Microsoft reportedly still working on Android apps to run on Windows Phone

A new report from Neowin sheds more light on this program's status and obstacles.

According to the Neowin article, Microsoft is still actively developing the ability to run Android apps on Windows Phone. However, the project has not been given a green light to ship with the final product. Indeed, Microsoft may be continuing the project as a 'Plan B' in case the universal Windows apps model fails to catch on with developers. Neowin states:

"We have heard from multiple sources from inside the company that they are aware of Android apps running on Windows 10 for phones. One source chimed in to say that the apps that can run on Windows 10 are broad in scope and not limited to a specific set of apps as previous rumors had suggested."

Rumors about the Android app project go back over a year ago to February, 2014 when the Verge first reported on the plan.

One issue of concern with running Android apps on Windows Phone involves legal matters about the practice. Microsoft has famously leveraged the patent system against Android phone makers to collect substantial revenue. Google will jump at any opportunity to take legal action against Microsoft if the company tries to use Google Play apps within Windows.

Emulation of software – even when technically 'open source' – is always a legal gray area.

Sending the wrong signal

The second hurdle alluded to before is developers and universal Windows apps. If Microsoft comes out too early with an Android emulation plan, it severely undercuts the message about developing native apps for Windows 10. Undeniably it cuts any such arguments off at the knees making Windows 10 a hard sell to the development community.

After all, if Microsoft does not believe in the power of their app model, why should developers.

Although Microsoft could unveil such a plan at BUILD later in April, there is no evidence yet to suggest that they will. Instead, Microsoft may continue building out this system as a backup plan should things go very sour with Windows 10 and app adoption.

In that regard, we should hold off on any firm conclusions as a company like Microsoft likely has many contingency plans in place should certain product lines begin to fail.

Source: Neowin

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Then why windows 10 and universal apps??
  • I'm happy :) as well as sad also :(
    :) + :( = :|
  • Why there is a metro design??
  • And why there is windows phone??
  • Cuz windows phns were there YEARS and YEARS before iJUNK or Android could spell Smart Phone or App Store, or............ Unfortunately CrApple managed to invent iSHEEP world wide and united them all by brainwashing them that their overrated iJUNK is so good, and Google bought Android and really worked hard to get it where it is today, and took advantage of the timing and hunger for smart phns world wide. All of these were happening right under Steve Balmer's nose, while MS was focusing on other things, they forgot they were a king in smart phns. As much as i love MS, i want to smack them for neglecting smart phns, when they were so far ahead. maybe MS will change that some how with Win10. If MS releases a rom that users can use to switch their iJUNK and Android phns to Windows 10(maybe Cortana App, can help ANY user to switch to Windows by Saying, ""Cortana Switch my OS to Windows 10"""). this will be a game changer for MS Windows phns, as many ppl are sick and tired of Android and iOS junk. Hope to see that happen. we'll see   
  • You spoke my heart line by line. Lot of people are thinking Apple are the creator of SmartPhone OS. They must by young teens who didn't have money/memory to learn there were times where O2, iMate were successfully running Windows Mobile OS.  People should read this to get enlighted. I am holding a Lumia 930 now and enjoying every moment of holding it. 
  • There is nothing called metro design. I think your referring to modern UI or Windows Apps... Metro is not a term used anymore...
  • I wont be surprised if windows 10 can run anything. That's supposed to be Microsoft's killer punch. However, considering the legal implications and also the impact on windows phone developers, I think MS will stick to option A.
  • W10 itself is a marketing power to sell W10 Phone.  It is the only phone platform that is 100% in-synch with W10 ecosystem.  If it also runs Android apps, W10 Phone will suddenly become an attractive phone choice in many markets especially in China which Android has 90% share.  Some developers may initailly hold back to develope WP apps and hope for the Plan B, but the huge rise of W10 and W10 Phone market share will drag them back eventually to the Universal apps development.  Nobody can afford to miss out the opportunities generated by W10.  When the current Windows users upgrde to W10 PCs or tablets, they will quickly find out it is plain silly to continue using non-W10 phones which also run Android apps.
  • Clearly you're not aware of os/2 history.
  • This whole "legal implication" thing is nonsense. What MS will undoubtedly do is make Java/Dalvik just one more langage that can be compiled to byte-code and interpreted by the same "Common Language Runtime" engine that powers .NET and RT. In the same way the Visual Basic, C# and other languages are simply compiled to the CLR, Dalvik code will simply be compiled to the CLR, too.  That's the beauty of .NET -- it is langauge agnostic. Thus, these Android apps will be exactly as native on Windows as application written in C# or VB might be.  They'll be sold through the Windows Store and (god willing) be able to be side-loaded if need be.
  • I hope this is what Microsoft is aiming for.
  • This is one way. The other strategy is for MS to just write and include a Win10 JRE that does all of the communication with the CLR and allow devs to submit their APKs directly to the Windows Store. Literally write once and run everywhere except for iOS. Since c# and java share so much in common, I can see them being able to make those calls work.
  • Android apps now compile on install. Windows should be able to do that, too. And menus, popups, etc., are automatically presented to match the host OS. So, while directly ported Android apps won't look completely native in that they will follow Android design guidelines, they won't look like native Android apps either. Now that MS seems to have mostly given up on the WP design language, anyway (see the OneDrive app), it would probably be pretty hard to tell the difference.
  • If MS decides to stick with Plan A, MS will probably focus on encouraging Android app developers to build apps in Visual Studio 2015 which supports cross platform apps using C#.  Android apps built in VS 2015 can easily be ported to W10.  This is another effective way to push WP apps. 
  • @ x i'm tc, I do not claim to understand all the tech jargon you are talking about, but i hope it means that you are saying that they could use an Android app to automatically populate a Windows version that fits the Windows design language. IN THAT CASE, i would be cool with Android apps on my WP. Otherwise, if this whole universal apps move doesn't work as planned and they have to try to run Android apps on WP then i would likely have to move to the phone OS i want the least, which would be iPhone. I just can't go back to Android.
  • Don't worry X I'm TC doesn't know what he's talking about either. Windows App are compiled in the cloud as MIDL: Its unlilkely MS have built out the APIs and libraries that Java on Dalvik target and all the associated backend OS work. Most probably going to be a similar story to this, which is a runtime of its own, and not targetting .Net.  
  • deleted for repetition
  • Windows Phone + Windows app = ( ☰ )
    Windows Phone + Android app = ( ☰ )
  • How did you draw those three horizontal lines?
  • ≡  Alt+240
  • It would seem that an emulator would need a high end device to run well. High end WP devices haven't sold that well due to the app gap. Perhaps this is just something to boost that small high end segment of the WP market until market share increases?
  • Unless we're talking complied apps, most anxious apps are java based or HTML 5 so JavaScript based as long as the API calls are handled correctly they can run native in theory. With a slight boost in minimum specs you're good but it will likely will work on lessor hardware based on all the places windows has to run. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android doesn't require "emulation" since most are interpreted.  They could run exactly as natively on Windows as they do on Linux.  MS woudl simply need to add a compiler to convert Java/Dalvik to byte-code interpetable by the Common Language Runtime that powers .NET (just like they created a new framework for "WinRT").
  • I think that's called conflicted.  :)  :(
  • The biggest block to WP adoption is the app situation, and reality is that fewer people are making apps for WP. Many companies are now playing a game of WP app extortion with Microsoft, "pay up Microsoft or we won't build a WP version". Even they don't have enough money for that game. It's a gamble, but after years around 3%, the numbers not looking better, companies saying they aren't you to build WP apps, and users of Android/iOS saying they won't buy a WP because of the app situation, they have to try this now.
  • The app situiation is dire, but the core OS itself is pretty awful, too: The email client is horrible The browser is horrible Multitasking is horrible The notification tray is sub-par Etc. Live tiles were cute four years ago, but they've barely advanced in that time and really don't sell the system.  MS has to do a lot more than just get more apps for WP to have a fighting chance.  They need to make the core OS suck much, much less, too.
  • +100500
  • Those are your opinions, not facts, for me, the OS is amazing, yea I have a few bones to pick with it, but I have far more for android.
  • Exactly.
  • You're delusional. All 4 things you list work excellent for me and most of us. Guess you weren't around in 2010 when this OS had nothing..
  • I'm delusional? I guess you can edit the contents of a forward or reply, attach multiple Office documents, and format the text in your email. And I suppose you can browse the Bank of America mobile site in IE on your phone. And, I imagine, when you go back to an application after switching briefly away it doesn't say "resuming..." all the time. Must be nice for you. And as for the bad old days, I suppose your phone still has Zune, wireless syncing, hubs, and the ability to open binary Office files? Mine must be broken.
  • Agree, good points. And I always laugh, when I see MS showing gigantomania things like HoloLens. Surely impressing, but only for geeks. As long as they don't fix (or revert to formar usability) those things you mentioned, they will only impress geeks, but never never convince normal users. And THOSE are the ones to decide for success or fail of an OS.   And I want to add the music experience now. i see many things get worse than better.   And please people don't say: Windows 10 will change it all. It will not! I'm afraid, the look and feel on phones will be even more ordinary than what's left now compared to earlier versions of WP. And so will be the attraction for potential new users. Null.
  • Bank of America should learn how to make a proper web site. My phone doesn't have a resuming problem, and I can send multiple office documents. You just send them using the share button, you don't use attachment button in email.
  • hahahahaha i like your attitude :D
  • To see if the plan was worth it! If not: Hello Android apps
  • The problem is the errors of applications in an different platform , Android uses Linux so it's packages Windows don't can occur problems of compatibility , have not though that Google pay to developers for don't port their applications to other platforms? is very rare that developers do such punish to Microsoft being Microsoft which give them bread and butter , I wonder how come, that developers don't want have the most audience possible doing the application for the 3 os would caught the most audience and keep fidelity to who use their, apps ,I have thought that Google pay to developers to avoid that their rivals get the app of them
  • Exactly.
  • Well you're wrong. Android apps do not run on Linux. They, as well as Android itself, actually run on Java virtual machine that runs on Linux. And Java can run equally well on almost any platform. However it's a bit different on phones. The problem here would be API - the layer between the app and OS. Microsoft would have to implement it to allow Android apps to access OS in the same way.
  • Kudos, exactly what I was just writing about, their special sauce is they started on cheap devices and were free open Source based, other than the devs themselves they have nothing Microsoft and Apple can't do and better. The app devs not the os devs Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wrong, Android uses the Dalvik/ART (Android Runtime) virtual machine to run Java code, which is completely independent of the JVM. The only thing the two share is the syntax; programs are compiled to something completely different.
  • @James Ko, Yes, but Dalvik was simply a port OpenJDK to give Google more control of it - independent of Oracle.  ART is basically Dalvik 2.
  • Well hitting iOS and Android already gets you nearly the entire mobile market.  Windows is something like 3% of it.  So the dev questions whether 3% market is worth 33% or more development time.  I have a new game coming out soon and I decided to do my development in Unity, so I could hit everything at once.  And it works for the most part, until you start to get into the finer details.  First off, real time shadows don't work on most WP.  Then let's say I want to put Unity Ads in, well they Unity Ad's doesn't support WP8.  Just iOS and Android.  So ok, no problem, cause when I add in app purchases I'll hit everything.  All the big iap packages only support iOS and Android.  And the ones that do are either really expensive or have questionable functionality.  Even the Prime31 (the big iap package in Unity) guys said that between Unity and MS constantly changing the way they handle iap, they're holding back officially releasing. It's a lot more complicated for us devs than u think.
