Microsoft is shutting down the Lumia Beta Apps website on September 30

The Lumia Beta Apps website is shutting down on September 30 and will no longer be available to testers. Citing changes in the phone business at Redmond as the reasons behind the closure, the team have stated that the beta apps most recently pushed through the website will continue to be available on the Windows Store.

It's worth noting that should you have future feedback on the apps, it's recommended that reviews be submitted through the store. Feedback forms on the site itself have been changed to read-only. Unfortunately, there's no word as to what this means for future apps that may (or may not) be previewed on the platform.

Head over to the Lumia Beta Apps website if you wish to review the feedback you've submitted.

Source: MSDN (opens in new tab); thanks, Vicky M., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Not sure if this is ok news or bad news...
  • Well the sky isn't falling. Despite what some of the comments here will no doubt claim.
  • Actually the creative studio Beta and Lumia camera beta were two very nice apps. If they shut it down then......
  • How many people really use beta apps in the wider scheme? What's more important is that Microsoft keeps the apps. Either as standalone or folds the best of them into other apps.
  • Everyone on WP/W10M use Beta Apps, it's a Beta OS (Instagram...)
  • Use 6tag
  • NOOOOO!!!!!!!
  • 99% WP users use Beta apps ;)
  • Lumia camera beta crash and reboot my 1520 sometimes, but we allready know lumia camera is going to be replaced by window mobile camera
    So it's Clear that soon or later lumia camera beta will be closed
  • The apps will still be available in the Store.
  • Now I am afraid Microsoft will format my computer remotely...
  • Lol
  • I think there were way too many Lumia camera apps. It was a lot to maintain. I'd rather have a small portfolio of up to date apps than tons of apps that never get updated.
  • Lumia Camera shutdown coming soon?
  • @kb4000 Agree
  • We're gonna die :-o
  • Shutting down= Bad thing.
  • 2017: Microsoft is shutting down. Nadella is still master mind in WC editorial.
  • LOL nadella is a politician put there by politics to shut down ms
  • Nadella is a clown. He has done nothing and the issues Microsoft had are still there but just ten fold worse.
  • Explain Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well actually he did give rival platforms better OFFICE, SKYPE and other apps than found in WP. So one can't say he did nothing! Come on guys...
  • And how was the old strategy of keeping the best apps exclusive to WP and shaping Microsoft's image as an arrogant, anti competitive company working out for the business?
  • Work on those apps started under Ballmers tenure. So did the w10 and the universal app platfrom, hololens and so on. The only thing that Nadella did since he took office was 3 rounds of layoffs and 2 restructuring actions
  • Wc news Like their app are of poor Level (Links do not work, download app Button often do not work) in the last period and you see more and more news about apple...
    Wc app is not updated since a lot of time and forum part is terrible, replying is very difficult Like editing or deleting a post, even on a big screen of a 1520
    Daniel do not answer anymore even to news about wp on Twitter
    No good
    No good
  • Well what can Daniel do or anyone at WC for the matter?
    Some of the decisions made by upper management are generally based on numbers such as telemetry etc or "big data. But unfortunately such data doesn't not include the feelings or experience a user has (to capture such data you would either need to invoke persistent surveys or use more invasive methods such as utilising the ffc to capture expressions etc" (both of which are huge no-no) or the impact of idiotic decisions. The photo hub for example was adjusted to give people faster access to their pictures because they noticed people were predominantly accessing their albums after opening the app. Well do'h that's how most people set their favourite pictures for the panorama slide show.
  • Since people use the app there should be income from the ads and therefore should be updated as well(even made universal app since W10M is close now). It's much faster than the browser an there you have people blocking the ads
  • Agree. WC app not even supporting landscape mode, which is some lines of code actually.
  • Believe it or not, Dan doesn't sit in front of Twitter all day replying to everyone who tweets him. How many times you think someone tweets him in a day? He's got like, a job to do, or something.
  • "Citing changes in the phone business at Redmond as the reasons behind the closure,..."  uh oh.
  • Nadella is a Pegasus.. Hope he use well his millenium eyes or not he will facing huge mistakes..
  • What about gestures beta
  • Same question..
  • While I like gestures beta very much, it needs to be integrated as paret of the OS itself and not be a separate app.  What I want to see is the return of Lumia Storage Check Beta, or anything that will once again allow us to store maps on the sd card.
