Microsoft rolling out secondary Windows Phone 7.8 update (build 8862), set to fix Live Tile issue

It was only yesterday when we reported that Microsoft released an update for Windows Phone 7.8 hardware, which was believed to address the Live Tile issues consumers have been experiencing. Unfortunately this turned out to not be the case, but the company has begun rolling out another build that's confirmed to do just that.

7.10.8862.144 is the latest version, which (according to the Windows Phone website (opens in new tab)) fixes bugs many have experienced since updating to Windows Phone 7.8. We've received reports that consumers are already receiving the follow-up release. Second time lucky, folks? Let us know if you've received the update and believe the Live Tile issues are no more.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I have updated my Lumia 900 with the second update ,i hope i will have working live tiles.
    From Romania.
  • Can somebody pls tell Jay that the double wide live tile for the WPCentral app is still not updating after the OS 8862 update. Everything else, like usual, seems to be working fine.
    Plus considering that the weather, facebook and 'me' live tiles are updating normally, i guess this time it might be a problem with the app only.
  • Have you definitely enabled the live tile in the app's settings? The double tile only exists after the live tile has been updated (just the way that WP7.8 works unfortunately).
  • I have also not been getting the counter for new news on either normal or double wide since 7.8. Not a major thing as cone into the app quite often ( Brill app by the way)
  • Jay, I have the live tile enabled. The double wide tile is pinned. But it keeps showing old news and does not get updated even after receiving push notifications. It is only after I've manually opened the app that it gets refreshed. And yes I have the paid version and yes I've already tried reinstalling and repinning.
  • Argh, the 7.8 tile SDK is so messed up... When you receive a toast notification next time it will be confirmation that the background task has run, could you then do me a personal favour and try resizing the live tile down to normal and then back up to double wide? Don't go into the app before you do that. Basically if the tile then shows the latest info after just a re-size it will be the return of a maddening bug I encountered during development. Otherwise I'm stumped and will need to get myself a WP7.8 to actually test all this.
  • Ok. No problem. Will do that and then get back to you. And let me say this once again, thanks for sticking with us 7.8 "beggars". :) Every single bloody app and live tile work flawlessly on my gf's 920 but my poor 800 has to fight for survival.
  • Tell your gf, 920 is too heavy for her and exchange it :)
  • Dude, tried that. And she told me the next time I suggest this, she can consider exchanging me if I want. That's how much she likes it. The phone's a bloody white freaking beauty
  • Jay, that's what is happening.. Once you resize the tile to medium or small without opening app, it does update and shows the tile count.
  • Oh what the fudge! STILL an OS level bug then... Can you just confirm that if the tile is double wide and you get a toast, if you resize down then resize back up does it now display the content correctly?
  • I have the same problems as above and still get a black tile...
    I see there is a problem with the live tile. New Task last exit reason: Network error
  • Nope. Medium tile shows updated content. Resizing back to double wide tile starts showing the old content only, NOT the updated one.
  • Same here as rohitsingh pointed out..
  • That is really odd, the same tile update method should be run and update all the tiles at the same time... Although saying that it is possible for the wide tile to have failed rendering on occasion and thus not been included in the update. Still, every time? I'll do what little investigating I can with the emulators over the weekend.
  • I agree.
  • Jay look... Here's the deal. The double wide tile is the only one not updating. If you have it set to medium or small ot will update on its own, without you having to resize it or anything, to the last story. The double wide is stuck on the last story it was available when you launched the app, it does not update even the counter regardless of what's going on on the other two sizes. Is not like the double wide updates once you make it smaller. The medium and small size both work properly.
  • I just want to add one more detail, on the settings page for live tiles it shows that there was "Network error" as "News task last exit reason". Maybe that is the case for wide tile when it wants to update picture of latest news item. It is there consistently.
    As others said, small and medium tiles are updating correctly.
    This is for main tile, I don't have any sub-tile pinned.
  • I am not really facing that problem. It isn't showing me that error. The scheduled task is running normal.
  • The love tile actually stopped working for me two updates ago (or maybe one). It was working for me on 7.8 though at one point bow it just plain isn't. Says network error, that's even with the latest 7.8.
  • So a network error means the app couldn't get the news feed in the 15 seconds Windows Phone allows it to run, that usually means poor network coverage.
  • Jay,
    I am in the office currently, having full Wifi + 3G coverage. I checked for last few hours and the "Network error" is still there.
