Microsoft launches new family controls for Edge on Android

Microsoft seems to be moving forward with a theme for its latest mobile app updates; namely, family controls. Earlier this month, we saw new features hit Microsoft Launcher, allowing parents to monitor what their kids are doing across their Android devices, Xbox, and Windows. Now, Microsoft is building on that foundation for another of its apps: Edge for Android.

Alongside a recap of the new Microsoft Launcher features, Microsoft today announced that site blocking is coming to Edge for Android. So long as you've set up a Microsoft family group, any and all websites you've chosen to allow or block will carry over to Edge on Android devices.

Additionally, if your kids happen to use MSN, Microsoft has revealed MSN Kids. the portal is currently in preview, but it operates as a news site that's curated for kids of elementary and middle school ages. "The site offers editorially curated, age-appropriate news and features from partner publishers such as Time for Kids, Popular Science, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic, and USA TODAY," Microsoft says.

The new site blocking feature for Edge on Android is expected to begin rolling out today. MSN Kids, meanwhile, is available to check out in preview now.

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