit user on all of my devices :D Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Ridiculous.
  • I will then use Adobe PDF viewer.
  • So what is next? Microsoft may kill Movies & TV app so that people watch videos on Edge.
  • I download WOWSee from Windows store, and I think it is better than Edge.
  • It seems to me, every good app is busy to go away in the windows, maybe we must also travel to a other phone user
  • My Lumia 1320 (8.1) received a update for this app 2 or 3 days ago!?
  • They r planning to kill it for W10M only. WP8.1 app will continue to function n I guess MS will support it for foreseeable future at least for WP8.1