  • While not a great solution, you can handle IAPs yourself on WP, because Unity uses .Net instead of Mono on WP. Your point is valid though.
  • I know, but for 3% is it worth the work? My game otherwise works great on my 920, its just really tough to add monetization to it from the lack of 3rd party support compared to android and iOS. I'm thinking I'll just release it on WP for free.
  • 3% is still millions of devices. And if 100.000 users spend 1$ on your app it's still money. Therefore I dont think This excuse is valid for the most poular apps atleast...
  • Keep in mind that the popular apps by big company's also cost millions of dollars to make. Believe me, I want to see more apps on WP. But having made apps myself and seen how many downloads they get here vs android and ios, I do understand the cost effectiveness of why were just not seeing them come over very much.
  • EXACTLY?!! This os the most pathetic low end rumor ever! Why in the world would Microsoft do this when they've worked so hard to give us a good and super easy SDK and One Store? This is absolutely ridiculous! There is absolutely zero reason for the Windows platform to run Android apps. AND IF THIS IS LEGIT: Why does Microsoft not warn current developers to get out now and leave there platform? I develop exclusive applications for the platform and that means I would mean nothing anymore if Android apps took over. I will say this very clearly: Microsoft, if you choose to do this to your platform, dont worry, because I will most certainly leave every single platform of yours that I own. I may be just one single random citizen that you don't give a crap about, but this would really hurt me if you do this.
  • Hey man, don't sweat. I dont think that's gonna happen. But then, if people leave the windows platform for lack of apps, who will be your customers?
  • I know, I know. Im honestly just scared, because I dedicate so much time to this and developing apps, talking with you, the community. I just dont want it all to go to waste because I expect to make a career out of it.
  • Then we are here to see your career grow and support you. What you should be doing now is creating killer apps for us with that recent SDK for Windows 10.
  • I was actually doing that exact thing when I got a notification about this article and it scared me. I appreciate your support my friend, means a lot.
  • Hey Zack. I think going the Android route, would only happen as a last ditch effort, if the unified Windows 10 app store went completely off the rails. I for one, don't see that happening. I really appreciate developer's like yourself, and everything you do for our platform. Keep up your efforts and good work. I would much rather support you and people like you, and make sure you are successful. Hang in there.
  • I really do appreciate it my friend. Developing for Android would be my last resort as it feels so wrong to leave Windows. I absolutely want to stay here, I love the community and the supporters like yourself. Thank you so much for being an awesome windows phone addict :)
  • Bromace alert
  • Haha I was just showing my appreciation xD. Seriously, if my users treated me like crap, I would of departed a long time ago. Good feedback and support from users is what motivates me.
  • dude chill .. nothing goes waste .. its part of your experience ... technologies come and go you will have to accept you can't be die hard fan of one. you will not survive 
  • I guess I could look into it. Have any suggestions on where to start?
  • start with Android Studio... download install ... it will take a while to get familiar its definitely not same as Visual studio but once you get hang of it you will start appreciating power of android ... good luck mate :)
  • Thanks fellow developer, ill look into it. Appreciate your help, but I really feel odd to betray Microsoft...
  • It doesn't have to be that way. I also developing WP app (heck, my sole app ever released is WP app). But I also learning Android and working on iOS app (my employer app). Technologies comes and go. Adapting is the best way for us developers to survive. :)
  • when Microsoft develops apps for android and IOS ... so how come you betray msft and not msft itself ? 
  • I know but that's different really. They can't make there services exclusive, that's hoe they people to come to Windows.
  • Power of Android, haha good one.
  • Personally I prefer Unity. It takes handles the small incompatibilities of a billion devices nice
  • Dude, you've got a point. But most selfish people don't just give it a damn. But what will Microsoft do if people still don't believe them. This is a cyclic process. People adopt an OS -> More people attract more developers -> More apps -> More apps attract more people. You know these things better than me. Not everyone is as generous and thoughtful like you. We guys need you. Keep developing and hoping. We're gonna get success. Let's be with Microsoft and help them in their hard time. Considering Android apps, that thing is not official and even according to the rumours, that's just Plan B. We and you guys should keep faith and believe that something good is about to happen. You're gonna definitely get the fruit of your hard work.
  • That's a good point. I need guys like you too, to help me. I really appreciate you. Thank you my friend :).
  • What IDE are you using to make your apps? Also what language are you using?   
  • I use Visual Studio in C#/XAML and sometimes VB.
  • Seriously, this will only affect you if you only build for the Microsoft platform. Now a day applications are made for various platforms. I used to have a Windows Phone and I liked it. Unfortunately, I got fed up with the lack of apps. And those we have like whatsapps are so poorly support on Windows Phone too. So I made a choice to go back to Android. That being said, there are so many development tools you can use out there to make your apps work for many platforms. Xamarin, MVVMCross, etc. You are selling a product so, it makes sense to reach as many people as possible.  If Microsoft wants to attract more people, they need to do something. Having access to Android apps at least allows users to gain access to a large application pool, may attract more customers to the Windows Phone which has many benefits others do not have. I find Windows Phone way more user friendly than Android. It's also much more responsive than Android is; How many times a day my Galaxy Note 4 hangs while trying to open an app, or the UI gets sluggish.. I would glady go back to Windows Phone. But I need certain apps to work, and work well.. Just take another app, LinkedIn.. I mean, this application on Windows Phone is bad!! All that to say, if they do this, it may attract more people and if you continue to develop apps just for Windows Phone, you will still sell.. And if you want to reach more people, just distribute to other platforms.
  • There are great development tools available where you can write once and deliver to Android, IOS, and Windows. Alot of comes down to what language you're familiar with or willing to learn: C#, JavaScript, Java, etc. Multi-Hybrid Device development is one way to go.  Using Apache Cordova, code in JavaScript and publish to Android, IOS, and Windows.  That could then be leveraged for Windows Universal Apps (mobile, desktop, xbox one). Visual Studio 2015 tools for Apache Cordova provides all the support.  VS Web Essentials adds Node, NPM, Bower, Gulp, Grunt, ... for JavaScript development. Xamarin is the way to go for C# and is very popular.  There's alot of movement in IDE development and it's tough to keep up to date on the latest features, functionality, etc.
  • I've got the Xamarin extension for VS with Android and iOS support but I dont have an Android, iPhone, or Mac.
  • It's important to have access to the physical hardware. Headless Browsers (Selenium, Phantomjs, etc.), and emulators will only go so far.  They are of course important, but your last leg of testing needs to be done on the hardware. Have you looked into hosted CI solutions like SauceLabs?  They cover cross-browser, mobile testing, and manual testing.  Anyone else have experience with hosted Android, IOS CI hosting? Check out craigslist or ebay for used equipment.  Android phones are cheap to find.  IOS, can be done using a Mac Mini.
  • Zach-- what apps are yours? I would like to check them out and support you. My email is if you don't mind emailing me. Thanks!
  • Emailed
  • I left my prev job to jump on wp app development 4 years ago, I can resist to 4% market share and to 30% Ms royalties (really too much..) but not to this....
  • Yeh, I dont like the royalties they make, but yeh I didn't start doing this just to get ran over with Android apps. I know Venetasoft applications, you work hard reverse engineering and so much effort. You are to be commended my friend.
  • Is this possibly more to facilitate cross platform apps rather than use google apps? IDK as not technically savvy but I do read.
  • If Windows on phones can't be revived...ever, then there is reason. BUT imagine big names like Instagram who are making apps for iOS and Android. They would definitely forgo even the thought of developing apps for Windows when they know they can have the Windows community onboard with what they have already created. That means we have to tolerate what brought us here in the first place: the Modern design. This is a double edged sword. Microsoft clearly needs to put ALL their resources in making Windows on any device a force to be reckoned with. Failing that, they have no choice but to compromise but I think that would signal the beginning of their absolute demise in the consumer market.
  • No sir
    Like your name
    It will never happen because its world biggest software giant they have some great minds how to make product and productivity better and easier...i don't think Microsoft under Satya Nadella will take such a stupid step... So don't worry sir and keep building apps for Microsoft
  • That's what I want to believe, but Neowin is pretty trustable. I absolutely love the platforms and I love building apps for it, but I dont want to waste my time anymore if Microsoft is just going to come in and replace everything and everyone's hard work building applications.
  • It was because of your Satya Nadella that WP has fallen to the state we are seeing it in now. There has been massive neglect for anything concerning WP at Microsoft since he took charge, whether it is the OS itself or the apps for it. The features that are now coming to Windows 10 for phones should have been introduced in the first version of Windows Phone 8. Rival mobile OS's particularly Android has already such features. So what new will Windows 10 bring that will make it stand out from the rest and make people even consider it? Make no mistake about it, when Nadella says "Mobile first, cloud first" he is thinking only of iOS and Android. He was even against the idea of buying Nokia. And now he is bringing even Cortana to iOS and Android, after testing it on Windows phone losers, I mean users.
  • Okay your just talking crap right now. Yes Microsoft has, since Nadella's reign as CEO, brought a lot of its major apps and services over to Android and iOS. And yes in some cases they are better then there Windows counterparts, at the moment. But they are working on Windows 10 and making universal Windows 10 apps for there apps and services so it makes no sense at all for Microsoft putting time, money and resorces in to apps for Windows 8.1 when they know that in a couple of months there will be a new OS, where most of the users now on Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 wil upgrade to. Microsoft supporting iOS and Android was a good move, for the company, not neceseraly for the Windows platform (but i dont think it is hurting the Windows platform either). The days of the Windows monopoly are long gone, and if they didn't wanted to lose there Offic Suit monopoly with Microsoft Office they had to bring it to iOS and Android. And for the whole cortana thing? These are just rumors, nothing more, so dont take it for the truth just yet. I dont think Cortana is going to Android or iOS becouse Cortana can never get the intergration it has on Windows on iOS or Android, so if it is going there it will be a lot more limited version (you could sau dumbed down).  And this whole nonsens about Android Apps on Windows Phone? These rumors have been floating around for over a year now en not one single time did Microsoft confirm them. They did the oposite with pushing there whole universal app platform.  So everyone chill and relaxl!!  
  • According to several reports, MS isn't directly support Android apps. They'll provide tools to port & develop for multiple platforms. The main thing MS is trying to achieve is that any Android app can be port to WP without any recoding.
  • That would make so much more since to me honestly. That makes me feel better about the situation. Of course, the applications needs to be unique to WP design and all that.
  • There is purpose MS moving towards Hamburger menus. To make the UI lot similar on both platform.
  • But if you notice, the function is different on them.
  • THIS. I am 90% sure that this is the thing. I cant see Microsoft running directly Android apps. Thats bullsh*t if you ask me.  So what do you give to a developer who is too lazy to develop on other platform which has low marketshare? A tool which will port his app on other platform easily and with not much work. I dont think they will reject this. I can see this work but it must be compatible with updates too so "our apps" wont be behind or never updated like Instagram. I believe in this and it would be very smart from MS.
  • so zack my developer friend ... do you agree its time to learn android skills ? I told you about this while ago its gonn happen
  • I dont know man.. I'd like to wait until I am for sure and Microsoft says something about it.
  • So this is what Microsoft gives us the developers back?
  • We are trying to create a more better ecosystem with all the hard work.
