Microsoft kills Courier project

Microsoft's long-rumored "Courier" project -- a bifurcated e-reader of sorts that gained a great deal of curiosity despite never being officially announced or acknowledged, apparently has been killed. Reports Gizmodo:

We're told that on Wednesday, Microsoft execs informed the internal team that had been working on the tablet device that the project would no longer be supported.

Of course, we've heard this tune before. Project Pink reportedly was dead, and we now know it as the Kin. So, we'll hold out hope. But just a little. [Gizmodo]

Phil Nickinson

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  • Well, that's disappointing. Why continue developing something that lots of people seem to be really excited about? I guess I'll still hold out that HP will be able to provide the proper software support for the tablet platform that MS never bothered to do.
  • Like I'd trust anything that Gizmodo reports.
  • Gizmodo? Puhleez! They are the biggest Apple fanboys and even after the iPhone 4 debacle will continue to hug the nuts of old Jobs. This is probably an "apology" know to let Stevie know they still on the Apphole bandwagon.
  • I have a feeling that MS canceled it because HP picked up Palm. HP was probably feeling nervous that MS was going it alone on the slate/tablet market with the Courier so they picked up Palm to make sure they would have a valid offering in that form factor. Taking another guess I would also say that we'll see the Courier software as a licensed OS from MS. If this is true say good bye to WebOS.
  • I loved what was shown for this device too, but I can't say I'm surprised. The last thing Microsoft needs at this point is yet another platform. They've been moving toward consolidating their ecosystems and this would just muddy things even more. I do hope/imagine some of the elements from this (most notably the dual screens and stylus) eventually make it to future products. But if you look at WP7 that platform just SCREAMS tablet and I can easily see it being extended to that space as well. In addition to consolidating their ecosystems it would also reinforce the chances for the WP7 platform's success. More types of devices using the same platform equals more content/developers building for that platform. Windows 7 actually was built with touch in mind, but it obviously wasn't the top priority. I imagine with Windows 8 we'll see a WP7-like experience added to the mix to allow for a further blurring of the lines between platforms.
  • I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don
  • To me, I do not think we have seen the fruits of the acquisition of danger for now. More important than the recovery of $ 500 million, however, WM is on track to be relevant in space consuming 500 million U.S. dollars, in addition will look like peanuts.
  • I am going to hold out a little hope, but I was so very excited about the Courier... I have wanted one ever since I saw the leaked videos.
    I nearly cried when I saw that MS had killed the Courier. I just started school and was already anticipating how much easier it would make my life to have one!