Microsoft's Remote Desktop Preview app for Windows 10 has nabbed a fresh update, adding in a couple of new handy features and fixes. The most notable addition in this latest update is the ability to add desktops to custom groups. Of course, there's more to like here as well, including support for copying and pasting images and objects.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview

Here's the official look at what's new in Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview version 10.1.922.0:

  • Support for adding desktops to custom groups
  • Feed items are now in the proper folder defined by the admin
  • Copy/Paste of images and objects is now supported
  • Bug fixes

While a modest update, there's plenty here to like for anyone testing out the app. If you'd like to check out all that's new, you can grab the latest update at the Windows Store now.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview from the Windows Store

QR: Remote Desktop Preview

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