Microsoft launches XIM for Windows Phone, Android and iOS as a new way to share photos

Update: The XIM app from Microsoft is now available. Download information found below. US only.

Microsoft has just announced Xim, a new app that will be available today for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Xim allows you to share photos easily with a group of friends nearby. You can then all view and browse the same photo content at the same time. With Xim you share your photos, not your phone.

Xim is Microsoft's new way to share photos. It works best when you want to show a group of friends a set of photos without handing over your phone. While they can download Xim onto their device, they can also use Xim without downloading the app by using a web browser.

Today you'll be able to download Xim from the Windows Phone Store, Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once installed, you can select photos from a variety of sources like your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook or OneDrive. Select the photos you'd like to share and then chose which friends you'd like to share photos with.


For selecting friends, you can look them up by name, phone number or email. Friends are then sent a link.

Once photos are loaded up with Xim you're able to swipe, pan and zoom simultaneously for each photo on every device. It's pretty slick and is a great way to show off photos from a recent trip at the dinner table.


Photos sent with Xim expire after a short time, so don't count on anyone keeping your photos.

Xim was designed by Microsoft Research's FUSE Labs. This is the group responsible for projects like Socl, Kodu and others.


  • Microsoft FUSE labs is coming up with good stuff
  • They try to kick instagram out. :v
    Anyway good plan
  • Is this a US only app? It doesn't seem to want to accept my mobile number...
  • TIP: When you log in - enter  your phone number as +CountryCodePhoneNumber, not 00ContryCodePhoneNumber.
  • Still not working. Its accepting but no SMS
  • Aaaah fantastic that worked. Tnx man
  • This is nothing like Instagram, it's a great tool to use along side Instagram. If they add GIF & Instagram video clip support, this app would be the next big thing.
  • I don't know about good stuff but this has to be the SHORTEST product name after Kin that any team at Microsoft has come up with. Imagine - "Microsoft Research Lab Fuse Photo Sharing for Windows Phone Beta". Thank God, it is Xim. (btw pronounced Zim!) TIP: When you log in - enter  your phone number as +CountryCodePhoneNumber, not 00ContryCodePhoneNumber.
  • Btw what is kin? Dont remember
  • I like it. Don't know if it'll be the next big thing though.
  • Not available at store...
  • Read the article ...
  • The last portion of the article does not show up in the WpCentral app for some reason. Had to open the article in the browser to see the part that says that it's not live yet at the store.
  • The app is now active in the store.  I just downloaded it.  If you are using the WPCentral app on Windows Phone, open the article, swipe to the right and tap on "Download app"  It will take you directly to the app Windows Phone store where you can download the app.  Good luck.
  • Link available, but app not yet...
  • "That will be available today"
  • How are they exchanged ? Is there something like bluetooth/wifi adhoc sharing ? That would be a great thing, but if its internet only I can't see any benefit.
  • It feeds off of your magica.
  • Always make sure you have a mana potion with you!
  • Of course
  • No silly, it uses metachlorians from the Force that surrounds us all...
  • How could I have forgotten?!?
  • I'll just leave this here
  • Requires a data connection so either WiFi or 3G/LTE for now. While Adhoc networking (bluetooth/widi) support would be great those techs don't work across all types of devices and with any number of devices. So after a lot of thought we decided assuming a data connection of some sort made the most sense. 
  • Nope, see above
  • Thanks for clarification. I think wifi adhoc is supported by all of the devices. That would be great to see implemented.
  • Yes it uses Internet, only the hoster needs the XIM app. You add there e-mail & phone number 7 they receive a message saying 'Bob invited you to a XIm" with a URL, they click it and you're in complete control of slide show of images. Why is this cool? -You can share photos without having to hand your phone over & worry about them swiping to far into the "adult" photos you took of your spouse or yourself. -You can share funny photos with frinds and comment while away from each other. -The slideshow goes away after 30 minutes of inactivity or after it has existed for 2 hours.
  • [delete] The store link doesn't work on my Lumia 520[/delete]
    Edit: Was to excited and didn't read bottom of the article!
  • Read the article.
  • You have a broken phone then, you should throw it out. Definitely do NOT read the bottom of the article, as it will not explain anything /s