  • I am with Zack I am not getting positive vibes about MSFT and the future of windows and windows phone..i will wait until the release of windows 10, if I don't see light at the end of the tunnel I'm leaving for apple.
  • Microsoft is a business y'know, and businesses need PRO-FIT in order to continue to exist. Looking at it from a business perspective, they won't give a penny if apps in Windows Store are Android apps, as this would bring, in a faster way than what they could achieve with this "One" model you talk about, this would bring many of the big Android titles, some of them paid... And then, each developer pays a fee to list items in Windows Store, plus share a part of the money they earn by selling the app... They need this, even if we like it or not, Lumia is selling nothing right now compared to the others, this is a way to keep the platform going and also make a profit, they're on loss since when?, 2011??? Plus, not only they make money out of the Store, there will simply be a bigger user base to sell OneDrive storage for them and all the services MS offers, plus it would justify keeping WP, since right now, from a business perspective, it does not have any justification... I know, WP is beautiful, but it is "business", it doesn't care if it is beautiful or not, it is about money and profit...
  • To flip market share. If you have not noticed, Google relies on its services to turn a profit ;)
    CyanogenMod does not ship with Google services. Android may be dominant, but AOSP indirectly benefits Google. If less devices ship with Google play services, Google has less market share. If Windows incorporates Android apps, Windows Store will increase market share directly, and will give incentive to developers to fully expose Windows APIs... Their plan is brilliant, yet nobody seems to notice....
  • Reading articles is SO overrated.
  • Lol wasting time to state that reading is overrated, is overrated...
  • Overrating overrated comments is so overrated ;P lol
  • Yeh... Well that's overrated! Lok
  • I would think MS would be better off acting as their own developer and creating a "studio" to make their own similar full featured apps. It would however be awesome to emulate other Operating Systems on Windows. After all my 99 dollar windows tablet is a full fledged computer that really kicks A55. It can run almost any software at such an amazing price point. How can you go wrong??
  • If Microsoft does do a dumbass move like this, I'm moving to Android since there's no difference.
  • Ow man!! MICROSOFT aka BLACKBERRY :'( .
  • Point well taken....
  • MSFT is definitely going to kill app development for windows ... as a developer I dont have incentive to write for windows when my android app can run on windows. Users will not get optimal performance too 
  • What Android apps do you have anyway? Mind if I take a look?
  • This needs to be a last last last resort option. They also need to stop leaking this kind of stuff. What it seems to portray is a lack of faith for Win 10 Universal Apps, even though that's not what it is. They obviously want to cover their bases 'in case'.
    Also, I didn't hear about Blackberry getting sued when they added the ability to install Android apps. Not sure if they worked with Google or not. But Blackberry should also be seen as an example of what happens when you add Android apps, your native app platform withers on the vine.
  • Get a grip people MS gave up on WP when they started giving their best work (Apps) to to other platforms.
    Everyone keeps saying WP is dieing but it never lived in MS eyes anyway.
    They just keep dragging everybody along with empity promises, just look at WP10 TP. Partition Stitching my ASS!
    Truth always hurts so get over it, its just a phone!
  • No they did not! They are focusing on Windows 10 apps instead of Windows 8.1 apps. If by the time Windows 10 is released the iOS and Android apps are still better then there universal apps on Windows 10 you might have a point. But for now it's obvious to assume they don't pour any more money in developing apps for an OS that will ceases to exist in a couple of months. Android and iOS aren't going anywhere, the Windows 8.1 era is ending as soon as Windows 10 is released. Why don't you people get it?! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not according to everyone at Microsoft. They keep saying WP is alive and they are supporting it. 
  • If Dalvik can be made to compile to the WinRT common runtime, these will be universal apps. And it really shouldn't be hard to do. And it is absolutely essential!!!
  • I could see a scenario where they let Windows 10 for Phones run Android apps but those apps arent universal. Then, as more people switch to WP because WP has apps and a great UI then they make official Windows 10 apps to target desktop and XboxOne. Not sure it would really work like that but that is once scenario I could see. 
  • Maybe BlueStacks (Android Emulator) can be turned into a Universal Windows App! But, ultimately I think MS wants a way for Android apps to be easily ported to Windows.
  • it is always good to have something extra.if you don't want android apps onyour wp then dont install them.and it will be a delight for those who want best of both worlds.
  • I kinnda like this idea.. But they can have the something like microsoft portal.. They can bring app from android to Windows with windows UI.. They can put app request where we can put request with link of the playstore link.. This will be better idea??
  • Damn man! Which phone do you use? Your keyboard seems to suck.
  • Lumia 730
  • Is hard to understand a sarcasm?
  • Its not sarcasm
  • I like your idea... :-)
  • I think it's a great idea.... What could possibly be wrong with this❓
    Whatever increases market share now will allow MS, and its developers, to do what they want later... If WP gains market share then sooner, or later, those Android developers are going to want to make dedicated "Windows apps"..... That's what MS is hoping....
    MS's plan might be to force a Windows user base on developers, leaving developers with a easier decision to support Windows...
  • Building a strategy on "if" and "hoping" sounds like a recipe for failure.
  • Lol❗ After failing so many times that's pretty much the reality of it..
    We all have, well, most of us have a whole lot of faith in W10, but we're just going to wait, and see, IF it seriously helps out market share...
    I say "seriously helps out market share" because I'm about 99% positive that it will definitely help raise market share, but not 100% positive it will significantly raise market share over the next two years.... I think 2 years is a reasonable time frame to tell..
  • Its like MS throwing hands on wp. If they keep boasting about the so called universal apps that will change everything, why consider this stupid alternate idea.
  • They should always have a plan B? May the force be with microsoft..
  • They need to have an plan B. But the mere mention of android and WP together disgusts me. It will be like demoting all the developers before they even start developing.
  • I would have figured Microsoft would have partnered with Apple than Android, as Apple and Microsoft's coming foe is Android.
  • Common foe, yes .. or rather, enemy: "My enemy's enemy is my friend" :)
  • I just think that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would have had a meeting to crush Android from the get go.
  • Ah, probably. They already collaborate with Bing via Siri.
  • But then Microsoft and Google both are against Apple and Google and Apple are both against Microsoft. Basically, everyone hates everyone 8-)
  • :(
  • After all the apps I lost recently, I'm glad they are finally doing it
  • Yep. Didn't think I'd say it before, but me too.
  • Me too
  • I agree. I really just need apps. I've taken to carrying around my 1020 and my old iPhone 4s so that I can use the shoes I want when I want. I can't access my bank accounts on my phone anymore, and that is a big deal for me. I don't want to switch back to ios, but if this platform doesn't get it together, I might just do it.
  • Nope, I hate google and apple, and I don't want to rely on them for anything. I guess it's more about quantity, not quality?
  • Tell me about ANY quality mainstream app we have in the WPStore. Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? Snapchat? Skype? Tinder? Oh?
  • The very first one. Instagram, just under a different name which begins with a number.
  • Yeah, sure. 6tag really is better than the official instagram app on other platforms. That's why I'm posting instagram videos to my account every day
  • Just face it. We barely have any good apps, even our best apps are behind android and ios.
  • 6tag is great. Also, Tubecast is a great youtube app. 8Stream is a good twitch app. Netflix rocks as always. Twitter and fbook are ok on WP. OneNote, OneDrive are also good. I really like the live tiles, as well when apps use them. Weather apps work way better on WP.  We dont have all the apps but we have good apps on the platform. Just not the best official apps which can be crap anyways. I hate Youtube app on iOS and Android because the ads always play at 50% louder volume and blast my ears off. Same with the twich app.  But I get the frustration as well. I dont know what the best solution is. Do we let Android run on WP and pull a blackberry and see if it helps but at the same time sacrifice some of the cool integration we could see as a result of the connected OSs, or do we risk the platform dying but get better cross app interactions with the fewer apps we have? I dont know. 
  • But it's not about letting android run in Windows Phone. It's about building an android app at the same time you build a Windows One. That's what Tom Warren said
  • So you think becoming like Blackberry is the solution? We've all seen how that worked out. Basically, by doing this we admit that we're giving up. There will be zero percent chance that we will ever get quality apps, since all of those apps will be made specifically for Android. Those devs obviously won't even care if those apps don't run on Windows Phone. Is that what you want?
  • I lost my banking app recently. If MS brings Android apps, I'll stay. Otherwise, I'm thinking a Sony Xperia phone will compare in camera quality to my Lumia.
  • Still...........
  • Doesn't Windows Central highlighting "This" undermines Windows 10 with the Developers?
    Just saying.
  • Not our problem. News and reports of Microsoft projects exist whether we cover it or not.
  • Ya true to that, even if Windows Central ignores to cover that someone will.
  • Was thinking the exact same thing. This kind of 'advertisement' is already affecting devs to do stuff on WP
  • What, are they supposed to only report happy news? They cover the story because it's a story.
  • No cover-up, but Windows Central has already covered this same exact story.
  • Talk to Microsoft, they are the ones simultaneously hyping up universal apps and working to underemine them with android apps.
  • Windows Central is a news site. This is news. They get paid whether windows phone succeeds or not. I don't see the problem.
  • Lets play Devil's Advocate. Would Windows Phone die if this website just decided to close shop and we were left almost nothing?
  • I don't think Windows Central has any influence over wp's success or failure in the market.
  • Since we are Windows Central, Microsoft as a software company would basically need to completely fail before we closed shop ;) We no longer depend on just Windows Phone to keep us alive these days.
  • You are a professional Daniel, not everyone has the privilege to know that you don't run a company emotionally. What others simply think is Windows Central is here to cover GOOD news for windows phone only.
  • Trust me, even I FULLY appreciate the complete coverage of everything MS. After I had you guys do a few favors for me in the past anyways.
  • Its a news site.... Not a propaganda site.
  • Now who runs that "Cult of Mac" site? That's a typical propaganda site.
  • As a developer I would much rather have the info up front than hearing about it last minute and getting blindsided. I love the Windows platform and don't believe that this will be used for anything but a last resort. But it is information that I need to keep in mind going forward. Daniel and the rest of the guys need to keep reporting everything like they always have, good or bad.
  • What if it's not emulation, but a way to package Android apps to run on Windows. Then all developers will need to do is repackage their app for the Windows Store with no coding changes. That would get so many developers who make the excuse they don't have the time or money to develop for another platform (and even some of the Windows haters) to make the decision to publish on Windows as it's little effort for massive gain. Sure people going on about losing Metro and Windows Phone UI, but if it's a game and even for many apps, the UI is unimportant.
  • Didn't work for blackberry, probably wont work for WP neither.
  • I need a like button to like this comment...
    You hear me guys.....
  • You mean the vote up button to the right, over here --> ?
  • Not in the app ;)
  • I am using the app -_-
  • In Mother Russia, the app uses you!
  • True.
  • or False.
  • Maybe even Multiple Choice.
  • that's why C# has nullable types. That way your Boolean variables will be able to have three states: true, false and null
  • Blackberry was here to make money. Ms is here to rule them all.... and make money of course LOL.
  • Yes!!
  • Now that we have Androidish hamburger buttons, this could make sense.
  • Mmmm hamburger
  • I want nugget buttons too
  • If you see an announcement of android apps being compatible with windows 10 for phone, rush and list your devices on eBay or Craigslist, because its over.
