Microsoft shows off the gaming experience in Windows 10 with Goat Simulator (Update)

Microsoft showed how the gaming experience will be like in Windows 10 with its Xbox app during the Game Developers Conference this week with the assistance of the PC version of Goat Simulator.

The "Gaming Consumer Experience on Windows 10" panel from GDC 2015 was posted on Microsoft's Channel 9 developer website. The speaker, Bill Schiefelbein, goes over how the Xbox app in Windows 10 is meant to be the social networking center for gamers so they can communicate and connect with their friends. Users can find gamers across all of Windows 10 devices, including smartphones and the Xbox One, or can they filter their friends to concentrate on a particular platform.

While a version of the Xbox Windows 10 app is available to check out in the current technical preview, the video shows off some features that have yet to be added to the public app. One of them is the Game DVR feature, which is similar to the one that is already available on the Xbox One. That feature was shown with a live demo of Goat Simulator, as users can record a snippet of gameplay and then upload it to the Internet so others can watch the hijinks. Keep in mind the Game DVR feature is only for the PC version of the Windows 10 Xbox app. The smartphone version of the same app won't have this feature at first, although its possible it might include it in a future update.

Another feature that was demoed in the video is the Game Bar, which can appear inside any Windows 10 PC game. It will allow the user to quickly take a screenshot, record a video clip and show notifications when a video recording is completed. The entire video is well worth checking out to get a feel of what the Windows 10 Xbox app will be like.

Update: This article previously said that the demo used a Windows 10 version of Goat Simulator when it fact it was using the current Windows version of the game running on Steam. Microsoft used this demo to prove that all games played on Windows 10 can use features such as Game DVR in the Xbox app.

Source: Channel 9; Thanks to Chris for the tip!

  • Oh yeah
  • The worst game ever... Why?
  • Sometimes you can enjoy something because it's, well, stupid. Ever try Serious Sam?
  • Serious Sam is actually a good shooter and a nice change of pace after all of the slow as molasses CoD clones with instant TTKs and no movement whatsoever.   In Serious Sam, you actually need to consider positioning and movement. At times, managing the horde of enemies is like playing high-speed snake with cannons.   Also, interesting that game DVR won't be available on phone. Does that mean it actually does impact performance?
  • it will always impact performance, , its jsut a matter of how small thay can it''s footprint
  • Then I seriously hope that it isn't mandatory. Because right now it sounds like it is.
  • Nono, it won't effect performance at all unless your saving a recording
  • Serious Sam was awesome
  • Who are you arguing with Maclancer? Lol
  • I mean who in their right mind enjoying this game? Seriously.
  • Because it's hilariously stupid
  • I have fun with it
  • Goat Simulator is an awesome game that is full of surprises. It wills you to explore and try new things, and I really like the developers dark sense of humor. The mobile game is just as good the PC version, and it's one of the few games that I actually keep on my phone. 
  • This game can be quite fun. I enjoy it on my Android tablet. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seems faster
  • Mum. He posted it again.
  • It's getting old. Too old.
  • Seems older
  • Well... It's certainly original.
  • What does
    Windows 10 port of Goat Simulator
    mean? Doesn't goat simulator already run on Windows 10 as any Windows game? Please don't tell me they plan to have two different games running on the same system because it doesn't make sense. Can't watch the entire video now, can someone explain?
  • Maybe a cross-buy WinRT version? Also, just using the Win10 features (because it runs on pre-Win10 Windows)
  • Think of the Windows 10 Store as separate. This is going to be the Xbox platform on PCs. I hope a lot of games "already on PC" will come to the Windows 10 Store as Xbox games. I don't care if they already exist on PC. I want my gaming experience (consoles, PCs, tablets, phones) all integrated into one platform.
  • Did anybody notice the whatsapp notifications present in the Desktop notification center, around the 22:30 mark? Or is it old stuff? What's the deal about it?
  • I don't watch the video. But, didn't Whatsapp have a web service lately? I think you can pin that to start after loggin in and start getting notification from Whatsapp via IE. Or i might be wrong.
  • WTF? Do they seriously think that any real PC gamer wants to see this crap? I'd love to see a demo of dx12 or even some previously Xbox exclusive game running on PC.
    Showing us a game that's been out for over a year along with "upcoming" features that all PC gamers have had for over a year with shadowplay or raptr and presenting them as new and exciting really rubs me the wrong way.
  • Has it been out for a year on Windows 10 (Xbox, phones, tablets, pc's)?
  • If pwn had actually watched the video, that game was selected because IT WAS OLDER. They showed how the DVR features work on new and old games. And There are entirely different videos about DX12, this one was about the new DVR and xbox live features built into windows.
  • It's been out for a year on Windows. They're showing it off on Windows, not Xbox or phone, thereby making your stupid rhetorical question stupid.
    If they want to actually excite PC gamers, show of Halo (5) running on a PC and they'll break the internet, not a game that was released as an April fools day joke on steam last year
  • Once again, you totally missed the point of what they were showing off.
  • pwn, your attitude sucks, and you're acting like a spoiled little kid. 
  • Sure it brings nothing new for pc gamers, but the fact that they developed such features gives a good signal, they seem to care about PC gaming now. If they bring all their first and third party games, including Xbox One exclusives, on PC within a good client it'll work. Without that all their cross-play efforts will just benefit to people with an Xbox, no one with a decent gaming rig will buy a Xbox because of cross-play.
  • I agree,and MS is always trying to erase the fact that desktop win10,is a whole different os than mobile oses.....which it us DX12 running with nividia and AMD cards in the same machine,and running GTA5 with custom ENB' that would be worthy to win10 and DX12
  • I noticed that the start menu in that video had a nice transparency. Perhaps that's not news, but I don't recall seeing it on this or other sites.
  • Jump to 35 minute mark to get to the goat simulator.
  • Windows phone?
  • Ghost Simulator is amazing. Needs more maps to explore
  • I can't wait to have these features!
  • Why no llama simulator?
  • But I've had Goat Simulator on the PC for a year at least already... What's new?
  • It's a demo of the technology...not the game...
  • Yeah, you're right. It's a demo of the game streaming functions of the Windows 10 Xbox app. I guess they had to choose an existing game that has already somewhat made a name for itself... I get it.
  • Man, this makes Toilet Flush look good.