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Microsoft's latest Windows 10 Mobile phone is the Lumia 650, a more affordable option for those who are looking to enter into the Windows ecosystem without forking out for a premium handset. That's not to say the Lumia 650 itself isn't a decent smartphone. It will be more than capable to get you through the day.

As per the Microsoft website, here are the official specifications of the Lumia 650:

Operating SystemWindows 10 Mobile
HD (1280x720) AMOLED, ClearBlack
Rear Camera8MP
f/2.2 aperture
720p Video Recording
Front Camera5MP
Still image capture
Video call
Video recording
ProcessorsQualcomm Snapdragon 212
Memory & StorageRAM: 1GB
Internal storage: 16GB (expandable up to 200GB)
NetworkGSM Bands: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
LTE Bands: Band 1, Band 3, Band 7, Band 8, Band 20
Wi-Fi: IEE 802.11 b/g/n
Ambient light sensor
Proximity sensor
Wi-Fi network positioning
Dimensions6.9 x 142 x 70.9 mm
Battery2000 mAh
Bluetooth 4.1

Learn more at Microsoft's website (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Good specs for its price. Specially AMOLED and 16 GB storage are nice improvements.
  • Rip glance but still good.
  • What are you talking about.. It has glance..
  • Um... It has glance.
  • It says it has glance screen indeed. Other user interface features: Glance screen, Tactile feedback, Vibrating alerts, Voice commands, Cortana But I highly doubt it, since it is an amoled screen.  
  • Original Coment:
    Amoled is not the reason for having or not Glance. Specs: Design
    Design details: Solid aluminium frame, Exchangeable back cover, Precision-crafted details Other user interface features: Glance screen, Tactile feedback, Vibrating alerts, Voice commands, Cortana   Edit: 950 and 950 XL have AMOLED screen AND Glance.
  • Lumia 820, 925, 1020, 950/XL had Glance and Amoled
  • 950 uses AMOLED and have Glance, but no double-tap to wake (yet?).
    930 uses AMOLED and have double-tap to wake, but no Glance. It's not about the type; it's about the tech that comes with the display
  • You need to enable double tap to wake.
  • He means it's not on the Lumia 950 at all - It's not available on any Windows 10 Mobile handset at this point AFAIK. It may come to those phones though. WP 8.1 Handsets keep the option when upgrading to W10M Insider Builds.
  • where?
  • Double tap to wake is one of the best things happen to phones but they want you to push the button so you may brake it and buy an other one! Can you find an other reason why did they removed it ? I pay $100 more for Double tap to wake when I'm buying the phone, will you sale it to me ? lol 
    It's not about braking the phone or anything, It just really easy to use!
  • 930 dont have Glance because the it lacks "Display memory" which is essential Microsoft did mistake with 930 and quickly realized soon after  Except for 930 and one another Lumia, all Lumias have glance 650 also has Glance
  • For glance screen to work only thing needed is display memory.
  • Display memory is the cause behind having or not having glance screen.
  • What are you on about? If anything, Glance looks waaaayyy better on an AMOLED screen, especially at night. Very handy in my 820's case, because with QI charging and a charging stand, it makes a great Nightstand Clock.
  • What are you talking about the L820 has an Amoled screen and has Glance.
  • You mean RIP Double Tap to Wake?
  • Stop going to the Verge and then spewing garbage here.
  • Can't understand why they didn't match the 2500mAh battery of the Lumia 640. I guess they see the market caring more for "thin and light" than for all-day moderate usage battery life. Way go go, market. /s
  • Then again, Recombu hands on review says the battery life is all day, so... Maybe Windows 10+SD212 =winner? If my 640 dies, I guess i shall see. :)
  • Still Snapdragon 212 .... Why..??
  • 212 has integrated LTE.
    212 has slower graphics than 400
    212 and 400  is almost the same when it comes to speed. Using  412's  is a waste for this range. (remember, profits)
  • 212 is a low end processor, i thought 6XX series had 400 minimum.
  • Yeah, the battery is a real deal breaker, especially considering that none of the W10 builds have been great in battery life so far.
  • Not for me. I mean, yeah, W10 is, for now, not good enough saving battery, but come on, that's a matter of time and a smartphone with SD212 is not meant to be heavily used to shoot videos or playing. On top of that, it's battery is removable.
  • Depends on your device. My 950 lasts 2 days easily. Its got great battery life. As good as my 6s iPhone.
  • I'll have to disagree with you. My Lumia 640 has great battery life with W10M 10586 builds.
