Microsoft shows off wireless charging in latest Lumia 930 ad

Microsoft has published a cool new video looking at wireless charging on the Lumia 930. It's an advanced feature of the latest Lumia flagship Windows Phone, which Microsoft is pushing hard with free bundled charging plates with Lumia 930 purchases. This promotion gets consumers started with wireless charging without the need to purchase optional accessories.

It's a nice ad, but what do you make of it? Is it too short, not showing enough features off (focusing on charging alone), or is it just perfect?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Take four months to release announced phone.
    Not available in US.
    Thanks Microsoft.
  • The Lumia Icon on Verizon is the same as Lumia 930 and it was available since february
  • ...and if we aren't with Verizon?
  • Then you're SOL!  But worry not, Microsoft Lumia line of phones (McLaren) will probably be released just before Christmas on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile so we can ALL have a top of the line Windows Phone.  :-)  
  • Buy an unlocked 930, get the 1520 at AT&T, or wait for the 1525 on Tmobile
  • Too slow on production. The hardware used on Lumia 930 is outdated at this time. But in the end, Windows phone is my choice haha.
  • True... No matter what, I'll still follow them... Cause I just can't get used to the other OS's...
    If WP falls though... And that's a big IF... I'm forced to choose Android.
    So... It's Microsoft own effort now.., just hoping Lumia's development, marketing, and production got better cuz now its backed with Microsoft's money...
  • But... Microsoft own Tablet/PC.. Surface still hasn't get anywhere in my country (I've never seen one IRL is how bad it is) just wondering now what happen now to Nokia's Retail store.., will they become Microsoft's store? (if yes, I'll be happy... Really happy.)
  • Outdated? its a quad core SoC cpu , with quad directional noise cancelling microphones and capable of recording dolby digital level audio, along with a carl zeiss lens assembly with hardware level stabilization.   Please tell me how exactly this phone that just came out is outdated? (ICON and 930, same phones really)
  • I have been waiting since CES for a new flagship WP to replace my AT&T 920. The 1520 didn't appeal to me, and the 930 didn't have microSD. Just waiting on that 1020 successor...
  • Oh WHY that Lumia 930 has Glance Screen and mine does not have???
  • I'm sure that's just the lock screen wallpaper.. Dan mentioned in the 930 review that the 930 still doesn't support glance currently, so don't worry you're not missing out!
  • If it is glance screen they must have changed the amoled screen on the 930.
  • The as its very misleading in that it doesn't show the plate needs to be plugged into a power source.
  • No, it has an internal battery. Check the specs Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate DC-50 - Specifications - Nokia - USA
  • That's awesome
  • It is a portable wireless charger
  • Actually it is not misleading. It is the new battery pack with wireless charger. :)
  • Okay, I stand corrected. Didn't realise it has its own internal battery. To be honest though, who wants to carry a charging plate around with them? I have the camera grip accessory for my 1020 which is a more useful solution because it attaches to the phone so you aren't carrying a second accessory, although it does add a certain amount of bulk.
    A friend of mine has a charging case for his iPhone which doesn't add too much bulk to his phone but it does provide extra power should he need it whilst out and about.
  • It's use is similar in principle to your 1020 grip accessory - it helps extend use of your phone to several hours more. Actually the wireless battery pack is not that big and is thin enough so it can actually fit in the pocket nicely.
  • Agree with you there! Very misleading.
  • It's the new wireless charging plate that has an internal battery.  You charge it up and when your phone needs charging you can just whip it out and place your phone on it.
  • Ok. How about showing us 8.1 with cyan update please. It will soon be half a year
  • Lame ad. It shows nothing off that the 930 does specifically.
  • It's an ad created to promote wireless charging, which MS is trying to promote heavily and why they have been bundling the 930 with this charger.  The ad does what it needs to do, show off wireless charging can be done anywhere even in the outdoors.
  • Promote wireless charging? Really? Then it's even more lame.
  • Nothing lame about it, it's actually nice to use...but whatever floats your boat.
  • Why should it be lame when this charger is now part and parcel of the accessories they're selling, like mice, keyboards, cams, etc. What would be lame is if they don't promote this very useful product which is now in their list of products.
  • I meant lame as in old, but useful feature. Not exactly a highlight I would consider an ad to as they launch the new 930 in the UK.
  • The ad is about the new model of portable wireless charger. It just so happened that it's part of the 930 package so they used that phone to illustrate the usefullness of the product in the commercial, they could also have used the 1520 and the message would still be the same. Plus of course the 930 is new so more exposure for the phone. As to the ads for the 930 itself, there are some and they're quite good so you should check them out.
  • its anyways US only so not much interested...we need to shell out additional $100 for wireless charging plate which may not be worth that much
  • Did you even read the article?
