Microsoft partners with the Gamers Outreach Foundation to bring Xbox to children's hospitals

GO Karts are hospital-proofed Xbox rigs on wheels. The unique karts come complete with Xbox One consoles, several games installed, a monitor, controllers, and a special lift mechanism allowing hospitals to tailor the height to each patient's needs.

With the help of individual donations and Microsoft fundraising, Gamers Outreach has now provided 36 GO Karts across 19 US hospitals, with the goal of donating 100 more across the country in the next year.

Gamers Outreach's ultimate aim is to provide every children's hospital ward with GO Karts to make the difficulty of treatment that little bit easier. The donations not only fund GO Karts themselves, but also the equipment, setup, and on-going service from the Gamers Outreach Foundation. Xbox's Aaron Greenberg and Larry Hryb were on the ground at Seattle's Children's hospital to donate the new karts this week, with the view of doing more fundraising in the future to help Gamers Outreach achieve their goals.

Regarding their latest milestone, Gamers Outreach founder, Zach Wigal had this to say:

"It's amazing to see this project come to life after a year of planning. The GO Kart initiative started as a one-off passion project and has grown to a program that supports patients nationwide. With our next generation of GO Karts, we're able to deliver these kiosks more efficiently, and ultimately have a much greater impact in the lives of the kids and families going through hospitalization."

Xbox was instrumental in helping Gamers Outreach with their fundraising, doing streams across Beam and Twitch. In April, Gamers Outreach is planning more events dubbed "Gamers for Giving," slated to take place on the 1st and 2nd.

If you want to get involved, see the links below for more information.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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