Microsoft overhauls its Image Composite Editor for Windows

The Image Composite Editor (ICE) is Microsoft Research's advanced panoramic image stitcher for Windows, which has been overhauled to version 2.0. Importing a number of overlapping photographs from a single scene will enable the app to create a seamless high-resolution panorama. Think of this as a suite to create similar magic as the Windows Phone panoramic feature.

What's more is the app also supports videos too, creating a panorama from a panning video. Once completed, the end results can be shared and viewed in 3D on the Photosynth website. A variety of image formats are supported for added compatibility peace of mind.

Note that you'll need to use photos from the same scene. The app simply will not work with images taken from different scenes (as highlighted in the above photo). The first handful of images selected on our screen are identical and could produce a sweet panorama.

Some of the features we've covered are part of the version 2.0 overhaul, which introduced a new automatic image completion feature, filling in the missing pixels when creating a panorama.

Head to Microsoft's website (linked below) for more details and to download.

Source: Microsoft; thanks, Sarang D., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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