IE11 - Windows 7

Do you sleep, breathe, and dream about Microsoft? If so, you are probably one of the few people yet to switch over from Internet Explorer (seriously, IE use has declined heavily over the past few years). Don’t worry though, Microsoft still loves you and has released IE11 for users running Windows 7. Not only has the software launched, but the team in Redmond has had quite a bit to say about it.

The recent release of Internet Explorer 11 is available worldwide in a selection of over ninety-five various languages. If you are currently running the IE developer or release preview, you will automatically be updated to the final build in the coming weeks. After that, the rollout will begin to those who are currently using IE10.

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Microsoft still wants to tout that IE11 “delivers the best experience of your sites and apps together”. The new release is said to be 30% faster with “real world web sites” (opposed to the fake ones?). You can test out Microsoft’s claims yourself by heading over to their Test Drive Site for internet explorer. The new browser is said to show improvement with HTML5, CSS3, and a collection of other web technologies.

JavaScript is a big area that Microsoft wants you to know that they have improved on. The company claims that Internet Explorer 11 runs JavaScript almost 30% faster than the nearest competitive browsers (for those wondering, it is Opera – I’m surprised also).

With the latest technology strapped into IE11, improved hardware-accelerated graphics, new developer tools, and “plugin free” HTML5 videos – the new updates should be welcomed. You can wait for the release to roll around in a few weeks or grab a copy by clicking here.

Do you use Internet Explorer? What are your favorite features and what keeps you from moving to a 3rd party browser? 

Source: Microsoft