    Last I checked, no update in wide livetile, launched app, "News task last run" is now at 17:38, "Network error" as last status. (And I checked around 17:40). When the app is launched, the update of news is almost instant, definitely under 15 seconds. Must be something wrong with the connection handling in the agent.
    However, I have "Toast notifications" turned off. Is that needed to be on for wide livetile to work?
  • Toasts shouldn't be needed though, but perhaps because the task isn't exiting that's why it's not updating the network error status:

    Confession here, the network error status is something I had to slightly hack into the last exit reason so that I could tell when there was a real error or when there was just no network (as the background tasks can't do this on their own). I'll look into this one as well
  • Hi Jay, just wonder if you use ShellTile.Update to update the wide live tile? I am testing my 627.AM app and looks like my wide tile doesn't update but the normal and small ones do. Maybe still an OS bug?
    PS. I've found that the wide tile imagedoes get re-rendered, however for some reason it still picks up the old image. As soon as I resize it to normal or small, it shows the updated image.
  • Hi Justin,yeah I saw that behaviour a lot, as I said the new tile SDKs are really flaky. Get in touch with me over email and I'll happily talk you through what worked for me :) (well, worked on Wp8 at least...)
  • Thanks Jay, but the version I am working on at the moment works fine on my WP8 device, it's just the double sized tile doesn't get updated on my WP7.8 device. The same issue as some of your users have reported...
    I think it's an OS bug.
  • Ah, well if i figure it out I'll be sure to let you know! :)
  • Awesome! Thanks! ;)
  • hey yes if you do resize it it does show the number of articles :) i hope this helps :)
  • updateting now on my lumia 800, hope the live tiles are working again!!
  • i have updated my lumia 800 (second update) and it's running live tiles pretty smooth now :)
  • I received this update aswell. Lumia 800 3 Sweden.
    It seems like live tiles are working as they should now:)
  • Just updated my omnia w ..and all those tiles that were stuck started to update themselves :).. TY microsoft .. Never thought this fix wud come so soon ...
  • Lol .. Why Ty Microsoft ??
    They messed it up in the first place by treating 7.8 users as inferior beggars .. :/
  • Why everyone talks of beggars like they're not people? I think you have a poor perception of the poor and homeless... =/
  • U haven't been to India .. ;)
  • If they did that, we wouldn't have gotten any update ;)
  • It's nice to be nice!
  • Just updated, L800 greece
  • Wow and the flames were still on from yesterday till just a while ago. Great finally things can settle.
  • And now I'll wait for carriers to get in the way of this update, which will be delayed for carrier specific devices.
    Went back to 7.5 to avoid all the Live tile rubbish and now stuck on it! Oh well got to use it for about a week. I do miss the 7.8 resizing live tiles though.
  • Me too, no update from 7.5 on an unlocked HTC radar.
    Did the cable pull trick last time, no go this time round.
  • Windows Phone Hacker has the 8860 build available using the 7eighter tool now...and I hope and am pretty sure he will soon include the 8862 build :-). Used his tool to jump to 7.8 on my T-Mobile USA Branded HTC HD7 with absolutely no issues. Bypassed my carrier completely.
  • Talking about T-Mobile, maybe this whole mess is why they decided NOT to update in the first place... damn, and I doubted them. x.x
  • I used it too. It was flawless.. and it looks like they've updated. off you go!
  • Works well enough.  Updated two HD7's and a 710. 
  • I have a Samsung Focus 1st generation, unlocked from AT&T, I am in Europe, I still haven't got the update.
    I tried the trick wth forcing the update with no luck. This sux.
  • Me too here in America. :(
  • I upgraded my roommate's AT&T Focus (1st-gen - used to be mine) using WPH's "SevenEighter" tool for this reason.  Worked fine - will likely do it again with the newer update.
  • ATT + Focus. The Zune disconnect trick worked only AFTER I changed the carrier registry entry from ATT-US to ROG-CA using WP7Root Tools (Google it). Then the updates flowed like water... 7720>7740>8107>8773>8779>8858>8860>8862
  • This still only for unbranded phones? My old Omnia 7 (Orange) hasn't received an update since Mango while my L920 (EE) receives updates on the day of release.
  • I'm updating my Omnia 7 (unbranded) to the latest and greatest as I'm typing this. I had to 'force' the initial 7.8 update though, using the Zune 'update and disconnect from the Internet' trick, but this morning my phone reported the newest update by itself...
  • Just getting both 8860 and now 8862 on my old lumia 710 on Vodafone UK.
  • I had flashed my phone with a different firmware than original that came with Nokia L800, I thought Zune will never update my software ever. But I got two updates today 8860 and 8862. 8862 really made all tiles alive. lol.
