Microsoft releases HealthVault app for Windows Phone

Keeping up-to-date with health information, accessing medical records (for yourself and family members), and retrieving prescription history is now easier than ever while on the move. Microsoft has released HealthVault for Windows Phone, which ties into their HealthVault service. HealthVault account data is synchronized so users are able to track and manage chronic conditions, insert health information, and more while on the go.

You can download HealthVault from the Marketplace (US only).

Via: Mobility Digest

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • This is one of the worst implementations of Metro design I have ever seen! Please tell me how Microsoft, the company responsible for Metro, can get this so wrong??
  • So its not exactly your idea of Metro design.  For me as a diabetic  and having other health issues I am far far far far far more concerned with the usefulness and usability of this app.  It works for me ergo I like it. Could it  be improved on? I am sure it can.  Just because you or others dont like the design or feel of it  you dont need to jump all over it. I am personally getting really really really tired of the extreme negativity that some of us here seem to have for anything and everything that is talked about here. Jimminy Christmas how about saying positive things like thanks for developing and getting this program out, instead of always carping on what you dont like about it it. Is there some flaw in the program so it does not work? Not that I have seen.  I went with windows phone because the os is mooth  and quick and the phone does for the most part what I want it to do in a way that is mostly fine with me pending improvements.  If a program works for me I will use it  I dont give too much of a rat's  +++ whether is strictly conforms to even my arbirary opinions of metro! They are my opinions and while I respect the opinions ofothers I dont need to hear  or read other people bad mouthing everything all the time.  To quote Oddball (Donald Sutherland) in Kelly's Heroes" STOP WITH THE NEGATIVE WAVES" please.
    Sorry for my rant  I just get tired of programs updates etc beingreleased and all the **** and ** that almost always follows.
  • People have a right to express their thoughts about anything regarding their phone purchase. Good and bad. 
  • Yeah yeah yeah.. Express yourself.. How about this.. Screw Android and iPhone.. How's that¿