Microsoft pledges support to Digital India initiative

In a video message during the launch of Digital India initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella pledged the company's support to help the government in efforts to transform the country through technological innovations.

Satya said that Microsoft is proud to be a part of Digital India launch and he believes that technology can uniquely support the government's initiatives in key areas including: rural internet connectivity, digital cloud services for all its citizens, and communications and productivity services for the Government.

He also highlighted the parallel vision of Microsoft and the Digital India initiative.

"At Microsoft, our focus is on empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Likewise, the Digital India initiative is focused on harnessing the power of technology to help India transform."

The Microsoft CEO also reiterated that the company is bringing its marquee cloud services - Microsoft Azure, Dynamics, and Office 365 - to local data centres in India to accelerate cloud innovation and connect every Indian and every Indian business to the world through the global hyper-scale cloud.

The Digital India initiative, launched in New Delhi earlier today, is aimed at creating a digitally empowered society and the knowledge economy. The vision of Digital India is centred on three key areas - Digital Infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, Governance & services on demand, and Digital Empowerment of citizens.

What are your thoughts on this initiative? Let us know in the comments!

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  • The 'other' party wouldn't have even thought about it. I think we should be appreciative of any good initiatives irrespective of our personal allegiances.
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  • We should appreciate... Even in his busy schedule of foreign trips, he is doing something... :D
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  • With a current internet user base of 250 Mn users, there is more than a billion unconnected potential users. A phone penetration of over 90%, this market is a prospective goldmine. Of course, MSFT wants to 'support'
  • Good to see that Microsoft will build local Indian data centres for all their major cloud services that is Microsoft Azure, Dynamics, and Office 365. This should improve performance for these services and also help in getting more contracts as the data will be store locally instead of some other country.
  • ofc they want a strong foothold in india
    1.5 billion people in 2050 using microsoft producs and service is impoartant. if you can't win china, you need to win india
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  • Without strong network security, net neutrality and data protection and privacy laws in effect, hope it doesn't turn into a data market dictated by telecommunication companies (looking at you Reliance). The twitter handle @opindia_revenge is a fairly good source for news and updates about what's happening.
  • I want free high speed Wi-Fi everywhere.
  • You will get that in Delhi, remember Kejri promised
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  • At least use his full name in a non political forum. And BTW the WiFi roll out in colleges n rural areas are happening this year.
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  • A revolution for India. All the best to Narendra Modi.
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  • Just by giving fancy names won't be enough to bridge the digital divide. Work with Microsoft in TV white space area Modiji and it can do wonders for us.
  • BSNL has had a 4g license from around 10 years for all circles in india- which no other operator except reliance jio possesses..........if modi is really serious about digital India, he should pump some money into BSNL to roll out 4g in all cities of India. Instead BSNL as usual licking the private operators asssss n modi is continually doing his PR stunts.....even congress did a better job n layer a high speed fiber optic network all over the country..... I'm amazed at the short term memory of my fellow citizens
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  • Cloud computing will take time to penetrate into India. Many are still living on dial-up connections with limited-download plans. But a lot of people are beginning to install Wi-Fi routers at home, which is good. Most smartphone users still use 2G, few are opting for 3G (its expensive) and almost everyone I know lives off 1GB/month data plans. You can't afford to upload/download data from the cloud with such data limits. :/
  • Lets hope its not total failure like 'Make in India'. So far factories being shut down by corrupted officials.