  • The market has been killing many of my desired features and I'm sick of it! Zoom from the 1020, keyboard, stylus w/resistive touchscreen, and tilt screen. Basically, I want a device that combines all features of the 1020 and Tilt 2, but with a modern proc and 64GB onboard storage!
  • What was the tilt 2?
  • Yes, they went for thin and light (following Apple's lead for some reason.) The 650 is 6.9mm thick compared to the 640 8.8mm thick. Can't fit that hefty battery in there with such a thin frame. Apple users were complaining "we'll sacrifice a bit of thickness for a better battery," but I guess since it was directed at Apple, and Apple didn't listen, then Microsoft didn't listen either.  I'd settle for a 7.8mm thick phone with a 2400mAh battery. But I'd sooner settle for a 10mm thick phone with a 4000mAh battery. Yeah, just for the battery life. I work the phone hard.
  • I'm so with you on this sentiment.  I wish the 950s were a mm or two thicker and had an extra 500-1000mah in their batteries.  It seems like the Droid Maxx phones are the only ones designed like this, unfortunately.
  • Hardware isnt the problem. The problem is the OS.
  • In comparison, the Honor 5X is $200 with metal body, 1080p display, 2GB RAM, 16GB with expandable storage, bigger battery, fingerprint scanner, and SD615. Just saying.
  • It's pretty amazing how (or if) Huawei makes any decent profit on the Honor 5X! I have to admit it's pretty difficult to beat specs-wise at that price point, the device costs 199 with all that stuff added in!
  • All it's missing is NFC, and it has a screwy skin atop the Android. If it goes under $200 I might think about one.
  • But, does it have WM? Just asking.
  • Is that supposed to some kind of advantage to run a buggy beta OS with fewer apps?
  • Even then it's still better than Android and it's cartoon row of icons.
  • You can just add a windows mobile launcher and suddenly android must be better, right 
  • There are themes and skins even metro themed ones i dont get your point.
  • Lol!
  • MS needs to somehow convince these guys to make WM variants of all these super cheap phones :-). In any case, they just load a different ROM+drivers. No hardware changes at all, everything is at the software level so there's no real difference in the production line level. And I'm pretty sure WM10 will perform waaay better than android on similar specs!
  • No, it doesn't have WM, which is another big plus for the 5X.  
  • In comparison, the Xiaomi Redmi 3 is $140 with 4100mAh, SD616, 13MPx, 2GB RAM. Just saying ;),Xiaomi-Redm...
  • How do these guys make any profit on these phones anyways?? Are they manufactured for $50 with that specs? How much does the processor alone cost?? And I'm pretty sure they are not making any profit on software like Google or MS...
  • Have you seen the market in china and india? If you can sell 50 million units of that handset with a profit line of $10 per phone you're in a good spot. As to how they manufacture cheaply we have Foxconn to thank for that.
  • And you think that Lumias are assembled in Washington state?
  • A lot of them aren't made in china either! Vietnam is a hot spot for Lumia's. Just saying :-)
  • It's very simple, THEY DON'T RIP YOU OFF! 
  • They exploit 2-year-olds for free labor, and they put expresso in their sippy cups so they don't need naps. /s Sorry, something I saw while watching Looney Toons, Back in Action. Part of Steve Martin's character. ;)
  • Just tell me, if they avoid their own brands as much as they can, why should we buy them?
  • It's interesting that the comparison table left out mentioning one of the most important thing for the redmi 3, the band support for Redmi 3. I need to know what LTE bands does it support?
  • And it has a nice looking metal frame, too.
  • Lumia 1020 has AMOLED display and it has Glance Screen feature.
  • Actually this is mediocre specs for that price point. Especially in India Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • .107 runs pretty smooth on my L1020 wow (~.^).
  • I'm serious about this. I would have bought this phone the day it became available in my region IF
    1) It had DOUBLE-TAP to wake
    2) A faster Snapdragon 4xx/6xx series CPU
    3) 1080p video recording (CPU based).
    Why does Microsoft go a few steps forward AND a few backwards at the same time??!! :(
    I REALLY appreciate the 16 gig internal, AMOLED display (oohh-myy AMOLED - one of my favourite display tech), and HD screen and also the decent front and back cams !!
    I'm just a slight disspointed for the abv mentioned points . Sob.
  • No compass?
  • Looks ok
  • 2000 mah battery ... ? Lol i dont think it worth for money
  • It's a slim phone, why would they put a high capacity battery in a slim phone.
  • Are we getting L650xl ? Waitinggg...
