Microsoft promotes major Windows Phone news apps in new video

Microsoft has released a new video that shows how major news apps for CNN, USA Today and NBC News take advantage of the Windows Phone platform.

The quick video shows how those apps can give major news junkies instant updates via alerts from their Live Tiles, along with customized news items. The video also shows how the NBC News app lets Windows Phone device owners pin specific TV shows from the network to their Start screen. Finally, all those apps give users a way to quickly share big news stories with others.

While the video doesn't really offer anything new for experienced Windows Phone users, it does serve as a showcase for what exclusive features can be added to news apps via Microsoft's platform. Needless to say, you can go ahead and download the USA Today, NBC News and CNN apps from the Windows Phone Store right now.

Do you think videos like this one serve to educate people who might be on the fence in buying a Windows Phone product?

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Source: Windows Phone on YouTube

John Callaham