Microsoft ranked fifth most valuable brand in the world

Microsoft was able to retain its position as the fifth most valuable brand in the world in Interbrand's 2014 Best Global Brands report.

The report valued Microsoft at $61 billion, behind the likes of other technology giants like Apple, valued at $118.9 billion, and Google, which came in second at $107 billion. IBM was placed fourth at a valuation of $72 billion, and handset vendor Samsung came in seventh with a valuation of $45 billion. While evaluating the best brands in the world, Interbrand mentioned that it looked at three key factors:

  • The financial performance of the branded product and service
  • The role the brand plays in influencing customer choice
  • The strength the brand has to command a premium price or secure earnings for the company

To check out the list of the 100 most valuable brands in the world, head on over to the link below.

What do you guys think? By integrating Nokia's handset division in-house, can Microsoft mount a stronger challenge next year? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Interbrand

  • Yay
  • Meh
  • Meh indeed...MS used to be no.1 just few short years ago. :/
  • Crazy how much google is worth in comparison though eh! It started as nothing more than a search engine!
  • Just goes to show that information is power. Google set out to be the providers of information and now, to a certain extent, they are THE go to people when information is needed on the fly.
  • Coca Cola is 3rd.. that Poison/pesticide machine...
  • I don't get it, Bill Gates is valued more than his company lol... MS has more in liquid assets than its valuation...
  • It's not the value of Microsoft as a company, becouse Microsoft's market cap is over 300 billion. Its the Microsoft's value as a brand name. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Care to explain the difference?
  • The difference is pretty huge. This is basically saying that if MS were to sell the name "Microsoft" and nothing else, the name would be worth X amount.  All of the actual products, software, assets, cash in corporate bank accounts, intellectual property, patents, etc. are not part of this estimate.  So the actual company and it's products are not part of this estimate. Quite frankly, I find this "value estimate" to be quite meaningless for two reasons... 1) It is impossible to quantify in my opinion.  There isn't really anything that can be measured and directly assigned to a brand name.  For example, if Apple sold the name of their company and renamed themselves to "Company X", I'm pretty sure most people would get the message and continue to buy iPhones from "Company X" rather than buy whatever the "new Apple" is selling. 2) Microsoft is involved in a lot of markets and it has its brand recognition spread out over several other brand names.  Windows, Office, and Xbox just to name a few of the big ones used by consumers.  Apple and especially Google tend to promenently include their company name in every product.  For example, "Google Drive" or "Google Docs" vs "OneDrive" or "Office".  Sure you can call it MS OneDrive or MS Office, but it's not really marketed that way and not required since the brand names stand on their own.  "Drive" or "Docs" on the other hand would be meaningless words without including Google in the name.  Anyway, I'm not sure that estimating the value of the "Microsoft" brand alone is an accurate direct comparison to the "Apple" or "Google" brand names. 
  • A lot of what you say is correct. Brand value and company valuation are two totally different things. But I disagree with your comments about the Brand name being worthless. You are right with your Company X scenario, but that is only one scenario. If I were to make a jacket and obtain permission to use Apple's name on it, or through marketing, people would buy it in droves. That fact alone, is enough to say that such a jacket would be highly valuable because of the Apple branding or affiliation. These metrics seek to place a dollar value on the brands and have almost nothing to do with how the company is performing financially. They have everything to do with the mental perception of each brand to the average consumer.
  • Go Microsoft! That is twice a gap..between us nd apple.....too Long to cover....
  • Don't know what is Microsoft going to do with Nokia now.
  • Just add Mr.Gates will be first. He has a net worth of $81 billion. :)
  • Can you even imagine? Damn.....
  • ...Knee-deep in pussy LOL
  • What? Apple valued more than double of Microsoft?
  • Obviously
  • Apple sell a lot of hardware. You can make better margins on those. Plus their customer service is better.
  • And the price is higher, that's why
  • What?! Those apple "geniuses" don't even acknowledge me when I walk in the store. In a Microsoft store they take care of me as if I was their only customer.
  • Dude, they speak to you telepathically...get with it
  • And you're very pathetic
  • So is your mother for not expelling you pre-birth
  • Mother jokes? Seriously? What is this, pre-school?
  • Chill Dude. He wasn't serious. In fact even in his pre-school days no one takes him seriously.
  • See, don't be angry
  • Not true, software margins are usually much higher than hardware margins. But you're right in that they sell a LOT of their hardware.
  • Their customer service sucks, it was the reason I dropped my iphone 3GS for my HD7.