  • I know people that tend to buy the iPhone wouldn't even think to check the battery capacity, but the 6S only has a 1,715mAh battery and that's one expensive phone - The 950 has a 3000mAh battery but it's got premium specs so it makes sense for this to only be 2000mAh, it shouldn't use as much juice with a much lower resolution and slower CPU
  • The negative reaction to the battery isn't in comparison to the 950 or other manufacturers' phones, but to the 640's 2500 mah battery.  This is a sizable step down from its predecessor, and a form over function disappointment.
  • SD 212. ..? I thought it should be SD 400+.. . That's deal breaking
  • This seems to be the thing that everybody is hating on in the WC comments, despite the fact they've probably not yet tried a phone with a SD 212 - They also seem to be comparing it to the 640XL a lot, which has a 4xx CPU, but I've not seen anybody so far post any sort of comparison showing an SD212 to be noticeably slow compared to the older SD400
  • And I have yet to see anybody post a comparison showing how the SD212 is noticeably better than the older SD400. I'm not hating though, I'm just genuinely curious.
  • May be because
    1) SD400 is some two generations old and no point in comparison
    2) SD4xx this generation will be faster and indeed support 1080p recording
    3) you expect the phone to be either an equivalent or better than it's predecessor(SD4xx of 640 vs SD2xx of 650; 2500mAH of 640 vs 2000mAH of 650) I do not live in the world where I think Windows Phone 7 is better than Windows 10 mobile because it runs fluidly and can run on single core.
  • It shouldn't be noticeably slower, but based on the specs it's definitely not any faster. The only advantages I see are the extra features and miniscule clock speed difference. GPU is a miniscule downgrade, but it's probably not noticeable.
  • Is that a physical navbar
  • No physical navbar. It uses the on-screen version.
  • That'll be the advertising tagline:  "Meh.   Looks ok."
  • Seriously why would businesses pick this up?
  • Why wouldn't they? My old job I was given a BlackBerry Curve, not even the latest BlackBerry phone at the time. Businesses don't care about what you think they might care about.
  • If they wouldn't care they will just get 550.
  • What's the difference between that and this device? Is it just 210 vs 212? Amoled vs lcd? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Because of the awesome softwarepackage it comes with :)
  • My company give out 640 handsets at the moment. Why not?
  • The frequency list is one reason. Was considering this phone, but it appears to be gimped for TMoUs.
  • They won't.  
  • Beauty
  • I'm really not a fan of AMOLED. I can't tell if my phone crashes on the boot screen or not because with AMOLED, black pixels are completely off, while on IPS, they're just "colored" black and the light still shines through. Otherwise, these specs aren't too bad.
  • But AMOLED looks better when the screen is off.. Besides this is the first Lumia with AMOLED+Glance since 925..
  • What about the Lumia 822? Or was that released before the 925?
  • 950/XL both are Amoled and have Glance
  • I've never had my L925 crash on boot, but it has completely frozen with a blank screen a handful of times over the years. Once the battery drains and I recharge all is well.
  • .... 950 and 950 XL ring a bell haha Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Oh lol.. Sorry, Completley forgot about them.. Not so used-to to them yet.. When someone says AMOLED Lumias, first phones that comes to my mind is 925, 730 & 930 :P
  • That's one of the dumbest reasons I've heard in my entire life of reading comments on display preference. No offense mate but I find it very stupid.
  • It's just something I worry about especially since I've had problems with my computer turning on before and when the display turns off and back on again, I know that it's going to work.
  • Also, sometimes my Lumia 822 takes a long time to boot. In the past, it's actually crashed in the middle of the boot sequence and restarted.
  • I agree Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • It might be dumb to you but everyone has a personal preference. Not sure how I feel about it, really. As someone who isn't a fan of possible burn in, I am kind of disappointed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't think I've ever seen a modern phone that's actually suffered from Burn in....I don't think people keep them long enough for starters.
  • I have seen, and heard reported a number of times of an issue with burn-in related to the navigation keys. When they are hidden, the burn-in from them can still be seen. 
  • Thank you! This. Also, I have seen some posts with people who own the 950s already saying that there's a slight burn-in. Always having to remember to hide the nav bar so that it can reduce possible burn in, is not enjoyable for me. Plus, I like the white theme of WP/WM and that sucks battery terribly.
  • My lumia 920 got burn in issue in the middle of the screen (quite big circle) after 1.5 years of use.
  • but it is very important amoled save battery (if you look on the only 2000 mAh...)
  • It saves battery if you don't use the white theme.
  • Is there any screen or this phone is just bezels?
  • You assume correctly......first phone ever without a screen :/
  • Its the birth of screenless phones!! OMG!!! AAHHHH!!! Now where will we see wahts going on!!
