Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7

Do you sleep, breathe, and dream about Microsoft? If so, you are probably one of the few people yet to switch over from Internet Explorer (seriously, IE use has declined heavily over the past few years). Don’t worry though, Microsoft still loves you and has released IE11 for users running Windows 7. Not only has the software launched, but the team in Redmond has had quite a bit to say about it.

The recent release of Internet Explorer 11 is available worldwide in a selection of over ninety-five various languages. If you are currently running the IE developer or release preview, you will automatically be updated to the final build in the coming weeks. After that, the rollout will begin to those who are currently using IE10.

Microsoft still wants to tout that IE11 “delivers the best experience of your sites and apps together”. The new release is said to be 30% faster with “real world web sites” (opposed to the fake ones?). You can test out Microsoft’s claims yourself by heading over to their Test Drive Site for internet explorer. The new browser is said to show improvement with HTML5, CSS3, and a collection of other web technologies.

JavaScript is a big area that Microsoft wants you to know that they have improved on. The company claims that Internet Explorer 11 runs JavaScript almost 30% faster than the nearest competitive browsers (for those wondering, it is Opera – I’m surprised also).

With the latest technology strapped into IE11, improved hardware-accelerated graphics, new developer tools, and “plugin free” HTML5 videos – the new updates should be welcomed. You can wait for the release to roll around in a few weeks or grab a copy by clicking here (opens in new tab).

Do you use Internet Explorer? What are your favorite features and what keeps you from moving to a 3rd party browser? 