  • Wpcentral large tile not working
  • Read above comments...
  • got it, seems everything is working fine :) Lumia 800 Finland
  • Moi, mikä operaattori sulla on? Saiks iha ittestään sen päivityksen vai teiks netti/lentotila tempun?
  • Hei, I don't speak Finnish, yet :) my operator is Saunalahti and I didn't do any tricks, I just connected the phone to the laptop (mac) and checked for the update. 
  • Okey, I see :D Ok,  my operator is Saunalahti too, but I haven't got any update yet... :/
  • I updated and now it feels like soul of my windows phone live tile came back
  • Hi Guys and what about dealeys for example when I`m clicking to marketplace tile it takes 1-2 second to open? I have already updated to 8860.Waiting for 8862.
  • Thats WP 7.8 LAG, MS will never fix it now, rollback to 7.5 if you want LAG-free experience.
  • That's not true. I found 8858 somewhat laggy, and that didn't change with 8860 but since I got 8862 the lag seemed to have gone away.
  • The scrolling has improved a bit but the LAG after clicking any tile like music, xbox,pictures etc is still very much evident, just checkout the below comments.
  • I am trying to update to the previous build (8860) on lumia 800 but zune is showing error. Can't update. Please help.:'(
  • Obviously we need to know what the error you're getting is ...
  • The live tiles stopped working on my 920 just yesterday and I can't get them to work again... Oh the irony
  • wpcentral large tile still not working after 8862 update.
  • Before thia last update everything was working except for the wpcentral double tile, now nothing its working...
  • All you fellas who got the update (even in india,where i reside),i didn't the first 7.8 update nor the 2nd or the 3rd. Am i missing something or should i check somewhere and if so how?
  • Where are you checking azaright? Connect to Zune on your PC and check. It should be available for update now.
  • Hey . Use the internet disconnect trick , I used the same thing yesterday and got the update .. In India btw
  • Got the second update and everything seems to work just fine.Nice work Microsoft
  • Got the update on Omnia W
  • Getting the updade in Japan on the IS12T.
  • Jaxbot @ Windows Phone Hacker has officially included the 8862 build into is 7eighter tool as of just a few minutes ago. Going to use his tool yet again to update my T-Mobile US Branded HTC HD7!!!
  • All I have are DEAD TILES and few Zombies (Tiles with very old info). Sad, Sad, Sad... Unlocked HTC Radar / Build 8862
    Tried installing, deinstalling, pinning, unpinning, turning on and off live tiles and nothing works.
    Some of the non working: Vevo, Engadget, WPCentral, IMDB, MetroTube...
    Zombie: Flixter
  • Try Hard reset once, Live tile bug is definitely fixed, but the LAG still exists.
  • We updated so we dont have to hard reset, this is not an option, giving the fact the would take me about 30-45 min to put it back as it is....sad :(
  • Thanx man, I will try that.
  • Same here. Tried all the same tricks (which generally worked for me after the last 7.8 update) but I can't bring the tiles back to life.  This may be a coincidence, but my a-gps seems to have stopped working as well. None of the location-based software can find me unless the phone is outside, with a clear view of the sky.  I'm getting very frustrated...
  • Yes, having the same problem, with the GPS, even outside under clear sky, isn't easy to get fix locked, which is very frustrated.
    Thinking to revert to 7720 where the GPS was working fine. I wouldn't give away the GPS for new tiles appearance.
  • updated in Romania, on my lumia 800. everything seems to be working better than before the update.
  • Why on earth, my 610 is not showing notification for update? Not yesterday, and not now!
    Anyone know how to chk if update available, by not connecting to pc? I mean force chk for update in phone itself?
  • Use Internet disconnect trick when Zune is checking for updates
  • Did anyone with an unbranded htc titan get the updates yet?
  • How about a branded Titan? My Titan lost its location information even though it shows up in "Settings". No Local scout, no maps, no search button. Considering a reset. What a hassle. Anyone got a hanky?
  • Why dont you just do a hard reset and flash with seven eighter?
  • Yes, I was already running 8858, which I had updated via the "cable-pull" method, but 8860 and 8862 were both installed automatically via Zune.
  • Just did. Plugged in and went right away (unlocked Titan)
  • the lag in opening apps after tapping on the tiles is still there for music+videos hub and marketplace, and even for the games hub.
  • The LAG still exists, if everyone makes enough noise then maybe they will release another update, 7.5 was totally smooth and LAG-free.