  • I really wish they'd let go of SD2XX... Can this even perform wireless display? If not, that puts it below the Lumia 640 which is less than a fourth the price.
  • Well they're consistent at being inconsistent. The Lumia 640 series got SD400 and now its successor will have SD212. Not that the SoC is bad but its certainly a downgrade in terms of class. Its like coming from i5 to i3 or Celeron. Oh well at least some other things are actually an upgrade, even in terms of aesthetics. This is targeted for business use anyways as they claim. Looks like 650 is more like high entry-level device from 550. So for now technically we dont have mid-range device for now unfortunately.
  • >inb4 Lumia 660 running SD124.. :P
  • Just to point out, this SD212 is faster than the SD400 it replaces on the CPU side.  400 = 4x A7@1.2Ghz, 212 = 4x A7 @1.3Ghz.  The Adreno 304 is slightly slower but I doubt it will be noticable.
  • Since it is newer SoC, its not that all bad as I said. Though there is Snapdragon 410 or 412 which is a direct upgrade from older 400. At least it will make consistent to the product-line. So for most users, it will look a direct upgrade from Lumia 640. This is one of the factor makes Lumia product-line confusing to others since they always re-classify with changing spec rangers to their series model.
  • this has twice the amount of internal storage, along with LTE and NFC support. plus that metal body.
    i agree performance-wise Snapdragon 2xx series might not perform as good as 4xx series.
    but for business phones, most apps will work alright. they aren't really supposed to play games. so i guess, it is the right amount of additions and subtractions.
  • 640 has all major LTE bands and NFC Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • If its supposed to be in a different league than its predecessor why not release it as a different series like lumia E series or something else. Why confuse the end user. If thats not so then what is the whole point of numbering. Hell it could be lumia 940 ( for buisiness ofcourse).
  • Project to screen is a handy business feature.
  • Right?! If they're trying to reach for that enterprise dollar, project to screen is highly advantageous. But I suppose nothing about Microsoft's track history suggests that they know what the hell they're doing. Even as someone who is happy with their Lumia 950, I'd gladly have taken this in as a backup phone if it had a SoC good enough for project my screen.
  • You kidding? If SD2XX had external display support, they would have used it for even 950/XL. B|
  • So... No XL version for this one ? Well why not, 5 inches is quite good.
  • Windows device recovery tool also updated with support for more phones.
  • Any word on the US? Will Microsoft have it unlocked and as it stands will it work with ATT and T-Mobile? Wireless charging/fast charging?
  • Based on the network specs, I'd say it won't work in the US. T-Mobile uses band 4 for 3G and LTE, AT&T uses bands 2, 4, 5 and 17 for 3G, 4G and and LTE. for a device under $200 USD, it's not going to have wireless charging or fast charging.
  • Bring out the new update for 950 xl omg taking ages with microsoft!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nice specs and at an awesome price, but still 'capped' on Snapdragon 2xx series, and most of all, no camera button which is vital for me TT
  • To be fair since X30 series, we didnt get camera buttons anymore except for Pureview devices. So it wasn't really a downgrade from 640 when in terms of camera button. But yeah, the Snapdragon 212 was a downgrade from SD4XX range from 640 series. I really do like having shutter button, its sad that they choose bot to include one anymore. Since we dont have mid-range Lumia coming as far as we know. Only 950 series have shutter button on x50 family.
  • I own a Lumia 640 xl ... I'm waiting for a review before changing my current phone.
  • You don't need to wait for the review. You're better off with 640XL.
  • 640 XL is better
  • Message got it. !! Lumia 640 xl FTW!!
  • Stay with your 640 XL. This would be a downgrade from that Posted via the Windows Central Beta App my Lumia 950 XL
  • Windows central beta app????
    Is this a try to fool people?
  • Processor Lumia 640: Snapdragon 400... Downgrade to SD 212 in Lumia 650
  • I really hope that this trend of inconsistency in spec ranges from same series will end this year. No wonder people tend to confuse with numbering system of Lumia, sometimes the successor will have lower spec or lesser features from the predecessor. Even flagship such as 930 didnt even have a glance (I still love that device but its unfortunate with that shortcoming).
  • I thought they were stepping away from releasing five hundred and eleven phones a year with near identical specs? Sure, this has a slightly faster processor than the 550, .3" larger screen, more on-board storage and a few other bits and pieces, but comparatively spraking I'd class this as a low-end midrange phone whereas the 550 is a top-level low-end device. Slightly smaller battery capacity, slightly more expensive (IRL).
  • I really hope that this will be the last of this trend. We need a clear distinction of device for each range, like for entry-level, mid-range, and flagship. For me numbering isnt a problem, the issue is how they use it. Now for Lumia x50 family we have two entry-level series, the 550 and 650 series and one flagship (950 series), and we dont have mid-range as for the moment.