  • Everything is beta, iPhone and iOS has bring new features which are there on windowsphone, and make them exclusive. And Microsoft keep rebooting, slow to release build, nothing great about features.
    I bet one day apple will release a game console, and it will be game over for Microsoft.
  • We all should say a big thank to the mastermind
    Even a braindead could manage better ms
  • The sad thing is Apple simply recycles Microsoft's innovations and executes them better (or markets them better). Microsoft are just too slow, what's the point of having top drawer developers who are led by people who dont understand marketing?
  • Agree management ppl @ ms are Like politicians.... Incompetent or unuseful
    Worst of all surely was Elop Lucklily he's been kicked out
  • The next AppleTV is focused more on gaming.
  • Apple already released a failed miserably
  • "Citing changes in the phone business..." I guess that's one way to put it. ;-)
  • And then there was none...
  • Is Cinemagraph going away too?
  • Yea, you'll get that in the form of live photo on iPhone 6s
  • Lol
  • Why don't they just shut the whole phone division down -_-
  • In progress.
  • coming soon feature
  • Why would they do that? Why is everyone here doing such a big deal about everything everytime. You people don't know anything but to complain. Think before you comment on a article, don't just jump on the complain train
  • What's next I wonder? Seriously the timing of some these announcements are really not helping.
  • This place is full of fucking idiots. Really. The commenting intelligence is that of petulant children.
  • What did you expect?
    Zombies or highly intelligent individuals discussing matters in coherent sentences?
    7.3 billionish people at the last count, obviously there will be a mix; can't have one or the other lol.
  • Hi Chris,
    of course i know that ms is changing brand and line of lumia apps, that's not an issue
    Maybe we will have even improvements What is bad is How magazines explain the news and what ppl/users feel Anyway i don't Like How nadella is managing and i believe he's turning ms into a cloud only internet service provider and the worst favouring his competitors like some terrible ibm ceo done 20 years ago....
  • I'm thinking about getting a haircut today. Not sure, though.
  • True that Chris...many seem to come from a life where everything is falling apart and nothing good can come out of anything...they manage to find a way to make even the good news look pretty bad for MS... :/
  • Apple busy launching new products, Microsoft busy shutting down things.
  • So far OT...      
  • As I keep reading this comments, the retardation of comment's is rising. Why is eberyone one so unsuportive and negative about everything!
  • Why should we be supportive of delayed and cancelled flagships, ruined ui, shutting down of services and apps, buggy official apps with missing features, constant os reboots. For the past year and a half MS didn't do anyhting for windows phones users. Nothing. Jusdt promises that it will be better and then delivered poorly on those promises, like the Groove music app for example
  • Microsoft have the whole Garage program that generates novel new apps in beta... this is not really changing anything anyone will care about or notice.
  • I never knew such a page even existed. Unfortunately that is a common problem with MS: Everything's scattered around. For example, it usually takes me closer to an hour whenever I need to contact their support/billing/anything. Learn to do your bloody webpages user-friendly, MS!
  • This.
  • This is because they have ten thousand splintered divisions that answer to 9000 different people. There should be a hand full of divisions, being told exactly what to do by exactly one person (or board).
  • Which is exactly what's going on...attempting to sort through the mishmash. But how does this community respond? Whining and moaning like a child in need of an old-fashioned wood shed.
  • Hopefully Ms got a better plan cuz I have seen no future since 1520 stopped production.
  • If Nokia continued making phones(if the deal never happened)...I'm sure an amazing flagship would have been made..! I know u guys would say the bankruptcy tales..but..
  • It would have been an Android.
  • Lumia apps were never for me
  • More than 99.9% of work by MS is just bug fixing which nobody is aware of. Less than 0.1% of work is put into improving user experience.
  • And what are you? Some expert on what MS is working on or what?
  • Well now the gestures beta app has ceased to work....initially it worked preety well but now it just doesn't work.....
  • Microsoft shutting down X before Y is ready. Same old news. Someone please help this clueless company.
  • Yes, of course. A 40 year old company is clueless. Great logic buddy
  • Layoffs... Maybe they want us to use the UserVoice or feedback app for bug reporting
    don't need the website ok. I never knew it was there.