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Microsoft Launcher beta gets Rewards card, more in latest update

Microsoft has shipped another new beta update for Microsoft Launcher, adding several small features to the mix. The Android launcher now includes a dedicated Microsoft Rewards card, through which you can complete tasks to earn rewards points. Additionally, there are some smaller changes to do with folders and long-press shortcuts on the home screen.

Here's a full look at everything that's new in Microsoft Launcher beta version 5.2:

  • Non-full screen folders for easier one-handed use and large-screen devices
  • Microsoft Rewards daily deal card allows you to earn Rewards for using Microsoft Launcher and completing other tasks!
  • Long-press shortcuts enabled on icons even when the home screen is locked.
  • Customers can send a CPU profile through "Contact Us" in Settings in case of performance issues
  • Launcher font size will now respect the system font size

Microsoft Launcher version 5.2 is available for beta testers to download now. If you want to become a beta tester and check out all of what's new, you can opt in to become a beta tester on Google Play now. Otherwise, each of these new features should make their way to the release version of the app before too long, barring any major issues.

See at Google play (opens in new tab)

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  • Finally they fixed the shortcut issue. Ive been requesting that for a while now
  • Is there a way to change the resolution/size of the widgets on this skin. I have a note 8 but when I install it onto my note everything looks a lot bigger than the Samsung skin.
  • Yes. Long press on the widget and choose resize and or padding.
  • Ooo padding is new but this is not what I meant. For example Outlook widget email boxes are smaller on Samsung skin than on the Microsoft one like the rez is higher or something
  • If only this worked outside from US
  • The Launcher is available everywhere 😎
  • He is talking about Bing Rewards
  • I really don't get why Microsoft is so America centered. We're talking about a digital produce after all, shouldn't these things be borderless by now? There are many English speaking countries and territories out there who would like access to these things and who don't mind putting gup with American spelling conventions. It's the same with Cortana features, and the invoke. Would it really be that hard for Microsoft to drop ship a bunch of Invoke to Amazon or something so that they could be distributed internationally. At the price, I'd have ordered two by now.
  • I really like the non full-screen folders. Hopefully they tweak the UI a bit though. Too opaque.
  • I'd like them to update this for a full sized tablet. so that I can have the same interface everywhere.
  • I have Microsoft Launcher running on my old Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and it's not bad at all. The experience is very similar to that on my phone. Is that what you mean?
  • I'm running it on a 7" tablet, and while it scales the screen up to match the larger size it doesn't recognize that it's running on a tablet. It still thinks that it's running on a phone so it doesn't utilize the extra space very well. I was more thinking of having additional features that can take advantage of the larger screen size. Like an always on notification bar, or extra controls at the bottom of the screen. Or more information on cards.
  • Yeah that is true, it's just a blown-up phone launcher. I personally don't mind right now (I really only use the tablet for reading, and that's a one-app-at-a-time activity) but I can see how it could be more useful. Then again, that's a general problem with Android apps: the tablet version is never custom designed for larger screens. They often won't even let you rotate the screen (try Grubhub, it's terrible).
  • Are the rewards US only? For this sort of stuff from MS, including Cortana, you should state whether new features are US only or not.
  • or you could earn yourself 3 points by searching for the answer on Bing 😉
  • Not if you are not in a supported country.
  • I tried Bing, but their algorithm just isn't as tight as Google's. Particularly when you're searching for things like model numbers. Google edges them out most times.
  • Good for you!
  • still sucks swiping to home on Android pie. laggy asf
  • I have lots of lag problems with Microsoft Launcher on my Note 5. It'll be buttery smooth for a few hours then go all chop chop chop. I hope they have a fix soon, because I hate restarting the launcher every day. Otherwise I really like it.
  • I want a Microsoft wallet or some type of payment for android since they are abandoning windows mobile.
  • I know it's not the same thing (you need a standalone digital wallet app for use in physical stores, etc.) but you can download Microsoft Edge for Android, and then go to Settings > Autofill & Payments > Cards and add payment information that you can use online that way. I agree, hopefully Microsoft Pay will make its way to Android soon!