  • That is actually the exact opposite. Whoever said hardware makes more GM is SOOO wrong.
  • LOL their customer service is better? Wow ignoring the difference in the much much much greater number of customers Microsoft has I've gotten great service from them every time I've rarely ever revived good customer service from Apple
  • No, this is brand value, not the company's net worth.
  • No one seems to be getting that.  Put those side by side with the actual net sales of each company and you would get a different opinion of what is going on out there.....
  • Okay. I declare you a genius
  • Because there's a bunch of idiots who buy Apple crap. How they make money:
    10 year old hardware/software
    Put in shiny new case
    Sell for 2 grand
  • There are a lot of iSheep out there.
  • What would happen if MS and windows fell?
  • Windows 8 failed that's why we are at #5
  • I mean fall fall where windows just doesn't exist.
  • What if the earth didn't exist? We wouldn't be here ...Dah!
  • So your saying the world needs MS more than it needs Apple?
  • Exactly
  • The world would survive without the iPhone. If windows were to suddenly disappear, the world productivity would come to a halt.
  • No, the computers and programs would still work for awhile
  • I say what if Microsoft didn't exist? It would be quite hard to get by, imo. Its impossible to 'live' on purely googles services, and purely on apples services. You have to have at least 1 or 2 Microsoft services even if you're an apple fan or google user. The amount of people I know who have skype on their iphone, or OneDrive on their google phone is amazing. So, without Microsoft, it would probably be harder to live, than, say, without apple, for example. You can't rely fully on all of apples services at once and you cant rely fully on googles services at once, without using any other company's services, but the best bit is that you can easily rely on the services of Microsoft because they are so wide spread. (search engine, bing, phone, windows phone, tablet, windows tablet, pc, windows pc, games console, xbox, video calling, skype, online storage, OneDrive, etc etc) most other companies don't give that vast coverage
  • Agree 1520%
  • 930% + 630% agreed.
  • +930 Agrees
    I've been living without Apple Services and I must say I've been doing great. Google however! Umm! Can't imagine a world without GoogleSearch
  • You can try it in China, LOL
  • I don't rely on Apple at all, too. But no Google and no YouTube would be so last century!
  • Well YouTube only been around for about a decade
  • I totally agree and here is a little fun fact if i remember correctly the first couple of generations of the iphone, macbooks, and early 2000's Mac's (not sure about the current ones) were built using several of Microsoft hardware and software patents. That's why if you recall all those Mac vs PC ads that was on tv Microsoft never responsed to them cause at the end of the day they were receiving a some form of profit when does device were sold. That was a few articles I read years ago so some of that may be alittle inaccurate.
  • Just read the other day Apple found using windows to test their products. Even Apple be affect if no MS.
  • Spot on. This is how great the Windows ecosystem is, and at the same time what causes my friends to think I'm a fanboy (because everything I use is Microsoft) :-)
  • Just imagine ur house didn't have Windows!
  • If no windows, my house be cold! Kidding! Can't imagine no MS. The whole tech world be in disarray. Who can afford an Apple product? How about google chrome? Can that work for many including business?
  • Without windows, your house would be dark, but warmer. Not cold. If everything Microsoft have ever done suddenly vanished overnight then [most of] the [first] world would fall into chaos. Apple and Google, not so much. I think we'd survive. Some humans wouldn't even notice, but they don't participate in the global economy anyway.
  • Love the hubris at the end, cocksucker
  • Peg Leg, you foul-mouthed idiot. You do know that there are still communities living in the world who don't even use electricity, let alone participate in the capitalist rat-race, right? This year, a globally famous football player travelled into the Brazillian rainforest, laughably to 'escape himself'. He found not only obscurity, but people who hadn't even heard of his sport - in a country which has won the World Cup more times than any other nation and produced arguably one of the greatest football heroes of all time. To these people, 'brand' has no value. It's a largely artificial construct designed to extract yet more work from the masses once their basic needs are met. They don't need it, and in my view are better off without it anyway. But I was making the point that our system could potentially fail entirely in a ficticious Sci-fi scenario where everything Microsoft simply ceased to exist and those communities deep in the rain forest wouldn't even notice as our world collapsed around us. We're all entitled to have an opinion here. You just trolled out an insult without any contribution. F*** you, sir.
  • At least you referred to me as sir. Oh yes, there is no one else who could toss an insult without looking where it landed for I Am a god among children. You want to play the intelligence game. I have a phd bitch. I will crush you. Promise. As far as the hillbillies in the woods, you, your mother, and entire extended family do not even deserve that luxury. Go, get lost like your soccer friend. Please.
