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Microsoft slams Siri again in two new Cortana-themed Valentine's Day videos

After taking a few months off, Microsoft is going after Apple's Siri digital assistant once again with two new videos posted on its Lumia YouTube channel. Both of them have a Valentine's Day theme and show people who have "broken up" with Siri in favor of their new love, Microsoft's Cortana.

One clip shows a man and other focuses on a woman, but both have the same story thread. They are unhappy with Siri's features but prefer Cortana's way of reminding them of events, keeping track of their schedules and even like Cortana's way of entertaining them with songs and jokes.

The new videos also promote the Lumia 635, which can not only be bought for less than $50 at the moment, but can also run the current Windows 10 phone preview.

Source: Microsoft Lumia (YouTube); Thanks to Malben for the tip!

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  • +1520
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  • Greatiddleydoddley.
  • Is there really any comparison? Cortana all the way!
  • Agreed..!!
  • +920
  • Cortana is my valentine.... :(
  • Try asking 'Call My Girlfriend'
  • What's your girlfriend's name? xD
  • Which one would you like to talk to..?
  • The pretty one... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cortana is mine as well ;)
  • Ask her if she'll be your valentine :)
  • Just tried that. Awesome!
  • Tried that too here in Aust.. all we get is a friggin web search
  • Try saying "will you be my valentine" Just saying be my valentine didn't work for me.
  • Did Microsoft get the memo that no one uses Siri anyway?
  • yeah but the media  promote Siri as revolutionary and the only digital assistant in the market
  • Come on... They also tell jokes sometimes like Cortana
  • I haven't seen Apple advertise it or talk about it for a very long time.  I think Microsoft is missing the boat by banging on about something that people apparently don't really care about.
  • I only use Siri to do things like increase screen brightness when my phone is docked in my car. She's great at controlling  device functions.  I used Cortana a lot at first because she was new and fun, but not so much anymore. Cortana sounds great when she has a pre scripted answer to give, but outside of that realm she sounds very robotic and unnatural. I wish Microsoft could improve that. 
  • I second that! I've never seen a person use siri ever! And if i saw one i would probably just shake my head.
  • Did you get the memo that if you aren't a windows phone user/supporter, go to the proper forum and comment?
  • Lol
  • Bla bla Apple bla bla meh.... iOS bla bla meh...
  • When people talk about Microsoft users being immature fanboys, it's because of people like you. 
  • Really? Well if people read through all your comments on the last two days worth of articles, they would realize that it's because of people like YOU. Come back at me with another of your clever little puns little boy.
  • You would be suprised at how successful Apple has been at convincing the masses that everything Apple does is "the best". If you can show you have something better than what people think is "the best", you might get 10 seconds of attention. This wont change the market, but if they keep at it, if/when the apps finally come to the platform, people will think of WP as a serious option. Of course the elephant in the room in all of this is the apps and there's a long way to go on that front.
  • Microsoft should be focusing on converting Android users, Apple users are a lost cause. 
  • Baaa-aa-aa-ah! (I have no idea how else to type the sound of a sheep.)
  • Bhee bere mbeee
  • It will never happen in your lifetime little boy. Let me repeat for you since you are the resident Internet toughguy that doesn't like to listen and thinks he knows everything. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
  • Well it gets your attention, so it will get attentions from many more iApple people ...
  • Why apple people will care about a digital assitant? They wont come to Windows phone when there are so many shortcomings..Apple can also boast about their app store and the quality of apps
  • Besides the app count I don't really see any shortcomings. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ohh really. Why no apps cant access Xbox video? Why still we cant send pre recorded mp3? Why we cant attach documents in mails? Tell me
  • ???  Can you not access Xbox video from the Xbox video app?
  • Ok you make a point, I'm not a blind Microsoft fan boy either. But android/iOS has its share of imperfections as well. Pros and cons, you just decide which one you want to put up with... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not only app count quality of apps is also there..
  • By quality I'm guessing you mean quantity
  • Even Cortana has little use for me during the day
  • not the best picture for a Cortana vs. Siri article :P
  • That depends on whether you have a functioning sense of humor. I got a pretty good chuckle out of it.
  • That was a joke
  • Strangely, it looks like they changed the picture anyway!
  • What was the picture...?
  • It had Cortana saying that there was no connection.
