Microsoft opens up OEM portal, build your own Windows Phone

Back in late February Microsoft announced that nine new OEMs would be joining the Windows Phone ecosystem. It also announced a new site,, for OEMs to get information and learn how to bring Windows Phone devices to market quickly. Companies like HTC and Samsung won’t really need this portal. That site is now live and potential OEMs can get the help they need to build and ship a new Windows Phone.

Anyone wanting to build and ship a new Windows Phone should head to the OEM portal. You’ll find all the materials and information there. The website offers a high level overview of Windows Phone, how to register as a Windows Phone OEM and information on how to start the process of reviewing and signing licensing agreements. You’ll need to be a Qualcomm Reference Design (QRD) OEM in order to become a licensed Windows Phone OEM and ship those phones.

The move should be a big boon for OEMs in emerging markets like India, China and Africa. We’re about to get a lot more handsets.

Source: OEM Portal Via: @joebelfiore

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Sam Sabri