  • Snapdragon 212? But why?
  • I don't think that it will influence the smoothness of the device :) But indeed, for the apps that will be a problem :s
  • Smoothness is never been a problem since OS animations are pretty much GPU accelerated. Which is why W10M remains smooth when you scroll or do its animations but still suffer from actual OS performance. To be fair, I don't think it will be bad, I bet it will still perform well in relative to W10M devices, but technically a downgrade from SD4XX class.
  • But a better Soc wont do any harm. It may do ggod now but for future updates im not sure. I
  • W10M runs well on my 2 1/2+ year old, S4-powered Lumia 925, so the Snapdragon 212 is more than capable. Still, when the L640 has a 400 series...
  • The S4 chip clocked at 1GHz is more powerful than SD400 and SD410, if you consider raw CPU power. Your 925 has it clocked at 1.5GHz. Adreno 225 is a beast too.. Compared to even Adreno 306. Its the power efficiency and die size that improved. Less heat, less power consumption. As far as performance is concerned your 925 will be able to wipe the floor with anything below 820/920/1020/930/1520/950/950XL. (y)   PS: and microsoft seems to favour the newer devices too, with software optimisations - like improved multithreading for quad core phones.
  • Quad vs Dual Core.
    Did you notice THAT?
  • Each Krait core at 1GHz roughly matches the output of two A7 cores at 1.2GHz. This observation was noted from benchmarks on See the review of Lumia 630. There's a comparison of performance between 630, 720, 920 etc.. It should be noted that this happens despite the fact that newer devices maybe using faster memory configurations.
  • Phone looks nice but I don't get how they plan to sell any when it really isn't an upgrade from the 640 that can be had for $60-$80. Also I see Lenovo is releasing the lemon 3 globally which has better spec and premium look for under $150. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Looks good, nice specs... Although battery life may be a concern. But i have a question... Microsoft seems to be pitching it as a business offering by the ad. I wonder how it performs with load from productivity based apps... But surprisingly no continuum i believe....
  • Continuum should've been a one of the major feature for being a business oriented device. Unfortunately I'm even sure if SD212 supports it.
    Looks like its just meant to be a slightly better version of 550 but not too costly for enterprise devuce to be distrubute in huge numbers. Its like a classier version of 550 for business.
  • This was truly launched for business only. People that only make calls/write e-mails/open spreadsheets or powerpoint presentations. You don't need anything more than the specs this phone has. It was designed to look great for people that go to meetings like managers, directeurs, ceo's etc.
  • Maybe for the peons, but managers, directors and CEOs are using iPhones.
  • only 720p video recording?
  • LIke others, I was at first surprised to see that the battery is only 80% of the 640's. Especially since MS pushes the "all-day work" battery life. But comparing the 650 to the 640 and 550, some huge improvements stand out. For instance, it is almost 2 mm thinner (!) than the 640 while being a little smaller in width as well (but the same screen size), and it has a much better FFC (the 0.9 Mpx of the 640 was just ridiculous):
  • And seriously, the colors? Maybe black or white sounds more like an office phone, but shouldn't they offer more colors? And even better, offer customer-specific colors (to match logo or whatever) free of charge when ordering phones for a business.
  • Does it have Qi Wireless Charging. In the official video it looks like it has. I contacted Microsoft Lumia twitter account regarding this:
  • Official specs say no Qi charging. It has NFC, but no Qi.
  • I just chatted with Microsoft Store (Germany) and they told me that Qi is supported but you'll need another cover which is not yet available. But that sounds good anyway :-)
  • Really? If that turns out to be true i might pick this up. Been waiting forever for them to release an AMOLED/Glance/Qi handset. Seems they always leave one of those out (not counting flagships)
  • *update* Apparently not true, confirmed by Microsoft. No Qi for us. Pity.
  • Source? As said before I got information on an exchangeable back cover for Qi capability from a Microsoft employee...
  • Ok, I found this news: But why should this guy at Microsoft Store (online, Germany) say there will be an exchange cover support Qi?
  • Hmm... Lumia 650 Wireless Charging Back Cover:
  • I'm waiting for the camera test, if it is better than L640
  • Main camera is the same as the L640 (same MP and same sensor size, same focal length, same f-number/aperture, same focus type, same flash). Front facing camera goes from 0.9MP to 5MP, so the selfie camera is much better. One difference in the main camera is that the 650 does a 2X digital zoom while the 640 does a 4X digital zoom. That part makes no sense.