  • No, that's how they will sell, WP is amazing outside of apps
  • But then devs woud only make apps for Android. Besides, I'm pretty that an Android app would run better on Android, so... it doesn't matter wether WP is amazing or not.
  • I concur. That leaves little to no incentive for devs to create apps for Windows phone when you can make an android app and still reach Windows Phone users. This would be MS effectively waiving the white flag.
  • So Windows 10 is not the saviour, after all? Shocker.
  • On the contrary, Microsoft is still betting that it is. Companies always have backup strategies and if Microsoft wasn't considering this, then they would be daft. Only difference here is we are now privy to the backup plan, which makes it more salacious.
  • Sorry, but the back up strategy should be to fire Nadella and get a CEO that restructures the whole company as far as leadership and who answers to who. While the idea of Windows 10 is great, I still get the since that we have two hundred different teams doing whatever they want and dont give a damn if what they do interferes with what they are doing.... Again this is just a feeling and not based off of any fact.
  • This is a real problem. Microsoft services work better on the iPhone with exception to xbox music which is somehow even worse on the iPhone than WP. Currently if you are just talking about Microsoft services the iPhone is a better windows phone than Windows Phone is.
  • Problem is, android apps basically amounts to them calling "uncle". Devs would ask themselves why bother with a Windows app when they already have an android app that can be used? Then Windows 10 basically becomes an android emulator platform? What is the incentive to build a Windows app then?
  • Right on.. I can see MS making their apps available on Android to introduce people to the platform but I do not think making window phone itself android compatable a good idea. Course the app hounds will be happy though.
  • The incentive would be to make an app that can run on both PCs, phones, and xbox. Android apps won't do that. However, there are plenty of developers happy to live in the mobile phone  universe and tehy won't want to port their apps to a PC and by extension windows phone. Snap chat would be a prime example. Then you can allow them them to just upload their android app to WP.
  • @ymcpa I get your point. Assuming universal apps will get developers to build for windows, now its time to check exactly how many apps exist only on phones.
  • So why isnt that incentive enough and android apps are needed? Shouldnt those devs be inclined to target all the platforms mentioned? Why even bring android into it and decrease the chances of a netive Windows app being used? And you mentioned snapchat, since the dev isnt interested in WP, who will upload that app to the Windows store. Microsoft? Its not their app to distribute at will so isnt that opening them to a lawsuit?
  • Mmmmm salaciousness....
  • Hope they stick with the original plan...i feel confident that they can entice a lot more developers when the universal model proves to work for a lot of people on different kinds of screens running Windows...
  • Would be nice. But realistically, it won't make hardly any difference to most devs.
  • Yeah, app quality will still suck
  • Wouldn't it have been nice if MS decided to have one windows platform that is the same on all devices(from phones to tablets to pc's) like 3 years ago?? One ecosystem for windows would have driven WP sales long ago if it was positioned correctly. The technology has certainly existed for some time that could have made this a reality before. Just an observation. I hope MS keeps the Lumia build quality high. Also I wouldn't be opposed to an android /windows dual boot OS device for phones and tablets ( just with better security :-)
  • Hope universal app thing work out... I don't want apps designed for Android eco system to run on my Windows Phone.
  • That would be cool
  • If microsoft does this good bye to the platform
  • There is no such possibility as goodbye to Windows (phone) Mobile platform. Microsoft will need to have its platform on mobile phones whether they like it or not. It's only that they are late to the party, late but not TOO late, they were not gonna be a PC and software company forever its was gonna hurt them in future.
  • Well what exactly would be the point of a Microsoft mobile platform when all it does is run android apps?
  • Read some of the other comments. Windows 10 will still be Windows 10, but possibly with Android apps that are coded to run on Windows 10 devices. I think that's what I read above, not in the article but the comments. Which makes more sense to do so, instead of thinking Windows 10 will become Android or a forked version. Even if Windows 10 fails and "Plan B" is put into action, I won't leave Windows [Phone]. I heard Android phones are pretty good phones and OS, but I've heard the other side as well. 
  • Exactly... this this, que new ugly W10 design and cortana on ther platforms... I'm really thinking of moving to iOS... :( windows phone is losing all its identity... 
  • Too good to be true.
  • Ikr!
  • How about an app store with in an app store. Like you have windows apps with live tiles and then u have android x apps with just an icon.
  • Not this again -_-
  • Tom Warren had mention this,
    “Android apps running on Windows 10” will all make a lot more sense at Build. It’s not what many people think.
  • Makes no difference how they want to spin it. if a dev already has an anroid app that somehow is allowed to run on Windows, why would they make a Windows app?
  • You should read Tom's comments on this actually sounds interesting...If what they are commenting on is true, it could actually make a huge difference...
  • I just read his comments. Makes one wonder if he really knows what he's talking about.
  • Yeah, I tend to trust Tom a bit more.
  • Actually, they both can be right. There doesn't have to be one Android plan, after all. I have personally spoken with Brad on this topic extensively, so I have high confidence in his report.
  • The thing is - T.W. pretty much said there is only one plan we'll be hearing about at Build.
    If you have such high confidence, though, I trust that there is something to it :)
  • If it was something like the Shared Project -design they have with 8.1, but only with Java, that could work.
  • They should create two community of developers one of who haven't launched their app for windowsphone 8 and other of who haven't updated their regularly ...and they should try to coloborate with them to find out the reason so as to why so called app gap is there. If their is any thing in OS that is hampering them to develop app.
  • If android apps will run on Windows 10, I'll start losing faith in MS's new strategy. I love the way they handle things currently and this would screw up everything. F*€k Google and stick to your own plan MS!
  • Just stop.
  • If they are bring android app to windows then please bring Clash of clans !
  • Its like when your daughter really needs money and she keeps talking about becoming a stripper. All you can do is cringe...
  • Lol!
  • Best comment!
  • I love if Android apps hit Ms stores or we can download it from google store
  • i think its a good idea.hey dont go full on ballistic on me hear me out.they could support AMAZON Appstore that way they still can give A Finger to GOOGLE and get bunch of quality apps too.
  • They would probably make their own store. But it would be the end of Windows Phone apps. Few developers would continue to support a 3rd platform if Android apps "work" on WP. We would lose live tiles, cortana integration, and other nice things we love about WP. Might as well get an Android phone.
  • If this happens it will be the death of an OS that is on a death bed already.
  • If this happens, I'll probably completely abandon .Net and Windows. My focus would be Android first and maybe Windows 2nd. This would be a big blow to .net developers who have been supporting the platform with apps
  • No. Just no. I understand the potential benefit to the platform, but this is like conceding defeat. They don't need to focus on closing the 'app gap' artificially, they just need to market, market, market. And effectively. If they get the word out and get the market share growing, developers will have no choice. They need to provide real incentives, a bigger bite of the revenue from the apps, a promotion even that for a limited period of time devs get 90-95% of revenue from app sales and advertising. BUT MAKE IT CLEAR THAT IT IS TIME SENSITIVE. All the while pushing that these apps are on the platform to customers and users. Let them know it's out there, and then when they have users and devs have no reason to pull the app, start cutting it back down to 70/30, or 80/20 or whatever. Letting android apps run on it is a sure way to die a quick and painful death. Need I remind everyone of the fate of BlackBerry?
  • No it's not. The biggest problem and the KNOWN biggest problem is the Apps, if MS could enable this, it would almost solve everyone's issues with Windows Phone. WIndows Phone already has a large market place now, Blackberry didn't  (everything was just android apps in wrappers). This could make WP grow faster, Of course there will be beinfit to have a Native app but, this should be the stop gap till WP builds a better marketshare and then the native apps will come.
  • Just a backup plan..
  • I hope you are right, but I think a better backup plan would be to just make an Android phone with some kind of live tile skin and cortana and MS services built in.
  • I am torn. I do not think this is a good idea at all for Windows Phone, but there are a choice few productivity apps that I want, but are only available for Android and iPhone...
  • Good idea. Even without metro design, it's worth it
  • I personally don't mind anymore since Windows 10 UI looks very Android-ish. So it won't look out of place.
  • Other way around. Microsoft started the flat ui style. Android takes heavily from Windows.
  • ^ Exactly.
  • Agreed. I still prefer WP8.1 panoramic UI though. :/
  • My problem is that you will no doubt lose functionality. Will Android apps support live tiles? Notifications? Cortana integration? Sharing to other apps? There will be issues and you can be sure that many of our native apps will disappear in favor of an Andoird app since it "works". It will be a degraded experience - might as well get an Android phone.
  • As the President's largest campaign donor they should have decent luck fending off the most active lobbyist.
  • Hope that this is plan Z & doesn't have to be implemented at all... Cause if it does happen, I'll probably sell a kidney & shift to Apple
  • When you use free as in freedom software, you agree that, if modified, your final product must also be free as in freedom. Google is either transgressing this or android was never open source, since it now is closed source, but that's ridiculous, given the fact that android is based on gnu Linux, right? Windows phone can be excused, since it uses the NT kernel, which was always closed source. But lol nobody respects open software licenses
  • Err, hold on. There are many different licenses for open source software. It's way more complicated than simple 'free as in freedom'. Some licenses say 'it's yours - do what you want' others are very restrictive. AOSP is governed by the Apache 2 license ( and it does not require that derived works be open source.   It says: 4. Redistribution. You may reproduce and distribute copies of the Work or Derivative Works thereof in any medium, with or without modifications, and in Source or Object form, provided that You meet the following conditions: You must give any other recipients of the Work or Derivative Works a copy of this License; and You must cause any modified files to carry prominent notices stating that You changed the files; and You must retain, in the Source form of any Derivative Works that You distribute, all copyright, patent, trademark, and attribution notices from the Source form of the Work, excluding those notices that do not pertain to any part of the Derivative Works; and If the Work includes a "NOTICE" text file as part of its distribution, then any Derivative Works that You distribute must include a readable copy of the attribution notices contained within such NOTICE file, excluding those notices that do not pertain to any part of the Derivative Works, in at least one of the following places: within a NOTICE text file distributed as part of the Derivative Works; within the Source form or documentation, if provided along with the Derivative Works; or, within a display generated by the Derivative Works, if and wherever such third-party notices normally appear. The contents of the NOTICE file are for informational purposes only and do not modify the License. You may add Your own attribution notices within Derivative Works that You distribute, alongside or as an addendum to the NOTICE text from the Work, provided that such additional attribution notices cannot be construed as modifying the License.  You may add Your own copyright statement to Your modifications and may provide additional or different license terms and conditions for use, reproduction, or distribution of Your modifications, or for any such Derivative Works as a whole, provided Your use, reproduction, and distribution of the Work otherwise complies with the conditions stated in this License
  • Their CEO is jerk. I want snapchat to die soon.
  • Yeah app fuckin die already...guy even insulted our choice of OS when one of us tweeted him asking about any plans to develop for WP...
  • It still won't have the play store and companies will still have to choose to make it available through whatever distribution channel Microsoft sets up (possibly amazon). Snapchat being the dbags they are will probably still leave us out to dry.
  • Ok now i am yes,but in cloud it is a better way
  • "Google will jump at any opportunity to take legal action against Microsoft if the company tries to use Google Play apps within Windows." F you Linus Torvalds.  I guess open source is only open to a select few.
  • Wtf are you on about?
  • Lol perhaps he's on weed :p
  • lol @ weed.  And johnson_pat. fu about what I'm on. You couldn't understand if I gave you the answers. 
