Microsoft Launcher beta gains tighter integration with Teams and more

Microsoft Launcher cards
Microsoft Launcher cards (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Launcher version 5.6 is now available for beta testers.
  • The update adds closer integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook.
  • You'll also find a revamped "Settings" page tagging along.

Microsoft released another update for Microsoft Launcher beta testers to check out today, bringing along a handful of new features. Coming in at version 5.6, the latest update to Microsoft Launcher aims to further erase barriers between Microsoft's services by added closer integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook. There's also a revamped settings page coming with this update.

Here's a full look at the release notes for Microsoft Launcher version 5.6:

  • Adaptive icons support - Now you can have the same look for your app icons with multiple choices for shapes.
  • You are able to join Microsoft Teams meeting in Calendar card in your Feed.
  • You can see your flagged emails from your Microsoft Account or work/school account in Tasks card.
  • Launcher settings experience has been optimized so you can discover and find what you're looking for quickly.

It's worth noting that adaptive icons aren't actually new in this version. Rather, that feature shipped as part of the 5.5 update that rolled out to beta testers in May. Still, version 5.6 has a solid list of new features that should come in handy for those living in Microsoft's ecosystem.

If you're already a Microsoft Launcher beta tester, you can grab the latest update from Google Play now. Alternatively, you can sign up to become a beta tester directly from Microsoft Launcher's Google Play page. Given the app's history, it's likely we'll see these features make their way to the release version over the coming weeks.

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  • I really would like better integration with my private email/calendaring (Gmail). The calendar widget is basically useless to me without it. I wonder if Google is the one that's not playing nice. Just this afternoon I got a notice from Google saying they're restricting data access to some apps, and they listed the apps, and the list was: SwiftKey. Don't be evil? Sure guys.
  • It's a Microsoft Launcher for Windows phone lovers. It should only work with Microsoft services: Outlook, Exchange, OneDrive, Teams, Office, SharePoint, Lens, Delve, etc.
  • I just don't get what you are saying.
  • This is because he never tried or even seen a shot of it.
  • No... it's a productivity launcher, like much of their other goals right now and is supposed to work across devices and services, also their goal.
  • Google usually doesn't play nice with Microsoft from my experienceand it makes more sense considering Microsoft has been the one trying to go cross platform generally speaking.
  • I want significantly better Cortana support. I rely heavily on Cortana on my Lumia. It's lame at best on Launcher.
  • It is so, so terrible on Launcher. It doesn't even work well with the stand-alone Cortana app.
  • Just in time for the Android update I got last night that added some cool new touches
  • Do you also have a Huwawei P20 Pro or newer? I got updates and the next version of Android is coming soon
  • Nopers. I got a Note9.. Had a feature update on Monday afternoon. Wish I could find the change log.. Do you know where to find it?
  • Now if only those adaptive icons had a large colorful square option....
  • There actually IS an option for square home screen icons. Unfortunately, many apps cheat and use a squircle icon with transparent corners that is only obvious with square shapes selected, but you can install an icon pack to "fix" the appearance of some icons. Maybe some Windows Phone fan can (or already has?) further re-create the look of the OS and release an icon pack with colorful square versions.
  • I stopped using the launcher it would no longer launch on my Samsung Galaxy. If they fix this bug i will try it again.
  • Launcher looks so android at this point. Still on the last and sexy version with Windows aspect and lovely Segoe UI.
  • How do you get a dark and transparent background in the settings?
    If I use the dark theme, it has no option for transparency and the transparent theme is always combined with light background...
    Why no just have a light and a dark theme with optional transparency. That would be more flexible and even more in sync with the options on Windows 😳🙊