  • Your comments really speak volumes more of yourself than those who you crudely attempt to insult.
  • Unlikely to happen. That ads an extra "security" feeling to us WP users.. Hope they 'll manage to strengthen that feeling!
  • Just imagine me having an iPhone, which I don't have... Not gonna happen!
  • What would happen? Obviously the world didn't need windows at that point, so it would be business as usual... That's the most logical way of looking at it.
  • We?
  • Cee
  • Regardless of their position in the consumer market, they rule the corporate world, not only with companies' hardware infrastructures but also the network of millions of MS-certified people supporting them. The media as a whole often seem oblivious to this when they report on Microsoft's "woes".
  • Agree 1520%
  • Yea, at work, MS rules. At home, I'm shifting to Apple. They're more consumer oriented and I spend far less time having to troubleshoot and find work-arounds on their products.
  • The world would stop, everything runs Windows, from atm machines to hospitals, social security, stock market.
  • We're on a role!
  • No, MS would be gone, but equipment and programs remain. Then China could improve upon it......
  • More or less, MS is worth more then any company out there. Now what would you say if Apple or google got obliterated at this instant? What would happen to the world?
  • yupp office 365, yammer, dynamics crm,GP silversight, C++,.net, framework,azure and manu other cloud solutions Microsoft has made it possible. even hotmail and OneDrive services.
  • Imagine if your house doesn't have Windows and your fences doesn't have Gates? Nobody goes in and out!!
  • Lol at "Gates" xD
  • You forgot the most important service after the os itself.... OFFICE!
  • I couldn't imagine a house without Windows, I like letting silverLight get in. If I had no Gates it would be terrible! Anyone could walk onto my property and especially of I only had OneDriveway they could damage my car. Then they could look through the windows into my Office and my Word would that be an invasion of privacy. If someone could Azure me that Windows will live on that would be great. I really Excel at my work using Windows. The other day however I hurt myself walking down the hall, I got Cortana hook and it grazed my arm, so embarrassing. Usually I take the Metro to work and only take OneNote of the experience, I then use those collections of notes and put them in a book, im no Publisher but I do consider myself quite the writer. Something to leave behind as my Legacy. I had an Apple the other day for breakfast, it didn't go down well as I felt undernourished for what I paid for. Also I dropped it and, well, it never was the same again!
  • Good job, needs some polish, but for writing on the fly, you deserve a cookie.
  • Thanks, they're the first things that came to mind!
  • I like it.
  • Lol! Good one!
  • Your mom could not srf for porn. That's what would happen
  • Guys, we're getting out of control. Lets have fun on our comments.
  • This is silly.... MS has 90% of world's PC OS market, stupid apple have about 40% of world's mobile market and it's shrinking.
  • There's something wrong with those lists, I never trust them
  • For us Microsoft is the best :)
  • 40? Try sub 15%.
  • True
  • True
  • Yeah, I think the lists are skewed too. That third bullet specifically gears it towards companies that sell ridiculously overpriced products like Apple. It ignores the companies like Microsoft and Samsung who provide customers with a good product at a decent price. I hate that people even pays attention to lists like these...
  • It's a good criteria to define how much a brand worth. People are willing to pay more for Apple products which means their brand image is stronger. This is a research about brand strength not about assessing real quality.
  • But that doesn't explain why Google is so high. Google has tried to sell things at a profit and the market has spoken that people generally don't pay premiums for Google's products. The only successes that Google has in the consumer market are when it sells at ridiculously low profit margins.
  • But they do have the financial success which is another criteria.
  • Apple makes a ridiculous profit margin on its products, which is why it's valued so high. MS up till now has been a software company which earns them less profits than selling hardware. Though people are seeing Apple in a different way now, so far it has been the cool company which makes the cool pretty products, MS has simply been known as a "business/tech geek" but their new direction, is clearly changing peoples opinion of them.
    Though Windows runs on the majority of computers in the world, many are pirate copies which MS obviously doesn't make money from.
    Surface seems to have just gained popularity with Surface 3 and Lumias are doing ok, so if these products continue to gain stream, along with everything else they [MS] do, next year MS should be in a better position.
  • Apple has 19% of world mobile market , it has "40-45%" in USA mobile market
  • Microsoft is far more better than Apple
  • In the office -space, yes. At home, no.
  • xbox at home yes.
  • Who's third?