  • Linux is very open and Linus isn't a maintainer of Android
  • While Andriod is open source, none of Google services especially Google play is open source. 
  • I see that now.  Thanks Jaredallister.
  • Instead of waste time trying to achieve this why not make Win10 mobile better?? We are 6 months in the better case of the launch and seams that Win10 mobile is not even 10% made!
  • Why don't all companies team up to allow any app to work on any platform? So developers make one app to run on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. In each app store, they could put something like "This app works best for " And so if it's an Android app on Windows we know the original OS for it. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Whoa that's actually a really solid idea, but will companies and devs alike would like that?
  • What I think is that not all runtimes are efficient and the incentives that a particular platform might provide to a developer either in terms of app capability or in terms of revenue wouldn't exist. And its very difficult to standardize all runtimes across platforms.
  • Specific apps that use things like the notification center or lock screen in Android could then not be available on iPhones or Windows Phones. The bottom line for getting a smartphone would then be the OS preference, not the apps. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Well, first - that exists - it's called Xamarin and it's a major part of Microsoft's pitch to developers. Second, what incentive does Apple or Google have to let developers write apps that work on everyone else's platforms?
  • The incentive for them is equality. No apps better on other platforms meaning everyone gets as good of an app as other people on different platforms. Plus, they'd get to focus more on other aspects of their operating systems. Then, this would help lower any chance of monopoly if any, and then it could bring competition in terms of hardware and os features. Plus, instead of stupid logos everywhere for the App Store and Google Play Store, they could just have a logo for all the app stores. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • ..
  • Apple and Google have absolutely no incentive to do that. This isn't like games where it's probably better to develop for both PS and Xbox because the user base is close to split. PhoneGap tried to be that 3rd party middleware company to solve that problem but results are typically "acceptable" at best and absolutely attrocious at worst.
  • Yes, yes, yes, GOD!!!! YEAH!!!!
  • Tom Warren thinks what you're saying here is wrong. He is saying we will learn soon, but that it's all about MS giving developers tools to build apps that can easily work on both Windows and Android.
  • Visual Studio with android emulator has been out for a long time.
  • This is about something more elegant than that, I guess.
  • If this does happen, we'll need to be very vocal to first party companies about making native apps. They'll have little to no incentive to make native apps if they can just develop Android apps that work for both Android and Windows 10.
  • At this point, if MS does move forward with this plan and they implement a top notch JRE that has android apps running like native, then I couldn't care less about anyone writing a native c#/xaml or html5/js app.
  • Yeah I'm out of here after 4 years I'm done gonna go full Android now. But I'll still have Xbox and Windows (PC).
  • Yeah that's the right thing to decide on from this article...
  • No actually before this idk just venting after all the money I invested. But I am moving on.
  • You'll be able to get Windows 10 on your Android phones ^_^ Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • MS wouldn't play in a legal battle they can't win. I wouldn't be surprised if Android apps didn't violate a patent they have.
  • It's the obvious back up plan to have. I'm still betting that Universal apps on Windows 10 will take off though. Gonna be an interesting year at this rate. Can't wait for build.
  • Nooooooo that's really horrible! That's it, if MS takes down this path, I'll use Android instead, why should I use emulated one? Or perhaps iDevices
  • Maybe they're just "checking" all possibilities.
  • I'm sure they're testing it internally and why wouldn't they, especially if it might give more insight on how to better port apps over, but as for actually releasing it I don't expect it outside of an absolute last resort.
  • Maybe Microsoft's plan is to make Windows Phone similar to Cyanogen... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Hell no Microsoft.
  • Daniel, Android app support would not be implemented via emulation. An application layer matches android calls to windows ones... Very different to emulation. Judging from the inclusion of new Android UI elements being implemented in W10, I can imagine this being a reality. Microsoft could focus on bringing specific apps into the Store that would otherwise be unavailable.
  • A better Plan B would be to provide Lumia owners with an Android (AOSP) ROM to flash on our phones. Not idea, but to me a preferable option to running Android apps through emulation.
  • Imho they should take the opposite direction: What if every universal app could be easily converted for running on Android? Maybe in a MSFT play store, that would make it a big deal to develop universal apps
  • I doubt there are any legal issues, as there hasn't been any actions taken against BB, BlueStacks or SailfishOS. Android app-compatibility would mostly help with the simplest of apps, or games, as more advanced non-game apps are usually quite heavily invested in Play -services, like push notifications. Seeing how the small / simple apps, are usually made with very tight budgets, WP might get left out as not worth the cost. Might be great for games (though many of those use Play-APIs as well, like IAPs).
  • Microsoft would be a real threat to Google. Could easily steal 30% market share in a few years if they develop an advanced compatibly layer
  • How? Or is this a "gut feeling"?
  • They are gouging Google. By supporting CM they are reducing the amount of Android phones shipped with Google Play. I'm sure CM made an agreement to ship with MS services as well... By incorporating Android app layer, Windows store will function similar to Amazons solution. Both drive more incentive for users to purchase Windows Phones, thus increasing Developer incentives to release native apps. Microsoft doesn't have to hurt Android, just Google ;) Btw this is why there is no Google services on WP ;)
  • Good question if Msft doesn't seem that their universal app work, why should the developer
  • I like it.  They need to have Plan B, and who knows, maybe MS gives up some patent fees in exchange for Google blessing & embracing their emulator engine (or whatever they're doing)...
  • The use of "emulation" is not too accurate. With an advanced AOSP based compatibility layer, Android apps could look and operate seamlessly on Windows Phones...
    Microsoft has the resources to pull it off.
  • Think about it like this:
    - Microsoft brings Android apps that look and feel like WP10 apps.
    - Microsoft steals Android market share
    - Developers gain interest in making native apps in order to expose more API
    - Profit???
  • Or, expose the W10 framework and APIs to Java, allowing developers to share much / most of their code (assuming it is well structured).
  • I guess the timing of releasing this is the main issue. That begs the question "When is the right time?" Months? A year?
    I think ppl who like the idea of bringing apps over to Windows phone are seriously misguided on their feelings. This would undercut windows development severely. Developers would not develop for Windows when they could develop for Android. Anyone here not seeing this is crazy. Ppl are not buying windows phones or tablets. We have already made the decision to use WP so maybe you think it would be awesome to have more apps but it wont help bring more users over. I don't see why they would do this.
    Edit: This would also lend credence to my thoughts that the new hamburger design is in an effort to make apps behave more like android to bring ppl over and to trick ppl into thinking android apps are native. The normal person would never realize.
  • I think if they were to do it, it needs to be in a "back-door" type of way
  • Then we'll buy an android Phone with ms apps I'm using Windows since wm 6.0 but I,m considering the change. What do you people think?
  • If they do this, I'd probably get an iPhone. Not sure. I wont make that decision until I HAVE to.
  • With the promise of a new flagship phone being released with the release of Windows 10 I'm waiting. Look at what they did with the Surface Pro 3, a magnificent device.
  • They will do stg about coding, making easier to code Android apps once for all.  I don't think that will happen like the bb10 android framework.
  • I don't see what the legal problem would be. It would be up to the developers to load their app to the windows store. Google wouldn't have a say since the platform the app is built on is open source. It would be the same as Amazons app store. Obvious, Microsoft wouldn't be able to use google's apps without permission. There is always the option to allow sideloading the android apps. It would obviously open up the platform to security issues, but would allow users to install google's apps on their own and Google would not be able to do anything about it.
  • Agreed. You can already run the entire suit of Android apps on Windows with Bluestacks. If Google hasn't done anything about it is because they can't.
  • Very well-written, Daniel.
  • Just a thought, but what if they put some sort of limit on Android apps... Like they can only be free and they can only put out apps for a limited time.... This way Android developers can put their apps on the Windows store with little effort to see how it does. Then if they find windows phones a worthy investment, this can provide incentive to build an actual windows app... And reap the benefits
  • No thanks,I have not bought windows phone to run android apps on it.
  • If they do this, it will be the end of native WP apps and possibly "windows apps" on the desktop. Most services offer an Android app already. Why bother making one for WP, just tell your customers to use the Android app. Its the death of the platform. If the platform is dead, I'll just get an iPhone I guess. I think I dislike it least of the two main options.
  • I for one, think this is a great idea! The bringing of "Androidness" in Windows apps, like the hamburger menu, is probably to make the android apps look less jarring on windows phone. Whatever benefits the ecosystem, at the end of the day.. :)
  • "Whatever benefits the ecosystem, at the end of the day." Thats why its wrong. This is the death of the ecosystem. No one will make a WP any more. I dont want Android apps emulated on my phone, I'll just get an Android phone that runs them properly. (or iPhone)
  • Well, I have to disagree, respectfully. WP ecosystem doesn't die just because a few android apps get ported. On the contrary, it makes it a strong 3rd option for people. When you read reviews of WP on other sites, what's the most important con you see the tech-editors find? It's the lack of apps and/or presence of subpar quality of the apps. The die-hards would buy WP, irresspective. But to a common man, he needs apps like snapchat and an instagram experience that his friend's phone has- not what we have currently. He doesn't care so much about the metro design language either... Let's see the bigger picture here. :)
  • I would love the most of Microsoft found a way to build a Windows phone native app in visual studio and being able to sort of export it as "native apk" for publishing in Google play store. So basically a .net for Android.
  • MSFT is cracked in thinking about WP. No policy , no plan and I think MS is confused about it's platform. Every day you know more about W10 on pcs while on other side for phones nothing is good. I really think WP may be terminated, game over. I am saaad really sad
  • You give up and give in too easy Mohammed because you don't yet see what their plans are. What I can tell is, they are rolling them the fuck out. If you were around during the browser and office application battles, you'll have a clue as to how MS flexes its muscles.  Don't let google cloud your judgment on what MS is doing in this space.  This is what MS does when it moves its pieces around on the Chess board. Google ain't seen nothing yet.
  • I hope so
  • You mean they're going back to be the old Microsoft of the EEE strategy? That would be awesome
  • There are at least 45 Microsoft apps on Android!! Enough said! :D
  • I thought 'universal' app name had been replaced to just 'windows' apps?
  • Yes, you are right.
  • Why raise the "legal" question when Google hasn't done jack to stop Bluestacks? In case people didn't know, people have been able to run Android apps on Windows for a while now.
  • Because bluestacks isn't a threat to Google's android. Plus, have you used bluestacks lately? It's pretty awful.
  • If fucken MS give us an awesome UI for phones many people will love it and gain new fans for its platform. MS has to depend on youths to give us modern operating system match with smart phones fans
  • If the Universal App model fails then that's more a sign that the platform is dead and unsavable. Adding Android app support won't help that.
  • Yes please!!!!
  • If you want to use Android apps then either switch or use something like bluestacks. The moment they go down this route, Universal apps and the associated benefit of Windows has nothing left. You might as well run chrome o/s...
  • This should be Plan Z, when all else fails as there are far too many negatives with this route.
  • Yeah sir I agree and even I was disagree to buy Nokia
    Cause I know they are having financial craps after widows 8 and Windows phone 8 flops so this time giving Windows 10 free and providing apps that's are more reliable on ios and android ya that's a bit hurting but at the end of the day company profit congress first and in last year since nadella handover company they are on the way of profit that's why I think they will invest more in windows and will come with a bang...
  • MS did not buy Nokia. At least not yet.
