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Microsoft launches new family controls for Edge on Android

Microsoft Edge on Android
Microsoft Edge on Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft seems to be moving forward with a theme for its latest mobile app updates; namely, family controls. Earlier this month, we saw new features hit Microsoft Launcher, allowing parents to monitor what their kids are doing across their Android devices, Xbox, and Windows. Now, Microsoft is building on that foundation for another of its apps: Edge for Android.

Alongside a recap of the new Microsoft Launcher features, Microsoft today announced that site blocking is coming to Edge for Android. So long as you've set up a Microsoft family group, any and all websites you've chosen to allow or block will carry over to Edge on Android devices.

Additionally, if your kids happen to use MSN, Microsoft has revealed MSN Kids. the portal is currently in preview, but it operates as a news site that's curated for kids of elementary and middle school ages. "The site offers editorially curated, age-appropriate news and features from partner publishers such as Time for Kids, Popular Science, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic, and USA TODAY," Microsoft says.

The new site blocking feature for Edge on Android is expected to begin rolling out today. MSN Kids, meanwhile, is available to check out in preview now.

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  • I find it interesting that Microsoft is pushing forward with a lot of these family controls. Hopefully they will respond in kind with more family focused (i.e. budget friendly) devices. The family controls work pretty good for my family so this is good news for me! My oldest is 9yo and not yet ready for his own phone; but it is good to know that the existing controls my kids are used to will continue to work on mobile phones when they are mature enough.
  • This is great for parents. Though I'm starting to wonder why bother with any Microsoft products on iOS and Android. Cortana has been deprecated from an assistant to an "assistive" (a.k.a. "nag") tool. Groove has been discontinued on iOS and Android. Office products have very good alternatives on both iOS and Android (i.e. Apple Pages, Google Docs). So why exactly should I use Edge browser on my iPhone or Android? And why would I force my kid to use it, when parental controls also exist on Safari, and I believe Chrome? It seems like MS is completely pulling out of Consumer. But then they go and release something like this, which primarily benefits consumers. Well what's it going to be Microsoft? How about you stop limping on two different opinions!
  • I actually just setup a child account on Microsoft for my son ( because I trust MS's child controls better than Google's, oh, and it's for him to use the XBOX One, and for me to track his usage.........I hope that they bring a feature to their Android launcher, that I used to love on Windows Phone - Kids should be doable on Android........i also hope that MS adds Android runtime directly to Windows 10, and launches a separate section of the app store, one where developers simply upload their Apk file, and it ties into the MS Store, notifications, etc. That would immediately make the Andromeda device be more relevant, and give no "app gap" discussion.