  • This is also my question, they didn't say who's the third -.-!
  • 3rd in the list is Coca-Cola......please check this link for the listing
  • Wrong without Microsoft all businesses would go to shit. World economy would collapse. Do Microsoft is number 1.
  • If bill gates was a brand then he would have been 4th
  • apple is all due to fanboyism. they have valued on the basis of fans i guess. im not telling that Microsoft should be first but this comparison is absolutely shit. if it was on the basos of productivity Microsoft snd oracle would have veen way ahead. this is so stupid fanboyism based valuation
  • Calm down
  • Microsoft will remain at this position itself if it is going to serve in future also, the way it is serving now. Its windows phone is still lagging behind as compared to android,and ios. So it will have to improve. And Microsofts customer service is worst. Today windows phone 7users are very unlucky lott as they even cant get the basic features which were present in the then android icecream sandwich version. And even today windows phone 8.1 is far behind then android kitkat or jellybean. Even in future this will be going on and windows phone will be behind because their devices are of no use after 1 year of purchase. That is, they dont get updates. Eg windows phone 7 could not be updated to windows phone 8 or 8.1 . In this case no,one will buy this phone in long run
  • Windows Phone 7 ?! Seriously? That's old.
  • compare 7 to gingerbread
  • Nice!
  • Which is the 3rd company?
  • Coca-Cola
  • I think they ignore the most essential factor to determine brand power/impact: NECESSITY. IMO Microsoft, precisely speaking windows is the most important brand than apple or google. It has become the basic need of our life/economy among other tech companies and will continue to do so for a while. Just look most of things are dependant on window whether directly or indirectly. If Apple collapses most severe problem will be unemployment for it's 90000+ workforce. But if MS comes down entire economic growth and development will halt.(assuming there is no an immediate replacement). I don't know whether they consider this factor or not, windows is like, if not equal, to bread and butter for us.
  • +520 Agreed.
  • IBM was placed fourth? Looks like they're paying good money to be on the list.
  • In a world without walls and fences, who would need Windows and Gates? :) Way to go MSFT!
  • Lol
  • we come to know the value of things when dont have it. i cant imagine world without Microsoft solutions and if you're a core gsmed u cant simply leave Microsoft.
  • Of course u can't live w/o MS...unless u r from another planet , commonly referred as an alien! :p
  • Lol
  • The correct order is 1) windows
    2) microsoft
    3) bill gates
    4) apple
    5) orange
  • Bread seems to be missing from your list xD
  • Owh yeah.. Mr bean no 6
  • Oops you missed Eminem @no. Zero (before 1) ^
  • This ranking is false.
  • Very idiot ranking
  • anyone else notice Nokia at 98% with -44% at loss ?
  • That's to be expected when they just had their most visible and popular division destroyed by another company.
    They'll need to rebuild and return to the consumer market to be able to regain their stronger position. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I am confused...does this mean that Apple and Google have more money than Microsoft....would Apple actually have almost more than half the money that MS has?? or maybe i just dont understand this
  • I think it's not about money.. It's more like Brand Value..
  • This is about perceived brand value to consumers. But Apple does have more many than Microsoft. 
  • Real ranking is:
    1st: Ms
    2nd: Samsung
    3rd: Google
    4th: Apple
  • Great!
  • it should be Microsoft oracle google IBM amazon....
  • Exactly ! But oracle in forth Or IBM
  • Get youtself a job folks and lets ser how far YOU go?????"
  • yupp...  
  • Face it the future is Apple dominated. They do everything cool. Music production, Graphics, movie production, CGI all done better with apple software and hardware. How often do u see world class musicians sporting a windows laptop???? MS only has office/boring stuff.
  • u will understand the value afterwards of ms products.
  • You use Windows everyday in your life, like it or not. Resistance is futile.
  • Thing is, that has been the case for years long before iPod even existed. Macs were always the "artists" computer. This is nothing new, it's just more apparent because we have the internet. As far as MS being boring, sorry things like Xbox and owning the main platform for PC gaming disagrees with that statement. At this point in time using Macs for artistic things is far more based on tradition versus massive gaps in ability between the operating systems.
  • Windows PCs may be boring...but affordable.. ;) What about Apple??
  • Here in India.. mainly Google services are used for searching and u know android.. But I am using Bing,Hotmail,Windows 8 n obviously a Windows phone!
  • adn the ones which are also forced too use playbooks, hangouts,g +.
  • Yep
  • Only 5ft?
  • Nope its longer.
