Microsoft removes ability to install Office directly from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office (Image credit: Windows Central)

Over the last few weeks, users attempting to download Office applications from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 have been unable to do so, and instead, are being redirected to the Office website which would then automatically download the classic installer. Naturally, many have been frustrated with this, as downloading from the Microsoft Store directly comes with benefits such as automatic updates through the Store, the ability to choose which Office apps you want installed, and more.

But with the classic installer, known as "click-to-run," users have to install all Office products by default and have updates handled through Office's own updater. I much prefer being able to install Office from the Microsoft Store because of these reasons, so not being able to do so over the last couple of weeks has been incredibly frustrating. Unfortunately, it appears this change is deliberate, according to a Microsoft spokesperson:

People will continue to be able to find Office in the Store. If the Office image isn't already preinstalled, they will be directed to to install it.

The Office apps are still listed in the Store, and they still have "install" buttons on their app pages. But the install button no longer installs the app directly unless your PC came with Office, and instead takes you to the Office website to download the classic Office installer. This experience isn't great and ultimately undermines the whole point of the Microsoft Store. I want the Store to handle all my apps, and now I can't do that with Office.

For Windows 10 S users, the classic installer now runs fine with S mode enabled, just as the Microsoft Edge Insider Preview installer does. So this change applies with S mode enabled too. I've asked Microsoft about why it's made Office no longer installable from the Store and will update this article once I hear back. In the meantime, what was your preferred way of installing Office?

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