  • Way Choosing this photo for this article,, lol
  • Cortana is better than Siri. But iOS is better than WP tbh.. No proper apps..
  • No.
  • Or Android.. How come OneNote is more advanced in Android or ios
  • Because more people on iOS and Android use those apps. It's not even a debate. 
  • I really don't don't like our apps(( outdated
  • iOS is better? Point it out. The only thing I know that iOS is better is just that iOS have a larger app library.
  • That's what I was gonna say, android and ios have all the apps, its been more than 2 years, and we still don't have those apps(
  • True, but we have WAY more than we had 2yrs ago. We've lost a few high profile banks lately, but we've also seen a lot more apps added and some nice updates from big names lately.
  • You still ahven't made a compelling argument as to why it's better. More does not always equal better. I mean iTunes may ahve way more apps, but a ton of those apps are just fart sounds, or reskins of the exact same thing. It comes down to what OS is more relaible, and I for one have had both iPhone and WP, and WP is hands down more relaible. I don't know anyone that is still on iPhone, that doesn't get pissed that after about 1 year the phone starts crashing and having other issues. I've had a 1520 since 1 week after it was released, the only issue I had was after the 8.1 update I had to do a factory restore to make sure it paird corretly with my car. Who knows if that was an issue with my infotainement system or the phone OS, but either way, during a full update, a phone should be reflashed anyway (I was lazy). My girlfriend, who left iOS still has issues with the fact that she had an iPhone. Not all text messages get delivered to her from people that are on iOS, a lingering issue that apple knows about but will not properly fix. 
  • I think you are missing the point on the apps.  It's not about comparing numbers, it's about going into the store to find something specific that you want and it not being there.  Banks, cable providers, car automation apps, etc.  It sucks when you spend a ton of money on a car and you can't get the app that controls the car's electronics even though one is offered.  Or when you find a new gadget that you want, but they don't offer a Windows app.  The issue is real for plenty of people whether it is for you or not.
  • It is you who is missing the point of my argument. Apps are not what makes the OS what is it. If you have an issue with apps missing, than it is up to the consumer to demand said app from the company/developer that you want them from. It still doesn't cause the OS to run poorly, unless the app itself is bugged out. If an app is important to me and the company doesn't offer it, I either don't do business with them or I regualrly contact the company with app requests. That being said, I don't have issues with my WP device. I don't suffer crashing or freezing, I don't suffer from things randomly not working like I did on iOS, and I find the build quality to be better than Apple products (though that is manufacturer specific not OS specific)
  • Ah, the old iOS/Android app stores are full of fart apps reasoning. Whatever floats your boat man, the iOS App Store has so much awesome stuff in it, that it borders on the ridiculous.   
  • Jesus fucking christ! Something we agree on. Hell has frozen over.
  • Never said anything to the contrary about the OS. Whether people like it or not, it is an issue, just not for everyone.  It is an issue for Microsoft too.  Whether or not it is directly their fault, it keeps people from buying their product.  Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Windows Phone fan and bought a 1520 after I dropped my 1020.  I considered all of the options just as I do with every phone purchase, and not having to worry about missing apps was a real turn on for the other platforms.  Ultimately I care about the usability of the OS more, but I am afraid I am in the minority.  I probably wouldn't try and convince my wife to buy a Windows phone, because I know she would be unhappy.  Not because of the OS, but because apps matter more to her than they do to me.  And that is true of a lot of people.  No one wants to deal with having to limit their product selection just to the companies that produce Windows apps.  Some may deal with it, like you, but it's not like that is a benefit.  Most people also would rather not deal with having to constantly nag companies to produce an app.  People are lazy, and it's far more convenient for most to have to deal with a poorly designed OS than face the issues of missing apps.  Microsoft is doing the right thing with universal apps though.  They hold a much larger market share with PCs, and a successful Windows 10 launch could have a significant impact on the number of apps produced for the Windows platform.