  • Hahahahahahahaha
  • Read the article again and again and click the link until it work
  • Have you tried switching it on and off? ;) /s
  • Didn't work either (:
  • Then the only solution to your problem would be to give your phone to a Panda. He might suggest you some solution. Something that starts with R and rhymes with deed. ;)
  • Sounds like some sort of Nokia PhotoBeamer spin off. If this is so (could be mistaken without seen the app first...), MS is very methodical of sharing all the exclusive features (see bragging points) OS/Lumia used to have. I basically almost have nothing else to show my friends to brag about :) To get an analogy with blood types ( WP is becoming universal donor O+ - give to everyone, receive only from O. In this analogy IOS is obviously AB- universal receiver (receives from anyone donate to no one), and Android is A+ - donate to all but O (WP above), and B could be BB here (still capable of receiving apps from A).
  • Agreed!!
    Microsoft's strategy is baffling
    I'm confused
  • You,Sir, have made my day lol
  • But this is not valid for India :)
  • Absolutely hilarious
  • Cortana, amazing Exchange support, photography, live tiles, smoothness, and Xbox games would be my selling points.
  • We have a very slow Lumia Camera app....Xbox Games are thin on the ground...
    The other things (aside from Exchange) are just superficial.
    There does need to be some much better USP's otherwise there will end up being no reason to buy into this platform at all.
  • I'm with you. Unfortunately bragging ground is thinning quickly below our feet....Cortana soon will be on xbone and win10 and from there possibly on MSN. Once there all it takes a little app from MS to jump platforms and promote Bing services. Photography, still a champ here, but look on HTC One M8 (under windows now...) it is sooo close with quality, and ahhhm new S5 or IP6 not far behind. l920 had OIS it was revolution with low light support, but now even Nexus comes with it... Exchange support is nice, but I can't convince my company to adopt WP products, instead they even block personal WP phones to access our company Exchange servers, but Big Green Robot or Apple products are fine as BYOD. Love live tiles though :) But it may not be enough to convince mainstream user to switch. Don't know. I'm optimistic in nature, but it sounds like realistic approach instead...
  • Last I checked, people on YouTube (Zollotech) etc... Claim that "Iphone camera is now better than Nokia phone cameras now; videos showing this is all over the internet".. I told him that he was a joke lol..
  • Only cortana (a gimmick) and live tiles are left as USPs for WP. Xbox games are rare as hen's teeth, smoothness isnt a unique WP trait anymore and the best phone camera is being retired. And conversely, WP still lacks apps (quality and quantity) and features available on other platforms, and Microsoft themselves prioritise the competition. Not a recipe for success.
  • You make some good points, but lose credibility calling Cortana a gimmick. It's a very useful collection of features for me and lots of other users.
  • What's I also find weird, is why MS would use iPhone-like graphics to demo their app, rather than use a WP design (with the logo on capacitive area).  At the very least, if they wanted to include an iPhone-like device, they could have made at least one of the other devices to resemble a WP.  Seems like some of the MS employees forget the products they are supposed indirectly market.
  • Microsoft is "iphone first, cloud first, WP whenever we can hire an intern for it."
  • Ha ha, good one. I can't help feeling that
    Microsoft has given up on WP. There are practically no disguising features left. The only reason for people to buy WP now is that they want a change from ios and android. Unfortunately this group of people have begun buying the newest blackberry rather then Wp. Simply because WP has not launched any exciting top of the range phones lately. I would love to see WP take off, but if ms continues to bring all new features to ios and android, that is not gonna happen.
  • I have personally started looking @ Z30 - excellent phone.
  • Yep. What better evidence that MS has given up on WP than this video showing an iPhone to explain the app rather than a Windows phone.
  • Sorry I didn't notice that abduz had already said that.
  • I really dislike the graphics and UI design for Xim. Ugly! Give me metro design or give me death!
  • What about privacy and security enhancement ?
  • Go see a physician
  • seems the metro guidelines have gone out the window, and good for them because I can only take so much boilerplate template looking apps where half the text is all caps and HUGE AND INCOMPL... as if that was still cool in 2014 microsoft.
  • I don't like that photos expire, I thought it was a great way to share pics with my family (instead of a WhatsApp group)