  • Maybe it's optimism, maybe I'm overreaching but at this point I think Windows itself would need to fail before windows phones failed. I mean if the apps have become universal then developers would have to not embrace Microsoft as a whole just to snub their mobile platform. But it'll seem harder and harder to do that as the lines continue to blur between smartphones and small tablets. Consumers will need to demands these apps be provided not just on their PC, but on their phones, Xbox, tablet, etc.
  • This
  • Or people who create desktop applications would just use the more versatile approaches available than what WinRT is.
  • They should allow games at least not the apps but games, every game has its own UI so, and adding games support can add a lot more users to windows phone, many of my friends would easily switch. Games category is the most used category of apps for any platform that's true for even Windows.
  • Stop trying to make Android apps happen on Windows. It's not going to happen.
  • I'm not a fan of this idea at all. If I wanted Android apps on my phone, I'd use my HTC One M7 as my daily driver. I want no part of Android on my Lumia 925.
  • Yeah sir you right neowin is trusted source but as he wrote its a plan B and I don't think it will going to apply because of developers like you will enjoy work in windows 10 multi platform portfolio and you ask bring us so much apps that what I believe sir...
    So sir enjoy work under Microsoft and ne proud...
  • The more likeable idea I have is to ease adapting of Android apps to Windows apps, just like they made it easy to port Windows apps to Windows Phone apps. I don't know if adopting Android apps wholesale would be as appealing. I used to love the consistency of the Windows Phone OS which is now being slowly eroded by hamburgerism
  • That's hamburgerist lol
  • We want our own unique apps
  • I have a feeling it wont happen and I just hope it wont.
  • I think they should focus on a cross compiler that allows devs to "Very easily" migrate apps to the windows phone platform "for free". There are going to be API shortfalls between the platforms but you would have the same shortfalls with emulation.
  • Let me get this straight: building low-spec droids involving a store was sold as a good strategy @WC. Now, giving WP the ability to run the apps in that store is a wrong signal? I must tell, I'm tired of the app gap and MS crappy dev policy (you cannot build WP8 apps if you're on W7). My daughter tells me to get a "real" phone, because all her apps are iDroid only; good to have Blue Stacks on a tablet. We have to be realistic; one step after another. I think, if this takes off, it will be a cloud thing; upload your Android app source, and we will do our best, or something like that. This means, apps written for Dalvik, transcoded into universal apps.
  • This won't happen in my opinion. With windows 10, well have 600k app total. No need.
  • I hope that Microsoft does integrate Android apps as Android has a better offering
  • One of the big reasons I left Android and nearly all Google products was the LACK of Privacy protection. A big time culprit were all the Android apps asking for every damn permission under the sun. Trying to find one that didn't want ALL your info, especially in the 'Top 100' was few and far between. I do not miss that one bit, and have noticed a significantly better situation on Windows, with only the most spam apps being that way.
  • Microsoft should just shutdown its windows phone business..thats the best idea I think. Microsoft is really shameless. Why anyone would bother to try windows phone if it starts running android apps. Even till now native apps are not that stable. So obviously it would take ages for microsoft to modify apps to make them run smoothly..
  • No thanks!
  • Now, the one-button-porting thing, does sound much better.
  • I am a big fan of Microsoft esp. Windows store and phone development. if anything like this hapnd. microsoft would pour watr on my hard work I did frm last 2.5 yrs.... It may be good for users but this shall effect developers and m nt the only one out thr. anyone wana hav a say abt this.
  • its a contingency plan, that's fine considering they have the resources to do it
  • I would have figured Microsoft would have partnered with Apple than Android, as Apple and Microsoft's common foe is Android.
  • Bye bye WP Developers :'(
  • I am a big fan of Microsoft esp. Windows store and phone development. if anything like this hapnd. microsoft would pour watr on my hard work I did frm last 2.5 yrs.... It may be good for users but this shall effect developers and m nt the only one out thr. anyone wana hav a say abt this.
  • "Undeniably it cuts any such arguments off at the knees making Windows 10 a hard sell to the development community. After all, if Microsoft does not believe in the power of their app model, why should developers.' Well said Rubino... well said!
  • This reminds me of the podcast from CES where Merriam(I think that's how you spell it) considered Microsoft build a google android phone with full access to google services. What if Microsoft ditched windows and went with maybe an android phone with google play store and maybe a windows launcher to keep the live tiles. Idk just a thought
  • Such a terrible idea. Might as well just cancel Windows, bc that's what this would do.
  • Soon...
    Windows=Facebook Die android die :p
  • Just make Bluestacks a universal app vs x86 app and hey presto Android on Windows 10  
  • This news sucks big time!!! No way, Microsoft! My 1520 is no Nokia XL phone!!!
  • I personally think Microsoft is aiming to bring windows experience on other platforms that is why it introduced office apps on IOS and Android. Bringing Android experience on Windows device would badly hurt the windows ecosystem and would be acceptance of defeat by Microsoft. Android apps on a windows device can never attract the general public (with smartphone sense) as they would prefer android apps to run on their native platform rather on a borrowed one. If Microsoft is looking for developers who can contribute to their platform they just need to advertise their developer tools and attract them to their platform. The other thing Microsoft need is support from other manufacturers to launch windows 10 flagships. Because most people here in my region (Pakistan) look at the manufacturer rather then the specs and price. They would prefer samsung galaxy flagship then a Lenovo, Sony, Lumia, LG, HTC flagship device. Samsung has made a strong image on their minds(people psyche). Similar is the case with Android. I do often see many device manufacturers also promoting android in their flagship devices. They mainly promote the changes they made to stock google android but in the end they are promoting android in their campaigns. Windows is as good as android but in fact better in terms of ecosystem and exclusive interface it just lacks users and market as people have the wrong image created among themselves. Tbh not all platforms are perfect. Android users do face bugs and security problems but in their psyche it is to be expected so they ignore these. When an android user converts to a windows phone device to him this means he is using device inferior to android (psyche of Android users) so instead finding charms of windows phone they are prone to the thought their must be bugs so they create a lot of fuss on even small bug which can easily be overlooked and has an alternative. Hence the charms of windows phone are mainly overlooked by general public. I think Microsoft should invest in promotion of their devices rather than bring Android app support come to think of it Lumia 640 & 640XL are killer mid range devices but the most people in my region don't even know about their existence.
  • 80% I'm with u.
    Low and mid range killer.
  • Certainly the case when I try to promote windows phone device people just don't bother. And ab8 640XL it is the device I wanted to see since 625 its predecessor(as 630 & 635 didn't have much to offer) didn't support LTE frequency bands for my carrier as far as I know. 640XL is not only featuring 13MP Zeiss Lens but also better processor, greater RAM and 5.7" display.
  • Why ANDROID apps? Try IPHONE apps.
    Or try ANDROID and IPHONE apps to be an UNIVERSAL APPS.
    Lol Microsoft.
  • If the app gap wasn't real then why would this even be on the table?
  • Why would they work on a ROM to run windows in android devices, when they want to make android apps work in windows? I don't believe this. Maybe it could be a plan B, or this news could be old, because day by day lots of new apps are coming to windows.
  • I still don't understand why so many are considering this a bad idea. Maybe because I'm not a huge app connoisseur, but if an app gives the user the functionality they are looking for, are they really going to care if it was originally developed for Android or Windows? Also, if a developer currently has no plans to develop for Windows, how is it going to be a bad thing if they are suddenly able to sell their apps to Windows users? The Windows user might gain a useful app that was previously unavailable on their preferred device. The developer gains a whole new customer base. Microsoft gains potential phone customers who might have otherwise chosen an Android phone due to the availability of specific apps. The only losers I see in this are those who develop solely for Windows, and do so by supplying knock-off subsittute apps for popular apps that are not available for Windows currently. For example, I used an app called "Fantasy Football" to view my Yahoo! fantasy football team last year because there wasn't an official app from Yahoo!. I just don't see legitimate original app developer having any problem competing with these Android apps. What I absolutely do not see happening is current Windows Phone users switching to Android because they suddenly have more apps available to them on Windows. That is completely backwards logic, but it seems to be what many people here are fearing. I just don't understand that fear.
  • I'm super excited about Win10 and the WinStore integration option A is the way to go!
  • Legal concerns? Blackberry isn't scared. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is there any scenario where this might result in being able to run Windows Apps AND Android Apps on a Windows 10 phone while only being able to run Android Apps on Android phones? Because if so (and I'm not a developer nor a legal expert) in that universe Windows 10 phones would over-night be the supreme winner of the app-gap, right? I'm dreaming, but imagine a world where the fundamental difference between Bob's Windows 10 phone and Joe's Android phone would be Bob has access to the awesome Windows Phone apps. Please feel free to tell me how naive I am... it's cool. A man can dream :)
  • In summary, if they were able to... why would anybody NOT want a Windows 10 phone? It would be heaven for Windows 10 app developers because their customer base would skyrocket.... ah... To dream.
  • learn to take things easy
  • They need to kill this rumor completely if they want to get traction with Windows 10. If devs are 'waiting to see what happens' to reduce their work load, we'll still have the same problem.
  • It would be good if they give us a chance to run comlete google play on windows phone by some hacks and wait for responce from audience....if it is positive...go on..
    Othervise close it and say it was just leaked by the way we are closing it
  • Running Android apps did no good at all for BlackBerry and their sad Store offering, why would it be a different story for Microsoft? Not to mention the ever growing integration between those apps and Google Services, which would not work on WP, as far as I know. If this tendency does nothing but keep on going, eventually there would little to no major apps that could be run on other OS than Android (and iOS).
  • Honestly I would like to see some type of mockup of how such a thing would look and work. If security, speed, integration, and auto updates are factor in then it may be a good idea. Or maybe a one button port idea could help devs
  • Regarding applications' support, how much improvement can we expect in Windows 10?
  • If that's ur plan dear WP........ I will buy a android phone that's much better than that...
  • This would be a disaster if happens for Microsoft.
  • I agree
    what happened to Microsoft.
    google could not create a single app for windows phone
    felling soooo sad
  • Hooray, finally some apps!
  • Google has no standing considering Android Java issues with Oracle. Not that I think that this Android malware app support would be a good thing.
  • baaaaaaaaad idea
  • Windows master race
  • Android hangroid application are totally loaded with virus, malware play store is so laggy
  • If I was able to get the same apps at the same time as Android and iPhone with the same quality, it would keep me on the platform. I don't think I'd have a problem with this. It's all about the apps.
  • Feeling such a loser! Those Android users will laugh at us when they see we holding Microsoft's phone and using Android app. I think MS is planning for it, and now they teasing us. I tell you, I'm not gonna like it. I rather use Android phone if I want to use Android app. Nah, I hate Android.
  • agree bro felling so shameful on Microsoft
  • Exactly! They would be ignoring the developers, admitting defeat to their rivals (Google) and stripping away the originality of Windows Phone.
  • I'm waiting for this!
  • I hate Androids that's why I am using WP
  • This should be Plan Z, let alone Plan B. The very last resort for MS.
  • Plan Z is to release new flagship phone.
  • This will NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES EVER HAPPEN. This maybe some experimenting within Microsoft. But don't EVER expect bluestacks to be built into windows or windows phone. Google would sue. Blackberry already proved this is a bad idea. It would kill development of windows apps which Microsoft has spent millions of not a billion on tools and promotion. More importantly, Microsoft is giving windows away for devices under 10 inches. Which means that they'd be making money of app revenue. If they make its so Android apps run on windows but it goes thru Google's app store, they won't make ANY MONEY either via general app purchases/in app purchases or advertising. Microsoft may be looking into making so that if a dev makes an android app, the can also submit it to the windows app store while still using a majority of their code. But that is it. Don't hold you're breath waiting for access to the Google play store via the windows app store.