  • they package it with 930 mostly only in the US & Europe...I am talking about the remaining countries
  • It's not an ad for the 930. It's an ad for a wireless charging plate.
  • Love using wireless charging on my 925. Having it built-in on the 930 is a big PLUS. After yesterday's 1Tb Onedrive upgrade for Office 365, I'm no longer missing the fact that it does not support microSD cards. Can't live without the glance screen however. No excuse will suffice, sorry Microsoft. I'll stick with my 925.
  • Yeah but one drive only stores pics and videos, not your apps, app data,music,etc so for me and most people you can have billion tb ...not good if I still need phone memory for all my music and apps. I have alot of pics but I'm ok with 20gb of one drive but need more in phone memory, inboard or external !
  • Another web only ad I'm sure
  • I love wireless charging, one which is actually plugged in, my girlfriend is always jelous when she tried to find the cable at night and i just thrown my phone down. I like this option but I can't help to think how much juice it holds and why not buy a battery pack? HOWEVER if its free thats always nice :) 
  • I don't need to carry a charger around, i got a 1520 :)
  • The song ruins it.
  • I don't care for the ad.  It give me the impression that you have to frequently charge the phone due to short battery life.
  • The 930 is already outdated compared to other platforms.flagship and it's still not available globally or in most Canada,the 1020 which is reaching EOL is still the flagship. Microsoft and it's partners need to learn that speed to market is critical in consumer electronics. Learn from apple,announce a phone and release it in the next 3 weeks in as many markets as possible even if quantities are originally limited at least people know it's coming sooner than later or never at all.if you have no carriers willing to take on your phones in a country that says a lot about your strategy but at least sell them directly from your website
  • Learn speed from Apple? The same apple who are still selling as their flagship at the original price the 5S a phone with over year old specs and a laughable "retina" 1136 x 640 resolution? REALLY? The criticism toward MS goes overboard and in the minds of the fanboys they're competing against competitors that don't actually exist in reality, Apple's thing has been for two decades now selling shit hardware with fancy premium names and crazy prices. 
  • People are just so into apple they don't care about the specs, and the hardware of the iPhone is amazing imo
  • Seems like you missed the's about seems like your hate for apple Is blinding you from appreciating their execution strategy.say what you want about their products the truth Is they know how to execute their plans properly regardless of what their product is.the 5S is still the flagship because they haven't announced another phone yet.they didn't release the 5S 4 months after it was announced.
  • To be honest when you buy an iPhone you know every service out there with mobile support has something for your phone and any new that comes out will be available for your phone.however with Windows phone you can only hope for support and keep your fingers crossed.
  • that because most people are just blind, they saw the price first, they alway thought that the highest price is the best product. but somehow they forgot to compare, look, use, test, capture. calling iphone lagless is bullshit, they always said iphone is lagless from the first one to now, look at their first phone, it took bout 5 minutes to open and close, lag as f*** even i dont open anything, spamming something to someone in wechat is lag! when receiving other people spam, it is just lag. and their small screen, 3.5 inch on their old phone really? even xpressmusic is bigger than it..currently it is 4 inch now... still far way from big phone. and new phone display ratio is 71:40? what the hell is that ratio? creating weird ratio is making your phone worse, lets minus 1 from 71, it become 70:40,7:4, nope still a weird phone. they only have one button, really? i dont want to be mean, but your phone is EXPENSIVE, you should provide more gesture for your customer, one button is NOT ENOUGH, this is how their button works: press to back to home, double press to open multitask, long press to open siri. where is back to last page button? this is annoying when a app developer developing multiple page view.. they only make one phone, making it taller only, doesn't like nokia, provide much kind of different phone type from 3.5 inch to 6 inch, low cost to high end. P.S.: i dont use an iphone, i saw my classmate use it.
  • Say what you want but most people still prefer it because it offers more value I can't count the number of services in Canada you can only get on mobile if you are using an iPhone,an android or a blackberry,but no windows phone.this includes government and healthcare services. You are just trying to feel better about your poor decision to be a windows phone only user. P.S.
    I have a 1520 a 920 and an iPhone. I love the WP UI and how it works with Microsoft services and that's it. I get reminded of the WP handicaps every day hence I also use an iPhone
  • 4K video recording - iPhone NO
    NFC - iPhone NO
    Water resistant - iPhone NO
    Dust resistant - iPhone NO
    Wireless charging - iPhone NO
    SD card - iPhone NO
    41mp Camera - iPhone NO
    Large screen - iPhone NO
    Double tap to wake - iPhone NO etc etc. The iPhone really is not all that!
  • Still. They are still ahead. And I dare say winning.
