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Microsoft launches digital skills program in the UK with free training for thousands

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new digital skills program (opens in new tab) in the UK, with the goal of providing training to thousands of people for free. To kick things off, part of the program involves training a total of 30,000 public servants in a variety of different digital skills to make the public sector more efficient and more modern, Microsoft says.

The program isn't only limited to public servants, however, as Microsoft says it wants to help prepare everyone become more digitally literate as the UK transitions to a "cloud-enabled economy."

Consequently, Microsoft is committing to making available, to everyone in the UK, free online digital literacy training that will help equip them for the challenges and opportunities of the years ahead. Additionally, Microsoft is launching a Cloud Skills Initiative – an ambitious scheme to train 500,000 people in the UK in advanced cloud technology skills by 2020.

Lastly, the program will also encompass an expansion of Microsoft's digital apprenticeship efforts (opens in new tab). By 2020, the company says it is aiming to "achieve an additional 30,000 new digital apprenticeships." That's in addition to the 11,000 the company has achieved since starting in 2012.

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  • Sounds awesome :)
  • I wonder if there is an equivalent US program
  • Doubt it. We are to proud/stupid to take advantage of it. This is why programs like this that are offered in libraries are often not used by the ones who really should.
  • Wonder if there is any accreditation from it. May help in the future.
  • Sounds good, and pleased to see some UK stuff for a change 😊
  • Do you know where public sector people can sign up for this?
  • Wow.. They should do like this platform in India...