Microsoft requests itself to be removed from Google searches due to copyright infringement

In an attempt to remove pirated material from Google, copyright holders will submit Digital Millennium Copyright Act requests to take down links to specific pages. Last week an odd request appeared from Microsoft, asking Google to take down their own pages. Microsoft claimed that they were copyrighting themselves – face palm.

As you might imagine, the request was a mistake and Google was nice enough to ignore the request. Although we could imagine the sort of mischief the Mountain View company could have caused to the boys in Redmond if they went along with it.

Google receives over 100 million requests each year and the idea that the company reads and reviews each and everyone is an impressive feat alone.

Just let this be a reminder to the Google and Microsoft fans that the two big brothers can play together and cooperate at times. That being said – the Google campus will be full of jokes for the next few weeks.

Source: Forbes

Michael Archambault