  • They lost me at the 212 SoC
  • Does it have sensor core
  • I really don't see any problem on this phone but for the camera, which in 2016 should record videos at 1080p at least even for a medium/low end device especially for 200$, the battery is smaller than 640's but also the Snapdragon 212 should be more efficient than the 400 so in the end i don't think there will be that much of a difference in battery life. The real problem here is the my 950XL...why my 600$ flagship device has just a policarbonate body with bad placed speakers in the back of the phone and just black color, whilst the 200$ Lumia 650 has a sexy aluminium frame design, front speaker and white color choice????!!!!
  • The 950 XL comes in white as well and the Mozo cases are beautiful if you really want it to look more expensive. Also, unless the phone is from China, most $200 phones have horrid cameras, saying they should all have 1080 recording is wishful thinking.
  • For white i mean the front of the phone, not just the removable back cover, also i don't like the Mozo covers at all, besides the fact that they're also expensive, i dont like the leather, the frame is not real aluminium but plastic which looks like aluminium, also they have not the Microsoft logo but just the ugly Mozo logo. And besides that here we are talking about what Microsoft is and should doing with its own vanilla devices, if i buy a specific phone i want it to be that as originally designed, not modified with a third party cover which makes it look like another thing decreasing its own personality
  • I don't get why you decided to buy the 950XL?
  • Your comment on the white front face is subjective; personally, I think white front faces on phones are ugly, and that white case phones look much better with black faces, such as the 950s, 1520, 920, etc.
  • Premium materials or not, I was hoping for better specs for the 650.
  • Yeah they failed miserably in proccesor department
  • 5-inch screen and 2000mAh battery? No way.
  • The 930 had a 2,420mAh battery and that was fine (for me) with it's 5inch screen.
  • And its much higher and power hungry specs XD.. Yea it was fine(for me too) on 8.1 . But now on 10 i charge it twice a day :3
  • Does it have double tap to wake up feature?
  • Wish the specifications were identical to MotoG3
  • Micro-USB no type C?
  • For this price? Really?
  • Really. There is no additional cost there. 0 excuses to not have it ok this device. Microsoft fail, just like with the Surface like, only packing proprietary and outdated ports.
  • Yes.  Really.  Would have cost them nothing to put in there.
  • I'm surprised, in a positive way! Specs slightly below 830 overall, but way better front camera, much thinner and much cheaper (at introduction). Then again, 830 specs are 1,5 years old.
  • 830 was already underpowered and overpriced on release...
  • Like this device with those specs? If it had 2 gigabytes of ram and a 617 than it would be acceptable Posted via the Windows Central Beta App my Lumia 950 XL
  • Lol & they were calling it[830] the affordable flagship
  • Lol. Doesn't Microsoft know any better way to market their phones other than exhibiting how it comes bundled with Office? I seriously crack up when I see their videos. Like I can't do that with other platforms.
  • It's their only marketing point for it, I really miss Nokia, Microsoft ruined WP
  • Yeah, it may have been a differentiation three years ago, but today?  You can do the same thing on an iPhone 5C or mid range Android. Hell, even Nokia Symbian devices could open Office documents.
  • Too much hype for a middle range phone
  • Does this phone not have type c usb? Really MS, really!!!!
  • What's this c type hype?
  • There is no excuse for any defuse to release without it at this point. Because it doesn't have it, I won't buy it.
  • Are really that busy to not wait a couple of hours for it to charge ? I wouldn't mind it without USB type c
  • Really wish MS was serious about competing and charged $50-100 more to make this into a Lumia 750. Snapdragon 617, 2GB ram, Wireless AC and Continuum support would've made an awesome mid-range phone for $250-300.
  • Those specs you can charge less. Android does. RIP 1st party MS phones.
  • There's nothing "business" oriented about thus phone when it lacks their signature business feature, continuum. Typical Microsoft doublespeak.
  • Ignorance is strength Posted via the Windows Central Beta App on my Lumia 950 XL
  • So, ain't there any business phones in the world ? :p What about an affordable business phone?    
  • Also, don't forget the much touted Windows Hello security feature.   It's supposedly essential for the enterprise. Yet, it's nowhere to be found on Microsoft's 'enterprise phone'.  Their mobile product portfolio is a total joke.  