  • Apple products play no part in my life whatsoever, not because I hate them, they are just not made for people like me, google has youtube, without this, it would be the same story. Microsoft has office and Skype, I need those two things, so to me it is number 1 or very close
  • Nokia at 98, not bad
  • Who is the sixth?
  • Why is apple values more than Microsoft ? It's the biggest company ever built , just the name of bill gates values more than apple !
  • Yeah... take off the fanboy bias goggles and look up financial realities, Apple has more cash, a stock that is worth more and makes more profit than Microsoft. The only companies in the same league as Apple in terms of market capitalization are oil companies. Also, this whole thing is about BRAND VALUE, Microsoft doesn't hold a lot of positive sway in the consumer market, Apple is all about the consumer market and plays that game like no one else. Away from this site, most people use Microsoft products either begrudgingly or simply because they're the de facto standard and what they grew up with, or because they come at a lower price.
  • How is IBM that high?
  • Ok so no me too of 10, or future Lumia devices, or of the neew touch office or futures. But on apple and IBM both articles focus only on futures. Also based on performance this year Samsung should be ahead of apple on the strength of mobile alone not to mention PC, tv etc. And IBM should have been positioned behind ms. Lastly I wonder if IBM analytics will play a Watson role in a future Siri version. That would make her more competitive with cortana's breath.
  • Selling a lot doesn't mean people admire your brand. Also, Samsung isn't much of a player in the PC market, Apple certainly outsells them in that department and Samsung recently announced plans to leave the PC market all together in Europe.
  • Next year it all depends on Windows 10 success.
  • It just blows my mind how everything in the world runs on Windows cpu or software and Microsoft is in 5th
  • Nokia will drop from that list next year
  • Microsoft can only and will only succeed if they start making quality high end phones made of stainless steel, all sapphire phones/ glass with edge to edge display no bezel etc etc. Improve on battery life, aesthetics to compliment their smart watch. Its all about style. They have the operating system in the bag. They have to perfect there hardware. They have the low end market.
  • Hardware materials aren't the issue, public perception is. People don't think Microsoft is cool, and try as they have for the past 4 years or so, trying to be Apple (consumer electronics facing company with services to create an ecosytem around those products) doesn't work for them. MS has had the hardware quality in Nokia for a long time, and now they literally own that, but the public at large didn't really know about Windows Phone 7 and spurned the Modern UI when MS tried to bring it to the desktop with Windows 8. That system was foisted on desktop users and largely disliked and so didn't do any favors in selling Windows Phone to consumers.
  • Microsoft should be the one,she has everything that's requires to be the one.Everyone thinks that Apple and Google are the best.Google's support sucks and she is just a page.Apple just only makes phone and OS and laptops which are very expensive and their new version of their OS it's just like an update when Windows Update does,nothing changes.When Microsoft is developing a new OS she changes everything,more styles and better.Microsoft creates games console office.And now Cortana which Microsoft will expand it on PC's,no one has done this.Also Microsoft is giving the opportunities to try new things like Windows 10 Technical preview or preview for developers for Windows phones.And also who is IBM.I think Microsoft can be the best,the one.
  • I'd argue that Apple is severely overvalued. In some ways Apple is a one-trick pony, lacking the robustness of Google, Microsoft and even Samsung. I'm well aware that they've got some diverse offerings, but they're perpetually focused on a handful of product lines. Yes, Apple products have massive equity, but that doesn't last forever and there's already strong evidence that it's waning. Had Steve Jobs still been around I think there would have been a strong push to diversify. Today's Apple, however seems risk averse and fixated on building a luxury brand around existing products.
  • Its one trick is catering to consumers, and that's what drives brand value which is what is being discussed here. As for the sky falling on Cupertino, keep betting against them at your own risk, iPhone sales go up every year and the Mac continues to grow, and with the lock-in between the two growing their grip on the high value markets like the US won't fade any time soon. 
  • It's weird that they actually attempt to assign a dollar value to the value of a brand name. This is just an opinion with a dollar sign attached to it.
  • Where is brand EMINEM
  • Cool! Glad MS is up there. Now, they just need to buy a 3D printer company, and Valve, and they'll have a complete portfolio in my mind.
  • Pampers has more brand value than Ford and Sony according to that list; who knew!
  • Of course its at number 5 microsoft sucks lets be honest...shitty products. shitty phones.
  • This is hilarious... If you think about it, if Windows was to just be removed from everyones computers RIGHT now, and remove Microsoft Office, the world would be screwed. Can't say that about any other product out there today really