Microsoft launches "I love you guys" marketing campaign in India

Microsoft has launched a new website "I love you guys (opens in new tab)", which highlights the social functionality and integration of Windows Phone. This marketing effort is a follow up on their recent launch in India (opens in new tab) last month. Visitors are able to connect to their Facebook account to pull down friends and organise parties among other events.

The above intro video provides a humorous look on how friends can be terrible liars, via a HTC Radar (opens in new tab). Anyone else notice a slight confusion in terms of UI?

via: WinRumors

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • awww, i love you guys :D
  • Yeah wrong call screen. (Android)
  • now, howabout a android commercial with a windows phone call screen.whats with the hating towards windows phone?
  • Not sure if this is the type of commercials that work in India but, at least for the US, Microsoft REALLY needs to hire a better marketing team.
  • Different is probably a better word than "better". Maybe these commercials do work in India.
  • I'm pretty sure this will never air on TV in India. I rarely or even never seen a 1:30 min commercial on TV. It might be meant for Youtube consumption.
  • There are numerous adverts of more than a minute in India. How about the new Pepsi KBC Advert for eg.
  • I too think that this ad would probably not be aired in India. Nevertheless, a good ad from a non-technical POV. I think Microsoft should and will come up with much better, 30-sec ads for India.
  • good one!
  • that was actually pretty funny
  • each commercial has to be adapted according to he country! That's not becose here you don't like it that there it won't work!
  • Wow marketing fail there. Its like Samsung using IOS icons. Decent commercial. I can see the appeal there. Just that android call screen bugs me.
  • At least they got the wife right. She's smokin' hot!!!
  • Yeah, she's a fox.
  • M$, here's a free commercial concept for you. It would involve a metro subway scene where 2 phone users (iPhone & Android) are trying to fumble around with Facebook, Twitter, NFL Scores, etc. But you have the WP7 user quickly navigating through and accomplishing all the tasks needed within moments through People Hub and Live Tiles. SHOW PEOPLE HOW your phone is better, not who's commercial is funniest. UTILITY will always strike a chord more effectively. Established products have the privilege of making humorous commercials. But newer products generally need to be more serious. Just an opinion.And end the commercial, have all of your apps scrolling into your phone like a subway (similar to another video where all those Tiles are flying into the phone). Now people can connect the dots....Metro ---> Fluid+Effective user experience ---> Must buy!
  • It's MS not M$ can't stand when people do that.
  • I think the issue is how do you really show that in a one minute ad? You have to remember that you really can't take the time for people to read through the screen at a detailed level and make a comparative analysis of exactly what is going on.I think the best you could really hope for with this concept is an announcer saying something like "Get all the feeds from all of your social networks on one screen, instead of jumping from app to app."But the average public pays more attention to what is cool and funny than what can be claimed as better in a one minute ad. If they see the people in the ad using WP as the people they want to be like, they will associate the the two and form a positive opinion of WP.Just look at the Apple Mac vs PC ads. Very little real information (and what is there is often patently untrue), but they have the cool kid liking Mac and the geeky fat guy in the suit using PC. These ads did a fantastic job of giving people the impression that to own a Mac made you part of the "cool" crowd, and to own a PC made you boring.
  • Haha this was actually pretty funny. I think the concept of sending out invitations to your close friends is very neat.
  • I think they probably used that call screen to ensure that people would "get it" from a very short glimpse. Overall, I like it. I'd like to see more, including the Metro vignette suggested above!
  • WTF. Microsoft did a website to promote WP7 in Flash. Shouldn't have done in their own proprietary, cross platform technology, Silverlight? MS does it again.
  • They'd be stupid not to. They took the smart route and used a plugin that's supported on just about every computer and has been around for years. I dunno about you, but Silverlight isn't so great on the Mac.Anyway, Microsoft's shutting down Silverlight for web apps.
  • You could do that commercial with any phone and it would be no less relevant. They really need to highlight what is good about WP7, at the moment too many of their ads can be summed up by:'Windows Phone 7, another good smartphone'
  • I agree with erichon99. Humor is fine, but it is time to show why WP is a great user experience versus the big guns. People know Android and iOS by name- it is time to introduce them to Windows Phones. Slicker UI, slicker short cuts, slicker options, removable bloatware, dependable battery life, universal updates, what is there to be afraid of going head to head with Google and Apple?
  • thanks for the nod of support!
  • Just about every ad for Windows Phone has botched the UI in some way. I might be pedantic, but there's always something "off" about the UI in each one. Local Scout on the Big Windows Phone looked a little strange too. It's not enough to be noticeable by the average consumer though.
  • I love the Indian Accent :-) It sounds amazing.
  • In India, you probably have to use Cricket or The Film Industry (Bollywood/Tamil/etc). Air the adds before a big Movie or during Cricket matches.
  • man microsoft should just pay me to design a commercial for them their theme in the US against apple should be "YOU NO LONGER NEED AN APP FOR THAT CUZ ITS ALL IN ONE PLACE" :D i mean the big thing about the metro ui is the integration of all social networks and it isnt limited for anyone coming to me to say soo because i do everything from the me tile and the people hub if integration tiles and hubs are the selling point put that in the commercial the os is slicker faster more efficient more stable colorful and easy on the eyes and best of all you get things done without the hassle of looking for it all these marketers are spending millions to come out with semi informative commercials that people arent going to care about Capture them with features and simplicity not with jokes.........
  • This commercial follows the vein of all of Microsoft's recent mainstream commercials. Light, humourous, and not showing off the features of the device enough. The Kinect commercials are MUCH better.