  • I think it's unlikely as well, mostly because of Google. But I think it's an idea worth exploring.
  • to me personally, this is the only thing that could allow microsoft to compete against google and apple. what people fail to realize is how far behind windows 10 for phones is when it comes to apps. even universal apps will totally not catch up with the number of apps from other platforms. most of the comments on here against it, are just from microsoft fans and those fans don't even see what business opportunity MST is missing by the lack of apps in its store. Look at xiaomi, in just 4 years, they have become the 4th largest mobile maker in the world, while its taking microsoft almost 10 years to make it in the top 3. with that being said, Microsoft should be more aggressive with its mobile first, cloud first strategy. Even if it means developing its own android ROM that comes preloaded with Microsoft services, to use on future phones i think MST should do it. i appreciate that some devs are dedicated to just building windows phone apps, but if they are really serious abt giving a future to their apps, they won't just develop for a platform that has less than 4% market share worldwide.
  • Yeah... There was a time when it seemed as if WP could catch up with the apps, but I think that ship is failing away. There's a complete avalanche of apps and features developed for iOS and Android right now, and instead of catching up, WP is falling behind. Cortana and the OS functionality is still great, and WP is a pleasure to use, but the app market is slipping. Getting Android apps might be the only way to salvage it, and perhaps even turn the WP sales around.
  • thank you MikeSo, from the person who wrote this article i can tell is not for android apps to run on windows
  • I don't see what the problem would be. First off, some of the current Lumia phones have better specs then a lot of Android phones, cameras, memory etc. Some of the Lumia phones are higher quality. I also prefer the modern tile design of WP. It would be nice to run some of the Android apps under WP. Not all of them. Just like the emulator under Windows.
  • I really don't see developers adding anything to their apps for Windows Phone. Granted, it will be easier to add live tile support to an Android app than to create s while new version for WP, but adding nothing at all will be even easier.
  • Yup. That's the downside. Then again, an app with no live tile is better than no app at all. Which is getting to be the situation.
    And frankly, the live tile thing has never panned out that Microsoft envisioned, I think.
  • The live tiles are what drew me to WP in the first place. That, song with the potential I see in the platform are three only things keeping me here. If Microsoft guys through with this it will be the death knell for WP.
  • I understand how this could be a drawback in theory, but in reality, most of the apps that I've installed on Windows Phone since its initial launch don't have live tiles, or they just don't update as intended. To me, an Android app loaded on a Windows phone without a live tile would pretty much be business as usual. I doubt the average user would even be able to differentiate between an app coded for Android and one coded for Windows.
  • Sadly, I agree. The Live Tile concept is great in theory, and I use it on apps that have it, but in reality it's never lived up to the potential. It's certainly not a deal breaker for most, I'd assume.
  • If the majority of the apps in the Windows Phone store week be from Android, then what reason do I have for owning a Windows Phone?
  • Exactly the same reason you have now, except also all the apps.
  • That's what I was thinking. The better question is, "why would that be a reason to switch to Android?" Every time I am asked to troubleshoot an issue on my aunt's Android phone, I get frustrated with the user experience just navigating the basic OS, and I used to work at an AT&T retail store and was in charge of setting up the live demo units for all phones on the sales floor. Once an app is opened, the difference across platforms is minimal, so I don't see why this idea is such a big deal to some people.
  • Don't do that Microsoft!!!
  • I used to be completely opposed to this... But that was before updates and new apps started dropping like flies from WP. At this point, I'm thinking it might be the best way forward. WP is a great OS and an easy sell now except for apps. Why not? I'd recommend it to anyone that wanted to listen if it had Androids' app market.
  • I am not sure whether they would be a wise decision. I don't think google, snapchat, instagram, different banks don't have people to write WP codes, rather they prefer not to be in WP. Now if microsoft try this route, they will find different methods to block them or the apps will not perform optimally. BB now supports androd app, and it is not boosting the sale anyway, and eventually that is dying. The best would be to develop some tool (if possible) so that apps can easily be ported to WP. And the evil things going on from other side (especially google), can be handled with negotiations,may be. There is also a rumor that google threatened many developers not to develop windows phone app, and if that is true, probably Microsoft needs to rethink their policy. Flooding the market with cheap phones (the current policy) seems to be more useful in the long run. I love to have flashship but honestly, it may not cut the edge given that it would be huge investment for new buyers and I don't think other than wp fans (like me) is eagerly waiting for this. Rather flood the market with cheap phone, let them experience the phone, and they eventually will come to windows platform. I converted two of my friends who were looking for budget phone and they are very happy and decided to buy wp in future as well. But my other friend (not that close though) wants buy a new flagship, and honestly, I don't feel confident on suggesting windows phone. Running androind apps in wp will definitely ruin this platform, rather MSFT needs to try develop a tool to make the porting apps easy. These are my thought, but who cares !
  • Wouldn't it still be up to the developer to load their apps to the Windows Store at their own discretion? Maybe I've misunderstood the issue, but I don't think Microsoft is proposing that they will be able to download directly from the Google Play store, just that the Android apps would work on their platform.
  • If Microsoft implements a version of Android using AOSP, there's very little Google can do about it. The only downside is that you wouldn't get access to the Google Play store or any of the Google apps.. but I'm sure Microsoft isn't even faintly worried about either of those - since they already have their own app store and (better) equivalent apps to the Google ones.
  • If this happens, I am jumping ship. Don't want any google shit around me. _/\_
  • Come on, allowing Android apps to run on Windows doesn't mean surrendering the OS to Google! It's quite the contrary in fact!
  • One word. NO!
  • I don't know much about application development, but yeah, if microsoft are trying to work on installing android apps then developers should actually submit the android app on windows store and legally install it on the devices, we don't need side loading of APK and stuff, a direct port of it would be fine, I don't actually care about the application design, how ever it is, we just need every app on windows store, because that's the main reason that people keep on saying about windows phones and not buying it.
  • ALL you folks who think an app in the Windows store that allows you to access and use Android apps will hurt Windows smart phones are super DEAD WRONG! Right now folks there is a program known as "BLUE STACKS" that you can get for FREE ! on the Internet that enables any Full Windows 8 / 8.1 Desktop, Laptop, Ultrabook, Or Windows 8 / 8.1 Tablet including the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to RUN ANDRIOD APPS ! yeah folks People have tried it . It works on most Android apps. NOW FOLKS did the existance of this program HURT THE SALES OF THE Surface Pro 3 Tablet. HELL NO infact it made the Surface Pro 3 Tablet more useful to some People and guess what most people do not use it but stick with Modern UI Tiles apps that are in the Windows tiles UI store because they work better on a Windows 8 device. if the Blue stacks app was in the Windows smart phone's store right now it would have the same effect SOME PEOPLE WILL USE  and SOME PEOPLE WILL NOT USE IT ! I think most people would stay with using the Modern UI tiles apps because they work better on a Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 device. the "Blue stacks" app on a Windows smart phone would be useful utility APP. Folks Windows smart phones are here to stay even if Microsoft stopped making them and have Foxcom or another industrial company make them for them. In that case microsoft would still make money selling access to the Nokia patents they bought.
  • I have BlueStacks installed on my touch screen laptop, and it works pretty good, but it is very slow, and definitely not a real alternative for someone that wants Android as their main device.
  • Thanks for the info maybe Microsoft Programmers can make a version that works better than the Blue stacks program. One thing for sure the Blue Stacks app proves that it is possiable to use Android apps on a Windows 8 / 8.1 Computer
  • when this happens i switch to iOS... i don't want to talk to people saying MS failed, and i'm now running android apps on my devices... this is lame.
  • let them work on it
  • Microsoft don't you make crappy apps filled with virus run in windows 10.
  • Ms please don't ditch us with google bull shit is afraid of Ms sure windows will break google ..that's the same fear of google..and its been said google is acting like devil intimating developers not to ...create apps for WP..we believe that the universal apps. Will pave a way.. Its a leap of least im happy we have dedicated developers solely for windows ..many developers like Rudy Huyn..and many more .......first Ms pls eve the odd apps in store that will create a ease .. Im solely believing with the universal apps many developers will come out..lets see
  • It would be sad day but at least I would be able to get BirdLog on the iPhone I buy the next day.
  • Woohoo!!! I might be able to use the official apps from my favourite motorsports if this goes ahead. Ah a glimmer of hope!!! If you cant beat em join em lol
  • Windows Apps running over Android and Android Apps running over Windows, all possible with one Microsoft tool is the idea
  • Android is Straight Garbage.
  • Likely testing to make it easier for app developers to convert android apps to WP
  • So the choices would be 100 versions of the same cheap phone running android apps, or a several flagship android handsets running android apps.  I'd rather just buy a Galaxy S6 Edge or M9 and put cyanogen mod on it.  MS is just flailing around on the mobile side at this point and the Nokia acquisition is looking more and more like a waste of money and a waste of good technology. 
  • Well, if they do enable Android apps to run natively on Windows Phone, then it ALMOST solves all my other issues with WIndows Phone. My 2 biggest issues with Windows Phone is Apps (we just lost a few big ones that directly effects me) and hardware like smartwatches, etc. I wonder what type of support they will give. For example, Softcard comes to Android, will it support Tap-to-Pay on Windows phone ? How about video performance like Dish's sling app and MLB 2015 or Games? How about blue-tooth devices (How about Android wear watches ?) ? Will be interesting how it plays out, IF it plays out..
  • Doesn't answer your question about Android support, but Windows 10 will have tap-to-pay built in somehow apparently  
  • And now they write on most popular Dutch news site "Microsoft wants Android appstore on Windows 10. So here it is a rumor, but in Holland they write about it like it will be for sure... Rumors like this can be really very negative, for developers and also for potential new WP-buyers.
  • I don't want Android on my WP. If this will happen I will leave the platform!!!
  • Apps are the only reason you're on WP? What would you use next, Android? *chuckles*
  • I already knew that MS was working on being able to run Android apps on WP. But how to go about it is the question. There should be way to side load certain apps and make it where developers can still collect for paid apps. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It would be the kiss of death to the platform if they did that.
  • Even MS can't be THIS stupid!
  • Agreed. I could only see it working if they had a clear and obvious performance disclaimer and had limited cloud features. There would need to be a clear want/need still for a native app.
  • Can't see it happening but ANYTHING that gets a proper BBC iplayer app on Windows is worth it
  • Why should I use Windows and not Android then?
  • Because there's not just apps to an OS! Let's not forget that apps appeared first on iOS because Safari was deficient in displaying many mobile websites...
  • At this point, with banking and other apps being abandoned, it's the only way someone like me will be able to continue to use a Win10 mobile device. Universal apps aren't going to save anything. Why build an "app" for Win10 when users are going to spend all their time on the desktop and in their browsers?
  • "One issue of concern with running Android apps on Windows Phone involves legal matters about the practice." I'm no legal expert but the point is moot. Indeed, while MS owns patents to technologies used within Android, nothing prevents a company to not only fork the OS getting rid of Google's influence, but nothing also prevents it from permitting developpers to post their apps on another app store either. That's what many dev's do with Amazon's app store for instance and Google can't do anything about it. Furthermore, it's already happening with Bluestacks software which already allows anyone to run Android apps in Windows. So, I don't see a reason how Google could win such a battle. In fact, doing so would only promote Windows. That being said, you're right about sending the wrong signal...
