Microsoft partners with Realmadrid foundation to bring youths closer to technology

Earlier today, Microsoft and the Realmadrid Foundation commenced an endeavor for social projects in Latin America and the Caribbean by way of pen and paper. The recently signed agreement focuses on bringing software and cash donations to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico. In addition, Microsoft will provide hundreds of millions of young people with their YouthSpark program’s resources.

YouthSpark is an initiate to create opportunities for youth around the world. The program partners with governments, nonprofits, and businesses to “empower youth to imagine and realize their full potential by connecting them with greater education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities.” Some of the program’s most well-known projects include Imagine Cup, a student technology competition, and DreamSpark, a program that grants students access to Microsoft Software and Development tools free of charge.

Microsoft’s efforts with the Realmadrid Foundation will bring young people into closer contact with technology and will attempt to help them complete their current education while opening opportunities for employment in the future. The foundation itself has more than 110 schools in which Microsoft will offer their software and content. Over the last ten years, more than 20,000 children have been educated through sports including soccer and basketball.

Orlando Ayala, chairman of Emerging Markets at Microsoft, stated that Microsoft is:

“...committed to young people in Latin America. We believe it is of the utmost importance that we strengthen cooperation with organizations such as the Realmadrid Foundation in order to offer young people quality education and promote access to technology, as well as helping them to join the workforce and contribute to their communities.”

The unemployment rate in Latin American and the surrounding area is close to 200 million people under the age of 30. Microsoft’s YouthSpark program has already donated over $1.5 million in cash to non-profit organizations in the area and today’s commitment signals that Microsoft isn’t backing out on helping any time soon.

What are your thoughts on large corporations helping those in need?

Source: Microsoft News Center

Michael Archambault