  • You know what would've been a perfect and killer device for that price point? If it had 2 gigabytes of ram, a 617 for Continuum support, a 2500/3000 mah battery, the 640 XL's 13 megapixel rear facing camera, and maybe not a Iris scanner but a fingerprint sensor. Make it 200/250 with 16/32 and done. Now that would be a killer midrange device that is business and consumerist orientated and is competitive with its competitors. For 200 dollars this isn't worth your money, not with better phones with better specs at this price point AND lower! But for Windows Phone fans out there that are all in Windows land then this is perfect for you. Downgrades from many areas of the 640 though like lower battery, and weaker chipset, and no double tap to wake but improves in some like amoled display and a better front facing camera and double the storage. Posted via the Windows Central Beta App on my Lumia 950 XL
  • You spoke my heart out, buddy.
  • You should be hired by Microsoft, that my friend is IMO what a midrange should be for 2016.  I know this is the last phone from the former Nokia team, good ridance I can say. I'm waiting for Surface designer team to offer much better designed phones with high quality magnesium alloy instead of cheap plastic.
  • So, another 73x/640 paste&copy phone. At least they doubled the internal storage.
  • So this is a Dual SIM phone? And what is that front facing speaker for?
  • Impromptu conference calls?
  • My mom bought a 640 last fall and she loved it, but it then got stolen so she had to go back to her Galaxy S4. I'm gonna tell her about the new 650, it looks much more classy than the 640 and I bet she is gonna love as much as the 640.
  • 640 & 640 XL are as good as 650.  If your mom has AT&T or a GSM service, is in the US and wants to spend $50 - $60 on a new phone, then a 640 unlocked gophone is the best route Buy the unlocked gophone = $53
    Buy an unlock code on ebay $2.00 =
    Unlock the phone with the ebay unlock code and register the phone with your existing service to keep the phone number, etc. The phone can now be used on any GSM network and does not require gophone service.  Money saved!
  • AT&T will unlock the phone for free via their web site's form, if you just say you're not an AT&T Mobility customer.  Did it with a friend, no hassle and got the code two days later.
  • That is a thin, good looking phones with pretty solid specs. And the price isn't bad. Nice job Microsoft. I look forward to the reviews.
  • Where is the speaker? The only flaw with my 640 is the speaker on the back.
  • It's at the front, at the bottom.
  • How can Motorola afford higher specs at approximately the same cost?
  • By reading the comments, it sounds like the 650 could have been a better device. We could suggest all we want but we are not in the business of mobile devices, at least I am not. Maybe MS needs an Insider Device Program division to suggest all we want and have all of us happy with the specs we want on a phone. Any how, I wish the best to all of us Microsoft fans....
  • Did I see 6,9mm for a Microsoft phone? Wow!!!!! Sold!!!
  • Not Continuum Ready....?
  • It comes with 1GB of RAM and SD 212, so, definitely NO continuum.
  • No Double-tap to Wake? No barometer? Only 2000 mAh battery? I'm sticking with the Lumia 640.. How is it this an upgrade when it removes features????
  • Does it have call recorder?
  • Call recorder is built into the OS.
  • Does it have a compass? I think all midrange phone must come with 16 gigs EEPRROM. I feel L730  8Gigs is a let down and currently i'm running out of space even after a recent hard reset.
  • Lol buy a sd card
    Class 10 so that u wont have to comprise on speed
  • Yeah, this. I shoved a $30 Samsung Class 10 128GB card into my 640, and now I have more space than I'll probably ever need. Some apps you aren't allowed to install on the micro sd card, but most you can, and they work pretty flawlessly.
  • so many complaints about what this phone is missing. Guys, it's aimed at business users, not your average consumer. I can tell you if my company were to pick up these phones our IT dept. would lock us out from 3/4 of the features anyway, including the camera, so specs mean very little as long as it gets email and the browser works.
  • This^^ I currently use a BlackBerry from office at the Fortune 50 I work at, the most it's used for is for emails...who would use an office phone to capture personal pictures or play music
  • I use my business phone all the time for pictures. I need to take pictures of equipment in the field, etc. Actually, everywhere I've worked has never locked down any features on my business phone.
  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure business users will praise beta OS. Email client with awful mail rendering, buggy live tile and missed notifications and attachment bugs where you cannot download it. A browser which even doesn't have back/forward buttons (or swipe). I can go on and on, but calling this piece of trash business phone, lol.
  • AMOLED screen!!!
  • Maybe I get this instead of L640...
  • Pros:
    1. Amoled screen
    2. 5MP front camera
    3. 16GB internal storage
    1. Snapdragon 212 instead of 400+
    2. 1.3GHz is just OK.
  • Would have bought it except it has Micro USB. Worthless without USB-C.
  • 720p recording? lol and they wonder why they fail, doing sidegrades here and there, hiding details, wasting our time
  • MS phone hardware division - RIP.   2nd/3rd party is MS phone hardware divison only saving grace with specs so low and prices so high for 1st party hardware. Looking forward to replacing the 635 with a Android 6.0 phone this year. Seems other MS employees had the right idea using Android and Apple phones instead of their own.