  • Yeah sad to see the lag even on Lumia 710/800 .. I thought it was just limited to my cousin's Lumia 610
  • Instaled the updates :
    Observations : App opening,Going back to start screen is faster, No screen flickering while going to home.
    Tiles,toast and app notifications are working fine,specially whatsapp is fixed (it was crazy mind it ;) ). 
  • Which phone are you using?
  • HTC HD7 Open Market Phone Poland updated, but it still needs a little time to respond after pressing live tile
  • The start screen LAG is still there, only the dead live tile issue is fixed.
  • I have less lag than on 8858 now that I'm on 8862. Not saying it isn't there, just better.
  • My De-Branded Dell Venue Pro had the update notification this morning.
    Now I'm running 7.10.8860.142.
    No sign of 8862 yet,
    *UPDATE* Scratch that, just got the update. Installing now.
  • Updated my Titan II through the cab sender and my live tiles are back! Weather, CNN, Groupon, Radio Controlled...all are moving and shaking. So happy MS pushed this fix out so quickly. I was sure they wouldn't get around to it until July.
  • I originally updated my Samsung Focus S (AT&T) to 7.8 with the 78er program.  How can I install the latest update to fix my broken tiles? 
  • Download the latest 78er program, he updated it for the latest 8862 build:
  • Thanks so much for the info and quick response!!
  • I used 7.8er to update my old Omnia7 (Orange) all the way from 7740 to 8858, but can't get to 8862 after dl the new 7.8 er. It just stuck there for hours after checking requirements. Tried manually update with Cab Sender, and it said it need to downloading updates. What more updates? Both 8860 & 8862 cab files are only 300kB or so. Cannot take that long. How long it took u to update?
  • Black tile issue I had with BeWeather is now fixed.
  • Orange UK sucks, they have not released any update for Omnia 7 after 7740 build
  • Tell me about it..
  • That's why everyone has been using the 78r tool. Tmo US doesn't even support my hd7 anymore, probably same with the radar.
  • Same here. Sad thing is after using 7.8er to update from 7740 to 8858, now can't get to 8862 with that tools (already updated) for some reasons. Now I'm stuck. Orange certainly won't help! LOL
  • Wow... two updates in a matter of hours... well done WP, in your face ANDROID!
  • Just got & installed the 2nd update, Lumia 800 on Telstra. Looks like everything's smoother & snappier now
  • Microsoft should fix the lag issue they introduced with 7.8 .. It's very sad to see that 7.5 was top notched in terms of speed but 7.8 isn't
    Live tile issue is fixed but the lag issue isn't (although opening time of whatsapp and twitter app has decreased considerably after 7.8 update)
  • i installed this update to my samsung focus using seveneighter, it has fixed the live tile bug
  • Hey Jay. Just got a push notification. Resized the live tile to medium and it started showing both number of unread articles and the latest news on the back. Resizing it back to double wide and the problem was back again.
  • Hey Jay. Just got a push notification. Resized the live tile to medium and it started showing both number of unread articles and the latest news on the back. Resizing it back to double wide and the problem was back again.
  • Wow two updates in two days...never thought I'd see that happen!
  • Just had the updates for my Lumia 800. So far the lagging I had whilst scrolling on the start screen has been cured :) Les, UK
  • After update my WiFi is alive even after screen lock..
    Anybody having same ?
  • The fix has addressed the WiFi issue for me as well.
  • For those of you who (still) can't get the Windows Phone 7.8 updates through your carrier (and update through the normal method in Zune), I will be releasing an updated version of seven-eighter by tomorrow which has some fixes to the original seven eighter program once I find the url links to the new updates.
  • Awesome. I used seven-eighter on two devices and it worked great. I wish I would have done it for my Lumia 900 since I lost the ability to use my backups after flashing with the Nokia Care Suite.
  • Does 7.8 er support 32bit pcs
  • Who are you? jaxbot has already posted the updated seven-eighter tool here:
  • It is true that I used the source code of seven-eighter that Jaxbot provided, but my build has some code improvements over his build along with a little extra instructional information so that you have less of a chance of causing problems.
  • Awesome. I hope this really fixes it so the users of my app can have their wide tile back on 7.8
  • ...
  • After fiddling with the live tile settings on WP Central, my large tile has finally updated. I'm glad to see this issue addressed.
  • I CAB loaded 8860 onto my Samsung Focus yesterday and it fixed live tiles. I wish there was some documentation explaining what changed between this and 8862. I wonder if I can load the 8862 CAB on top of 8860, or if I have to roll back to my backup?