  • Windows phone also has tons of issue and crashing..Apps resume even on 1520. Multitasking on android and iOS is way better than windows phone. Notification centre on android is a deal breaker. Windows phone has its own beauty and advantage but still its has too much limitations and lack of features which wont make people shift from those platforms. Android and iOS aren't holding the market share for so many years just like that. There must be a reason
  • I apologize but I am having a little trouble following you, so I will try to reply as best I can. I don't pretent that WP is perfect, no OS is, but I do see it to be more stable than iOS. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've had to reset my phone, where as my iPhone I was doing once per month by the end, and it was only a year old. I have no issues with multitasking on my 1520, but that may just be a difference in the way I use my phone vs the way you do. As for market share, WP got into it late, it's a growing OS. It may be slow but growth is still growth.
  • You had to factory reset your iPhone once a month? Yeah right. Unless you're BS'ing, which I'm sure you are, you had a broken phone. 
  • This might help with that..
  • Its been done, it's down to only 2 people she knows that the issue still exists. But it's just more proof that apple isn't worth it.
  • Sounds like you're still trying to convince yourself that your Lumia is better. What you said about having to reset your iPhone once a month is such an outlier, it discredits everything else you've said as made up. Either that or you must have had a broken phone.  I own both phones. My iPhone 6 Plus is as stable and reliable as Winter in Alaska. Conversely, my Lumia 1520 has a handful of known issues, including screen sensitivity. I live with them because I am aware of them. No biggie.  There is no "best" phone out there. Only what is best for you. Clearly, the Lumia works for you.... and that is all that matters. 
  • That's translated in better community support, also that is better, but later than sooner that could change.
  • I respectfully disagree with you, sir. An OS is a very important choice and each person has different needs and wants from their preferred OS. Some may prefer Android, IOS and some (including me) Windows. The lack of applications does hurt the platform. Snapchat and clash of clans are the only ones I really miss. Application quality on the other hand is a whole different issue. Also, Windows 10 brings new Microsoft applications like the Mail and Office applications that are pretty neat. Have a nice day. :)
  • Common misconception, basing the quality of an operating system on the number of apps available for it. That iOS has more apps doesn't make it a better OS, it just makes it an OS with more apps. I haven't used iOS much due to my general disgust towards Apple, but I have used Android. In my opinion, Android is garbage compared to Windows Phone. Android has more apps than Windows Phone, but that doesn't make Android a better OS. The only reason iOS and Android are so popular are that 1) iOS was the first legitimate mover in this new smartphone world and was able to piggyback off the success of the iPod, and 2) Android has always been free and open source. Had Windows Phone not been so late to the game the market would be completely different.
  • Oh come on stop you fanboys. I agree it's not the no of apps. But look into the quality of apps on iOS and WP. You ll know for yourself. Msft app sucks on WP compared to their iOS n Android counterparts. WP has so much restrictions. (A WP fanboy myself ;) )
  • You can't do a Bluetooth file transfer on an iPhone.
  • Not onlyis iOS better than Windows Phone with better apps,here's two more reasons to switch to iPhone Apple Pay and the the Apple Care.
  • That's funny. I've been using my L920 to pay at various shops for some two months now.
  • Actually the story threads and relation to Siri are very different in both commercials.. These are a bit ehhh. yeah like that really, but they're also funny and .. well seem faster somehow ;)
  • Microsoft and their crappy marketing strategies
  • better than scroogled
  • At least screwgle sells
  • Like Google Glass? Google Wallet? Google Voice? Google+? Hangouts?
  • Googles marketing isn't any better. They have services that many people aren't aware of until Google decides to cancel those services for not having enough users. Example Google Helpouts... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The only problem is these are US commercials and people want high end devices as well.. So while MS is making fun of Siri, at least Siri is available on a recent high end device from Apple.... A Lumia 635 is just not going to pull people away from an iPhone 6....
    Now, when MS finally comes out with some high end devices then they can talk....
  • Lumia 1520 and HTC One M8 have Cortana. Both are available on various carriers.
  • That's true, but how many commercials do you see with these two highest phone showing their usefulness or unique features?
  • I've seen a couple ads for the HTC m8 for Windows about Cortana.
  • A couple......
    Exactly.... Marketing is not sufficient.
  • Actually that is the point....a quarter priced phone has better A.I. then IPhone.
  • But, Marketing doesn't express so... Marketing is horrible... MS can't reply on AVERAGE consumers to do research.... Especially when store reps just say that "WP all out sucks, don't get it"..