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Now if only they would update the mobile version....
  • +1520
  • Exactly! The thing I hate the most in mobile IE is when you open another tab, it also creates a new window in the multitasking!!!! Why would anyone need another multitasking window when we already have the same kind of information subdivided all inside the app/Internet Explorer itself?
    It might seem like a small issue, but it bugs me a lot... Seriously.
  • IMO, it actually to make you easier for multitasking.
  • Well, if you think so... It just seems pointless to me =/
  • I have to agree with QilleRZ. It does make multitasking and switching between tabs much easier.
  • Did they release the Inori version as well?
  • Inori Aizawa Version is up for download... xD
  • If MS would come up with an account that followed me so that I have a similar history and favorites between my phone and desktops then I would move back to IE11 because it is actually pretty good, but until they get that sorted then I'll stick with other browsers
  • That's what IE11 has, at least on Windows 8.1. And it will come to Windows Phone 8.1 too.
  • +1 Very handy
  • What must one do to see it in Windows 8??
  • If you're logged in with a Microsoft account (not a local-only account) then it's automatic. Obviously you need 8.1 as IE11 isn't available on 8.0.
  • You can't get it for Windows 8. You have to upgrade to 8.1. The reasoning is that you benefit from 8.1 on so many levels that it's a natural, seamless, and pretty easy upgrade to do.
  • App data SkyDrive sync was introduced as an OS feature in WIndows 8.1 which made IE tabs, password, history, bookmark sync possible.
  • I remember reading about Roaming AppData in developer documentation for Windows 8. But IE didn't support it until version 11.
  • Also want this!
  • Already there in IE11 on Windows 8.1.
  • And now hopefully also the mobile version in 8.1
  • Grt
  • No ad-block, no me on IE. 
  • Same here. And by ad-blocker, I mean a properly functioning one. Till then FF for me.
  • Ad block plus works great for me on ie 11
  • I gotta try it then!
  • Yup. Sticking to chrome for the plugins.
  • tracking protection lists, easylist uses adblockplus. it works. i use easy list standard and easy privacy.
  • Yeah, people need to search more.
  • Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer
  • hope you can get it to work with IE 11. i cant on windows 8.1. i'm not willing to turn off enhanced protected mode just so i can run adblock plus.
  • Was a big Chrome user, but when IE10 showed consistently more speed than Chrome and Google continued to act like a spoiled child, I uninstalled Chrome and started using IE10 exclusively. Since the 8.1 update (which added IE11) the speed is still good, but it seems like some pages aren't ready for IE11 yet as I'm getting some rendering issues, unresponsive menus/links on pages, etc. 
  • Chrome is officially the most bloated browser there is. No wonder they've been losing market share continuously.
  • Always IE. To lazy to bother and why give Google some money.
  • I've actually just switched to IE 11 (I'm running 8.1) from Chrome.  Chrome has been ticking me off a lot lately (as is Google in general) and Firefox lost me a long time ago. For me, IE 11 performs better than either of the other two...  
  • Out of curiosity, do you primarily use IE11 in the modern interface? I find the Windows 8 app is killer, but the desktop app lags behind. I'm either waiting for Google to make a better version of Chrome for touch or for Microsoft to up their game with IE on the desktop.
  • Primarly on the desktop with no issues (other than the odd website and LastPass is a little wonky), but it runs great for me otherwise.
  • I find the scrolling a lot smoother on ie 11, but the same cannot be said for ie 10 than chrome.  I love the performance that I get, espically the consistnat 60 fps, with a really nice inertia effect.   
  • In the same boat as you Michael
  • Switched to Chrome years ago. I'm giving IE another try, but it's been buggy so far on the SP2.
  • IE still the #1 browser.
  • I'm a Firefox user, but the weird barb against IE (and its users?) in the first paragraph comes off as less jokey and more tone-deaf.
  • Yeah, based on most of his other articles I get the impression that this author doesn't actually like MS products, but he is writing articles on WPCentral for some reason anyway.  The part you mentioned is a good example.  He fails to mention that IE is the most used browser in the world, but is quick to mention that IE has lost market share in recent years and implies that only blind fanbois would choose to use it.
  • IE is the browser that everyone loves to hate, since IE6 days.
  • Yeah, that's the kind of comment I expect to see from Rene over on iMore.  Not that my feelings are hurt, it's just in poor taste here.
  • Nah...i think most of his articles have been written in an unbiased manner...where praise needed to be given it has been...but yeah a fair share of criticism too...
    Lets be honest...MS has deserved to be pointed out for certain things and this guy has done it in a fair manner...
    Even an MS fan is allowed to not like a particular product of his case its IE I not a huge fan of it either...but then again, am still stuck on win7 so I can't be counted until I try the latest...
  • No thanks,But I have chrome :)
  • I'm using internet explorer, exclusively, on windows 8.
    The reason is simply the storing if settings, favorites, passwords, etc... on SkyDrive.
    I always have to backup and restore with Firefox, but this is automatic.
  • I didn't know you could backup favorites and passwords. Is this for the desktop version of IE11?
  • Yes, both desktop and Metro do this.  If you are logging into Windows 8.x with an MS account (as opposed to a local account) and you have enabled the applicable sync settings (Charms Bar >> Settings >> PC Settings >> SkyDrive >> Sync Settings >> Web Browser), your IE state will be synced across all other configured devices using the same MS account.  This includes: favorites, open tabs, home page(s), history, passwords, and settings.   I recently bought a new Surface Pro 2 and the first time I started up IE (metro or desktop) it already had all of that synced from my desktop PC (along with a whole lot of other OS level configuration).  I have never had such an easy time configuring a new PC for the first time.  Other than installing some desktop applications manually, everything else was already good to go from the moment I first logged in.  It kind of blew my mind actually.
  • Sweet!! Gotta try that out. I only have one Windows 8 device I use but I'm upgrading my desktop soon so that's good to hear! :)
  • Not surprised with the JavaScript speed quote. I use Opera primarily and have noticed that jquery/javascript heavy sites render animations, movements, and transitions much smoother than chrome and safari. IE was always a somewhat close second. My own website is heavy on jQuery so I've had to do a lot of testing across all browsers. This difference was even more pronounced on mobile devices. Mobile and metro IE animates my site smoothly, ios safari was choppier, and chrome on GS4 was almost ugly enough that I considered a website rewrite, it was rendering an easing image strip at what looked like 8fps, while a Lumia 520 looked like 30fps, while an iPhone 5 looked a bit choppier than motion pictures (so probably around 20fps).