  • The 78r installed both updates back to back. I had to download the tool again to get 8862 though.
  • where can i get the 8862 and 8860 CABs?
  • I googled the seveneighter 8862 and found the link to his updated tool. If asking about the actual files, not sure. 78r tool was easier for me to update immediately.
  • Lumia 900 on Rogers updated this morning. It appears to have fixed the live tile issues I had with Inrix & WPCentral.
  • Where I can find the cabs?
  • Thanks for the prompt fix, Microsoft! My HTC Titan feels much speedier... Back to roughly 7.5 speeds.
  • Does anybody get Bluetooth share in Nokia collection with US market place?
    It is available on Indian market place but not shown on US market place as I am using US account on my phone :P
    I asking because I found on Nokia website India that update fix tile issue and nokia collection market place issue of hidden apps like bluetooth share
    But I think that update not available in US for Lumia 710 as mentioned on US nokia support page for Lumia 710
    So I think I should again move to Indian marketplace.Oh! God i will not get zune artist image
  • I sort of have the same problem with Bluetooth Share being hidden from the US version of Marketplace. I found the QR code that leads to the link for the application, but it states that my phone needs to be updated and/or is not available in my region. BTW, my phone's a Nokia Lumia 710 carrier locked to T-Mobile US.
    (Updates have been retrieved via .cab files or the seveneighter program.)
    OS Version: 7.10.8862.144
    Firmware revision number: 1600.3036.8853.12440 The problem is that official Nokia firmware build version 8858, the firmware that enables bluetooth share to work, isn't available in the US, which pretty much explains why Bluetooth Share doesn't appear in the US marketplace.
  • I noticed that you can now go into the marketplace and zune while connected to the PC.
  • Nice, just used Jaxbots wonderful 78r.  :)
  • Had to redownload the seveneighter tool to get the updates but so far so good on my hd7.
  • Seven Eigther now supports 8862 :D
  • I recieved the update on my HTC HD7 and it's updating very nice.
  • I just want the US carriers to get on board with these WP updates. Is that really too much to ask?
  • Yes, yes it is.
  • Just updated... Live tiles seem to work fine now
  • Mine seems much zippier now. I had notice it slowing a bit.
    I didn't seem to have all the Live Tile issues with the original 7.8 upgrade, but did have a couple that didn's seem to refresh as much.
    All seems well now. Hoping all of you who had data issues and Live Tile issues are back on track.
  • Oh, have to buy WinZip to use wphacker. Yeah, not spending $ on a crap update that isn'tbeing released to me. Can't wait til majority of the WP8 updates come preloaded on a Nokia 920 so I can throw this Wp7 in the Brandywine river.
  • Use 7zip its free.
  • Won't download. Says empty IE temporary files and try again. Did that and still won't download on vista
  • Really?? you cant uncompress a simple file or are you simply trolling here? 
  • I don't have a program to unzip the file. I know how but I have to buy WinZip due to 7 zip not working properly. FYI, I don't troll.
  • Download winrar then, here is the link:
  • FYI, there are tons of free unzipping tools out there. WinRar as mentioned above is one example I thought everyone knew about. No one said you had to buy anything.
  • No, no one said I had to buy anything my PC did during my 1st attempt to unzip seveneighter. Yes, I knew there were and are free unzip programs. I'm just skeptical about what's 'free' and comes with it on the web. Anyway, sat down downloaded an unzip program, that I preferred, and updated my legacy device to the underwhelming 7.8 until Blue is released and runs properly on WP8. Jesus, WPfans, blah.
  • Never got the first 7.8 Update
  • Me too. Using an unlocked ATT Samsung Focus (1st gen)....  ATT, where is my 7.8 update???? 
  • battery got worse after update!
    anyone else having same problem?
  • What device are you using?
  • i have a 710
  • Just updated to 8862 on L900 (US)
    Works like a charm, faster and all tiles updating now, YES! The power of the tiles...
  • What method did you use? I have AT&T L900 and as of yet no official update.
  • Nothing on AT&T here.  Checked twice this morning and also did the cable trick.  Usually AT&T won't release firmware updates over the weekend and will normally wait until Tuesday. :-(
  • All live tiles fixed and I'm happy again :)
    Just updated
  • FYI:
    The WP updater tool has been ...uh.. updated to include the 8862 build
  • wish they had fixed LAG
  • See if they fixed that id buy WinZip and force the update. I need to stay off the WP sites today. Everything I read about WP7 and WP8 issues are making me grumpy. I still can't figure out why my reviews aren't posted in the marketplace and why my music purchases won't reinstall on my device via Zune. So a WP7.8 update that's not heading my way is just more aggravating. Oh, well life goes on.;-)
  • Anybody on India received this update???