  • If you're interesed in the high end phones, then you know what it can and cannot run. If you don't know, then you don't have the proper interest to care what phone is shown on the commercial. If you're a smart consumer, you will research all the phones in the given category before making your purchase. So, why does it matter if they use the high end phones in their commercial or not.   Also just thought of this, the higer end phones say "Nokia" on the front. It's no longer a Nokia company, so they may be restricted, and why would MS advertise for HTC?
  • Marketing..
  • Isn't 1520 only on AT&T?
  • Yes, it is, and the M8 has limited carrier availability. Not exactly the best scenario. 
  • Go out on the street. And ask 20 random people what a 1520 on AT&T is....
    Sure, WE all know that,, because we're here everyday... The argument ISN'T about whether WP fans know what's available... Lol.
  • Daniel.... I'm relying on you..
    Please don't let me down, brother.
  • Come on Daniel, the 1520 is ancient now. A new Lumia flagship is due and is needed across all US carriers.
  • High end buyers arent really interested in a phone that doesnt have the apps. There's a few of us, like me, out there, but we are a pretty small minority. Show someone that they can have better features than Apple offers in a  device less than half the price and you might get a few converts.
  • Exactly... I agree. MS needs to try much harder.. Lumia is awesome, but they need to muscle Lumia into greatness.... Right now it might as well not exists in the US..
    And, for the record this is a US based comment.
  • It's their time to market the hell out of it like Surface line with the upcoming Windows 10 flagship phones.
  • We can only hope...
  • MS should work on timely updates & upgrades instead of making fun & wasting time on other OS especially Apple. Regardless of apple products being expensive yet it's valued across the globe as compared to Android or MS. MS should start thinking of its loyal consumers .... High time!!!!
  • That's the marketing department, they have to do something. And no, working to improve the OS or help with the TP for others phones isn't the answer, they don't know how to develop software.
  • Great perspective, dude.. Thanks.
  • Yet brother .... MS is actually losing it's value by getting into such not so funny ads. I don't remember Apple going for any of such marketing strategies at the launch of any of their new handsets.
  • Second mention by Windows Central in a day. Feels pretty good.
  • On a roll :)
  • Did you noticed that its Microsoft brand on Lumia 630
  • 635 but yes I did and I like it
  • Not considering other things..
    Apple has taught its users to be SATISFIED with what they get
    Google has taught its users to be UNAWARE of what's happening to them
    Microsoft had taught its users to WAIT!!
    Me: Wow when's windows 10 coming
    MS via cortana: Wait :)
    Me: Ok
    Me: After TP release.. Is this windows 10 for phones?
    MS via cortana: Wait :)
    Me: Ok :'(
    Me: No windows 10 for 1520?
    MS via cortana: Wait :)
    Me: Ok :'(
  • so u mean to say Microsoft= wait for things to arrive?
  • Microsoft never had announced windows 10 for phones officially b4 that there all rumours spread on the internet that this update is coming or that. so its better u stick to the official news not rumours.
  • OMG Go away.
  • I'll take waiting for updates over never getting updates like the vast majority of Android devices out there.
  • True this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Apple has taught its users to be SATISFIED with what they get" You don't teach someone to be satisfied - you condition them... like Pavlov did with his dogs. Then you don't have to sell them anything - they'll just be compelled to whether they want to or not. And indeed - that's Apple and its brainwashed flock.  
  • Love these commercials
  • Cortana ia great. but can we stop this. this is not ballmer era where we make such rival ads.
  • That's why MS never want you as their new CEO!!
  • A large part of Apple's success was in marketing Macs as cool and PCs as nerdy. Ask Justin Long.
  • Looool
  • This was actually cute to me.
  • It's a cat fight!
  • Pretty weak "slam". 
  • We need that cyan colour back on Lumia phone. 
  • I saw the picture of Hey Cortana and thought the ad might be two phones on a table.  iPhone and 930.  Both switched off. "Hey Cortana, who won the NFL game".... Cortana wakes and responds. "Hey Siri, who won the NFL game"... silence.  "Hey Siri, don't you love me anymore".... silence. "Hey Cortana, tell me a joke"... joke. "Guess I'm starting a new relationship...."
  • Good one!
  • #wantinteractivetilez #windows10
  • cortana give me a kiss :))))))
  • Always love these ads, however what I take away from it is how dare they use a Cyan case for a phone but dont give us a blood cyan phone grrrrrrrrrr
  • Lol, yeah such a tease aren't they?