  • 2000 mah "/
  • Why Lumia team is using outdated n Slowest things in midrange devices mostly. In this Device atleast they can give 615 chipset with 2GB RAM atelast. Android phones are coming with 3GB RAM and 808, 615, 617, 412, 415 chipsest under 15K. 1.3Ghz Quad core??? are you kidding us. Only 2000mAh battery atleast provide 2500mAh boss.
  • finally a beatiful phone from Microsoft!!!
  • Is Microsoft purposely wants to fail in windows mobile platform?So weak SOC to its predecessor. 
  • It comes Windows 10 Mobile eeh? If MS thinks that W10 is ready, they should release it. Tired with Insider thing.
  • I had Lumia 720, 735 and 640XL then I bought Lumia 550 and compared to 640XL is so slow on the same .107 W10M so when I look on the 650 specs I do not expect miracles... and no more Zeiss optics :/ 550 is my last Lumia for sure
  • One of those handsets (like most from Microsoft) where you think 'Oh, if you had just bumped up this particular spec, or not left out this feature i'd be all over it'.  If they kept the body, and offered a slightly specced bumped version for a little more it'd be tempting.
  • I still like my tested and proven l640, 10586.107 and runs flawlessly. 650 looks decent...
  • WTF, how much does a physical shutter button cost?  $.02?  Such a pain on a 630/640 to click on the camera app to take a picture.  My kids move too fast for that to ever work.
  • I e­­­arn 2­­­5 do­­­llars e­­­very 3­­­0 mi­­­nut­­­es. Wo­­­rk f­­­or fe­­­w ho­­­urs a­­­nd ha­­­ve l­­­ong­­­er ti­­­me wi­­­th fr­­­iend­­­s an­­­d f­­­ami­­­ly. ­­­ch­­­eck it o­­­ut th­­­is li­­­nk fo­­­r de­­­tails.­­­ w­­­w­­­w.p­­­a­­­y-b­­­u­­­z­­­z.c­­­o­­­m
  • Are we gonna get 650 XL ? 5" is too small !! I really hope there weill be a XL versrion in U.S !  :-/
  • Not happening.
  • I just recently got the fierce xl and really like it,it seems like a better deal for the price than the 650
  • 5 inch screen...on screen buttons...a big no!
  • Microsoft seriously needs a consistent "series" of hardware. Similar to a Samsung Galaxy series or HTC MX line and LG G series etc..
    Their current numbering system is so damn confusing. They release a 640 then later the 520 which is according to some a better phone? They're all over the place. A lower number model doesn't necessarily mean a weaker phone and seems like in some cases, be it they're newer phones, can be better than the higher numbered models. This numbering system can be a nightmare for anyone new to the Windows Lumia line. A yearly series line as well as a new naming scheme would lessen confusion as well as ease us our minds as fans as to when the next flagship ( or even low and midrange) phone will be released. I hope this is part of their plan since they're not releasing another lumia again? Or at least this year..... Hurry up Jade Primo! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does it have compass?
  • wow, so basicaly downsized 750? ;-)
  • I think its Horrific for business phone not support the Continuum.
  • In the looks department, I say this is one simple but elegant 5 incher overall especially with its metal frame. In the specs department though, considering the price, there are a lot of android phones out there which can do much better at the same price. If you want an entry-level windows phone though, this can be a very good candidate. Compared to another budget windows phone, the Bush Eluma, this has a much better screen with an amoled display and gorilla glass. This also seems to have a capable shooter for the price.
  • Can someone explain why should i ditch my lumia 640 and upgrade to 650
  • This one also get nailed down in reviews and this time it's not the design but the specs and of course the OS.. Why can't a compagny like MS design a smartphone that not only looks good but also performs well at a descent prize and with one of the latest W10 versions on it. A 12 year old child can... Really if they had put a SD412 or 415 with 2GB rams and 2500mah battery in this one with a descent W10 verion out of the box then it would be a very good device for the prize now it's just another try out and everybody got tyred of that. Hell, if Ms continues this way nobody will even want to test another WP. And thinking that the people working on this phones get paid very well...unbelievable...too many geeks and nerds at MS that don't come out and don't follow the market/society?
  • Will the band work with this phone
  • THATS IS REALLY NICE SPECS. Especially the amoled and 16 gb ram Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft really need to make a mid-range phone, or at least force other manufacturers to release their windows phones worldwide. 650 is a step-down from 640, it doesn't even have 1080p recording!