  • got on my lumia 710
  • Yup...on my Omnia w:)
  • is any one else facing tiles issue? i still think it persists.. my messaging tile didn't got updated which used to happen instantly
  • Updated my fone to 8862.144
    Hopefully no more battery drain :D
  • lumia 710 updated to the .8862.144
  • HTC HD7S AT&T on 8862 tiles are live again all thanks to
  • Well, live tiles are not working again... Anyone else?
  • me too
  • Anyone else noticed if you use 78er that you don't get the 20 theme colours?
  • You should. That's what I've been using to update my trophy and I have all of the theme colors. I'm using crimson right now.
  • Have all 20 colors here after updating to 8862 using seventyeighter on a Samsung Focus S.  Read somewhere that selecting the correct languages solved that issue.  With the Focus S you need to check all the language boxes.
  • I don't understand how this kind of update isn't a patch that is released two-three days after it was discovered. It can't be because of some extensive quality control process, because then such a obvious bug as the original bug wouldn't have made it through to release in the first place.
  • After both updates my phone seems alot snappier and have better battery life. I read a developers blog he says the lag wasn't fixed I can't tell a huge difference but only time will tell.
  • I am getting an error on zune while trying to get the previous build(8860).the error is 8018009B. Please help:'(:'(
  • One more performance update and we can be on 7.5 level of stability.
  • The whatsapp is opening pretty quickly now.... Not as quick as it opens on Symbian,but much much quicker than what it used to be before this latest 144 update.... I have full faith in Nokia and Microsoft that they'll make further improvements for the wp7.8... Nokia is known to take good care of its customers...
  • It fixed my live tiles immediately. Now if I could just find the xap for USA Today I could reinstall it and be good. Seeing as how I uninstalled it due to the stuck Live tile and then discovered it was removed from the store.
  • I miss USA Today also-wondering what happened to it. Must be that 2.6% market share..
  • Is the battery issue taken care of in this update?? 7.8 worsened battery, need a fix
    Just updated my Samsung Focus S to 8862.144 using windowsphonehacker - no issues so far and seventyeighter worked great. Just give it time (20-30 minutes) to do its thing.
    Make sure to check all of the language boxes if your updating the Focus S.  Have locked phone with AT&T service
  • Honestly... I am a little disappointed with MS at the moment. Windows Phone 7.8 was supposed to be superb and minor issues ought have been fixed immediately following the release of that. Even with Windows 8, there are reported issues and missing features that are being promised or hoped for the near future...
    With MS being late in the game, they should be hot on their heels with updates and more noise about what's to come... Silence doesn't help much.
    That's just my opinion...
  • I agree with Namish...
    I too am very disappointed with MS in regards to the state of Windows Phone ecosystem.
    I've been using a Windows Phone as my primary phone for the last 5 or 6 years, and I currently have two of the Focus 1.3 versions.  They served me well and my son still uses one of them as his primary phone today.
    I waited for several months for a high end Windows 8 phone to appear. So far nothing.  Having had good luck with the Focus, I was anticipating the Samsung Attiv to be my next phone, but it's not available in the US for some strange reason.  
    While waiting, the WP7.8 update appears.  Not on my Focus, however.  I tried the SevenEigher app and it turned my Focus into a slug.  7.8 was slow and laggy and the live tiles issue was a real-deal breaker.
    I looked at the various WP8 phones currently available and I see reports of various issues with battery life, bluetooth (very important to me) and other misc reliability, stability and build issues.
    The bottom line is this:  I'm not getting what I need out of the WP ecosystem.  There is very little real information available and updates are not being made available on a consistent basis.  The WP8 "flagships" are left wanting and they are not stable and have basic functional and reliability issues.
    After looking at things objectively, I realized it was going to be a while before anything really good was going to happen in the WP8 world, so I looked at what else was available without regard to brand or OS.  I settled on a Samsung Note II.  I've had it for about three weeks and it is an excellent phone.  Great screen, excellent performance and battery life, great selection of apps, and it is totally customizable.  Best of all, it just works.  No issues with performance, reliability, or stability.  Bluetooth works excellent, and I'm enjoying a phone for the first time in a long while.  I've received three OTA OS updates for the Note II phone and they install simply and easily.
    Is the Note II a perfect phone?  No.  Does it meet and exceed my needs?  Yes.  Did anything currently available or on the horizon in the WP8 world look like it was going to meet my needs as well as the Note II?  No, not at all.  