  • but but you have OneDrive for that.
  • Sure but they dont use it. i tried path but no one followed :)
  • I think its more for during conversations where people usually don't really want to keep the photos.
  • Yep i totally get that, i just wish it could be more flexible because its a cool app
  • Email.... Instant Messaging.... One Drive...  Many other options too
  • Sure, even prints are an option, I was just thinking about this particular app at the moment because, you know its new and seems cool
  • So they look at your pics in Xim and then you have to use another tool to actually send them the pic? I'd rather they have a download option in this app.
  • The ability to let people keep the photo would make this app worth my time. Esp, if it had the option to save to their camera roll or something along this line. How hard would it be to add a check box to "allow saving"
  • Hows it any different then WhatsApp?
  • It's not a messaging app? That's probably the biggest difference. Also, you are not sending people your photos to keep.
  • so its a personal photo sharing app
  • Actually, in the video it says you can message.  But I would say this app is like the best of Snapchat with a hint of Whatsapp with a base of Lumia Beamer.
  • Its like an NFC zone. It shares images in a proximate area.
  • Why does it need to send a text message then? I don't think this app os restricted to work in a proximity zone.
  • I've never used it, I am just relaying what I've heard. I cannot give you an answer on that one.
  • The images you choose to share are placed in a file that the link you send allows those you sent it to to access, like a temporary cloud. They can't save the pics, only view, and after a while, the link becomes inactive and your photos fade from the cloud. That's how I understand it. You still have your photos stored wherever they originally were, only the temp file in the link gets deleted.
  • Good!
  • It works at any distance. Even across the globe.
  • Ah, thanks.
  • Hmm, the priesthood will like this. Photo? What photo? Here, look. (walks out of NFC zone)
  • "Where'd it go?"
  • WA has a low res Quality ? Like... real low?!
  • They don't need the app to view the photos. They'll get a text or email or the app if they have it I think.
  • They should replace the native photo slideshow with this, or at least add the ability to choose what shows up in the slideshow. I've been embarrassed a few times with inappropriate pictures showing up on my start screen at the wrong time. I eventually removed them, but I shouldn't have to.
  • You can have a favourites folder and your start screen will only show those pics..check your settings.
  • I'm waiting for a Share-It like app. 
  • Interesting, will give it a shot ... When the link goes live
  • Because Xim was the best name they could think of?
  • It stands for Xeno Internet Machine./s
    Idk, it actually sounds like an Ok name to me. It could have been worse
  • You just knocked out the little bit of "cool factor" the name had by expanding that acronym.
  • I try my best :D
  • :)
  • This looks very interesting even though the video isn't that compelling.  I love the idea of sharing/showing without having to hand over the phone.
  • Looks like Microsoft finally learned that if they don’t release their own app on their own platform at the same time like others, people get pissed :P
  • Lol
  • I am happy that they added this app to all OSs, and all at the same time.
  • Lots are still pissed because it's not a WP exclusive (which would defeat the purpose of the app anyway). Many will never be satisfied, no matter what Microsoft does.
  • It's a start. I'd still rather Universal Windows app first, then other platforms later. All updates to Universal app first thereafter.
  • good music Tabla
  • Any idea when they put it online? I want to test this :)
  • Does Xim have some sort of protocol that alerts or disallows the recieving parties to screen shot the picture? Not that I care, but that's the hurdle Snapchat still can't really get around.
  • The "phone" used on the video is an iPhone, way to go microsoft...
  • Well, the iPhone is still a pretty popular device. You have to give them that...
  • Of course, but i dont see samsung doing that. 
  • Me neither. Does Samsung launch apps for all three platforms❓
  • they have their chaton app for all platforms
  • Still! It does say a lot about Microsoft
    I do think they prefer iPhones to Samsung phones from my keen observation on their promo vdos
  • I think they favor Apple a bit more than Samsung.
  • Samsung pay more Android royalties to Microsoft than Microsoft earns from Xbox and Windows Phone combined!
    Microsoft really should like Samsung - because they are subsidising MS's innovation!
  • They are getting nailed for not paying what they owe plus the interest on the debt. Fair is fair.
  • They should. Basically Apple is a problem mainly in US but Samsung/Android entire world. So Android is bigger PITA.