  • Ask Cortana to be your valentine :)
  • They should focus on making Cortana work like the OS voice in the movie 'Her'.  That would make WP really interesting.
  • I like Cortana as voice assistant, waiting for it to update from alpha here in India.
  • Lol, these made me chuckle.
  • I can't believe Microsoft is back to using this tactic. IOS has a very strong user base and trying to convince current or prospective users to change on one aspects is dumb. Pinterest, instagram, facebook and snapchat are apps the average ios user can't live without and these apps are useless on wp - with the sole exception of facebook which is just as useless on every other platform possible. Apparently - i'm just going on what I've read - windows phone is just not as friendly to work with as ios and android. Snapchat doesn't exist and instagram is in eternal beta - is it even still a published app? Microsoft need to get on board with supporting their OS, which they aren't doing at all evidenced by the fact that they announced an entirely new OS for phones before most people get the latest update to the current OS. Of course carriers won't release 8.1 when 10 is coming, that just doesn't make sense. Yes, as a windows phone user I know why they should release the update but no one else cares outside the wp community. Slamming siri in an advertising campaign is just a foolish attempt to appear better without actually trying to be better. How is that going to tell devs to create apps for this os? How is it telling users that we have a stable, refreshing and evolving operating system that reflects what users ask for rather than what a corporation decides we want? How does it highlight the personalisation options and consistent improvement? People see wp as being boring and unimaginative when it's the opposite and Ms need to target that aspect! Show ads with wp in use, forget about a gimmicky assistant who tells lame jokes.
  • Chill out. It's a Valentines Day ad. "Back to this tactic" is a bit extreme, and forgive me, but, isn't "trying to convince current or prospective users" the ENTIRE point of marketing? Y'know, the division responsible for convincing the masses to buy the product being marketed? Also, if you're so sick of the lack of apps, I suggest you do what Rudy Hyun did, and learn to program for WP. Im taking the time to learn as well so I can help the "app gap".
  • liar! my Cortana never remind me when I leave my wallet
  • Except Cortana doesn't remind me of any of my appointments, the calendar app does.
  • Not in Canada, sigh
  • Alas, the 635 in that promotion is locked to AT&T.
  • "MS is actually losing it's value by getting into such not so funny ads"
    Any source for that information???
    If not, tell me why you said it?
  • Perhaps Microsoft could show some love to those of us who have been waiting for ages for Cortana to be released for their phone!
  • Am I the only one who thinks that this is complete and utter shyte where the ONLY thing MS can get at anyone is APPLE and they choose SIRI. Can't even contemplate Android but all you can do is make fun of SIRI. How pathetic is that where half the world uses an Iphone and obviosuly don't care how limited SIRI is compared to Google Now or Cortana. What MS should be doing is showing the functionality of WP but hey it's still a work in progress isn't it. This jumps at those who simply don't know any better as if making fun of SIRI would help potentila and current users suddenly switch to WP and then complain about they can't do this or that, don't have this app or that etc. MS should showcase how fucntional the OS is compared to their rivals, show off what is coming in WP10, what subtles updates are coming each week to the OS,  show how apps are being updated each wk with features I'm not sure's avl on the other OSes but I'm sure they are etc. STOP MAKING FUN OF A FEATURE on a rival's OS that it's users DON'T CARE how limited it is!!! SIRI is an add on not the entirety of the OS, no matter how much fun you make of it the Iphone users will still when it's time to upgrade go get another Iphone and continue on.   Honestly to me looking at both the WP and IOS platforms I'm amazed at how these two haven't come together and make each other stronger by making apps and features compatable on both OSes that users would have 0 issue picking up either handset. These two OSes are so similar in their simplicity and functionality it's just stupendous as to how they aren't closer in marketshare.
  • Well at least siri can be used in just about every country. Don't get me wrong I love cortona and I thinks I kicks siris ass but at least if I picked up any iphone I would have siri.(Ireland btw)
  • Lumia YouTube
  • Stop wasting your time and our money on bashing competitors products! That does not prove anything. People would think you are desperate to prove something which is not true. Just promote your products.
  • I am the long time windows phone user and I think exactly the same. It is childish, immature approach. Too immature for a company as big as ms is.
  • It hurts me to see such blatant, cheap marketing from a Company I respect.