    I really hoped that MS had success with the Windows Phone, but at this time it does not look promising.
    Microsoft, you've dropped the ball, and someone came by and snatched it while you were looking at your hands trying to figure out how you dropped it.   This is technology, and it changes fast.  You better learn how to become quick and nimble if you are going to keep up.
    I still have my Focus 1.3.  I'll keep it around as my backup phone.  I reset it to default and then upgraded it to WP7.5 via the available Zune OTA updates.  I won't be putting 7.8 on either of my Foci.
  • Just updated my Samsung Omnia W to 7.10.8862.144...
  • HTC Surround here with an inactive sim from AT&T. SevenEighter worked from my 71** build - can't remember exactly what my base firmware was when I started.  Like posters before me, the tools works well, but does little to set expectations. Took about an hour to up cycle through the roms I was missing. It worked its way to 8862 though withouth issues.
  • Still waiting for the first 7.8 :-(
  • Updated Samsung Focus original and Nokia 900, both on Rogers.
  • Got the new update here in Dominican Republic 
  • People that can't be bothered to wait for their god damn lazy carriers. Just use the application 'Seven Eighter' its the most simple application you'll ever use, a tiny download file and works a treat. From 7740 (Mango basically) it took about 45 minutes to get my Omnia 7 up to 7.8 - you won't regret it!
  • I have used it on 3 phones today and all is working well. My only problem using this method is that by bypassing Zune you don't have a restore point.
  • Anyone got any news on the Samsung focus S?
  • Wow look, I now have a Live Tile in foursquare. Lumia 710, Argentina, carrier locked and both updates have gone through, unlike the first 7.8 which I had to flash through Navifirm
  • Slightly off topic, but have any of you who have updated to 7.8 tested Tango Video Calling app (aka TangoMe)?  I want to update to 7.8, but only if I know Tango Video Calling app will still work.  Otherwise, I will stay using 7.5 with my Lumia 900.  Cheers.
  • 7.8 does not stop any apps from working =/
  • Thanks, good to know.
  • If you still aren't able to get the update (even though you've tried the disconnect trick through Zune), you should try my (modified) version of seven-eighter, downloadable on my blog. The good thing about my version is you don't have to redownload a new version for each new windows phone update (but I might need to put out a new version if there are bugs that need to be fixed).
    download link:
  • What about att nokia lumia 900???No update has appear on zune software
  • Google the seveneighter tool.
  • I haven't had a problem with live tiles with the original 7.8 update. Might be mainly a Lumia problem, my HD7 works fine, no problems. A little slower now but that is it.
  • Wpcentral live tile and toasts work perfect now. Hd7 is smoother than original 7.8 as well. Also, can anyone with an hd7 updated through official means tell me if there was an update to the firmware?
  • No firmware update that I was aware of on my hd7. No official update in the USA for me on T-Mobile. Even with the original 7.8 ...none of the tiles I had pinned to my start screen had issues updating. The 8862 build is much snappier works great!...thanks to Jaxbot!
  • Ok cool. Thanks. 8862 is much better than 58. Wonder if jaxbot will ever be able to port 8 to older devices, or is it just that impossible?
  • Hi Jay, just wonder if you use ShellTile.Update to update the wide live tile? I am testing my 627.AM app and looks like my wide tile doesn't update but the normal and small ones do. Maybe still an OS bug?
  • I have downloaded the updates from zune and both the times it showed successfully updated on phone but on my phone it is still showing 8858 whereas on connecting to zune and checking for updates it shows up to date 8862 !! Is it with everyone ?? Do reply guys
  • Update**- sorry guys my bad !! Was looking in firmware whereas its an os version change !! Cheers :)
  • Its solved the tile issue and got rid of the lag problem too (wahoo) however I now seem to have a problem with my Zune player as it won't play any music, anyone else? Nokia L900
  • Solved. Strangely my phone still said I had music installed. When I plugged it into Zune on my PC it said I didn't. I've just downloaded a couple of albums and the phone is now showing the correct music installed. Odd but solved. Hopefully just a small glitch.
  • i still use wp 7.5 
  • How about AT&T? Cripes, I've had my 900 since day one, and still don't get an update. Are they experimenting on the rest of the galaxy first?
  • I really hope they release an update soon. The lag and non working live tiles are driving me nuts.
  • Use the programme Seven Eighter like tons of people have already suggested.
  • Thanks for the kick in the ass, Warren! Worked perfectly, no issues.
