Microsoft serious about design continuity

One of the things that's new (and long overdue) in the new Windows Phone is better control over how apps look and feel. By now we have a pretty good look at the whole "panoramic" theme going on, as content flows easily from east to west and back again.

How's that all being done? Microsoft spells it out in its Windows Phone Design and UI Interaction Guide. Think of it as a "how-to" for application developers. [pdf link (opens in new tab)]

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  • its getting more and more like watching an old friend slowly die, goodbye windows mobile.
  • I'm not sad about it personally. I'm sure a small number are though. I'm just more excited about WP7s. I can't wait to finally have a phone with this later this year.
  • I think the number is larger than most people realize... I for one look at all the money I spent on apps, and even ones from the market place and wonder if there will ever be updates, or if I'd be able to move to WP7 with them... Kinda kills the joy when you realize how much money you have sunk in what PROBABLY is a dead platform.
  • I've been with windows mobile since the MPX200. When I read this I decided to just stay with WM 6.5. The following Keys are no longer supported on the hardware keyboard - The directional pad or any other navigation specific hardware
    - The Delete, Insert, Control (CTRL), Alt, Caps Lock, Tab, Page up and down, and escape (ESC). This WP7 is just an I Phone compete OS and if this is the direction Microsoft is going then I will have to be left behind. There will definately be no front facing QWERTY keyboard phones with WP7. This document makes it clear. And with all this talk, I have not heard anything on how this phone is usefull to business users. If they haven't said anything by now about business use then this phone truly is a way for MS to compete with the IPhone. I hope they still have plans for WM 6.5. Hopefully the HTC Trophy will suit my needs.
  • Sadly I agree... All these awesome advances, the netflix streaming, the fast (although ugly IMHO) interface etc... But tied to MS's version of the iPhone OS... It is like when you give a dog its favorite treat, and kick it at the same time...
  • I really hope someone addresses what the plans are for WM 6.5. A lot of us will still be relying on these devices long after WP7 launches. Hell maybe I'll get a blackberry.
  • MSFT has stated at the MWC that they will continue to support WinMo6.5 hence the "series" in the name on WinPho7. Their continued support will be dependent on OEM's support for the platform so you can bet that at least for the next 2 years you can expect update and improvements. Also it will be getting refreshed apparently to come to STANDARDS such as screen size and capacitive screen "apparently". The last bit is a rumour that been floating around.
  • How come everywhere I look, people are inlove with this OS and I come here and everyone is groaning?
  • Because we are in love with the power of the old OS, and it kills us to see it turned into an iPhone.
  • Hello there..
    I for one countenance at all the money I spent on apps, and even ones from the market place and wonder if there will ever be updates, or if I'd be able to move to WP7 with them... sd card