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Microsoft My Phone now an open beta

That little maintenance outage Microsoft My Phone underwent? Turns out it was an update to the Web portal. And alongside that will come an update to the phone client.

Oh, and the service is moving to an open beta. From the My Phone Team blog [via]:

With today’s release, we’re opening the beta to all users -- no more waiting list or promotional codes!

Can't put it any more plainly than that. So if you're looking for a way to sync your contacts, photos, text messages and more to the cloud and didn't get in on the closed beta, head on over to and give it a shot.

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  • I'm worried about it conflicting with my contacts and calender from my exchange server... Just did a back up, lets see how this goes.
  • OK, so in the setup process it notified me that "Your contacts, calendar, and tasks will be synced with your Exchange Server account, not with your My Phone account. To synchronize this information with your My Phone account, you must end your phone's partnership with Exchange Serve or disable ActiveSync." Good news for me as i'd like to keep my contacts and calendar synced with my exchange server.
  • 1. Way to go for doing a backup first. Nice to know someone remembered Rule No. 1. 2. Yep, My Phone uses the Exchange connection to sync some of the data. (I forget exactly which.) If you're already syncing contacts, e-mail and the like over Exchange, then, yeah, you probably don't want to switch it to My Phone. But photos should still work, if I remember correctly.
  • This works fine with Samsung Omnia.
  • I just installed this on my Omnia. Seems to work well except for the fact that several of my recurring events are not showing up on the MyPhone website. Not a biggie for me since it's not deleting those recurring events on my actual phone. Hopefully they'll fix it.
  • I'm having the same problem with the recurring events. Other than that I like it so far. it isn't as easy to modify the data on the web as it is on Google though.
  • Thanks goodness. Finally I can back up my contacts online for free.
    I just switched from Motorola Q9C to Treo Pro and in the past I could sync my Moto Q with Vista, but I could not figure out how to do it with WM professional. WM professional was not supported to be sync with Vista. Even with Windows Mobile Device Center (stupid name, its too long, I had to google it, I could not remember) and Outlook, there was no way I can sync my contacts that I saved when I synced with WM smartphone before (it took me few hours and I could not do it. Now its a different story, it's painful-less to sync my contacts.
    I thought WM always sucks, but I guess not at everything :-P