  • Updated via 78 tool, hello live tiles once again goodbye battery life...
  • My device speakers have drop dead and I am not able to use it after making the update. The lag between tapping a live tile and the application opening up is still there. Has anyone else experienced this? BTW, I use a DVP.
  • Back to 7.5
    Enjoying speed and blazing fast responsive  tiles
  • BACK to 7.5?
  • Yes. Windows Phone 7.5
  • Just recieved the official update through Zune for my LG Optimus 7! The start screen-lag is gone but I never experienced any problems with any live tile. It's  an unbranded and unlocked swedish phone.
  • I connected my phone to Zune and got a notification about the 8860 update. After that, I got another notification about the 8862 update. It's been over 30 min and the update screen still says 'Step 6 of 9: Restarting phone', but nothing's happening. My phone restarted twice already on its own! I'm actually able to use the phone now, while the update screen is still stuck on Step 6. What am I supposed to do? Disconnecting the cable would screw the phone, right? Oh btw, my internet connection's working fine, so that's not the problem.
  • Got the 7.10.8862.144 update flash up on my phone a couple of days ago so I guess I'm a lucky one? Had Windows Phone 7.8 for a while now, love it. Sad to see people still haven't got the update yet...
  • If anyone downloaded my version of Seven-Eighter and was experiencing crashes with it, I have found the error and fixed it. No (new) download is needed, so all you have to do is run the program again.
  •   Preferences § 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = Backspace   Tab q w e r t y u i o p [ ]   Return     capslock a s d f g h j k l ; ' \   shift ` z x c v b n m , . / shift     English     Deutsch   Español   Français   Italiano   Português   Русский   alt alt     Preferences What about the volume-issue in Lumia 800? Is it solved with this update? Haven´t got the update yet.
  • Ok, I just uploaded a new build of my version of Seven-Eighter which fixes some bugs I found.  The download link is on my blog post.
  • Steve, how your build is different from seveneighter ?
  • My build of Seven-Eighter is different in that instead of embedding the links to the update files in the actual program, I download a configuration file from the internet that contains the links to the update files. This means that for each new update that Microsoft puts out, you don't have to download a new version of Seven-Eighter each time. Also, I have (a little) more "error handling" (for both errors that the user might make and errors that the program might make) built in. On the language select screen, my version is a bit more descriptive in helping you to choose the right language packs (I've read stories in various places about people choosing the wrong language packs when they used the original Seven-Eighter program, so I want to help you avoid those mistakes). In the future, I will look into how to automatically determine which language packs are already on your phone so you don't have to manually select them like you have to now.
  • have Nokia Lumia 800 on O2 but with a giffgaff sim. giffgaff run with O2 anyway and the update has been released here in the UK i havbeen told, yet im still having no notifications via my phone about these updates... is it to do with my sim or should i connect to Zune and look that way instead? Thanks for any help.
  • For my Lumia 900, I noticed that Bluetooth pairing (specifically automatic re-pairing) is more stable with 8862.
    However, I have had one case where the Marketplace app stopped being loadable and I had to restart.
  • Nice update bu i would love to see that they fix music players over lay on lockscreen on 7.5 it was trasperent and didnt disapeared while light was on now its like on other menus and when on lockscreen u have to press volume button to see it and it disapears after 2sec
  • I agree that I miss this, but I think they did that because the controls would become almost invisible against a white or light lock screen wallpaper.
  • HTC Titan Denmark - what about 7.8 update anything news?
  • This is freaking annoying why cant i has this update. It is there but zune is like you cant has it and my phone says it not there. I have the Nokia lumia 900. any hrlp?
  • If all else fails, try my version of Seven-Eighter.
  • Ok, the bug in my version of Seven-Eighter which caused the image updater to fail has been fixed. Things are also a bit more user-friendly as well. The updated version is available for download on my blog.
  • has anyone seen any different updates on fromthis?
    I've noticed that when you press the unlock button from lock, the screen gradually lights up - thats the only thing new i''ve seen....
    anyone else notice anything new?
  • HTC Titan 7.8 update available in Denmark!
  • Updated to: OS version: 7.10.8862.144
    1 - via the ever fabulous "SevenEighter" tool
    2 - power cycled the Lumia 900
    3 - removed and re-added all my tiles
    No problems at all, the device is working just fine!
  • I just had my quantum updated with the latest build. My Mail tile keeps showing the number "2", even though my mailbox has no new mail. I've tried removing and re-tiling the app, but it still shows the number 2. Anyone else having this problem?