  • IE is clunky and sluggish in desktop mode, but now on my Surface Pro 2, I exclusively use Metro Internet Explorer for my browsing needs (unless I need a plugin, then I'll use desktop mode or Chrome, but I'm not very fond of either, at this point). It's fast, fluid and simple, works really well. I love it, especially since it has Flash support. Desktop Internet Explorer, I feel, is in desperate need of a revamp. It looks to old, and right clicking often gives WAY too many options, very confusing for nontechy people. The thing it's missing is personality... On Chrome, if it crashes, it goes, "He's dead Jim!" It's quirky and silly, and I love that. Windows 8 and Metro IE both have some color and personality, a definite removal from the days of business-only Microsoft. Of they would do the same for the desktop version, I'd be very enthusiastic.
  • I have been using Internet Explorer ever since I started using a computer.
    I love IE.
  • Same :)
    Have tried Opera, Ff, chrome and uninstalled... They're all meeeh...
  • I'm the opposite. I use IE for work and generally loathe it for various reasons. I use Firefox and Chrome simultaneously. I've tried to like Opera, but it's still too unreliable and has no decent extensions. I keep it only for testing. Safari is definitely the worst... Unbearably slow and does stupid things when copy-pasting HTML.
  • " you are probably one of the few people yet to switch over from Internet Explorer" Really?  I know the market share has dropped, but doesn't IE still hold over 50% of the PC market share?  IE 11 is great.
  • Given that my main two devices for accessing the internet are running WP8 and RT, I have little choice but IE. That's no bad thing, though. It's a really good browser these days, and has been since version 9.
  • RT desperately needs an alternative browser.  It's my biggest complaint with the platform. Not that IE is horrible.  It's usually quite good.  But they keep introducing bugs and then are slow to fix them.  That's inexcusable when your tablets are depending on it.  
  • IE works fine, and is definitely the best browser for windows touch. Also best for syncing between win 8 machines, even if chrome also has a good story if you can cope with Google apps.
  • has anyone has any issues in IE11 (windows 7) where you can't fill in any forms? I went to login to and I couldn't enter anything into the userid or password fields.
  • They should've released this a year ago... Most of the people jumped to chrome and other browsers, and people already customized it the way they want, they probably don't want to redo everything (bookmarks,password fill ins etc.)
  • "If so, you are probably one of the few people yet to switch over from Internet Explorer" As a tech writer you're awfully uninformed. Here are the global browser usage stats. IE's share has been rising steadily for more than a year and is at 56%.
  • Mozilla baby.
  • Love IE11 on windows 8.1, but it can be buggy sometimes, most sites just won't display correctly, they work fine on firefox and chrome, but i hate to use them.
  • Yay...I still have to run IE 8 on my work laptop because of incompatibility issues...
  • Not a big fan of ie11 on 8.1. I find myself having to add every site to the compatability lists to get part of that site to work/display properly.
  • Chrome seems to lag on my machine, more after each update. But not a fan of IE11
  • I use IE 85% of the time, the other 15% it's crashed or something so I use Firefox...on Windows 7 (my primary OS on my desktop)   On my tablet with IE 8.1, I use IE about 95% of the time, like the full screen feature of it...
  • Gadgets not displaying after install MSIE 11 to Win 7 Ultimate SP1 :-(((( Ohhh :-(((
  • Simple answer - Microsoft are no longer supporting Gadgets - they no longer have a gallery where you can download them - although 'others' are offering similar. This graphics problem is definite - I saw this on my W7 64 bit OS last night. Microsoft will probably never sort it BUT there is a problem with display - you need to change to the 'smaller/'default' /100% size of text etc on the DPI or Display Screen within Control Panel. If you do this the gadgets will be correctly displayed - I had clock (disappeared completely), Local weather (text rather than graphic), Calandar - grapics damaged) and CPU + RAM usage meters ( text again) - all OK with 100% selected. Unfortunately I was using 150% - to get same old effect I needed to also change screen density which ruins text displays for my wife - so have now 'banished' gadgets. Microsoft actually offer a downloadable 'fix-it' to run which completely disables (or enables) potentila selection ogf Gadgets. RJC
  • 1) IE11 will not come to Windows 8 2) IE11 runs only on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 2) IE11 will come which Windows Phone 8.1, when it launches 3) Although I like how fast IE has become since the release of IE9 and I love how fast IE10 and 11 are, my favorite browser still was/is Opera.
  • Well, everything about this browser is just great except they screwed up with Enhanced Protection Mode, at least on Windows 8.1, my router setup page doesn't show up and if you try to print anything from this browser, you get partial print outs. Printing to a PDF file using software's like CutePDF prints the whole document, but try to print this document and you again get a partial printout, sucks!!!
  • Why not just turn that off? I did, and the world kept on turning.
  • Well no, the point is to make everything work the way it is supposed to with the default settings, not make the consumer compromise on security by turning things off.
  • I see your point. But Security vs Usability has always been the pattern. Takes time for infrastructure to catch up with security advances; if you had all your security dials turned up full, you wouldn't have a very usable system.
  • I'm stuck with IE8 at work for our intranet which is sluggish and old and is losing support on some sites. Ergo I use Chrome which is quick and modern and syncs between home and work. I haven't tried 11 on 8.1 yet but as I cant sync when I'm at work like I can with Chrome I'm not sure I want to.
  • I must admit, im impressed , no more google chrome its internet explorer 11 on my windows 7 now
  • Bring on the crashes! MSHTML.dll exception...yay.
  • I`ve ditched chrome a few months ago (fed up with google bullying and evil eye) and returned to IE10 and what a surprise, i liked it a lot! Now im running IE11 (updated yesteday) and it`s working great, so far. 
  • I've just never had a problem with IE. The only time I ever had something work on a different browser that didn't work on IE was, which didn't like not being able to use http vs https. And yes, tunespro ended up getting shut down. It was an illegal vendor of music. IE 'knew' this. Firefox didn't. Nuff said.