  • Plan B? Plan B should of been used way back! The app store we have is extremely pathetic. All windows do is report the number of apps the store has, not stating that probably 70-80% if them are shit, underdeveloped or unusable.
  • Where is WP?
  • I just recently bought an IP camera which needless to say has no windows phone app but an android app. Just another example of how the ability to run Android apps would be useful to bridge the gap until universal windows apps take off which I think they will given time
  • The universal apps might fail because of these reports! Developers are going to wait for plan B then!
  • Pointing to Google reaction to Microsoft move if they go with the emulator, it would be very stupid move since it would directly impact their current lawsuit with Oracle.
  • Opinions are strawberry jelly is better than raspberry jelly. My points are objective facts.
  • This is by no compare to most stupid thing they could ever do. Does MS really want their own mobile OS to survive? Windows will be dead without one.
  • I wonder if there's any truth in this? Being able to run Windows 10 on other phones ie Samsung Galaxy etc etc. Could be very interesting Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's fine with me, I get the UI and the apps, why is this a problem to anyone?? give me everything with my windows phone!!! I'm praying for this...
  • This is great news it's not about rooting for some underdog phone. I luv the UI, give me apps, and a flagship phone with awesome camera. Please!!!!
  • Windows app will rule the world...(as Developer)
  • After reading some but not all comments, I'm in agreement that this is confidence-breaking for the platform. Blackberry tried this and look what happened. Microsoft is leagues above that company in so many aspects. Look what happens when companies listen to their users and when they don't such as Samsung making phones with removable batteries and micro-SD slots. You can already see complaints about removing those in regards to the S6 as it was the key differentiator between it and the iPhone. As far as Windows Phone, so what if a 1030 doesn't match the analyst's expectations, release it with a 801 or better processor and removable storage. Give us some confidence, not this tripe of a rumor. When I read my tech sites and the comments on each article, it inspires me to not only buy the product in question but look to see what else the company offers when they listen and release a product with features that everyone was pining for. Just personal opinion(as is my entire comment) but that perception carries a lot of weight so to read something like this makes me head in a different direction. As of now, the only thing that worried me was Windows 10 may be releasing too soon and will not get a robust feature set that all the feedback from testers is asking for. Now I'm worrying Microsoft is getting cold feet because they probably had some overpaid analysts show them some less than desirable charts.  Hopefully my comment is just an overreaction to something about nothing whether this becomes reality or not.
  • I would like Microsoft to stay with Windows 10 Universal Apps than making Android Apps run on Windows. Keep making Windows 10 better and keep making apps themselves. The number of apps doesn't guarantee success of Windows platform. And Windows platform has been better than Android eversince. Most users especially on the mid-range to the low-end devices don't really understand the difference of Android and Windows OS, its just that when they bought their first mobile, most of the choices on the table are Android Phones and hardly you see any Windows Phone, plus the salesman doesn't really know how to sell Windows Phones. Ask them "Why would I chose Andorid Phone?" and they will tell you, "because everybody have it". There is something wrong with Windows Phone marketing strategy as well. You have a good ads on TV even on YouTube, but people in the 3rd World countries don't understand it.
  • What a shame they did not acquire Xamarin ... They could have truly universal apps across ALL mobile platforms.... Not just all Windows 10s
  • I see both sides to this argument...but hey, if it gives me access to apps, I say why not. :)
  • I have mixed feelings, as usual.  I think for Microsoft, it is all about getting people to use their services.  Doesn't really matter to them about the platform as long as they get the traffic and the revenue.  As much as we're fighting this, it is the future of mobile in general.  You're going to see a lot of questionable things occur, on all platforms, over the next few years. The irony of this is that Windows Phone could probably run Google Play Services better than Android does.  I honestly do not care at this point.  As long as I continue to get the OneDrive integration with Xbox Music, Offfice apps, Here Maps, MixRadio and the other services unique to WP I could give a _ what other apps are able to run on the platform.  Why fight a losing battle when the powers to be are obviously pushing for this.  At the end of the day you'll probably just end up with AOSP apps on Windows Phone, which is actually a boost to those developers (since AOSP apps don't do that great on Android due to the slick integration of Google Play Services with those other apps).  This is also a win for Amazon, which is still struggling to get any traction for their platform.  The actual likelihood of Google Play Services on Windows Phone is rather small.  People often forget that traditional Android is a small part of the picture.  I could see people that love to root their phone switching to WP so they can run AOSP apps without the need to root, as that would be much easier than their current methods. 
  • I think Microsoft was late into paying attention to the mobile space with all the Windows 8 paradigm change which brought to the company in 2012.  When Windows 8 was launched in 2012 PC shipments were still larger than smartphones (per 2011 statistics). What Microsoft didn't know is that 2012 was going to cause an inflexion point and smartphones would outsell PC's for the first time in history.  Microsoft blamed Windows 8 and fired Steven Sinofsky, but Ballmer was still thinking the PC would be more important than smartphone strategy, so they built Windows 8.1 in 2013 which brought better customization, a Start screen and better support for IE multitasking in tablets.  It was until late 2013 that Microsoft saw that the future was going to be powered by smartphones as smartphone shipments were about 2 times of PCs, and then it came the change of CEO.  All what comes after Satya Nadella is good news for Windows Phone. IMO Microsoft was late to the party in mobile ecosystem, thats why developers chosed iOS and Android, IMO Android apps should be allowed in Windows 10 on smartphones, even if it takes to have legal battles with Google, the end user experience having supported apps over apps that have beta status like Instagram is ridiculous, is time to think seriously in Plan B.
  • Man I don't care anymore. I need some of these apps for the functionality in my work
  • Android APPS on a Windows Phone.  For me, that does not address the APP problem.  Actually, it moves me 50% closer to switching over to an Android device.  If Lumia continues with this $50 phone, excluse device-exclusive carrier BS and don't address a flagship WM10 device and phablet, I am out before the Christmas rush hits.  Just this week, Microsoft announced supporting software bundles for Android, so why not a Note 4, S6, or Sony Z4 Ultra?  You don't have to push me Microsoft, I can take a hint.
  • Good bye :(
  • Hope MS complete it.
  • Android apps on WP is - to be blunt - the only option if MS wants to be a force in mobile. They're not now and if they maintain their current track, will never be. The WP platform is fine. The OS has a lot going for it. Developers just aren't onboard in a way they need them to be. Oh, and when Nokia can once again start selling mobile phones, they will. Nokia branded android mobile phones and they'll be a force to reckon with. 
  • I really hope plan A aka windows apps really works and gets a lot of adoption so MS doesn't have to use plan B which is using the google app store. I hate the idea of plan B but its plan B. I really want windows/universal apps to take off cuz they will look and work the best for windows across phone, PC and Xbox.
  • NO WAY! The app numbers of Windows Store will soon filled with Android apps shit.
  • NO WAY! The app numbers of Windows Store will soon filled with Android apps.
  • Yes's cant wait finally we are going to get good apps
  • It would be nice first spread, later put your own rules as old windows
  • A. Microsoft needs to give universal apps at least a year or two to catch on before doing anything this radical. B. Having Andrid apps run on your platform hasn't worked for Blackberry.
  • Perhaps they'll announce that they'll buy Xamarin and offer it for free with their new Visual Studio Community Edition... Like that devs can make 3 apps with code share of 70 to 100%...
  • if ( universal_apps == working ) { planA(); windows10++; } else { planB(); android_apps++; }
  • Won't work!
  • It's an incredible terrible idea.  Android's programming model is by far the worst of then. Wrap it on WP will only give then a lot of trouble and most likely the final technical result won't work as expected. So I wouldn't bet on it. I believe Microsoft buying Xamarin and investing in a Platform Universal App (same code working for Windows, Android and iOS) is the way to go. Kind of Xamarin Forms though it still needs a lot of working. 
  • As long as I don't have to sign up for a Google account and tie into their platform just to download the apps onto my Windows Phone then I dont care what Microsoft does. It if I do, then Ill just stick with the apps Windows Phone has now. Im not going to become a Google puppet just so I can take pictures of my food and gloat about it on Snapchat like every insecure teenage girl does.
  • I think Windows 10 will see great amounts of adoption. The way tech blogs are covering the OS and the way MSFT is advertising (not actual advertisements), there are few chances of developers not developing.
  • If I wanted android like apps then I can buy Android phone, sorry Microsoft I'm leaving if such thing happens.
  • Don't do that Microsoft
  • I think this is not fair. Because Microsoft is known for its security and protections when it comes to software issues and platform.
    Google is not much worried about apps effects on operating system. So if Android apps runs on Windows phone then it will be a big garbage and Windows phone will be laggy.
    Please keep developing apps for
    windows platform separately.
  • What a stupid idea.
  • Frankly folks I do not want to use Android apps on a Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 device because Microsoft Windows Apps work better because they are designed for the Windows Operating system. Android apps are open source Apps that hackers have a great deal of knowledge about how to make real nasty bug filled apps. who really checks to see if open source Apps are safe. Microsoft at least has a divsion that looks for bugs they miss some but at least somebody is watching your 
  • Fuck off la MS !!!! What u only need to do is advertising !!!! I dont know why it is so hard for u to make good advertising in every country? If u market it well, u can be a big player.. Do u even know that people in malaysia buying oppo because of the phone but not the OS? U need to make people out there know and believe in every MS devices.. Like me, i bought 1520 bcoz the device, not the OS(i give a try for Wp).. Please MS.. U r not stupid.. Please...
  • Amen fuck
  • Im a die hard MS fan and I love everything Microsoft and also I love everthing Windows Phone but are  Microsoft getting desparate??? I already think that by lauching Cortana on other platforms is a Bad Move ! What would be the point of buying a windows phone in the future?
  • So, this is equivalent to MS giving up on app development. Begs several questions. 1 - If MS caves in (which it has already, apparently) exactly what is the point of Windows Phone platform? Conveys uniformly negative message to consumers. 2 - What does this "strategy" mean for Lumia phones going forward? MS has been tight-lipped about Lumia future since acquiring Nokia equipment biz last year. 3 - Conveys significantly negative message to other equipment manufacturers, i.e. HTC et cetera. 4 - Looks like the last ditch effort of a company project just prior to throwing in the proverbial towel. 5 - MS, is there any compelling reason for customers to stay with this platform? Of couse, MS has very minor advantage. Phone UI is less of a kludge and less clunky than Droid UI. Many users don't necessarily cotton to Apple "walled garden" ecosystem. Generally Windows Phone equipment manufacturers produce better quality hardware than the Droid rush that hardware out the door to the distribution channels modality. IMHO, Droid equipment has a flimsy look and feel, even so-called "flagships". Overall quality issues keeping me from converting to Droid UI and equipment.
  • Everytime microsoft thinks such big but doesn't succed...just as Nokia XL
  • if  Android apps will run on Windows Phone, i will change my mind to replace lumia with android, so i wll be able to download imo, tango, hike (with calling options) and the list goes on on my luma
  • Do they know what they are doing over there at MS? We are working, we aren't, we are...  Make up your mind. Fix w10m, I really don't want to go to Android. I know I **** on MS for how are handling their mobile division, but I still would rather use a WP than anything else.