  • Worldwide iphone has about 15% market share. So what are they ahead in?   4K video recording - iPhone NO
    NFC - iPhone NO
    Water resistant - iPhone NO
    Dust resistant - iPhone NO
    Wireless charging - iPhone NO
    SD card - iPhone NO
    41mp Camera - iPhone NO
    Large screen - iPhone NO
    Double tap to wake - iPhone NO etc etc. The iPhone really is not all that!
  • when you get home after a long day, you put your wireless battery pack onto a wired charging plate, and put your 930 on top of that? Genius
  • Get a 1520 if u want glance
  • Nice feature
  • I like how they had this feature for a long time and waited until it was fairly common to show it off...can somebody tell me what the interview process at MSFT is like? do you get hired on doing the opposite of what makes sense?
  • Its not so main stream in other countries, probably just US right now. I have yet to see wireless charging in coffee chains in London.
  • Simple and effective, gets the message across. Try doing that with an iphone 5s or s5 :P.
  • Does it have a notification LED on 0:21?
  • it is just a reflection of the light
  • Btw am I the only one who's craving for that lock screen image? 
  • I have two flat wireless chargers on my desk, one at work, the other on my home desk; an upright wireless charger on my bedside table; and a wireless charger for the car. Would love a portable wireless charger for trips and outings.
  • Anyone who doesn't use wireless charging with their Nokia is doing the device a disservice, IMHO :) I LOVE my charging pad!
  • I actually consider the 930 to be kind of disappointing or rather undeserving of the 900 series name. Look at the original 900 with the new Bluetooth 2.1 LE protocols, largest screen on a Lumia, improved unibody design from other Lumias such as the 800, fastest processor available for 7.5 at the time. Then the 920 which can be argued as the greatest windows phone ever built, NFC, LTE, BT 4.0 LE, high sensitivity screen, 60hz refresh rate, 720p screen, again improving the unibody design from the 900 wireless charging and so on. When looking at what the 930 is on the surface you see that yes, just like the 920 it is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, too many upgrades to list however, the 900 and 920 symbolized the refinement of the Lumia brand of phone, the pinnacle of Nokia's windows phone endeavors whereas the 930 does not. It is simply a global version of the icon, it shares little resemblance to the devices that have gone before it, it feels like an after thought and as much as they say the 930 has been 'innovative' it is merely recycled Lumia tech. Had the 1520 come out last year in a 4.5-5in screen size and named Lumia 930 that would have been much more appropriate.
  • +920
  • I would partly agree. We don't want the WP to become like iPhones where they all look the same more or less. So it good to see a design shift. Future models could return to the 920 design. Yes, the 1520 specs in the 930 would have been better. But I believe new models this year will give what many want. I have ordered the 930 and it will be interesting to see how I feel about it after owning the 920, which I too consider to be Nokia's best design ever.
  • As for Windows Phone suck. I really don't get why the ads always focus on only 1 aspect & not all the features like a real ad should. Was the camera before & now its the wireless charging.... Still looking forward to a more complete ad that showcases the phones for what they are & not just one thing that someone in MS feels is an important feature.
  • How much does it cost
  • Lost my keys at Target the other day. My key fob for my Lumia saved the day
  • AT&T had better make the McLaren with qi wireless charging built in or I'm switching to Verizon...
  • I think it's Qualcomm that has a new chip that supports all three wireless charging standards. Hopefully they'll use that. Otherwise I may be done with AT&T as well.
  • I'm not sure of the ad will do much, but it is nice to know they are getting information out regarding wireless charging.  Nobody outside of WP's know that they (most) have wireless charging built into it.  And when I told folks I could wirelessly charge my phone I had to explain that it wasn't an add-on, but built in. 
  • Meanwhile, in Canada...
  • Anybody really think the portable wireless charger is convenient? I mean it charges your phone when you place it on the plate but you can't use your phone while charging (like take photos/videos). 
    I can't charge it in my bag unless I secure it with something (or even a small pocket) I'm using one at home (non-portable) and it's great but I don't see the convenience of this outdoors.
  • If i have to buy another wireless charger it will not be the DT-50 i prefer the Mugenizer N11, better price, better battery !!!
  • I picked up a Qi capable charging plate from Anker, through amazon, it works great. I am going to buy another. no more fumbling trying to plug in the micro usb cable when I am falling asleep because I stayed up late playing titanfall !!! 
  • Why not partner with metros, public spaces, cafes, etc to provide tech like this on larger scales to provide wireless charging. A partnership like that will push Microsoft into focus on so many scales
  • Looks like a L630 face down.
  • Anyone notice towards the end of the ad the flashing yellow light in the top left corner of the phone? Is this an alert light of some type?