Microsoft at LinuxWorld: Everything is Proceeding Exactly as I Have Foreseen It

So we mentioned last week that Microsoft was going to be wooing Linux developers to start working on Windows Mobile too at the Linux World Conference. Wooing them with free beer. Slick. Well apparently it was a rousing success:

The "Microsoft Connection Cantina," held at Jillian's sports bar in San Francisco's Metreon, used free drinks and food such as "CE dip" and "embedded nachos" to lure Penguinistas from the convention center across the street. And it worked: Hall blogged before the event that "there's already a crowd waiting outside the bar."

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"Embedded Nachos." I don't even have to make a joke about that. Just repeat it: "Embedded Nachos." Ah, I love it when people are unabashedly corny. Turnout was great at 250 people or so, standing room only, really. All those Linux folks received T-shirt, demos of .Net Compact Framework, and the aforementioned libations.

WC Staff