Microsoft pokes fun at Samsung's Heathrow advertising, fails to book flight to the Galaxy

Nokia has employed Lumianauts to try to find the galaxy at Heathrow airport, which has recently been taken over by Samsung. All they found were a bunch of ads around Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5, so they had to go back home in their rover without getting launched into orbit.

It would be interesting if these Lumianauts are the start of a marketing campaign to poke fun at Samsung and the Galaxy brand. Nokia's never been shy about needling the competition, and seeing as Samsung's most popular ads were all about lampooning Apple, it seems like they deserve at least a little return fire. Obviously this Lumianaut thing is relatively tame, but it's easy to see the possibilities.

What do you guys think of Samsung's ad campaign in Heathrow airport? Tacky and over-the-top, or effective? How should Nokia and Microsoft respond?

Source: Nokia Conversations; Via: Neowin

Simon Sage