  • So whats your point? Kudos to Microsoft for embracing all platforms right? 
  • Kudos for that, but sometimes they leave their own behind in third place. I know its business but it sucks anyway
  • The truth is simple. Most Microsoft employees use iphones and they design primarily for that platform. Pro tip, if you know anyone that works at Microsoft ask them how WP is perceived within the company, the answer will reveal why WP is basically treated like an afterthought.
  • I know a couple people that work for Microsoft, and they don't back your assessment. Microsoft supporting other platforms first is more about steering public perception than anything, they want everyone to know they are the company that supports all platforms. Coming out with Windows first would be dismissed by non windows users as business as usual and be sumarily ignored.
  • Not available in store
  • read the article
  • US only Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I love the SOCL app still use it to this day! Check that out
  • TIP: When you log in - enter  your phone number as +CountryCodePhoneNumber, not 00ContryCodePhoneNumber!!
  • This seems pretty cool and it already has more attraction than Snapchat. I hope that it catches on like Snapchat and quickly.
  • You should be able to add audio so you can show pictures to someone far from you and walk him/her through the pictures
  • Just install XIM on my Android phone to test with the Windows phone. Nice concept and and very good Idea. Glad to see Microsoft Research put out a finished product instead of concept demonstrations.  
  • The bolded text at the bottom isn't showing up in the wpcentral app. So that might lead to some "where's the link" posts.
  • Why did you post this article if the app is not yet available? if it's coming out today maybe you should have just waited a few hours.
  • Because embargo was 10 AM ET and other sites ran the story. Besides, it's live now.
  • I haven't read in the article or in comments if this is just for WP8.1 or will be working for WP8 as well. In my logic, this is something that should work on WP8 and WP8.1 (fingers crossed, waiting for Sam's update of the article) this will be awesome app :)
  • WP8 and WP8.1 are supported.
  • Awesome :)
  • Reminds me of Nokia photo beamer
  • Nokia Photobeamer is different.
  • I honestly see no use for it. I understand the concept but it's like having an app for a feature that my phone already has. I can share a picture in so many ways, I don't need an app for that. I can share through NFC ( no app needed ), Bluetooth (no app needed), OneDrive (public link), MMS (if they are free on the plan) or even mail. The fact that the picture doesn't stay on the phone of the viewer is not so much of security, you can easily screenshot your screen while looking at the photo.
  • Neat
  • now sites like theVerge make it seem as if this app is not available on WP. Theres is a reason I dont visit this shit site anymore. Looking forward to get my hands on this App, on a "Windows" phone.
  • really its like how much a person can be biased. i guess theyvmight be using chromebooks woth themselves saying its the best.
  • I needed another app that starts with 'x', the bottom of the app list is lonely
  • Its 'Microsoft Xim' ;)
  • Get both Xbox Smartglass apps. I did that now I feel a bit better about the bottom. Need an app that starts with Z
  • "Photos expire after a short time, so don't expect anyone to keep your photos" Yeah, unless they do a screenshot...
  • Windows Phone store link should be up now. Sorry for the delay guys:
  • Only works with USA phone number 
  • TIP: When you log in - enter  your phone number as +CountryCodePhoneNumber, not 00ContryCodePhoneNumber. Try that.
  • Not available in India ? :/
  • • Xim will initially be available in the US only; we plan to add additional country support shortly
  • Not true. TIP: When you log in - enter  your phone number as +CountryCodePhoneNumber, not 00ContryCodePhoneNumber.
  • It is nice that Microsoft's research division follows the Modern UI guidelines for XIM. Knowing Windows Phone users expect a fluid, font-centric and animations found in the UI & UX is a satisfaction.   /s
  • Not available in my country. I guess it hasn't rolled out yet
  • Not available in Sweden. :(
  • WTF it is not available in my country !
  • Not available to Canada yet.
  • Who shares photos in Canada? I kid, I kid.
  • "Look at this picture of the snow. And this one. And this one. And this one. And this... ..."
    "Oh a moose!"
    "No, that's just dirty snow, eh."
  • HOCKEY! Lol
  • Works for me in Canada, just fine.  
  • do all of the features work in canada? I am thinking of buying one the US and I live in canada, is there anything I should be aware of?
  • Those ugly round chat pictures are so annoying.
  • Not available for India...☹
  • Not available
  • Not in the Netherlands, how sad